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BRETT: Amazing to watch the narrative that has unfolded in the past 24 hours. Back on the home front here, nothing to do with the border security, nothing to do with the pipeline shutdown, nothing to do with the exploding inability to hire people for work.

But the thing the media cared about the most in these early morning hours today? Whether it was CNN, MSNBC, they were popping the champagne. They were celebrating because the big news came out that New York attorney general, Letitia James, has told the Trump Organization that she has opened a criminal investigation of it.

Oh, wow, that’s huge.

She’s expanded her capacity to look into a potential criminal investigation of the Trump Organization. Nobody’s been indicted, arrested, none of that. New York Attorney General Letitia James is joining the Manhattan district attorney’s office in a criminal investigation of the Trump Organization, James’ office said Tuesday.

“The attorney general office’s investigation into the Trump Organization, which has been underway since 2019, will also continue as a civil probe…” So they’ll go criminal and civil. But the office “recently informed the Trump Organization of the criminal component.” How is that news? How is that screaming Headline News on the morning shack shows this morning?

Quote, “We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the organization is no longer purely civil in nature. We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan” district attorney.

That’s according to Letitia James’ spokesman, Fabien Levy, telling CNN, “We have no additional comment.” Well, as CNN notes, “In an increasingly serious sign for former President Donald Trump, the attorney general’s office is working with the Manhattan district attorney’s office, whose wide-sweeping probe into the Trump Organization has looked into whether the company misled lenders and insurance companies about the value of properties and whether it paid the appropriate taxes.”

You know, Letitia James is also investigating Andrew Cuomo for abuse of power and the mistreatment of staff. What this all comes down to is pretty clear. You’ve been seeing an increased presence of former president Trump out there in the conversation. The cable channels are desperate to talk about anything about Joe Biden at this point, because he is flailing so badly.

As a result, they want to go back to Donald Trump — and Donald Trump and MAGA won’t go away. Here’s what Rush had to say about it.

RUSH: I know they desperately want Trump gone, and I know that they desperately want it codified that Trump cannot run again because, make no mistake, they remain scared to death of you, and they remain scared to death of Trump. Trump’s 75 million, 80 million votes. And I’m gonna tell you, you’re not going anywhere. Even if Trump does, you’re not.

You know what you believe. You know what your vision for the country is. You’re not gonna give up on it. You’re not gonna go packing away. They remain scared to death of you, folks. They remain scared to death that there are 75 to 80 million of you and that no matter what they’ve tried they can’t separate you from Trump. And more importantly, they can’t separate you from the ideas.

They can’t separate you from MAGA, they can’t separate you from Make America Great Again, which I think remains one of our big campaign strengths going forward. The idea that making this country great is somehow bad, the idea that making America great — either again or period — is something controversial, to me is a big plus in our column.

I think we’re nowhere near reaching that point where a majority of Americans think America being great is a problem. It remains an objective for millions of people. It remains a goal, because it means so much to people in their real lives. Most Americans do not think America is the problem in the world. A number of Americans do. They’ve been brainwashed in public education and in higher education.

I’m not denying that they’re out there. But a majority of Americans? No. Make America Great Again is a concept of ideas rooted in the founding of our country, the writing of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence. And it remains the bulwark. It remains the definition of America — both terms of morality and virtue and decency in politics — that people want to strive for.

And they’re not gonna give it up whether Trump is around to lead it or not. And that’s what really bugs them.

Here’s Teresa. Teresa, Coconut Creek, Florida. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Well, hi, Rush. I’m very emotional and quite honored that I’m having a chance to talk with you, since I’ve been listening to you since 1988.

The answer as to why Trump supporters are not gonna go anywhere is because we are not Trump. Trump is us. Like, we have believed this before Trump.

RUSH: Amen. Amen. Bingo. You’re exactly correctamente!

CALLER: Well, thank you. And, by the way, I can think like this because I’ve been listening to you since 1988, and you are the one who we couldn’t believe that our nation was under this kind of control. It’s hard to believe. It’s not in our DNA. We believe in capitalism, freedom of thought, respect for one another, and the last five years has truly shown us with our own eyes what this left party is all about.

It’s destruction and deception of all truth, and destruction of everything that we believe in. And it’s hard to swallow. It’s hard to believe. It’s hard to understand. But because… Honestly, because of you and your tenacity and your straightforwardness and being the mayor of Realville, you have walked us through the last five years in seeing that this is who they are. And we are not gonna go away because we still believe in everything that Trump has represented for us. I believe he will continue to represent us in whatever capacity… (crosstalk)

RUSH: You’re so right on the money, Teresa. I came along. You believed what you believed in 1988. I didn’t talk you into anything. In 1988, you already knew what you believed. I came along, and you rejoiced. You said, “Finally, somebody on the radio — somebody in national media — who thinks like I do.”

It wasn’t somebody on the radio making you think things you’d ever thought of, and it’s the same thing with Trump. Finally, somebody in the Republican Party sounded like you, somebody running for office, running for president in the Republican Party who was an echo of you and millions like you. This is what the media has yet to figure out, and if they know it, they’re in denial. The Democrat Party can’t figure it out.

They believe that they can destroy this bond that exists between you and Trump if they somehow make Trump look bad, make Trump look like a reprobate, embarrass you about Trump. They can’t do it because you came before Trump. And the real question is, who’s gonna pick up the mantle from Trump? Who are people like you gonna get behind? They are scared to death of that. The grassroot support for Trump holds fast.

Florida GOP leader, “The Trump name in the Republican Party is stronger than it has ever been.” You may not believe that. You may be paying attention to Drive-By Media. You think they’re in the process of destroying Trump. Get your mind right. That isn’t true, folks. Grassroots support for Trump holds fast, and it’s gonna hold fast until there’s somebody that these people can go to. And Trump wants it to be him, by the way. He doesn’t want to go anywhere.

BRETT: And most importantly, you’re not going anywhere. You’re not going anywhere. We do know, we have been seeing the reports, that are moving that President Trump intends to get out there, get back on the rally circuit, do a number of events. I think that is going to be the surest contrast between what it is that’s going on in Washington, D.C., right now as they continue to hide behind the razor wire and the fencing and all that sort of stuff.

You have no way to address your grievances in Washington, D.C. They’ve still got that city in lockdown, essentially — if you can even get in there because they’re out of gas. All of this brought to you by Biden economics, Bidenomics, the Biden plan, the Biden-Harris plan, the Biden-Harris-Pelosi plan. I mean, you look at the position these folks are in on the other side.

Their biggest two news take-aways today are Letitia James is gonna team up with Cyrus Vance’s district attorney’s office there in New York City and investigate the Trump Organization for, what is it, the 542,000th time? Okay. Wow, breaking news. They’re investigating.

But the other thing they’ve got is this idea that we’re going to do this commission to investigate January the 6th. You know what they’re not talking about? H.R. 1, gun grabbing. They’re not talking about anything that’s supposed to be the big drivers, court packing. They’re not doing any of that.

What they are seeing is a paralyzed executive branch and a paralyzed branch of legislators that are sitting there just panicked because they can’t deliver the radical agenda that they promised the grassroots. If anybody’s going to be demoralized right now, it is the progressive forces that are gonna be demoralized right now.

I guarantee you, you are ready to jump out and vote today. You don’t want to wait ’til 2022. But their side is fearful because they understand that what President Biden and Vice President Harris are offering up is resulting in failure, and that is really early in the game to come to that conclusion.

They are failing.

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