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BRETT: So you’ll notice by reading the tea and leaves by reading the headlines that there’s a split in the Democratic Party when it comes to Israel. There’s also a split in the Republican Party on the January 6th commission. That’s become the hot topic in the last 24 hours, the source of outrage of so many on the cable news channels. But now there is, it turns out, worry among Democrats that a “Jan. 6 probe could divert their agenda —

“Key Democratic chairmen in both chambers of Congress are not eager to launch committee investigations into the lead-up to the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 if legislation to establish an independent commission fails in the Senate. Instead, Democratic lawmakers are already floating the idea of setting up a select committee, perhaps like the House Select Committee on Benghazi established in 2014, to investigate who incited the attack and how. Such a panel would be controlled by Democrats, unlike the bipartisan commission which the House approved of Wednesday.

So, Bennie Thompson, now Homeland Security Committee chair, “says Congress needs to get to the bottom of what fueled the violence of Jan. 6 but,” if it’s not successful moving forward, and they decide to go the route of just partisan investigation? Well, that’s gonna make it hard to court pack and to H.R. 1 and to do all that other stuff, isn’t it?

Which I think is an awfully interesting bit of a dilemma for the Democrats on Capitol Hill to have to work their way through. Look, I want to know all about what happened on January 6th, including Ashli Babbitt and all the circumstances that were part of that issue and release the videos. Let’s see it all. Let’s see it all!

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