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BRETT: Electric cars, the great savior of America. That’s the sales pitch being made by Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation and, of course, President Biden and his environmental crew. “The White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council expressed opposition to nuclear and carbon capture projects…”

They want to get us to zero net carbon, and they want to do it as quickly as possible. When are we gonna have a truce between the environmentalist justice advisers and the people of America who just want clean, efficient, affordable energy?

“President Biden pushed the U.S. electric vehicle revolution in Michigan,” a state governed by Gretchen Whitmer, who is seeking to shut down another pipeline. “Yesterday during a visit to Ford Motor Company’s electric vehicle plant in Dearborn, Michigan, President Biden called for the United States to become the world leader in electric vehicle production.”

BIDEN: (echo) They think they’re gonna win, but I got news for them. (dramatic pause) They will not win this race!

BRETT: Define “win.” Define “win,” Mr. President. “The White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council,” I didn’t know such a thing existed, “expressed opposition to nuclear and carbon capture projects as well as projects that expand capacity for fossil fuel production in a report issued Friday.

“The volunteer advisory council listed such projects as among ‘examples of the types of projects that will not benefit a community,’ in a set of recommendations issued to the White House.” This is a classic example of a “Why do we care?” circumstance. Here we have a volunteer advisory panel putting out their own report at odds with the administration that asked them to be volunteers.

And they’re even more extreme left than the administration in power, which is saying something, really. This story from The Hill points out the kind of time being wasted with this advisory council, the Environmental Justice Advisory Council. What are we doing? Well, here’s Rush pointing out the ignorance of Michael Moore when it comes to electric cars.

RUSH: You know, this idiot Michael Moore does all these ludicrous movies. He’s out with a new film that the media will hype, most Americans, like all rest of his movies, will never see it. This is a Reuters story, and they are promoting this clown’s latest movie. And he says that, like many people, he thought electric cars were a good idea, quote, “but I didn’t really think about where the electricity to charge them was coming from.”

I read something like this, can this guy really be this dumb? And then I have to conclude, yes. I think leftists are this, maybe “dumb” is not the right word. Ignorant? And you finally ask yourself, what am I doing wasting my time trying to talk to these people? Same with climate change. Doesn’t matter. You can have statistic after statistic, fact after fact to refute everything they believe, and it doesn’t permeate. Michael Moore has been running around for decades promoting policies that would wreck the economy. The energy people are out there, they’re loving this.

They’re saying this is a great dry run. It’s a great dry run for guaranteed universal income. It’s a great dry run for shutting down the economy to save the planet, for reducing CO2 emissions. What’s happening to the oil industry is a great, great forerunner to wiping it out for good.

He said he had no idea, when he plugged in his electric car, where did the electricity come from. In other words, he had no idea that it was coming from the power plant. He had no idea it was coming from coal. He literally says here, “I assumed solar panels would last forever. I didn’t know what went into the making of them.”

Meaning what a drain they are on the environment to make. Now, if we believe this, the guy’s just flat-out clueless. And if we believe it, which would make sense, we find out exactly how blockheaded the people on the left are that we’re dealing with and that we’re going about dealing with them in the entirely wrong way.

We can’t deal with them logically because they’re not using any semblance of mental acuity to arrive at whatever they believe. Electric cars are powered by oil, natural gas. The big one is coal because most power plants still rely on coal, coal and natural gas to provide you electricity. And they hate nuclear power because of one movie, The China Syndrome.

They hate it. You cannot get through to them and tell them, based on what you believe, nuclear is the absolute only source that you should be relying on. It’s completely safe. It doesn’t pollute. It regenerates, it’s renewable. But no, because there might be a meltdown. Jane Fonda movie.

You tell ’em how toxic the batteries are in their electric cars and how they have to dispose of them when they wear out, they won’t believe you. And it’s a problem. It’s a problem when, you know, we conservatives, the ones that are actively involved in stuff like this — I don’t know about you — I’ve arrived at my celebrated points of view by way of genuine intellectual application.

I’ve debated myself, I’ve debated others, I’ve questioned, I’ve researched what other people say. I have sought, in other words, to honestly, legitimately mentally confirm what I believe. There’s not one part of that equation that applies to most people on the left, that you would run into, average, ordinary Toms, Dicks, and Harrys out there on the left, they don’t get anywhere near any kind of mental process that involves thinking, critical thinking, analysis. They don’t get to what they believe, because they can’t.

BRETT: Do you know where EV batteries come from? Raise your hand if you know where (chuckles) most of the electric vehicle batteries are manufactured right now. China. They’re manufactured in China. Now, you watched the video, no doubt you saw it with President Biden in that truck, in that Ford truck yesterday driving around, an electric truck that has an MSRP of about $70,000.

So absolutely in line with the folks that are making a combined income of a hundred thousand dollars a year, right? The firefighter and the cop, the teacher and the firefighter, right? Your working-class people from Scranton who sit around the table and talk to each other. That $70,000, that’s easy. Let me write… Hold on. Let me just write the check right here.

So those EV batteries come from China, and what’s interesting about the American environmental left is that they’re always okay with environmental degradation and pollution as long as it takes place in another country. They didn’t care about the oil. Remember Tom Steyer? Where’d he make all his money coming up?

He made all his money in the dirty, filthy, carbon oil fields coming out of the Middle East. The left never cared about that. The Democrats never cared about the pollution in the Middle East, the pollution in sub-Saharan Africa, and they make these electric batteries in China as a majority source. Now, we’re gonna bring ’em here. What will happen?

You’ll have lawsuits to prevent you from opening an EV battery factory. Why? ‘Cause it’s gonna be an environmental threat. It’s really maddening. You can go round and round the mulberry bush for these folks. And the fact of the matter is they don’t see the lack of logic in their mind-set. As Rush said, you know, where does electricity come from? “It’s clean!” It’s from coal or nuclear. But we can’t have any of that. All right. Sail powered cars?



Just put a big old sail on the top of the vehicle and just ride on down the highway? It’s like magic.

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