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TODD: Under Biden’s militarized installation of a presidency, the Black Lives Matter, Inc. flag will fly over our embassies and consulates. We just had Memorial Day, and I am just struck by this image in my mind. Just think of this. Think that you are a World War II veteran, and all the costs you paid — or you’re the child, a grandchild of a World War II veteran and you’re familiar with the cost they paid to stop the most sick rampage in the history of the world, perhaps — Nazism, fascism (you know, leftism) — and you see this new flag.

Just imagine being a World War II vet and seeing the BLM flag flying over one of our embassies in France, when you’d watch your friends get killed there to raise the American and French flags over the U.S. embassy and over the French government buildings. As Rush himself says here, the U.S. flag has always been a symbol of freedom around the world.

RUSH: Here’s Rob in Champaign, Illinois. Glad to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I appreciate the chance to speak about Honor Flights. I had the chance to serve as a guardian in an Honor Flight from Illinois to the World War II memorial in 2011 and again in 2012. We were counseled before the flight that the World War II veterans never really spoke about what they had experienced. And so we were told to expect some camaraderie, happiness, and tears as well. The sad thing is that in the last Honor Flight, 2012, both the man to my left and the man to my right have died.

There would be no more opportunity for those guys. One of the guys that I was with had served with the group that liberated the Dachau Concentration Camp. He told a story that he said he had never repeated, and that was the look, the feel, the smell of Dachau on the 20th of April, 1945. He said that he could walk through a park back home and catch a smell that would transport him back 65 years to that horror. So his Honor Flight was a way to come to terms with something that had haunted him his whole life.

RUSH: You know, the World War II memorial is an interesting thing. It was the last of the memorials to go up.


RUSH: Now, one of the reasons for that — and, you know, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was prominent. One of the reasons for the Vietnam vet memorial was this country did not honor those people at the time. The World War II vets were heroes. They were honored. And please don’t misunderstand me here. The returning Vietnam vets were spat upon, and no thanks to people like Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden. Hell, people from the sixties left traveled in the Clintons’ orb at that time. But the World War II vets, they had books written about ’em, Greatest Generation, movies made about them, about their achievements, and yet they had not had a memorial. They had seen other memorials go up.

So finally there was a memorial to the World War II vets. And the reason it became important to ’em is simply the passage of time and the changing curriculum in history. They became aware at the end of their lives how few young people really knew what they’d done, the stakes that were faced. It just, like so much of the history curriculum, had been — in this case, not bastardized, they just took the occasion, the multiculturalists took the occasion of taking out whatever there was about World War II and supplementing, replacing some other cockamamie anti-western civ course or curriculum for it. It wasn’t that World War II was bastardized and taught as a bad thing. Not that. It was just that it was ignored.


The great achievements that occurred, the passage of time was, in their minds, forgotten. So that’s why their memorial was important to ’em. And, of course, the memorial had been erected in their honor, and a lot of these World War II vets came back. They were not rich. They were not wealthy, many were wounded, and it was the last thing they wanted to do in their lives is to go see this memorial that was built in their honor. And this recent group was told “no” by the current administration and the media trying to dump that off on the Republicans who tried to get the barricades removed.

TODD: Gosh, I remember that, and watching the World War II vets kick the barricades over. Such a beautiful thing, right?


TODD: One-third… This from YouGov, The Economist/YouGov: “[O]ne-third of Americans either believe that it was a mistake or remain unsure about the U.S.’s involvement in” World War Two. Two fascist regimes (three, if you count Stalin) were killing people on industrial levels, and they remain uncertain about this. One-third! Meanwhile, it is… When I use the word “literally,” I mean in a truthful sense. The thumb-sucking, basement-dwelling kids — ill in the head — members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Inc., conned into that who are trying to kill cops in Portland and Seattle and Los Angeles and San Diego.

They will tell you they are fighting “literal Nazis,” and they will look you in the eye and they will tell you, “What we’re doing is counterviolence. It’s not violence. It’s counterviolence! We’re fighting literal Nazis,” and blue checks on Twitter, journos, retweet comparisons of the Antifa-black block to 18- and 19-year-old young men landing on beaches on D-Day, and they find that comparison smart. What is it that the Democrats want?

Angry, over-sexualized young people who don’t understand their own history, who hate their own country, who are conned into fighting against a thing that they can’t win against because they’re fighting against an emotion called hate — and hate means whatever the left says it means. Meanwhile, we think of these World War II veterans, always think of them in our minds as 82 or 88 years old.

But they weren’t when they gave their lives to this country. Most of them were 17-, 18-year-old kids, men. That’s how we picture them, fighting for something that meant something. I said earlier about the U.S. flag. Rush’s great regard for that. Rush reminded us what our flag means as it always meant around the world.


RUSH: I just watched something amazing. While all this was going on, there are massive protests at the Hong Kong airport. The ChiComs have been threatening to impose ChiCom government policies on Hong Kong. And the people of Hong Kong don’t want any part of it because they know it’s going to add up to a massive loss of freedom and independence.

I mean, Hong Kong, before the ChiComs regained control of it, Hong Kong was maybe one of the classic illustrations of raw capitalism that you could find. It worked, and it worked like a charm. And then the Brits, when they’re getting rid of their empire, they’re turning back over to the ChiComs. Now, watching the live footage, there are people protesting. They’ve shut down the Hong Kong Airport. This new Hong Kong airport is huge, folks, and they’ve shut it down for two days in a row.

Live footage of the police clashing with the protesters. And you know what the Hong Kong protesters are holding and waving around? The American flag. The protesters in Hong Kong protesting the incursion planned by the ChiComs are hoisting and waving proudly the American flag. There aren’t any of them taking a knee. There aren’t any of them scraping that flag along the floor. In Hong Kong, the American flag is still the symbol of hope and freedom for oppressed people around the world.

In Hong Kong, the American flag is part of the weaponry that the protesters are hoisting with great pride.

TODD: And at our consulates and embassies — courtesy of Joe Biden and the people running him — it’s now the Black Lives Matter, Inc., flag that hangs over our embassies and consulates, and Republicans are trying to outlaw that.

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