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BRETT: Let’s turn to the City of New York, which has been in the headlines for so many reasons over the last number of years. But this most recent reason is something that I think is worthy of celebration (though I would never take advantage of it) and that’s the fact that New York City’s 24-hour subway service has resumed one year after covid-19 shutdown.

So, the subways are now gonna be running 24 hours a day. You can travel hither, dither, and yon and basically select a time that’s convenient for you to be mugged or harassed by the folks that are riding on those trains. And that’s the real shame, because New York City is a place that I lived in that I loved my time in. I loved the City of New York.

It is the politicians, the politics that make it horrible. New York City police department is a proud and storied tradition when it comes to law enforcement. I still remember the heroism on September the 11th. But I’ve also witnessed acts of heroism on random days being in the City of New York and watching law enforcement officers protect individuals from being harmed or killed and rescuing children who had been injured or were sick.

The cops are a fundamentally good force, and I don’t care what Bill de Blasio says, and I don’t care what the protesters want to say. But now comes a new challenge. A New York City pride parade has banned the police. That’s right. The New York City pride parade is banning the police. Gay officers are now disheartened about this.

Even crazy Bill de Blasio is calling the ban on the New York City police officers from New York City pride events a “mistake.” The New York Post reports it this way. “The organizers of the world’s largest gay pride event, NYC Pride, announced Saturday that police and corrections officer exhibitors will not be allowed to participate for at least the next five years, and the event would hire private security to reduce NYPD presence during the march.

“NYC Pride co-chair Andre Thomas said the decision ‘follows many months of conversation and discussion with key stakeholders in the community.'”
Did you talk to the cops? Did they talk to the police? I’m guessing they didn’t. The police are not part of, quote, “the community.”

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, Mayor Wilhelm, responded to the policy yesterday during his daily press conference.

DE BLASIO: I think that decision’s a mistake. First of all, we have to keep people safe. Second of all, you know, I believe in inclusion.

BRETT: He believes in inclusion? Of who? Of who, Bill? I mean, you can say you believe in inclusion, but how are you manifesting it? Are you going to attending the gay pride parade? Are you gonna speak up for the men and women of law enforcement? The radical left doesn’t believe the police keep people safe.

The only inclusion they’re interested in is their own. You can’t be a gay cop. You can’t be a Republican cop. You can’t be a transgender cop. No, that’s not the inclusion they’re talking about. It’s only one-way inclusion and one-way tolerance, full stop. Here’s Rush on the left’s intolerance as a one-way street.

RUSH: When we lose, we lose and we regroup and we try to fight our battles internally, as is happening now, and we try to come back and win, and we always try to win by persuading as many minds and hearts as possible to agree with us. The left isn’t that…. They don’t care about persuading anybody.

They are thugs.

There’s a big argument going on between gay rights activists and black activists. You know, the N-word’s being thrown around by a bunch of leftists, these people of tolerance. Isn’t it fascinating that these people who demand tolerance (particularly the militant homosexual groups that mobilize politically like this), they’re the ones out there demanding all kinds of tolerance for their lifestyle and their desires and who they are?

They have none. You notice how so many liberal concepts are one-way streets. Tolerance is a one-way street. They don’t have to tolerate anything. They don’t have to tolerate tradition. They don’t have to tolerate defeat. They don’t have to tolerate a majority opposing them. They don’t have to tolerate.

They can protest and they can intimidate, and they can get judges to overturn the will of the people if they want. They can go out and destroy, or try to destroy the churches that are populated by people that disagree with the militant gay rights agenda.

So they don’t have to be tolerant. We have to be tolerant. We have to be tolerant and understand their grievance as a, as a minority. The battle for the heart and soul of the country is wide open, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

BRETT: The thing that’s always overlooked about law enforcement is — especially in a place like New York or any other big metropolitan area — the police department is diverse. It’s unusually very the heavily minority. Some communities, it’s majority minority. You look at a big city police department; you’ve got a lot of different people.

You want to talk about the Westchester. Look at the New York City Police Department. What is it, 40,000 cops? That’s gonna have a very diverse group of people in that group of people of people. By and large, cops come from middle- or working-class backgrounds. These are not necessarily Harvard grads with degrees in underwater basket weaving and wokeism.

These are people who said, “You know what? I have a real desire to serve people, to help people out,” in the same way that you may have a vocation to be an EMT, a medic, a paramedic, a fireman, a police officer, a corrections officer, a doctor, a public defender in the court system, a social worker. These are all jobs that that are in the same general universe.

Newspaper reporters. The press, that used to be working-class job. Now it’s an elite, Harvard-Yale-Stanford job where you have these people who have worked so hard to put themselves into the elite class that they then get to turn their noses up at other people. One does wonder, with those organizers of this pride march between now and 2025.

I take a great deal of ironic joy in thinking about how it is they’re going to prohibit police officers from coming to their event, and yet will think nothing of picking up the phone to call the police on the lunatic that’s in the lobby of their building smashing windows because he’s out of his mind on drugs or alcohol or has psychiatric issues.

They’re gonna call the police and say, “You have to come here! He’s destroying our property! Come here right now, please. You better get here or else.” They won’t see the irony. The left never does, because it is a one-way street, as Rush said, 100% of the time. It is a one-way street.

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