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BRETT: I’m looking at this 100-day speech that’s coming up what, tomorrow night, right? It’s tomorrow? So it’s Wednesday, and President Biden is gonna come and address a joint session of Congress that’s actually not going to be a joint session of Congress. In theory, it’s going to be a joint session of Congress, but you’ll have the president up there on the dais.

You’ll have Speaker Pelosi behind him and Vice President Harris also behind him. Two hundred members of the Congress and the Senate will be in that chamber. Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, Brett, that doesn’t seem right. There’s 435 congressmen, then there’s like a hundred senators. That’s like 535, and 200 is not 535.” Well, you’re correct.

You’re correct. You’re gonna have a much more sparse turnout. You’re gonna have social distancing in force. And the reason I bring this up coming up on a hundred days is you have, in President Biden, a man who’s gonna come out and speak and lay out his vision for what’s to come in the country, and that’s great.

We can listen all day long to what he thinks is gonna be proposed, right? The Green New Deal for $93 trillion, Beto takes your guns, you name it. The border? Oh, is the border thing still happening? The border. All these issues are gonna be discussed and we’ll hear these ideas that he’s going to lay out. But these people — all of these people — the 200 that are gonna be in the chamber or the 535 that could be in the chamber.

All of those people have been privileged enough to get the shots. The speaker, the president, the vice president, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, the other justices of the Supreme Court, the associate justices of the Supreme Court, the members of the House, the Senate, the Pentagon.

You could do this as a “State of the Union,” air quotes, type of address and have everybody in there with their shots and masked. But what message does that send to the rest of the world? Where’s the sacrifice? Where is the sacrifice at the elite end of government? You don’t ever see it. They don’t ever sacrifice. They never, ever sacrifice.

You’re supposed to sacrifice. The strivers have to sacrifice. The workers have to sacrifice. The business owners have to sacrifice. But they don’t sacrifice. Their sacrifice is actually spending their entire time in Washington working hard to make your country better, ’cause it’s not. That’s what they’ll tell you.

So Biden’s first 100 days, we’re gonna be hearing the different things that he’s gonna claim credit for: Climate change, a summit, the vaccine rollout, the lifting of the mask mandate, promising you maybe you’ll get Fourth of July to celebrate Independence Day. Let’s look back at Barack Obama’s first 100 days with Rush.

RUSH: Now, I mentioned the hundred days and the obsession that the Drive-Bys have. “Obama scores high marks,” and he does, “for how he’s handled his job the first three months in office, according to new polls released as the 100-day anniversary of his presidency approaches.” I mean, all these numbers are sky-high, through the roof. After the failure to fix the automobile business, and after the banks continue to fail, after there’s-no-more-credit-in-the-financial system, after everything that they have taken on and they say gonna fix, after the stimulus bill, nothing of substance has improved — and yet the approval ratings are through the roof.

Which has produced, in addition to the fawning stories (I’ve got four here, two of them from the Washington Post) that are, frankly, surprising to me that they ran these stories. In the Washington Post, by Eli Saslow. The headline is: “A Hundred Anxious Days — In a South Carolina Town Where the Downturn Has Deepened Since the Inauguration, Two Obama Supporters Have Struggled, Going From ‘Fired Up’ to Tired Out.” Listen, I can’t read the whole thing to you. I wish I could, but it’s six pages. Listen to this: ‘Greenwood, South Carolina — Her cordless phone stores 17 voice messages, and tonight the inbox is full.

“Edith Childs, 60, grabs a bottle of water, tosses her hat on the living room floor and scowls at the blinking red light. A county councilwoman, she spent the past 12 hours driving rural roads in her 2001 Toyota Camry, trying to solve Greenwood’s problems, but only now begins the part of each day that exhausts her. Childs slumps into an armless chair and steels herself for a 13-minute confessional. ‘Hi, Ms. Edith, this is Rose, and I’m calling about my light bill. It’s $420. … There’s no way I can pay that.’

“‘Edith, it’s Francine. … They stopped by my house again today, talking about foreclosure. I don’t know what to do. Can you call me?’ Childs leans her head back against the wall and closes her eyes. Her hair is matted down with sweat, and thin-rimmed glasses sink low on her nose. Every few minutes, she stirs to jot notes on a to-do list that fills most of a notebook.” This story goes on about economic misery in South Carolina. All these people voted for Obama, and none of it’s getting fixed.

BRETT: And let’s not forget, that was a combo platter. That was President Obama and Vice President Biden who was Sheriff Joe, put in charge of the infrastructure plan. Remember the shovel-ready jobs, or the shovel-your-money-out-the-door jobs? We know what the poll numbers look like because this program yesterday went through those poll numbers and the performance of, one, President Biden, and Vice President Harris.

We have a border in crisis. We could do three hours on it just taking calls from people along the border talking about the disaster we are facing, the very real disaster we’re facing there with no operational plan. And when asked about it, a sitting vice president who is going to tell you, “I’m not in charge of the border and you can’t go to border because of covid.

“But I am talking to the president of Guatemala, because that’s more my jam there, okay? I’m about talking to presidents. I’m not about talking to residents at the border.” So the poll numbers are atrocious for this administration, but for the administration of the vaccine. He has all the levers of power in front of him, and he’s been able to roll out that vaccine.

And the CDC has been able to go out and to issue guidelines that say you can take a mask off while you’re outside, if you’ve had the vaccine. So, in other words, it’s all for show. But on the things he’s actually done — opening the border, creating the culture at the border for inflows of economic migrants moving in to the country who are then spread all around the country.

As you heard from that last caller in that last hour in Illinois, the idea that, “Well, I got all these people coming in and they’re just moving ’em in. You know, they’re moving in. They’re low skilled or they’re low income, and I don’t know what they’re gonna be able to do to help continue to grow the economy in Illinois.”

Well, that’s the government is replacing — is taking folks who have moved out of Illinois, and they’re redistributing workforces, for all intents and purposes, that are gonna work at a much cheaper rate. I mean, this is kind of the way things are moving about, right? So the president goes and he gives a speech and is gonna talk about all of his accomplishments.

Is he gonna talk about John Kerry leaking information (laughing) to the Iranian foreign minister? Is he going to talk about the fact that not a few weeks ago our delegation — our highest national security delegation in Alaska — was told that our country is horrible and is systemically racist and can’t manage its affairs?

It’s a real challenge in the world today, and in the matters that President Biden has control over in these first 100 days, he’s made quite a mess. The polls are the gold standard. That’s what the mainstream media tells you: The polls are the gold standard. Polls don’t lie.


BRETT: It’s been said many, many times — and Rush said this specifically — that this presidency for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is Obama’s third term. Well, if that’s the case, we got scandals aplenty brewing. Do you remember the last time the Obama regime got into bed with the IRS? I remember it like it was yesterday.

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, a random act of journalism from the Washington Post, of all places. The Washington Post has found that the IRS’s scrutiny of conservative groups was not contained among low-level workers in the Cincinnati office. Now, the Cincinnati office, by the way — I have since learned — is exclusive to tax-exempt status and tax-exempt organizations. It’s not some insignificant little satellite office off the beaten path that handles a few things here and a few things there.

This is THE place where every application for tax-exempt status goes through. So Obama and the administration said, “Well, it’s just, you know, a bunch of low-level rogue people. They’re acting on their own, pretty much, in Cincinnati.” However, the Washington Post today: “Internal Revenue Service officials in Washington and at least two other offices were involved with investigating conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, making clear that the effort reached well beyond the branch in Cincinnati that was initially blamed, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

“IRS officials at the agency’s Washington headquarters sent queries to conservative groups asking about their donors and other aspects of their operations, while officials in the El Monte and Laguna Niguel offices in California sent similar questionnaires to Tea Party-affiliated groups, the documents show.” So some of the scrutiny came from IRS headquarters. What a shock! What an absolute shock! Who would have believed this?

Now, “IRS employees in Cincinnati told conservatives seeking the status of ‘social welfare’ groups that a task force in Washington was overseeing their applications, according to interviews with the activists.” In other words, even the low-level workers in Cincinnati were being told what to do by a task force in Washington. So this whole story that it was a bunch of low-level people in Cincinnati that were acting pretty much on their own, is totally blown up now by the Washington Post.

“Lois G. Lerner, who oversees tax-exempt groups for the IRS…” Did you hear what she said shortly after this story broke? “Well, I’m not very good at math.” Well, that’s helpful. A chief officer of the Internal Revenue Service is admitting, “I’m not very good at math.” “Lois G. Lerner, who oversees tax-exempt groups for the IRS, told reporters Friday that the ‘absolutely inappropriate’ actions were undertaken by ‘front-line people’ working in Cincinnati to target groups with ‘tea party,’ ‘patriot’ or ‘9/12’ in their names,” all of which we now know was a series of lies.

These actions were not done by “front-line” or “low-level” people, and not just in Cincinnati — and they were not just targeting names but anything indicating they were conservative. Ms. Lerner also lied about when she found out about this. She actually learned about this in June of 2011. Now, you try lying to the IRS and see what happens to you. “In one instance, however, Ron Bell, an IRS employee, informed a lawyer representing a conservative group focused on voter fraud that the application was under review in Washington.

“On several other occasions, IRS officials in Washington and California sent conservative groups detailed questionnaires about their voter outreach and other activities, according to the documents. ‘For the IRS to say it was some low-level group in Cincinnati is simply false,’ said Cleta Mitchell, a partner in the law firm Foley & Lardner who sought to communicate with IRS headquarters about the delay in granting tax-exempt status to True the Vote.” So we know now that the woman in charge of this division at the IRS did not tell the truth on practically every single point.

These actions were not done by front-line or low-level people, and not just in Cincinnati. Lois Lerner also lied about when she found out about this scrutiny. She actually learned about it in June of 2011. We also now know, thanks to the Washington Post story, the IRS was even lying to senators and congressmen who wrote to them to ask about the tax-exempt applications of conservative groups. We also know now that the IRS was not just targeting keywords in the groups’ names.

They were targeting anything that indicated they were conservative. In fact, the Washington Post even points out, quote, “Although some of the groups were explicitly labeled ‘tea party’ or ‘patriot,’ others that came under intense scrutiny were focused on challenging the Affordable Care Act — … Obamacare — or the integrity of federal elections,” which is kind of disturbing here, folks, since the IRS is going to be the enforcement agency of Obamacare.

Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) said, ” “The fact they went after the Tea Party here … feeds the Republican critics, and this is one of the most outrageous excesses I’ve seen in all my years in journalism.” Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) is calling this “one of the most outrageous excesses” that she has ever seen in all of her years of journalism. This one is easily understandable: The IRS targeting people. People suspect this anyway. Now this is confirmation of it.

BRETT: And now moving forward, that we know Joe Biden wants to send another $80 billion to the IRS for enforcement operations, $80 billion to crack down on tax evasion by high earners with, you know, with questionable setups and those sorts of things, which, okay, is fine. That’s, like, understandable IRS-type business. But the idea that you’re gonna go to these organizations and demand their reading lists, demand transcripts of speeches that activists gave, member lists, addresses, all that sort of stuff?

That is well beyond the appeal, and that’s what the IRS did — and don’t forget, you’ve got an information in Washington right now headed up by Joe Biden who is vice president of United States when Lois Lerner and the IRS were running amok. It’s incredible. The way you will see American citizens targeted by the use of these enforcement agencies — the IRS unmasking the Trump campaign officials, crooked people in the FBI doing investigations that they know they don’t have evidence — this is all just madness.

Don’t forget. Joe Biden wants to have usage fees and ownership fees on firearms. That’s part of the contention, right? He wants to… What’s he want, a $200 fee or $1,000 fee on an AR-15? Who do you think’s gonna be responsible for collecting those fees? The Internal Revenue Service. Gonna be the way it’s gonna be.

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