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TODD: So Rush was always on, of course, the cutting edge of societal evolution, and he told us, he warned us we were gonna see politics in everything, even sports. So question: Should we be waiting to find out if this Kentucky Derby horse, Medina Spirit, is MAGA?

RUSH: You know, I’ll tell you, ladies and gentlemen. You know me. I think if you wait long enough, you will detect politics in everything. Now, let’s do a quick comparison. When Roger Clemens was accused of doping, the sports media turned on him (snaps) like that. He was guilty. He lied to Congress. They needed to throw him away and throw away the key at the same time. They were just enraged. I’ll never forget it. I thought Clemens was this beloved sports figure, but when this happened, the media turned on Clemens.

TODD: You’ll hear more about this and Rush’s analysis of this dynamic whereby maybe athletes would be turning to the Clinton-type defense of things, the Hillary Clinton-type, Benghazi-type non-excuses. I keep waiting, and I do have a call in to Dr. Fauci’s office to see if this horse is covid positive? Because while we’re testing things, I mean, we may as well get out a useless 35-cycle PCR test and put that in the horse’s beak.

Because if this thing is covid positive and it’s a drug addict, I mean, they’re really gonna be torn, because the left’s version of drug addicts is to give them more drugs. That’s the treatment vision. But if it’s covid positive, why, we can have a whole set of problems here because we’re not putting masks on horses but we’re putting them on track athletes and they’re passing out. Yes, it is a Tony Fauci update as we continue on the EIB Network.


TODD: You know who warned us about the politicizing of sports really early on? Rush warned us about this. I never thought I would see the day where I would avoid sports or avoid seeing them, and I do because of what the NFL has become for me. It saddened me because I have an unbelievably strong emotional connection to football because it was something my father and I shared just in common — that and auto racing and the outdoors.

But I played football and he watched me play it and he watched me play in a little, tiny role in a small college football program for a year, and he was to proud, even just with that. And it was something we could communicate about as we lived the apart. I lived in San Francisco before that was adopted and became a Third World country divorced entirely from the United States of America.

It was only on the way out then, now it’s gone, and he and I could visit about the game and about the personalities. My father and I didn’t really disagree on politics. He wasn’t a particularly a political person, and I am. But I avoid it because of what the NFL has told me. The NFL has told me, “We don’t want you around, and certainly if you’re around, you need to shut your hole or pretend to care about the social justice stuff that we’re embracing and don’t even understand.”

I don’t even think that the expediency with this with the NFL and social justice and backing a domestic terror group, Black Lives Matter, Inc., that doesn’t… You know, I don’t even know if they are aware of what they’re actually causing, which is going to be the destruction of a country that can even support football (laughing), with the salaries and what we pay these talented people to do what they do to amuse us — or that used to be to amuse us.

So my wife and I were at dinner yesterday, and there was sports on Fox News, and it was about the Kentucky Derby, and I’m watching this almost desire for controversy. “The horse! Was the horse drugged?” Well, I assume so. It’s a horse, and it’s a super athletic horse. And I assume it’s drugged. I didn’t know that this was not a known thing. And I don’t mean to decry sports.

I’m just right now taking a beating from one of my listeners for something I said about his sport of choice. So I certainly don’t pretend to know horse racing. I don’t. I have seen it. But I’m watching sort of the desire for controversy about this. This horse may lose its title. The jockey may lose its title because it was apparently drugged. (laughing) Now it’s a cr…? Is this like the Lance Armstrong of horses?

That’s what people are talking about. As you would imagine, Rush had a completely different take on this. He was talking about Ray Lewis, and Ray Lewis was at one time accused of a brutal murder or double murder, and he was acquitted for that, as I recall. So if Rush was with us, as we all wish, he might ask us if this horse, Medina Spirit, would be able to using Hillary Clinton’s infamous Benghazi shrug.

RUSH: Ray Lewis at the Super Bowl under a cloud of suspicion. Did you know that one of the fastest-growing organisms, one of the fastest-growing things in all of mammaldom, in the entire mammal world, do you know what grows faster than almost anything? Deer antlers.

So what’s happened is, a bunch of doctors and nutritionists have been able to isolate the material, element, whatever that makes this possible and they put it in a spray that human beings use under the tongue. It’s called Sublingual. For those of you in Rio Linda, Sublingual, see, the tongue is how we speak, i.e., language, lingual, sub means under. So when something is sublingual it’s under the tongue and that’s because things are absorbed into the bloodstream faster there than anywhere, certainly faster than gastrointestinally.

So Ray Lewis with a categorical denial that he’s ever used deer antler spray. He’s got a triceps injury that he wanted to come back early from. It’s his last year and he wanted to play in the odds that they made the Super Bowl, and they did so he wanted to make sure he could play. So the allegation is he’s using deer antler spray because it’s a performing-enhancing drug and human growth hormone enhances recovery. He says (paraphrasing), “I’ve been tested every year, 17 years, I never failed a test.” Where have we heard that? We heard that from Lance Armstrong. We heard that from what’s her name, the sprinter, Marion Jones.

Here’s the thing. This is the problem. Well, it’s not a problem. Nothing’s gonna happen. You can only, from what I have discovered, you can only detect deer antler spray — this is important for those of you young athletes out there who are gonna try this, and you know you will. You can only detect deer antler spray in the blood.

You can’t detect it in urine, and the NFL doesn’t draw blood for tests. Everything’s a urine test. So it won’t show up. So even if he has been using deer antler spray, there’s no way it would ever show up. This isn’t gonna go anywhere because there’s not gonna be any way anybody can establish, unless the deer gives up the goods.

Ray Lewis has got a simple explanation or answer for all this. What difference does it make? At this point, what difference does it make? About Atlanta in 2000 and whatever happened in the nightclub — and the deer antler spray, what difference does it make? Hey, it worked for Hillary. If it worked for Hillary, it’s bound to work for somebody like Ray Lewis.

TODD: I was just talking with the folks at EIB about this. “What difference, at this point, does it make?” What about the people who bet on this horse? Wow! Just imagine your home counting your winnings and it turns out the horse is drug addict, and you didn’t win on this. Do you have to give the money back? I’d assume you’d have to give the money back. That’s an interesting case.

Presumably you didn’t drug the horse unless maybe you, as one of the fans of the horse, gave it deer antler. But let’s flip what Rush just did, taking the Lewis controversy and comparing it to Hillary and let’s reverse-engineer that. So tests designed to not find things. So if deer antler shows up in the urine but not blood and if you don’t test blood, you’re not going to find the artifacts of deer antler.

Oh! It’s a brilliant example of the swamp.

The ethics investigations are not designed to find ethics improprieties. Note to Republicans: You’re in a war, a Cold Civil War over the country. You guys have both had this agreement for years. You know it and I know it: “You don’t come after ours; we won’t go after yours.” They’ve gone after Rudy Giuliani. They’re showing you, “Oh, we’ll go banana republic.”

How about this? You know where their ethical bodies are buried? How about take that to right-wing media? How about bring that to us? We all know the leftists who are using the power of Big Government to force people to purchase products they don’t want from companies they don’t like at prices they cannot afford for services they do not need. That’s Obamacare, soon to be other things.

We all know there’s money in the back of it. Why are you not bringing this to us? Well, because you don’t want the left bringing yours to leftist media. The systems in D.C. are designed to not find these things. Just like, to bring it back to Hillary Clinton, they didn’t want to find Hillary Clinton guilty of national security violations. So they allowed the literal hammering away at the devices they wanted to find.

They said, the two so-called investigators who went after General Flynn, they wanted to get him to lie. There’s people still in solitary confinement in Washington, D.C., as I understand it, for the January 6th event, and perhaps they deserve it. Perhaps the government has evidence that I’m not aware of, although I doubt it. They don’t want Black Lives Matter, Inc., and Antifa in prison. They’re designing tests that don’t do that.

They don’t even need to say, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

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