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KEN: One thing that the Democrat Party and the media has been consistent in is trying to take down President Donald J. Trump. Imagine for a moment if Maxine Waters — remember her famous quote? “Impeach 45!” Remember? She started yelling “Impeach 45” before he was even elected. Anyway, imagine if Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff-for-brains, imagine if they put the effort into working for you and me that they put into investigating and pontificating about the first true only outsider that ended up inside the Oval Office, think about the time they’ve spent. It’s crazy. So now a new grand jury has been seated for the next stage of the Trump administration. What is it? Well, something about business dealings. Whatever.

Whatever they can pull, as my dad would say — I’m not gonna say it — pull out of their butt, they’ll pull something out of their butt. Then the news media will run with it. Many people will believe it, and then the news media a few months later will go, “Sorry. We made a mistake on that, but it did the damage we needed it to do.” This way no one has to investigate Hunter Biden, Dominion voting machines, Joe Biden, China, Hillary. You get the idea. Here’s Rush.

RUSH: Well, here we are, folks. That is exactly, in a nutshell, what all of this is about. And the icing on the cake for these people would be impeaching Trump and convicting him or waiting ’til he leaves office and then indicting him and sending him to jail then. And it’s all been so, so predictable. It’s all bad for Trump. Every bit of this has been bad for Trump from the get-go. Trump has been the sole target of all of this from the get-go and going after all of these ancillary people like Cohen and Manafort and Papadopoulos. It has all been about Trump. And here we are with the Democrats, on the verge of taking control the House of Representatives, warned everybody what was gonna happen if they won.

Nothing but interminable investigations, interminable subpoenas, and while it is accurate to say that is highly doubtful any genuine criminal activity has occurred here, that’s irrelevant to the objective, which is to get rid of Donald Trump and, as a by-product, to tell each and every one of his supporters to don’t ever do this again, to tell anybody who might like to try to run for president under the same techniques and principles that Trump did, don’t you try it. This is what’s going to happen to you.

The whole idea has been to separate you who support Trump from him. The whole point of all of this has been to just flood the media each and every day with all of this negative news about Trump, be it stealing the election, being an immoral reprobate — was designed to get you to have doubts about Trump. It’s specifically designed to make you afraid to publicly proclaim your support for Trump. It is about you beginning to be afraid to support Trump because of the reaction you’re gonna get from people who are being treated to all this salacious stuff because they can’t get to where they want to go if Trump’s approval numbers hang in the mid-forties or higher.

They’ve got to get him down to where they got George W. Bush. They’ve gotta get him down to where they had Nixon. Because there is no indicting a sitting president. They can’t indict. All this talk about the SDNY indicting Trump. That’s not ’til he leaves office.

KEN: It’s truly amazing that the Democrats keep recycling what they believe are successful strategies. But President Donald J. Trump in his first election, he blew all that up. And they still went back to the past. They said, “Well, we can lie about people. We have the media. We have academia, we have Hollywood on our side, we can threaten people, and then if they get out of hand and start getting smart to what’s happening, we’ll censor ’em.” But now America knows, they know the game now. I think it’s a little late for the Democrats.


KEN: You may remember, January 6th at the Capitol. One or two people might remember that. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in therapy over it. She went public with that. She said it was kind of like being in war. I’m not making it up. That’s the beauty of the left. You no longer have to be sarcastic or satirical. All you have to do is read their actual quotes, and people go, “Come on. You’re just doing that.” No, that’s the truth. Grown men and women in Congress are very confused about reality right now. And that’s one of the reasons many of them will not be returning, because politically we’ll never support them again. The Justice Department as seized about $90,000 from John Sullivan.

Now, if you listen to this show, you know who John Sullivan is. If you watch CNN, you probably don’t know. Or maybe you do but you think he’s something he’s not. John is a liberal agitator who egged on the January 6th protest. He also video recorded, I’ve seen all of the videos, by the way. There’s about seven of them out there. He also filmed and video recorded the shooting, the killing of Ashli Babbitt.

Now, Judicial Watch just sued D.C. for the records about the U.S. Capitol Police shooting. Because something that most people in the news media are not telling you is all these records have been sealed. And that’s another mark of a communist regime. Whether it’s voting, whether it’s an issue with one of their representatives, they just seal the records. So, when you and I, We the People say, “Well, can’t we just see everything to see what really happened?” Well, it turns out that he sold video to different news organizations, including CNN. He’s 25 years old. And what is on some of the video that people haven’t seen is he’s shown encouraging supporters of then President Donald Trump. From the entrance of the Capitol, all the way to the moment when Ashli Babbitt loses her life.

So, he is truly, and this is when you hear the term “paid instigator” or “paid agitator” or another term is “paid facilitator,” this is the type of individual they’re talking about. You know, go to this rally, go to this event. Find people that can be manipulated verbally or in other ways and push them in the right direction. So, when we videotape it, so when we take witnesses’ statements we can keep the lie going, that it was an armed insurrection, even though it wasn’t. So finally the DOJ received forfeiture, search-and-destroy mission warrants. Took about 90,000, it was 89,000 and change from Sullivan’s JPMorgan Chase account. And a thousand dollars from another account because it was proven by witnesses, friends, and his own video that he was there to start trouble.

This is why so many people, conservatives were saying, that this was in more of a setup. Because gullible people ended up trespassing where they shouldn’t have been and were let in by police, more than anything else. Yet 400 people were arrested. John was arrested the first day and released without bail. But the guy who was smoking pot under the Capitol dome, you can go look up his name if you want, the one they went viral. He was in jail for 40 days. That’s it. That’s it. He smoked a doobie in the Capitol. And in Washington, D.C., where they want to legalize pot, they put him in three different jails. And then finally his family figured out what was going on, that he was being targeted because he’s a big Trump supporter. He’s also a journalist. So, again, there are so many fascinating stories from January 6th, which is sad because we only get the narrative.

Even Rolling Stone, this is a quote from Rolling Stone, “John’s language was so violent and dangerous that even Black Lives Matter voted him out.” Now, if you go through some of the history of this, videos, photos, he also worked with and for Black Lives Matter for a time. Rolling Stone went on to say, “Certainly no legitimate news company would hire a liability like him, like so much going on, we have to look at the bigger picture and what else is happening.” Yet there he was on CNN, “well, you know, I’m just a journalist, I’m just trying to do this.” And people bought it. And one more note that no one talks about and it just bothers me because the news media knows this.

John’s father is a retired major general in the United States Air Force. And that’s always conveniently left out. I just think it’s unfair. So, we are getting closer to the truth, across the entire spectrum, of the past year or so. Pick a topic, pick an event that we have had the narrative pounded into us. Pounded into the school kids, pounded into the teachers, pounded into woke businesses. And piece by piece, it’s starting to break apart, and the American people are waking up. Here’s Rush…

RUSH: You heard the name John Sullivan? Gateway Pundit’s website, they posted video of an Antifa activist named John Sullivan. This was yesterday. It was recorded after the attack on the Capitol, this guy talking about how he tries to blend into the crowd. This is a guy who was arrested, a Black Lives Matter, Antifa operative. Arrested for the Capitol riot, caught on tape admitting that he posed as a fake Trump supporter and a fake reporter. CNN even interviewed this guy as a witness on the night of the riot, and he’s a phony. He’s a fake. He’s Antifa, Black Lives Matter, made to look like a Trump supporter. So yesterday on The Gateway Pundit website they posted video of this guy. John Sullivan recorded after the attack on the Capitol. This guy Sullivan, talking about how he tries to blend into the crowd. That portion of the video here is coming up.

VOICE: It’s all fake. I learned that (bleep) already. I’m gonna wear a Trump hat. I’m gonna wear a Trump hat. I brought one today I was wearing a Trump hat at the (bleep) at the Trump rally during the daytime ’cause I was like “no (bleep) ain’t happening, bro.” Oh, yeah, I’m just a journalist. I use that all the time, “yeah, I’m just a journalist, I’m here recording.” I got my camera on my shoulder. Literally have my big ass camera on my shoulder right here.

RUSH: Yeah, I got my camera on my shoulder right here. I can easily fake ’em out. I can make myself look a journalist, make myself look a Trump supporter. So here we have this clown admitting what we all knew. Antifa, Black Lives Matter set this up using themselves as fake Trump supporters and fake journalists. Then over on CNN on the night of January 6th, Anderson Cooper interviewed this guy as if he was a reporter who witnessed Trump supporters rioting. Here’s Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: John, you filmed this moment on your phone. Can you describe what happened?

SULLIVAN: Yeah. So basically, all the protesters kind of stormed to get into the chamber. We tried to get into, like, the main entrance right when you walk down the hallway.

RUSH: So, he’s acting like a Trump supporter in this interview with Anderson Cooper, who is a journalist extraordinaire, right? I mean, this guy values his journalist credentials as much as any of them do. And he’s interviewing a fake, who’s making CNN look like a bunch of idiots. This guy John Sullivan pretending to be in this interview as if he’s a reporter, slash, Trump supporter who merely witnessed Trump supporters rioting., And they still want to maintain this fraud that Trump caused all of this? There’s too much evidence now to indicate that that didn’t happen.

KEN: So here we are, May. May 26th, 2021, and millions of Americans have known about this. There was Rush talking about the truth, exposed in January. But the narrative — armed insurrection, armed insurrection — we need to change the definition 6 domestic terrorist. We need to include the red hats, the Trumpers… and people buy it. And again, if we had a news media with guts or that they weren’t compromised, Anderson Cooper’s a great example. Think about this. Think about all the journalists that tune in to Rush and did regularly for years to get their show prep. They certainly weren’t getting it in their newsroom. All the interns were on their iPhone playing games, or selfie-ing themselves.

So, you’re listening to Rush, you hear Rush say this in January. You would think at least one journalist in the United States would say, “Hey, maybe this isn’t what the Democrats are saying it is in all those dumb sellout Republicans on the Senate floor. Maybe it isn’t what it appears to be. I mean, I heard this John Sullivan guy. What’s his deal? Well, they don’t care. Because their mission is accomplished. Hurt Trump, protect Biden.

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