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BRETT: The magic mask. We’re gonna talk about the magic mask. Have you seen the new guidelines that are now coming out? “Vaccinated Americans do not need masks outdoors in small groups when dining outside or biking and running.” This is the new indication from the Centers for Disease Control. I have spent time in small groups. I have dined outside. I have biked and I have run. I’m not wearing a mask when I’m biking or running. I’m not wearing a mask when I’m outdoors in a small group.

I’m actually not wearing a mask when I’m outside — unless, of course, I’m outside in a huge gathering of people who are protesting and being angry. No. I don’t understand why this far into the vaccination protocols, what do you got, two…? What was he celebrating a few days ago, 200 million people have gotten it or 150 million people have gotten the coronavirus vaccine?

Now suddenly, the CDC — the very same CDC that three weeks ago, Dr. Walensky was saying, “I’m so worried! We’re just gonna go in reverse. We’re all gonna crash! It’s terrible. We’re all… We’re all doomed,” now comes out and says, “Hey, if you have had the shot, you can take off your masks outside in small groups, when dining outside when biking or running.”

That’s awesome, isn’t it? Somebody ask her if we can have a cookout on July 4th. I’m still waiting for the president to give us permission to have a cookout, to cook some hot dogs and hamburgers and brisket, and barbecue and chicken and Impossible Burgers. I don’t want to alienate anybody. But I didn’t know about this directive so I didn’t abide by that directive. I’ve had the shot — and before I had the shot, I wasn’t really abiding by that directive. Masks outside? It’s outside!

Well, “MIT researchers say time spent indoors increases risk of Covid at six feet or 60 feet in new study challenging social distancing policies.” So these numbers are arbitrary. These numbers are arbitrary, and what’s becoming increasingly clear is that there’s a litmus test going on here. There’s a litmus test to see how compliant you’ll be with orders from authority. Rush talked about this when he talked about the mask is magic.

RUSH: So, I just wanted to warn everybody here that we are on the verge of, you know, we’re gonna get the Biden COVID vaccine, we’re gonna get the Biden economic recovery, we’re gonna get the Biden this and the Biden that, everything that needs to be fixed, everything that needs to be ramped up, everything needs to be resolved is going to be said by the media to have been resolved by Biden.

We’re gonna be hearing about the COVID Biden vaccine. We’re gonna be hearing about the Biden economic recovery. We’re gonna be hearing about the Biden end to looting and arson. All of this, I just want you to be ready for it. I wanted to get here and have a chance to say this before Biden, but Biden knows the drill more than Republicans do.

He knew to beat this program to the punch on that. I know that more and more of you are just tuning media out. And I totally understand, including Fox News, I totally understand that. If there was ever a day, if there was ever a time for devout, exclusive listening to the EIB Network, then today it is. And the sum total of the Biden COVID plan is you will wear a mask. You’re gonna wear a mask, folks.

A mask is magic!

A mask, said Joe Biden, is not political. No, no, no, no. If we all wear a mask, why, we’re gonna bring our country together. Oh, yeah. We are going to unify. If everybody just wears the mask, why, we are in fat city. We’re gonna fix it all. We’re gonna fix everything Donald Trump broke. We are going to reunite. We are going to bring the country back together. And in the process of wearing a mask, guess what you’re doing? You’re giving something back.

You notice the left always thinks that you, the people that make the country work, always have something to give back. They never think that the rioters and the looters have anything to give back, though. But you do. Somehow you owe. You owe the country. According to todays Democrat Party and the left, you need to give something back. And so you can do that by wearing a mask. If you would just wear a mask, why, it’s magic what would happen. We’d all come together and we would all make statements that are not political.

BRETT: The mask! You have to wear the mask. You must wear the mask everywhere you go. You must have the mask on constantly. It must be in your pocket, either front pocket or back pocket. You just put it on your face; you wear it while you’re outside. Then you crumple it up, you put it in your pocket, you put it back on as you try to enter a building or you try to enter a store. You wear it while you’re in there, then you take it back off when you get in your car. You crumple it up; you put it in your pocket.

The mask… We could use a different word for the mask. We could use a different word for the mask. As Rush was talking about brilliantly there, the idea that you always have to give back more, you have to do more. In sum, let’s swap out the word “mask” for “compliance,” for “comply.”

Compliance is magic. “Compliance,” said Joe Biden, “is not political.” No, no, no! If we all comply, why, we’re gonna bring our country together! Oh, yeah. We’re gonna unify. If everybody just complies, why, we are in Fat City. (That’s paraphrasing Rush.) We’re gonna fix it all. We’re gonna fix everything Donald Trump broke. We’re gonna reunite. All we have to do is comply.

This is why people are suspect of the motives of the professional ruling class in Washington, D.C. Because we look at them skeptically because they deserve skepticism. Nothing is ever as it appears to be from the professional ruling class. from the Bidens, from the Bushes, from the Kerrys. (Oh, we’ll talk about him later.) Nothing is as it seems.

It’s always you must take this step to prove that you are still on board with the game. What game are you talking about? Whatever the game is today. You must give up your cheeseburger to show you want to save the planet. Give up your car to show you want to save the planet. Give up your guns to show you’re not a gun nut. Give up your liberties. Okay! Just comply while you’re outside.

If you get the shot, then you can non-comply while you’re outside, but if you haven’t had the shot you must continue to comply — and if you comply, you get a barbecue on the Fourth of July. (Wait. I’m gonna have a barbecue regardless.) You need to comply to get it. We are being governed by people who, by and large, if the institution of government did not exist, they would have to invent the notion of the national hall monitor, making notes, taking down notations, filling out forms to talk to your lack of compliance.

Because the next stage after compliance is, “Well, you’re complying, but you’re not enthusiastically complying. Let me get a harrumph out of you!” This is why people are suspicious of these blue state regimes, these blue state governors, these blue state power bases. Because they’ve been told to comply for just 14 more days and 14 more days and 14 more days. And almost a year and three months later they still have to sacrifice to prove that they’re on board with the program.

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