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TODD: So this will make a lot of people who were supporters of President Trump uncomfortable, and yet we must be truthful with one another. One of the areas in which I broke with the president was his decision to start that commission that went about banning television shows and, you know, it was very controversial to begin with.

But when he founded the Pro-American Speech-only Commission and then went into Hollywood and, I mean, it was unseemly to see these arrests and, you know, the vans unmarked pulling A-list actors into them for the crime of speaking out politically. That was a chilling moment in American history that… Oh, wait, that never happened. Oh. Wait. Wait. I’m sorry.

I was living in the head of people who live in Hollywood. Dang it. That’s a weird place. All dusty with cocaine and pretend dystopia. Ellen DeGeneres. I’ve never seen her show; I’m so proud of that. I’ve never seen it. There’s a lot of shows. I’ve never seen hers, not one, not a single episode. So I can’t judge.

I saw a clip of one. So, her show has been canceled. She, according to The Hill, has someone to blame for this. “In an interview with NBC’s Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, DeGeneres told Guthrie that recent controversy surrounding her show Ellen wasn’t the main reason why she ended her program, citing the administration of former President Trump and changes in society as the reasons why.”

Because President Trump changed society. He wasn’t the reflection of society. He changed it. One man. Right. He had nothing to do with this. You see what I’m talking about, the room dusty with cocaine and dystopia and Trump everywhere and pulling people into unmarked vans. Certainly not low ratings and the toxic work scandal.

Oh, is it? So the toxic work scandal. Remember this? DeGeneres said Thursday, “I’d also have to say, if anybody else was saying it, it was really interesting because I’m a woman, and it did feel very misogynistic.” Well, number one, what do you mean woman? That’s a biological anachronism. What are you talking about?

She apparently ran in a place of employment where a black woman who used to work on her program told BuzzFeed news, BuzzFeed, she experienced racist comments, actions, and microaggressions. I don’t know what a “microaggression” is. I know what the word means. I just I’ve never seen one proven. When she was hired, a senior-level producer told her and another black employee, “Oh, wow. You both have box braid. I won’t I don’t get you two confused.”

Huh. At a work party, this woman said that one of the main writers told her, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here.” Another coworker “awkwardly laughed it off instead of coming to her defense.” There are people who worked around Ellen who said her whole “be nice” thing? It was a great big dodge. Now, listen, I’m just…

I won’t have it. Everyone in Hollywood is just as nice as they seem on their face, and it’s not like they go behind closed doors and, you know, do a Harvey Weinstein or a… How many other names can we name? I’m not accusing Ellen of doing that. I’m just pointing out that Hollywood is made up of people who pretend for a living.

Sometimes, that includes pretending to be really, really, really so very nice. Who could have seen it coming? Ellen DeGeneres canceled! Who could have seen it coming? You know who saw it coming. Rush Limbaugh made a prediction nine months ago that Ellen would be canceled or cancel herself.

RUSH: Looky here. “Former Ellen DeGeneres staffers bash ‘toxic’ workplace culture on her talk show.” Have you heard about this? “A black woman -” oh, no. You don’t say. “A black woman working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show said she repeatedly dealt with racist comments and microaggressions in yet another damning story relating to,” Ellen DeGeneres, the alleged comedian.

“The former employee was among 11 mostly former staffers who detailed horror stories from the ‘toxic’ work environment at the Ellen DeGeneres show in a Buzzfeed article, pulling the curtain back on the cheery comedic host.” Now, you probably have heard or seen people say that Daniel Snyder must sell his team due to all this harassment, the charges brought to light by the Washington Post.

They say that Snyder, he may not have been the subject of the complaints, he may not have been one of the perps, but he’s responsible, and he should sell the team. So I read this story about Ellen DeGeneres. And I thought this is no different than the bombshell story about the Washington Redskins, except the Ellen DeGeneres story is not presented as a bombshell at all. Both stories detail toxic work environments and the DeGeneres show, particularly for African-American workers.

One story’s about a white guy who owns an NFL franchise. Sexual harassment is alleged. The other concerns a white woman who owns a television show in Hollywood. Racism is alleged. Think these two situations would be viewed by the fake news media as the same or different? Ha! We know the answer.

I can’t recall, other than when they started dumping on Weinstein, and that wasn’t even like this. Everybody in the world is dumping on this babe. Other actors, other actresses, other entertainers, not management. Other people. I’ve got a story here actor Brad Garrett and Lea Thompson have added their voices to the dozens of former staffers on the DeGeneres show who have alleged a toxic work environment.

It’s unheard of for Hollywood celebrities to say a bad word about this woman. It never happens. And how about the irony that her motto is “be kind”? I mean, there’s something here that we don’t know. There’s always stuff that we don’t know on stories like this. And it could well be your Bush example, that they just don’t want to mention.

But I think it’s more than that. I think it’s more than that. Now there’s stories she wants to resign or retire. Oh, no, she doesn’t want to retire. And what would normally save here — she’s a lesbian — is irrelevant. Normally that would give her an insurance policy and, you know, not only a get-out-of-jail-free card, don’t go anywhere near her card.

So she must really be something much worse than her image is, like “be kind.”

TODD: Yeah. What a comparison. Earlier this week, we had James Golden (who you probably know as Bo Snerdley) on this program to share, and he was very clear. He’s one team member amongst many who made this program what it is. He thanked you and us, the listeners, to the program. He also pointed out the longevity of Team EIB.

Thirty years in many cases, 20 years locked together in a family atmospheric. But what did we hear for all those years about Rush because of his politics, what people thought of his politics, most of them having never heard that? It’s fascinating that he made the prediction that Ellen would be canceled or get herself canceled.

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