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JASON: The 1619 Project used by schools… Isn’t it amazing the cooperation they do? So you’ve got the CDC coordinating with the teachers union. You have the New York Times’ 1619 coordinating with K through 12. You have the media coordinating with Big Tech. And you have these tax-exempt groups coordinating with the Democrat Party. That is what I’m talking about when I say institutional liberalism or when I say this gaslighting — collective gaslighting — that’s going on.

Nothing could be a greater lie than the idea that our constitution is fundamentally racist or our constitution is fundamentally anti-equality. Nothing could be a greater lie than that. We are the only country on the face of the earth that has ever looked at its wrongs and righted them, and it started right at the beginning, contrary to Howard Zinn and the 1619 Project. (impression) “The Constitution is a white man’s racist document!” Really?

Well, the Constitution banned the importation of any further slaves in 1808. The Northwest Ordinance passed the year the Constitution was ratified banned slavery. The three-fifths clause… You heard this a thousand times. Oh, three-fifths clause didn’t count slaves as whole persons. No, but 8% of the African-American population was free, and they were counted as whole people. Why is that?

Because the South wanted to count the slaves to empower their apportionment. It was abolitionists and anti-slavery forces who said, “No. If we count everybody then you’re gonna have more power and keep slavery more potent,” and finally, “Oh, how did they…? How come they didn’t just outright ban slavery in the South at the time of the ratification?”

Because the southern Confederacy wouldn’t have joined. They would have established their own country and you would have never ended slavery. Sixty-thousand Americans died to fulfill our commitment towards equal protection under the law in the Civil War. That’s what America did. That’s the true reparations. No country has done that.

Rush talked about this not long ago. Audio clip number 9.

RUSH: The New York Times announced that there is no more journalism in the New York Times. There is simply agenda orientation and narrative advancement. And the New York Times has decided that America was not officially founded in 1776. And the Revolutionary War had nothing to do with America’s independence.

America was actually founded in 1619. And, by the way, we’re coming up on the 400-year anniversary, you see. And what happened in 1619 is the first African slaves arrived for sale in what is now Virginia. And so the New York Times and their new premise, their new narrative is that the United States is a gigantic fraud. That the real story of the United States that’s taught is bogus. That America’s true past is one of immorality, injustice, racism, bigotry, homophobia.

The premise is that everything great about America, American exceptionalism, all of America’s great achievements are essentially illegitimate because they would not have happened without slavery.

And, therefore, everything about the United States is illegitimate. I made a big deal about it because it was a giant See, I Told You So. This has been a message I have been conveying to you in this audience for years about the left’s true intent. The transformation of America as Obama described it, the eight years of Obama were indeed a plan designed to make Americans believe that the greatness of America was not justified, that it was indefensible, that all of the great economic prosperity the American people have enjoyed was not really legitimate because it was so ill-gotten in so many ways.

So the Obama people came up with this new term “the new normal.” “The new normal” is a steady declining economy that needs to be expertly managed, that Americans’ expectations need to be lowered, that the central ingredient of the American dream, that children will do better than their parents, is over.

This is what Obama and his acolytes told the American people. Economic growth in excess of one, one and a half percent should never, ever be expected. He even had a name for this, “the new normal.” America in decline, a decline that we deserved, by the way, a rollback in prosperity and power that we deserved because it was achieved in inhumane, illegitimate ways.

The Democrat Party officially cast aside the white working class and instead attempted to build a massive majority built on all of the minorities they could find and combine together. Illegal immigrants, African-Americans, Hispanics, women, lesbians, gays, sexual, bisexual, transgender, the confused, whoever, all of these disparate groups, the victims of America, the victims of America’s unjust founding would become the constituency of the Democrat Party. That’s the decision they made.

So along comes Donald Trump, who doesn’t want any part of this, has a slogan Make America Great Again. This is crazy! What do you mean, American decline? What do you mean new normal? There’s no need for this. It’s totally unnecessary. America is great, justifiably so, and we need to focus on being even greater.

His victory alarmed and scared the entire liberal establishment worldwide who, in reality, want a declining America to further their globalist ambitions of eliminating the concept of nation states. You can’t succeed at that unless you eliminate the sovereignty of the United States. And you can’t do that unless you’ve got willing American leadership. And they had it with Barack Obama.

The reason Donald Trump is hated and despised and feared is not just the Washington establishment. It is the worldwide globalist establishment. So in response to Trump, the New York Times, a leader in this globalist, “Let’s take America down a peg or two ’cause America doesn’t deserve her status” crowd has their new agenda that America’s true founding was when slaves first arrived, and everything that happened thereafter is basically criminal. The United States is a criminal state that has achieved its unwarranted power and prosperity on the backs of people of color.

So we are faced with an active political opposition which has finally been honest about its intentions for the last 20 or 30 years, maybe even longer, and that is to destroy the United States as founded, take it down many notches in power and prosperity, on the premise that none of it has been deserved, that none of it has been warranted.

That all of it is ill-gotten and all of the people who have benefited from this injustice of the American founding need to also be called out and punished: the white supremacists, the white nationalists, the white — essentially the Republican Party and the conservative movement. There’s only one problem – well, there’s more than one. But a primary problem the New York Times faces is that everything in their premise is a lie. Not a single bit of it is factually true.

JASON: When it comes to the New York Times, why start now? Everything they write is a lie. Everything CNN says is a lie. MSNBC, the Washington Post, they are arms of the Democrat Party. As I said yesterday and as Rush points out, if you really believe in campaign finance reform, then everything those media outlets write ought to be reported as an in-kind contribution. They are corporations…

Can you imagine if Exxon mobile decided to put on their website, “Vote for Jason Lewis.” Not that they ever did. But can you imagine that? That’d be an illegal in-kind corporate contribution. Well, media companies are corporations. How can they get away with it? It’s a massive media exemption. Rush is exactly right. This was never about the Confederate flag or southern symbols. It was about eradicating Mount Rushmore.

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