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TODD: Every Friday, we’re doing something called Road Trip with Rush where we’re creating a playlist from his bumper music and revisiting his precise commentary that went into it. For this week’s song, we take you back to 1968. Now, I want you to imagine a 17-year-old Rush jamming to this tune on the radio after school.

(Green River)

RUSH: John Fogerty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Green River, 1968 in the bumper rotation. You know, it’s amazing, Mr. Snerdley, how all the music that we grew up with endures and is still played today. I’ll guarantee you the rotgut that is popular Top 40 the last 10 years will not survive after it’s lost its initial wave of play. In other words, we won’t be playing whoever the hell you could cite, but the stuff from our generation endures.

TODD: And it does! I gotta tell you, this came up in the pre-show discussion. So that’s Creedence Clearwater Revival Rush is talking about, and you’re gonna be able to hear Rush’s playlist. They’re gonna create an entire series of this, the playlist that Rush loved.

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