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TODD: It is so important for us to find the moments of… I don’t know that it’s “great news” as much as it is verification that America is still here. I’m of the belief right now that we’re in a situation where we’re not a united states — and that may even, at this point, sound almost obvious. I began to say that years ago and some would say, “That is so irresponsible.”

I began to say, “You know what? When I’m seeing citizens attacked to the streets by terror groups, that means to me that we’re in a state of cold civil war,” and people say it’s wildly irresponsible. And then we watched, of course, this summer that unless you’re… Was it Thomas Friedman at the New York Times who was unaware that cities were burning?

We watched all that. So it’s really important, I think, to look at our country and find the instances to know that the American spirit is there. It’s not dead, even in a state like California. Have you ever had a loved one, say, suffering from, you know, an addiction or a mental health crisis that’s sort of long form, and you know they’re in there?

You know your loved one’s in there, and you see glimpses of the person you know they can be if they’re you unhampered by the chemicals or they’re unhampered by the mental illness — or just sometimes the stress, right? You yourself can find yourself doing things — and me, I’m a great example of this: Doing things I would not do were it not for stress.

So in the stress our country’s in, Gavin Newsom is facing a recall. In California, the American spirit still exists to such a degree that this perfectly chiseled, crafted, almost humanly Photoshopped Gavin Newsom with no discernible ability to lead other than he is a good-looking man. So he’s good-looking. What other qualities does he have?

“Well, he’s good-looking.”

“Anything else?”

“Well, he’s willing to use taxpayer money to fight off this recall.”

This is… (laughing) The way this is written and the way it just rolls off the tongue just shows you how bizarre things have got. I read this in Legal Insurrection, Leslie Eastman. “California Governor Gavin Newsom, who faces a recall election soon, plans to use a budgetary ‘surplus’ to send billions of dollars back to California taxpayers and ‘undocumented’ residents.”

Listen to this line: “If approved, the state would give $600 checks to workers who earn up to $75,000 annually, with $500 bonuses for tax filers,” so people who pay taxes get some back, as well as those “with dependents and undocumented families.” If you want more of something, subsidize it. They want more illegal immigrant families in California.

That’s obviously atrocious and strikes me as paying people to commit crimes. We should look into that. We should look into whether hiring people to commit crimes, is that illegal if I were to say go to someone and say, “I’m not breaking into that bank. You think I’m crazy?” “Ah, I need you to do it.”

You would get more punishment from insurance fraud if you decided you wanted to arrange to have your car stolen and you got caught getting your car stolen, then he would get without this recall. If you’re in California, one of Rush’s listeners in California, you have an opportunity to not just recall Gavin Newsom, but to show the rest of people trapped in these separate countries — these communist countries — within our borders that the American spirit lives.

Your vote to recall Newsom could be a sea change for this country. I beg to be involved in that. Now, I just have to marvel at how it has to just dig at Gavin Newsom’s ego to know that Rush Limbaugh was so spot-on about Newsom’s actual popularity, or really lack thereof.

RUSH: How in the hell can the governor be popular out there? But this governor, Gavin Newsom, runs around like he’s a king, like nobody opposes him, like everybody’s — and there’s plenty to be dissatisfied with out there. The tax base? People are fleeing. Well, it turns out the guy is underwater!

“California voters appear to have turned against Governor Newsom.” This is a guy openly advocating illegal aliens disobeying ICE, for example. He’s one of these governors that actually advises them in advance how to avoid ICE raids. He’s very proud in saying, “We’re not gonna obey federal law. Screw your federal law! We’re gonna set up our own. We don’t have to obey yours,” which…

You know, that’s Lincoln-era stuff, and everybody assumes that everybody in California supports this guy. But it turns out, no. The most recent Public Policy Institute of California, Public Policy… They started in North Carolina and they’ve branched out now, and he’s underwater: 44% disapprove, 43% approve. It’s be careful a wash, but he’s not got massive support.

And this is one of these myths that the Drive-By Media loves to try to create that all liberal governors, all Democrat governors are universally loved. They’re overwhelmingly popular! But this guy’s not. This guy’s a smarmy individual anyway. He mocks Trump all the time and Trump turns fire back on the guy, calls him a do-nothing governor. There’s not a single Republican in the country that would respond to these clowns the way Trump does.

TODD: There isn’t, and there needs to be. There’s starting to be some people who will do that on the Republican side. Let me… Can I just present this thing I’ve been working on? If you’ve ever read these old sales books, there’s something called the Columbo Close.

This is when you’re walking out of the room ’cause you didn’t close the deal, you say, “Hey, by the way, what’s the real reason you didn’t buy?” Ask a question like that. I’m working on these for town halls. So one of the questions in a California-type town hall if you got to ask a question would be, “Yeah.

“Are there other classes of crimes that we’re going to pay people to commit? Because we’re paying people to commit immigration fraud. Are we gonna…? Are we gonna pay people to commit bank fraud? Because why are we picking crimes that we underwrite with taxpayer money?” I’ll give you another question: “At what percentage white are you irrevocably racist?

“I… I got my DNA testing back. I’m 49% white. Does that…? Am I 49% racist or can I get like a DNA modification and then not racist? Is that how we undo the whiteness?” It’s questions like this that put people like that in complete, just frozen-eye mode, like, “You what? You’re asking me to use logic and math and…? I was told there’d be no math in life.”

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