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KEN: We knew this was gonna happen. It’s been roughly two weeks — I think just two weeks and a day — since the 16-year-old girl in Columbus, Ohio, tried to stab her friend in the eye with a 7-inch blade and a law enforcement officer saved her life. And LeBron James, as he often does, jumped to the conclusion and put a photograph and the name of the officer out.

How about that? Note to self: We still don’t know the name of the officer, the federal officer from January 6 that shot Ashli Babbitt. We know nothing of that individual. But we knew the name of the officer within minutes, and LeBron James tweeted because he’s allowed on Twitter. He tweeted to his 50 million followers, “You’re next. #accountability,” and a lot of people took that as a threat, and he has since walked it back.

This is what… His recent tweet: “I fueled the wrong conversation,” said LeBron James, and then he continued to count money. Then he took a breath, stacked the several million in the corner, then continued talking, “I fueled the wrong conversation about Ma’Khia Bryant, and I owe it to her and this movement to change it.” Now, the funniest thing about the left, they still don’t know how to really apologize, let alone forgive anyone.

Why didn’t LeBron James contact that police officer and say — and see, again, this is that adult thing. We make the mistake thinking that if someone is a billionaire or if they’re a grown man or woman, they’re an adult. But we forget that if you have a progressive liberal mind-set, you’re not a fully complete adult because you don’t have a grasp on all things in reality.

You just… You’re focused on your one thing, and you’re a billionaire, and billionaires don’t think they can be brainwashed. But anybody can be brainwashed if you’re not paying attention. Why didn’t he just call up and say, “Hey, it’s LeBron James. Officer So-and-So, I apologize. I was out of line. I jumped to conclusions. This is a very emotional topic for me. I support police, and, you know, thank you for saving that girl’s life.”

But there’s been no apology. Now, the reason I point this out is how many times has the news media…? I would say a third are pathological liars, and then you’ve got a third that are biased and I third that are lazy. So, did I…? Oh, I still left a percentage of the good ones in there. Okay, that’s 93, carry the four. Okay. I was doing Common Core math.

So how many times has the news media said something horrible about you as a Trump voter or as a Christian or as a white person or as a gun owner or as someone who’s pro-wall? Or how many times have they said something about someone you support and it’s been wrong? You never hear about it again. You never hear about it again, ever.

Never hear about it. They make these wrong things, these accusations. Just Monday, several major news organizations had to retract some garbage that they pumped out about Giuliani. This is a regular thing. Here we are, though, the news now circling around LeBron still trying to cover that leftist progressive theme. “LeBron walks back,” and then the headline, “I fueled the wrong conversation.”

There they are to not only correct his stupid comment, but they won’t mention that, “Why didn’t you apologize to the officer?” Meanwhile, in Tennessee an officer responded to a 911 call and it turned out to be a 911 ambush and they, sadly, are and have been used before. The Nashville officer was shot. From what I understand, he’s doing well, and I pray that he continues to do well. But someone called in and said, “There’s been a shooting! Come and help us.”

The police show up to help, and, bam! They’re shot at instantly, as soon as they roll. So I believe that the ignorance of most of the Democrat Party leadership and people like LeBron James and late-night talk show hosts, they’re just contributing and they’re making things worse. And then after they make things worse, maybe their popularity takes a little hit.

And then the leftist news media — whose expertise is making things worse — they come in. They don’t explain it like we’re talking about it now. They just cover. “Well, you have to understand LeBron was” whatever, whatever. But wouldn’t it be exciting if someone on the left had the compassion and the maturity that father had that we had on yesterday who forgave the police officers because they were doing their job?

He was a gracious Christian man and a forgiving man and, I would say — dare I say — a peacemaker. That’s the biggest problem with high profile leftists that haven’t grown up completely yet. They’re in a position to make peace. LeBron James is in a position to go to a fire and put it out. That’s how much power and influence he has. Yet time and time again, celebrities just don’t understand it because they’re brainwashed by the left.

Here’s Rush on another situation that got way out of hand.

RUSH: Do you see where the sheriff, the Los Angeles County sheriff whose name is Alex Villanueva has challenged LeBron James to match the reward money for the gunman who shot the two deputies?

The story of these deputies, this is amazing, by the way. These two deputies that were shot at point-blank range by this lone gunman, it is stunning what these two went through, particularly the female deputy whose name is Claudia Apolinar. She survived the ambush. She saved the life of her partner. She’s 31 years old, a former librarian who just graduated the sheriff’s academy last year.

She was struck in the jaw during Saturday’s shooting. She was in stable condition at the hospital. They were both shot at close range sitting inside their patrol car. She made a tourniquet for her 24-year-old partner before medics arrived. She was able to get both of them out of the car and shielded behind the open car doors, after being shot in the face a couple of times.

She had the presence of mind and still conscious to be able to apply a tourniquet to save the life of her partner and herself. It is a stunning story, a stunning display of courage. And there’s video. The video shows how the deputies helped each other despite being shot in the head, in the face, and in extremities. In fact, the female deputy probably saved the male deputy’s life by applying a tourniquet to his arm, despite herself having been shot in the jaw. She made a radio call for more help, despite being shot in the jaw.

Not one — and there were bystanders — not one of the people watching any of this helped. Not one of the people who watched any of this even called 911. You know why? They were too busy cheering the thugs or thug who shot the officers. We had audio of one such bystander yesterday. And it’s just infuriating to listen to this guy go on and on, “Oh, man. Oh, man N-word been lit up, oh, wow, how cool, man, they been aired out, right on. N-word cop been aired out.”

The guy was ecstatic and happy over what had happened. Sick.

KEN: That is the kind of situation that would be avoided if the LeBron Jameses of the world — I’m talking about high-profile leftist men and women of color, billionaires, success stores — would take their influence and say, “Maybe we should help people when we see they’re in trouble,” instead of, “You’re next,” with some smart-aleck hashtag.

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