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KEN: It’s a rhetorical question, but why is everybody so afraid of China? Well, communist China. And that’s something else that the left with the sleight of hand — and they do it with everything. The left does this with everything, and the media plays right along. If you’re against illegal immigration, they say you’re anti-immigrant. And if you do not want to be communist like China’s government is communist, it’s the communist Chinese that are oppressing the people, treating women like garbage, treating children like garbage, and keeping hundreds of thousands in camps that the media can’t get in to cover. It’s the communist Chinese, or as Rush would say, the ChiComs, they’re the ones that are problematic.

They’re the ones that have the 100-year plan. They’re the ones that want to dominate the entire world. Despite what you learn in history class from your liberal professor, the communists want to take over the entire world. And it’s amazing when you start following the money, where communist Chinese money ends up and how many Chinese workers and researchers in recent years, say the last three, have been deported or caught gathering information for their motherland, communist China. And with open arms because, let us face it, nobody in a college environment, nobody on a college board, no college want wants to be thought of as not woke or anti-Asian.

So there’s all kinds of Chinese men and women working in labs and collaborating — some of them are collaborating even on defense department projects. And no one wants to go the full length to vet some of these individuals. So that sets the stage for that; so we’ve separated communist China, the CCP, they’re the ones with the big, shiny military and the marching and the showing off of the missiles. We’re not talking about the people. Just like in any dictatorship, in any — around any tyrannical government, the people, they’re being persecuted. And that’s something else you won’t hear about in China because they — in China, they do — and I’m not saying they took this idea from Biden; he took it from them.

But in China they do what social media has been doing to conservatives or people that question health policies or lockdowns or people that question an election. In China, they go bye-bye. Now, they do that here not, literally yet ’cause I don’t see any, you know, black SUVs around my house. Notice I didn’t say black helicopters, ’cause then you’d think I was a conspiracy theorist. And my neighbor does have a black SUV, and every time I see it I think Secret Service is rolling down my street. Said, this is it, someone saw my blog.

But seriously, we have a big problem on our hands. We have a president who I believe is influenced way too much by China, who has shifted his — shifted to targeting Russia because that’s part — that’s all part of the plan — Russia, Russia, Russia, that darn Trump, he’s a Russian spy. Remember that? And then we have people that are afraid to comment on China, like a third of Congress. This is why it’s so important that as — if you happen to be a citizen journalist or if you are a curious listener like I am — I was always a curious listener of Rush. Rush would be talking about something, and as he was talking about it, I’d be like at a fever pitch researching it. Oh, my God. This is — Oh, my God. This is — and I’d be researching it more than — there’s more research in my house probably than there is at CNN. And there’s a lot of people like that now because something’s not adding up.

It’s not adding up with China. It’s not adding up with, okay, we’re gonna close down this pipeline, we’re gonna let the Russians run their pipeline through Europe. Okay. And then we’re gonna open up the border and — did you know that the southern border’s the biggest entry point for Chinese fentanyl? You bet it is. Yep. And what I would do is see what Chinese lobbyists, Chinese companies have relationships with former or current people in Washington, D.C. When you do and you look at the billions of dollars that they give to American universities, donating on an annual basis, you might question the whole Chinese dynamic with this current administration.

Now, Fast and Furious, they’re calling it F9 ’cause there’s nine of them. I love that series, by the way. I’m so sad that that one guy got in a car accident ’cause I always liked that series. It’s just a — I don’t know. It’s just a fun series. It’s just a fun series, the Fast and Furious series, whether you’re into the whole car thing or not.

Well, John Cena – first of all, I’m so impressed he was speaking — I guess he was speaking — do they call it Mandarin or Taiwanese or whatever? But he was speaking during an interview and he talked about his love for China and then he called Taiwan a country during an interview. And that somebody accident because China believes — they don’t believe that Cena. And when you’re in that neck of the woods you gotta do what you’re told. It’s like being at a Democrat Party meeting. You know, shut up and do what you’re told.

So the controversy unfolded after John Cena who plays the brother of Vin Diesel — and if you’re familiar with the series, you know that Vin has a brother — gave an interview to the Taiwanese broadcaster, TVBS promoting the film. And he was all excited. He says Taiwan is the first country that can watch Fast and Furious. Now, from what I understand, he — did he give it in Taiwanese? Someone told me he can speak that language. And that’s very impressive. Taiwan is a self-governed democrat island, but China claims it has its sovereign territory despite the two sides being ruled separately. You get the drift.

So rather than just when he got the heat rather than John Cena saying exactly what I just said, “Well, you know, don’t take it personally but it is a self-governed democrat island. He said. Oh, my God. I’m so sorry. I love China. Kind of reminds me of LeBron James, in a way. You know, LeBron always has some great comments about law enforcement and other things going on in America but you just can’t get anybody in the NBA to, you know, say anything about China. It’s just fascinating. But I think that’s what we need to do. We need to find out how much money — it’s out there. It’s out there. All the information is out there. People would be shocked at the real estate, the factories, the broadcast outlets, and the most shocking thing for me, there’s over 50 companies that be Chinese ownership or interests that are actually doing business with defense contractors.

That’s the part that really worries me. And in what — on what planet do you think that communist Chinese have our best interests as Americans? I’m talking about the Chinese communist government and how they look at America. Do you really think they put America first? Heck no. That’s probably why they get along so well with the Biden regime. Biden stopped put — he stopped putting America first, well, about 47 years ago, but technically he stopped soon as his campaign ended.

Soon as he thought he won the election he stopped putting America first. “We don’t need to do this anymore. Gosh, I was getting tired of those — I was getting tired of speeches, building up America. Man, that was uncomfortable.” Now, speaking of the NBA, in typical fashion Rush was ahead of this curve. He talked about this back in 2019.

RUSH: “Nike has withdrawn Houston Rockets sneakers and other merchandise from stores in major Chinese cities after the basketball team’s general manager tweeted in support of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters.” So they’ve done it again! This time you can’t buy Houston Rockets logoed sneakers in China! Nike has pulled — why? ‘Cause they don’t want to irritate the ChiComs. So they’re helping to destroy a brand, well, a subsidiary. The NBA is the brand, the Rockets are one of the franchises.

So they’re punishing the Houston Rockets because of the tweet from the general manager, all to make sure the ChiCom government doesn’t get mad at ’em. “Rockets general manager Daryl Morey had defended the Hong Kong protesters in a tweet, which he subsequently retracted. Morey then posted a statement saying he hoped ‘that those [Chinese fans] who are upset will know that offending or misunderstanding them was not my intention.'”

So he didn’t mean to stand up for freedom. (imitating Morey) “I didn’t mean to offend any of you who like slavery. I didn’t mean to offend any of you who like having your human rights oppressed. I didn’t mean to offend any of you who can’t even say what you think. Oh, my God. Please forgive me. I pulled the tweet.” It doesn’t matter. ChiComs still say: “You die. You die if you continue to sell logo’d shoes.” We don’t want to die, okay, we’ll yank the Rockets shoes out of there.

Major Chinese online retail sites, including Alibaba. You know who runs Alibaba, a guy named Jack Ma. You ever seen Jack Ma? You’d need four of him to reach the rim on a basketball goal. Tiny little guy. He’s one of the wealthiest people in China. Alibaba and J. D.com also removed Rockets merchandise. Taking it off Alibaba is like taking it off Amazon in China. And a search on the site for sneakers with just the NBA logo turned up zilch, zero, nada results.


The NBA is said to make $4 billion in revenue in China. The Chinese market’s also crucial to Nike’s business. Remember what Jason Whitlock said, that the shoe companies are running the NBA and college basketball. And the Chinese are using the shoe companies to infiltrate the culture, the pop culture of the United States. So Nike, I mean, you keep giving us a reason to Stand Up for Betsy Ross, to stand up for America, to push back against you.

KEN: Just follow the money. Rush knew, then and now.

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