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KEN: If you ever need something confused, ask Joe Biden. His new covid vaccination goal is 70% of adults to have at least one shot by July 4th. Now, there was a poll in the Washington Examiner, and this has to do with masks — the mask or what many of us call the muzzle or the face diaper, whatever, one of the greatest control tools ever.

Earlier this week on the show we talked about how the CDC said, if you’re going to camp, kids, you have to be three feet away and you can’t do this and you have to wear a mask if you’re outdoors. And that is just… I believe it’s child abuse. I just think you don’t keep children from breathing. That’s just… It’s rule number one.

But 25% of people in a Washington Examiner poll said we should use masks until 2023, and some even said we should always have masks with us and use them. So if you wonder if brainwashing works, it does. That’s why you still see people walking around with masks, and you might even seen grown men and women with two masks.

So yesterday at the White House, there was Joe Biden trying to explain things. Oh, by the way, before I forget, if you have a chance, there’s a lovely photo of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter with Joe and Jill Biden. It looks Photoshopped because the Carters have shrunk so much over the years. I’m telling you, they look like puppets. I mean no disrespect.

But either Joe and Jill have grown — and who knows? Maybe that is the vaccine. But the Carters have shrunk. Joe looks like he could pick up Rosalynn and Jimmy and put ’em in his backpack. It is a lovely photo, though, and here’s the good part of it. They’re not wearing masks, and they’re inside, and they’re elderly, and they’re all real close to each other. Once again, another mixed signal. Here’s Mr. Biden.

BIDEN: (whispering) We’re gonna make it easier than ever to get vaccinated. Visit Vaccines.gum (sic) — dot gov, Vaccines.gum or text to your zzz… Text your ZIP Code to 438829, 438829. Walk in your local pharmacy without an appointment. Go to the doctor or local health clinic. It’s free! It’s nearby. Every adult is eligible. You know, go get the shot as soon as you can.

KEN: It’s amazing, and this is such a wonderful example. You take most politicians, especially on the left, they take the very simple and make it garbled and complex and confusing, whereas Rush takes the complex and makes it understandable. Here he is.

RUSH: I got an email, just checked an email. Honestly — not making this up — it came from Rio Linda, or it says it’s from Rio Linda — “could you explain herd immunity?” Yeah, I can explain herd immunity and I can probably explain it in the simplest, least complex way that you’ve ever had it explained to you. In a nutshell, if enough people get the virus and thus have the antibody, when you get the virus — and we’re gonna assume you survive it — you now have an antibody to it. You have an immunity to it. It’s true of many viruses, not all, ’cause you get the cold frequently, the flu has different strains.

But herd immunity I believe is happening in many states, and in many parts of states. Very simply, if enough people get the virus, enough people in a state, enough people in a town, any large group, and thus have the antibody, then the virus cannot spread. If it goes into a person with the antibody, the virus dies. It is defeated by the antibody which exists after you have been infected, whether you’ve had symptoms or not.

This is why the antibody tests are so crucial. A lot of people never have any symptoms, but they have built up the antibody. The virus dies in every person who has the antibodies. It’s not passed on to somebody else who has not had it. That’s what herd immunity does. It stops the spread. And it’s amazing that so many people are pooh-poohing this. And who are these people pooh-poohing it? I’ll give you one question. I’ll give you one answer, give you one hint. They belong to a political party that begins with the letter D.

KEN: It’s amazing how simple Rush was able to make things. I saw Fauci, Mr. Contradiction, Mister… Talk about a lack of credibility. But Fauci was on one of the morning news shows, and they were asking him about the CDC’s latest restriction on your children being outside on a beautiful summer day running through the field, interacting with other children, having to continue to stay apart and having to wear a mask.

And he said, “Well, it’s kind of, you know, I…” The anchor said, “Is it extreme?” And, you know, in typical fashion (impression) “Well, it’s not extreme. It’s conservative. I don’t… I — I’ll… Mask on. Mask off.” Uh, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. Why didn’t… That was his perfect opportunity. That was his perfect opportunity to say right there, “Well, as the president said last week: Outside, I don’t think we need the mask anymore, especially with young people, because they are least at risk.”

But no.

He’s still pushing it because they love the control.

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