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TODD: Doddridge in Wilmington, New York, you’re on the Rush Limbaugh program. Glad you joined us. We’ve got a short time, so have at it, Doddridge. Welcome.

CALLER: First of all, blessings to all of you out there from Wilmington, New York. Look, we are forgetting something that Rush taught us off the bat. Keepin’ It Real. All the problems we have had, it’s now because of the placating of people. They want something, and we gave it to them and never thought of the ramifications. Now we are suffering those ramifications. We need to teach these children coming now respect. If you don’t respect yourself, you cannot, in life, respect anyone else. So we gotta get back to Realville.

All who feel they are this and feel they are that because you feel you are what you think you are, it does not make you. Sorry. I have gay children and my son even believes he is a female. It does not make him a female. For the rest of his life, he’ll be my son who thinks he’s a female. Get back to real life, okay. Realville is what Rush called it. This is coming from a U.S. Army 22-year veteran, and I have not retired, and I will not stop defending the country for the rest of my life. Blessings to all of you out there. Blessings to Kathryn, the EIB team, and you, Todd, thank you for doing a wonderful job carrying on the torch.

TODD: Man. Doddridge. Wow. You know what? That’s a one-minute monologue, could we just all for a second reflect on the beauty of the way Doddridge, our friend, said that? Man. That is powerful. Doddridge, God bless you. Thank you for serving this country, not just in the armed forces, but with attitude like that. Prayers for your son, Doddridge. Thank you for joining us.

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