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KEN: IRS data now shows that last year Democrats represent 65% of taxpayers with a household income of half a million dollars or more. Okay. I think that’s good. America’s great. The opportunities are wonderful. Sixty-five percent of taxpayers with a household income of half a million dollars or more are Democrats. Meanwhile, the same data establishes that 74% of taxpayers in Republican districts have combined incomes less than $100,000.

And last year, Republican districts had less income than their Democrat counterparts. Well, what happened to those snooty, rich Republicans? I don’t think there’s ever been…? I don’t think that ever fell into the category that they needed it to. You look at people like John Kerry, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden. Look at Hunter. Wow. He’s really made something of himself, hasn’t he?

I mean, really, when you think about it. The guy’s loaded. All Democrats. So if you want to say that, “Oh, yeah, they can relate. They can relate to my dad and I working in the factory or on the job site or the construction site or swinging off the back of a garbage truck,” which is like the greatest ride ever. It’s right up there with riding on back of a fire truck, and I’ve done both. Very exciting.

The neat thing about the garbage truck is, for some reason, the rules aren’t as tough. Have you noticed that? Any guy will tell you in particular… I know there’s women that are in both these worlds of work, but any guy will tell you, “That’s coolest thing in the world, hanging off a truck by the seat of your pants, riding on something, riding in the back of a pickup, riding on the train, things of that nature.

I just don’t see any of those Democrats I just listed doing any of that. Do you? And, as usual, Rush knew this. Here he is.

RUSH: John Nolte: “[W]hen I say the ‘Republican Party,’ I’m not talking about Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. I’m talking about us, we the people, those who call themselves Republicans, but only because that was the party Trump chose to run with. So ask yourself, are you a Republican because of Ted Cruz, of Rubio, of McConnell, Paul Ryan, or are you a Republican because of Trump? Because there are different kinds of Republicans.

“In just five years…” This is profound, here, folks. I’ve made this point myself countless times. “In just five years,” starting in 2015, “the Republican Party had become the party of the working class,” the party that [backed] private unions members… The party fighting for civil liberties and [fighting] against the suicide of free trade. We’re the party standing side-by-side with legendary labor leader Cesar Chavez to stop illegal immigration.

“We’re the ones opposing endless wars, the corporatizing of America, Big Mergers, Big Consolidation…” In other words, we used to be the party of Wall Street, the party of big banks, the party of Chamber of Commerce, the party of all that. We’re not. Trump turned the Republican Party into the party of the people. Now the Democrats are the party of the rich. The Democrats are the party of the idle wealthy and of Wall Street.

KEN: When you look at the latest story about John Kerry, all the money he’s made off Big Oil. So I don’t know what the combined income is. I’m sure it’s kind of billionairess, billionairy. John Kerry does remind me of a billionairess, but I know that’s his wife, but I’m just saying. So that’s the other dirty little secret. So the news media, some of the most strident leftists and pro-communist and all those people that are all giddy over Cuba.

“Oh, my God. Cuba’s so awesome! If we could just be like the U.K. and Cuba, we’d be so awesome.” Really? They’re both going down the toilet. But those people are among the wealthiest. It’s crazy. Some of the most news anchors with making 8, 10, $12 million a year, and they’re covering for people that are worth half a billion. And a great example of this — and I don’t have it in front of me ’cause he probably made some more money yesterday, Joe Biden.

I don’t know what his net worth is. I know that if you took out a calculator and if I figured out what he’s made in 50 years of working for the government — ’cause taxpayers have paid his salary for his entire career, pretty much, for the last 48 — it doesn’t add up, and we know that he could be using Common Core math, so that’s part of the problem.

You may say, “Well, he’s only made this, but Common Core math says he’s worth $50 billion.” I don’t know. But if you look at what those people are worth, you have to ask yourself objectively — and I only ask my liberal friends to do this because my liberal friends are always the people that say, “How about Donald Trump and his taxes? How about those taxes?”

What about ’em? Did he break the law? Did he embezzle money? What did we miss, other than the fact that you resent someone who’s orange and very wealthy?” I always throw in the orange just to make them giggle, ’cause that’s their mind-set. But you could say to a liberal, “Well, Joe Biden was worth this much here, and then after him and his son did these deals with China, why did his net worth go up?

“What was that all about?” Well, that you’re not allowed to talk about. So the Democrats, they didn’t lose control of the narrative. I don’t know if they ever had the rightful title to it. I think that was… It’s just like unions. Remember the title that unions used to have? “Unions are looking out for the working guy. They’re hard workers and they’re gonna roll up this…”

No. No.

The men and women in unions are hardworking people, and many of them built this country.

But, just like our government, the people in charge often are full of crap! And that’s what we have with… Well, the teachers union is a great example. Holy moly. There’s a lot of conservatives in the teachers union, and they’re stuck. And they’re stuck. But it all gets down to, “We’re looking out for you. We’re for the workingman. We’re for the working woman,” and these people are making millions and millions of dollars, and they’re wearing $3,000 suits. What are leftists missing?


KEN: So a moment ago we were talking about how now the Democrats are no longer the party of the workingman and woman, and that has been the narrative. How did the narrative carry on this long? Not because it was so much fact, because it was myth, and that’s one thing the Democrats are good at is keeping a myth propped up. Because when you control the publishers that create the textbooks for middle school, high school, and college…

And then when you control the journalism schools that tilt the media where you need it to go, and when you control Hollywood that make the movies that people with master’s degrees, they’ll go see a movie and — regardless whether it’s fact or fiction — if they want to believe it’s fact, they will, which is just crazy. You can make a movie and… Algore’s a great example. He’s a great example.

An Inconvenient truth.

It’s a pile of garbage.

They’re still using it in high schools to teach. It’s crazy when you think about it. And did you ever notice that some of the wealthiest people in Congress spend the most of your money? They spend the most of your tax dollars. So people like Hillary, back in the day, and now she’s worth… I don’t know what she’s worth billions yet, but she’s getting close.

But just look at people worth 10, 20, 30, 40, $50 million, which I would say the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas, soon Kamala Harris. They all fall into that category, and yet they’re the ones that want to spend trillions and trillions of dollars, reckless spending. They relabel it. They call it “infrastructure,” but it’s just stuff for their party. Here’s Senator John Barrasso.

BARRASSO: It’s the trillions and trillions of dollars of reckless spending. When I look at this, this is a staggering amount of spending like someone with a new credit card, and these are for things that we don’t necessarily need; we certainly can’t afford. But they’re gonna delight the liberal left of the party. It seems to me that this is a cradle-to-grave role of government. Ultimately, someone’s going to have to pay for this. It’s creating sort of an addiction to spending.

KEN: And these are people that they probably… (chuckles) They are probably charging you for their lunch on Capitol Hill, even if it’s just hamburger. I’m sure it’s a veggie burger. Here’s Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana.

CASSIDY: If you’re talking about a scope which is roads and bridges and internet and tunnels and airports and waterways, we can be press close. If you’re talking about spending hundreds of bullies of dollars to benefit public service unions, then we’re far apart. And I would argue the administration needs to kind of be honest with the American people. If you really want roads and bridges, come are Republicans already are.

KEN: We’ll be right back on the EIB Network.


KEN: It’s truly amazing when you see accurate polls or surveys. Now, we know that that’s finicky business, if you want to call it that. There’s no perfect poll. There’s no perfect survey. But we also know that a lot of polls are rigged by design, or they’re front-loaded by design or they’re pushed by design. And if you’re in this audience, you know what all that means.

A great example of that was saying… I don’t know if you saw Joe Biden. He’s the guy that they installed in November. He gave a speech, and it was a journey into absurdity last week, you know, when he said, “You don’t need to wear a mask,” but everybody in Congress had a mask on. They were all sitting six-feet apart and then in the front row, I don’t know if you saw the guy. You gotta find the picture.

He looks like a high school senior. You know how they slump down where their head’s almost like in the back of the chair and their feet are out and they’re like, “Yeah, whatever, dude.” I don’t know who that was. I hope it wasn’t a friend of mine. I thought, “Gosh, I wonder if it’s one of the seven or eight people in Congress I actually respect.” No, it doesn’t look like anybody I know.

But if you have to this kabuki theater and then the ridiculousness that came out of Joe Biden’s mouth and the lies — and, you know, he’s not gonna be fact checked because most of the major news platforms are part of his promo team. But the funniest thing I heard was on CBS News the next day. They said Joe Biden, after that speech, had an 85% approval rating, and I thought…

You know, ’cause my eyes are going, I thought maybe the hearing’s going as well. But no, I looked it up. It said 85%. That right there, that should tell you how off kilter things are with the news media and their love relationship with the Democrats. But the thing that really struck me about that presentation is — and the Democrats do this consistently.

They are consistently out of touch with most Americans. Their priorities, their ideologies are so far from the — dare I say — “normal,” hardworking American family, and that’s why that approval rating was so absurd. I remember — and you’ll probably remember this as well — Rush was talking to a caller in New York, and he covered so many great points about the Democrats. Here he is.

RUSH: This is Mark in Hartwick, New York.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s certainly an honor to speak with you. I want to talk with you about political labeling, conservatism versus liberals and such like that. But first I have to tell you, 30 years ago I walked out to my car to have lunch, and I turned on the radio to listen to the local weather, and I heard your voice. And I heard you say, “This is the second day of my second week.” So I want to apologize for missing the first six days of your program, but I’ve been a loyal listener ever since.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that very much. I’m always amazed. Everybody knows exactly where they were and what they were doing the first time they heard this program.

CALLER: We all appreciate you, Rush. I consider you the Voice of America, and some of us who are old enough, we know what the Voice of America used to be a service, a radio service. But now you are the Voice of America. We appreciate that. I also want to quickly say, I’ve tried to call you hundreds of times. When the phone actually rang, I was almost in shock, and I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this.

But your phone number that you give out for this show must be the most dialed phone number in the history of the phone. Now, on to conservatism versus liberals. I have thought for the longest time that it’s not fair or accurate to refer to Democrats or progressive Democrats or socialist Democrats as liberals. In fact, there’s nothing liberal about their approach to politics. The only true American liberals are the conservatives. We’re the ones that are concerned about our own personal liberties and freedoms.

It’s the Democrats are always trying to limit our freedoms, our liberties, take them away from us any way they can, get whatever kind of socialist power they can over society and take control. And I think you’re the big voice. You just might be the guy with enough influence to start a new kind of a wave, a new trend to strip the Democrats of that term “liberal.” No longer refer to them as liberal. Call them what they are. They’re progressive socialist government takeover-ers, and liberalism just doesn’t apply to them in any way.

RUSH: You are exactly right and I’m really glad that you made that point, and I want to take the occasion of your call, A, to thank you, because I appreciate it very much, all that you’ve said. In fact, Voice of America? That’s very, very nice. I appreciate that. But this whole business of labeling…

Let me just spend a couple of short minutes explaining this to you, and some of you have heard me say this before so it may be redundant. But I spend a lot of time reading liberals or socialists. I read liberal sportswriters. I read liberal tech journalists. I read the Drive-By Media people. I study it. I know conservatism. It’s who I am. I don’t need to read conservatives to reinforce what I already am and know of myself. I don’t need somebody to tell me what’s in my heart.

So when I say to you and discuss with you the idea that I think conservative or conservatism as a brand has been destroyed and is hurting us, it’s not because I just created this thought out of my head. It’s because I’m reading. I am reading voluminously and omnivorously liberals of all demographics. I focus on trying to find Millennials, and I see… I see the absolute way their minds have been poisoned about who you and I are. I see that their minds are totally closed. At the same time, they are arrogant and snarky and superiorist. They are not open whatsoever to any alternative way of thinking about anybody who isn’t liberal in their minds like they are.

Now, I factor all of this when I think about the occasion it might present itself when I’m talking to one of them and trying to persuade them. “What am I gonna have to do first to even be heard?” Based on… I’ve never seen a more prejudiced bunch of people who think the exact opposite of themselves. They think they are the most tolerant and accepting and open-minded. They are none of the sort. They are arrogantly closed-minded. They are arrogantly snarky.

They are arrogantly superiorist. They are mean. They are angry. They hate. They live each and every day — and they write it! You can read it in how they write about things. And when they react to anything in the news having to do with anything conservative or a conservative, that’s all they need to hear to tell themselves who they’re dealing with, and it’s not true. This is the thing. What they think of conservatism isn’t true. It isn’t accurate, and it isn’t anywhere close.

There is no hope of getting through to any of these people as a conservative. You’re not gonna even establish a line of communications with anybody if they think you are conservative, and it’s because of the way they have been poisoned and propagandized their entire lives, and this has been happening for 50 years — and it’s everywhere. It’s everywhere in pop culture. It’s every movie, book, television show, song, podcast, you name. It’s a problem, folks. It’s a genuine problem. And all I’m speaking of here when I talk about this is potential solutions to it, because I think they’re necessary, mandatory.

If you go to an ideological conservative, you know what they’ll tell you conservative is, classic liberalism. They’ll say to you, “I am a ‘classical liberal.'” I look at them and say, “What? Who the hell knows what you’re talking about? A ‘classical liberal’?” “Yes, in the great reputation of Edmund Burke, I am a classical…” “Hey, pal, nobody knows what you’re talking about.” “Well, we are not conservative. In the real senase, we are ‘classical liberals,’ and they aren’t the liberals. We are.”

I say, “Aw, gee, spare me.” That’s what I’m up against. “Forty-four percent of young people 16 to 39 (44%) said they preferred socialism to capitalism. However, only 33% of them were able to correctly identify and define socialism.” Branding. They think socialism is great because of what they’ve been told that it is! They don’t know what it is.

KEN: And that nails it. Everything Rush just said — and that’s the power someone has, a candidate on the left, an organization that’s plugged in to a large news media organization. That’s the power you have when you know no matter what you say, even if it’s wrong, CNN will say, “Yup! I have to agree with Kamala on that.”

That’s what makes Rush’s success and the conservative movement and the MAGA movement so darn impressive. Even today President Trump is more popular now than ever before. Why? Because in 2020, the year of the American awakening, the wheels started to come off. There were so many false narratives, so many words that were redefined, so many people that were redefined. Think about the absurdity of it.

And, oh, against all of that, decade after decade, Rush was able to push back and cut through all the propaganda. How many times did you hear young people calling Rush’s show and say, “You know, I started listening to you ’cause my friend at work or my mom or my dad turned me on to it,” or whatever? That’s the power of this philosophy. It’s the truth. It spreads.

The lies spread too, but here’s the problem. When the lies spread, eventually they die. As the truth spreads — as Mr. Limbaugh spread the truth — it sticks. It gets bigger. It increases. And 2020, I think a lot of us could agree, was the turning point. It’s the year that Democrats, even though they control just about everything, they’ve lost all control, ’cause their ideology has been flawed. It’s always been flawed.

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