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BRETT: Looking at that speech last night, you noticed it was a mostly empty Congress, right? It was a mostly empty Congress. It looked like one of Biden’s car rallies last year when he spoke to a mostly empty parking lot once upon a time. After a year campaigning like this, it wouldn’t surprise me if Biden prefers to talk to an empty House. Here’s Rush’s take on those famous Biden car rallies.

RUSH: You know, we sit here and we constantly make fun of Plugs for not doing any rallies, for nobody showing up at Plugs’ rallies. We make fun of him, we laugh at him. In fact, Plugs did a rally at a drive-in movie theater recently. Thirty cars showed up. Plugs did his little rally out there. I’m looking for the actual story now. I had not intended to get to it at this stage. But, yeah, laugh at it while you envision it.

Thirty cars show up at a drive-in movie theater with Plugs doing some kind of a rally. And we joke that he does these things and we joke that he couldn’t pull off a rally, that if he actually had one, nobody would show up. And that’s why he doesn’t do them. We say things like Biden doesn’t hold political rallies; he has socially distanced functions. Here it is.

“Biden Speaks to 30 Cars of Supporters at Ohio ‘Drive-In Rally’ – Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a speech in front of around 30 socially-distanced cars of supporters at a ‘drive-in rally’ on Monday in a warring event with Vice President Mike Pence who was also in the Buckeye State.”

Biden gave remarks on the economy in front of United Auto Workers in a half empty Toledo parking lot. I take it back. It wasn’t even a drive-in theater. It was a parking lot. Pence, on the other hand, was speaking to hundreds of supporters in the capital of Columbus.

“Biden’s 25-minute speech was at times also derailed by supporters of President Trump, who stood on a nearby street corner and loudly chanted ‘four more years.'” In fact, there were more Trump supporters at Plugs’ car rally than there were Biden supporters.

BRETT: And I know people are asking the question, having seen those car rallies, “How did he pull it off? How’d he do it?” Well, he was triple masked, right? He was probably triple masked while he was out there in front of the socially distanced cars making the case for the votes there in the half-empty parking lot in Toledo.

But looking at him present there on the dais in the House of Representatives speaking in front of about 200 people assembled… You know, a typical State of the Union Address — a big one like the one that Rush received Medal of Freedom at — you’ll have, like, 1,400 or 14500 people in that chamber. But these 200 people that were in the chamber yesterday, last night, are all vaccinated.

They’re vaccinated and wearing masks at the same time in this chamber while they’re socially distanced. I wonder sometimes. I do. I wonder if the people in Congress who are in there in that chamber and wearing the mask, if it is somehow — at least on the Democratic end of the aisle — those masks are being treated like Donald Trump’s MAGA hats.

“We’re gonna wear the masks to show that we’re still part of this movement to keep people masked.” Even outside running at a track meet in Oregon, where in an 800-meter race the mask caused a teenaged girl to collapse at the end for lack of oxygen. Just wonder about that. I wonder if it’s now at this point. They’ve all been vaccinated. They’re all socially distanced. They sat there through the proceedings of the trial of President Trump afterwards and still they want to show that still, “We are the masked! We are the mask supporters!”

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