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TODD: There is a piece in Breitbart that goes into the details of something that is not unique to D.C., but it’s uniquely harmful to D.C., and this is the insider’s insider game, and this is a piece by Alexander Marlow. “According to NBC News and other sources, President Joe Biden is expected to appoint Tom Nides ambassador to Israel. Nides’ wife, Virginia Moseley, is Senior Vice President of Newsgathering at CNN.”

And the piece continues to make the comparison between the powerbrokers in the media and Big Business and Joe Biden. And this is endemic to D.C., and we kid ourselves if we say it’s not. There are those of us who did not see Donald Trump’s true, true decision, to not be bought — and then we saw it forefront. And it was the reason, in my judgment, that the swamp had to do everything they could to cancel the election.

Including, in my judgment, amping up to ridiculous, non-scientifically robust, nonsense-level response to covid-19 or SARS-Cov-2, including all the things in the TIME magazine article where they talked about, “Oh, we hid information from the American people,” including all the things we’re aware of. Certainly, Trump had people that he appointed to positions — you know, one of the Jets executive got to be an ambassador — and certainly that game got played a little bit. But not, not, not like this, not like what Biden is doing.

Biden’s kid, Hunter Biden, is selling this inside access. This is now confirmed. Biden went to these meetings. It is one thing to talk about the incestuous way of D.C.; it’s another thing to see it. We’ll get to Rush’s commentary on this, because Rush lays it bare. It’s another thing to have maybe some ideas ’cause you’ve worked in that mess of the swamp. Albeit, I just worked for the RNC; I didn’t work on the Hill. But I had friends who worked on the Hill, and I had enemies who worked on the Hill. Here’s an idea.

All emails between federal officeholders and anyone else is our property. It belongs to us. If it’s work related, it’s ours. If they use anything other than their official email accounts for anything work related and we find out, it’s a felony punishable by 15 years in prison. Their emails automatically uploaded to the cloud. Their phone calls automatically uploaded to the cloud. Anybody in journalism, anybody not in journalism can listen to those. If it’s national security related, great. You say so in advance.

You ask in advance for it not to be provided us. There is no other dynamic on earth where the bosses don’t get to observe the actions of the employees. You don’t want to see influence bought like Biden receiving funds from a Russian lobbyist before he conceded on this pipeline? This comes from the Washington Examiner. The DNC says, “Oh, no, no. We gave that money back.” Okay, well, that’s the money we know about. We didn’t give the money back from Hunter Biden. You didn’t give that back.

That’s in Hunter’s pockets. It’s in the Big Guy’s pockets. It’s in the multiple houses. It’s in his grandkids account! Last time I was on EIB with you, we talked about one of the Democrat powerbrokers giving money to Biden’s grandkids, a hundred grand. One of the former heads of the FBI gave a hundred grand to Biden’s grandkids. Well, of course we know it was to Biden. You see, there are godly morals. There are atheistic morals. There are atheist people who are great moral people.

There’s legalistic morals, and then there’s D.C, and it is powerbrokers being with powerbrokers become comfortable with powerbrokers. That’s what Trump broke. Yes, he appointed some people to some positions. Yes, his kids worked in the administration. No, he did not sell America out to China. He did not sell us out to the International Monetary Fund, et cetera. He didn’t do that, and that was the panic.

It’s so remarkable that it took someone telling Donald Trump that three million Americans were going to die for him to allow the swamp to get a foothold — and look what happened with Fauci. So Rush often talked about the incestuous nature of Washington and how those in power reward themselves. We’ve talked about this.

I made the example of the New York Jets, that one of the Jets executives got to be an ambassador under the U.K. and the Trump administration. Now we’ve got Biden putting Tom Nides into the ambassador slot in Israel. Likely, though this isn’t officially confirmed, LA’s so-called mayor Eric Garcetti took the ambassador to India slot. Garcetti was the chairman of the Biden’s election campaign.

RUSH: Let’s talk about all the conflict of interest that exist just in Washington, D.C., and all the conflicts of interest that you haven’t been told about. They are many. And we’re gonna review some of them, because many of them you probably don’t know.

How often does ABC News divulge that George Stephanopoulos was a member of the Bill Clinton war room, among other things designed to destroy any woman who came forward alleging that Clinton had had an affair with her or some kind of sexual dalliance, working with James Carville? I mean, the guy never went to journalism school. He’s not a journalist. He’s a political activist and consultant disguised as a journalist. How often does ABC disclose it?

F. Chuck Todd! F. Chuck Todd’s wife is a Democrat activist. He’s the host of Meet the Press, NBC head honcho. She makes lots of money working on the Bernie Sanders campaign! Jake Tapper back then, his wife was a regional field manager for Planned Parenthood, in addition to Jake’s anti-gun activism. CNN regularly reports on Senator Cory Booker. Do you know Jeff Zucker, who runs CNN, has a 14-year-old son who was awarded stock options potentially worth millions from Cory Booker, a United States senator?

Claire Shipman, senior correspondent ABC News, is married to Jay Carney, Obama’s White House press secretary and Biden’s before that. Virginia Moseley, CNN vice president, Washington bureau chief, is married to Tom Nides, deputy secretary of state under Barack Hussein O.

More than 30 so-called journalists left their profession to go to work in the Obama administration or on one of his presidential campaigns, according to the Media Research Center. That’s Brent Bozell’s invaluable group.

CBS News president David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes. Name is spelled R-h-o-d-e-s. Ben Rhodes was a top foreign policy adviser to Barack Hussein O while his brother is the president of CBS News.

Ben Rhodes, the brother of the president CBS News, was the man behind the Benghazi cover-up and the disastrous Iran nuke deal, and it was Ben Rhodes who often bragged about how easy it was to mislead people, including the media, into believing the Iran deal was something that it wasn’t! Well, how hard would it be to deceive the news media when your own brother runs CBS News?

Martha Raddatz is an infobabe at ABC News. She often serves as a moderator for presidential debates. She did moderate a Trump debate. I don’t recall if it was during the primaries or during the presidential campaign. But she went toe-to-toe with Trump. She fashions herself a foreign policy expert. She’s a journalist. But she’s tight with the State Department and foreign policy specialists, because it’s incestuous.

They all have the same agenda, the same goals where the United States and the world and global government is concerned. And I remember Martha Raddatz just giving Trump all kinds of hell based on the fact that in her mind he was stupid and naive and ignorant, didn’t know what he was talking about. Because he was criticizing the Obama administration for announcing days in advance military operations. And Martha Raddatz could not believe that Trump would dare criticize the great Obama.

And so Martha Raddatz is saying (paraphrasing), “Well, you don’t understand the way certain things work, Mr. Trump. Maybe they were psychological ops. Maybe Obama was trying to scare people.”

As Victor Davis Hanson writes, imagine, “What if both ABC News and CBS News were now running mostly favorable news accounts about Donald Trump’s administration, rather than the media’s 90 percent (on average) negative coverage.

“And imagine that one of Donald Trump’s chief advisers and a deputy national-security adviser was the brother of the current CBS News president, while the sister of the ABC News president was another one of Trump’s top national- security and energy advisers.

“What would the media say of such apparent incestuousness that involved two-thirds of the networks’ nightly newscasts?” If ABC and CBS were both favorably disposed toward Trump and both had family members or spouses both working in the news network and the Trump administration, what would the Drive-Bys say about it? They’d be blowing a gasket! But it’s exactly what happened during the Obama administration, and nobody said a word.

TODD: So let’s underline what Rush just said. Number one: “Have a good, long weekend,” Kommie Harris. Her accounts tweeted that with a nice picture of Kommie Harris for Memorial Day. Do you remember when the president said something that the media didn’t like about Memorial Day, President Trump? The absolute fantastical head blowings off in the media! Another: Rush said they all have the same view. This closed circle, this incestuous circle all have the same view about global governance, Rush is talking about.

What are the people that run Biden proposing now? A global minimum tax rate, which, number one, does away with our competitive advantage if we’re going to be a small government, big person, free market-oriented society, but corporations don’t pay taxes! The 15% is a global minimum income tax filtered through the same entities who are lining up to force covid passports, and so-called social justice and loose voting rules in the United States. So the incestuous circle has invited some other people in now, some of these Fortune 500 CEOs.

They just want to be last on the table if the Marxists eating one another.

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