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JASON: Hey, we’ve got some more exciting news about Rush today. Yesterday, the Missouri House passed legislation to designate January 12th, Rush’s birthday, as Rush Limbaugh Day in Missouri. You know, Rush was from Cape Girardeau and Missouri’s most famous citizen for many, many years.

He had a great family, and the vote was immediately followed a response by the Democrats to designate January 13th as Walter Cronkite Day.

Yeah, maybe they should designate it the World Federalist Society Day. Remember Cronkite was a big internationalist. He’s been part of this group that believed in one world federal government and all of that stuff. But that failed. So now there’s a push on. The House passed the legislation, so it’s up to the Missouri State Senate to make certain they follow suit with designating January 12th as Rush Limbaugh Day in Missouri.

America’s Real Anchorman is being honored by his home state.

I think that’s a great idea.

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