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TODD: Look at what’s going on in this pipeline business. Joe Biden (the people who run him) said to Russia, “Go ahead! Build your pipeline to lower gas prices in Russia. There you go,” when they said to America, “No, no. We’re canceling the Keystone pipeline; we’re gonna raise gas prices.”

Now they’re coming across and suspending all oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and at the same time freeing up Russia to lower their gas prices. Double standard, hidden agenda. So what’s the agenda? (Obama impression) “Y’know, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, under my plan, uh, uh, uh, prices for, uh, uh, gas and oil are gonna necessarily skyrocket.” Gee, I wonder who’s running Biden. Such a mystery.

The Maha told everyone in October 2020 what Joe Biden’s bosses would do to the oil and the beef industries.

RUSH: Here comes Biden saying he’s gonna destroy the oil and gas industries? Let me explain how that is gonna happen because the Biden team and the media are saying, “That’s the biggest exaggeration! He’s not gonna destroy the oil and gas industry!” Yes, he is because that’s what the Green New Deal is.

Now, Trump during the debate last night mentioned that Biden supports spending $100 trillion on climate change, and Biden is shaking his head, and he’s laughing, and he’s shaking his head. “The guy’s a nut! He’s trying to convey something he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” But Trump is right on point. He just didn’t identify what the $100 trillion is.

That’s the Green New Deal, folks, and that’s exactly what it’s gonna cost over X-number of years. It’s no different than Biden saying that he’s going to raise taxes $4 trillion, but only on the rich. But that’s not possible. Because Biden then says he’s going to cancel the Trump tax cuts. Well, if he cancels the Trump tax cuts, then the middle class, the upper middle class, the lower middle class are all gonna get a tax increase, not just the rich.

It’s the same thing as Biden saying, “Ah, $100 trillion on climate change? He’s crazy. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Yes, he does. You’re gonna spend $100 trillion on the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal wipes out fossil fuels, wipes out oil and gas. That’s what it does! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Gang (whatever they call themselves), and Bernie Sanders, these are the people pushing this agenda, and that’s exactly what the upshot of it’s gonna be.

And when it comes to the oil industry, by the way, that is America’s number one energy source. ‘Cause Biden’s saying he would be shutting down the oil industry. Not just fracking. He was gonna shut down the whole oil industry. Biden’s out there tree hugging and everything and Trump is playing the role of the adult in the room.

And make no mistake. This was a big deal. Biden did promise to shut down the oil industry, not just fracking, and not just fracking on federal land. That’s how he tried to slither out of this last night. “No, no, no. I just meant fracking on federal land.” Nope. He’s not just shutting down fracking.

They want to shut down the oil industry. That’s what the Green New Deal does! That is the foundation of the Green New Deal is shutting down the oil industry, fossil fuels. We don’t have anything to replace it, folks. We don’t have an industry of energy that will get big commercial jets off the ground, cargo or passenger.

We just don’t.

We are a long ways from it.

We don’t have anything, anywhere near anything to replace oil. I mean, it was a big moment. And there’s Trump saying, “Remember what you just heard, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio. Remember that, America.”

Well, I’m just telling you, do you think Biden — or Putin would not love it if we got rid of petroleum, which is what Biden claims we’re gonna do? We’re gonna close the oil and gas industry! We’re gonna end fracking. We’re not just gonna end fracking, we’re gonna shut down oil and gas! No wonder Putin’s in favor of Biden.

TODD: If only there was a clue, an email trail, such as the Fauci emails, that the mockingbird media could traipse along, picking at the bread crumbs of truth. Oh, look here. The Big Guy, Joe Biden, went to a meeting with his kid’s business partners from Ukraine and Russia.

And Hunter, with his only meaningful experience in petroleum being petroleum-based crack pipes — getting money. Now, isn’t it fascinating that we’ve got the Fauci emails out, FOIA requests, Washington Post, BuzzFeed. We had (let’s see) the Bill Gates-was-a-pervert-with-employees-thing, “The Fauch,” but not the Hunter Biden stuff. So weird, right?


TODD: Larry Kudlow, former director of the National Economic Council of the United States, stated what’s obvious to us on Fox News yesterday, that Biden’s spending isn’t about growth. It’s redistribution.

KUDLOW: This is not about growth, it’s about redistributionism. This is about something called equity, or social equity. And my thought is yeah, you know what, we will all be equally poor. That’s what’s gonna happen here. So they want to make this economy look like Bulgaria before the wall came down. The trouble is, what do you get for it?

What do you get for all these social and economic and green changes? You get nothing! All this so-called equity stuff gets you nothing. The only way to help middle class people is to grow the economy rapidly. Prosperity solves everything. We had it during the Reagan years. We even had it during the Clinton years, who basically followed Reagan’s policy. We had it during the Trump years. We did not have it during the Obama years. So my solution is, “Don’t do it. Don’t go there.”

TODD: And yet they’re going there, as Rush points out. Except for the blatant racism of Biden’s handlers giving out printed and borrowed money based upon race, none of these orgies of spending are actually new.

RUSH: How many more of these examples, how many more of these experiences are we going to have to go through? We went through FDR. We went through LBJ. We’d been through the New Deal; the Raw Deal with Clinton. We’ve been through the Great Society.

We’ve been through the War on Poverty. We’ve been through the Soviet Union. We’ve been through Cuba. We have been through China, been through Venezuela. It doesn’t work. “When…? When…?” I ask the heavens. “When are people going to realize?” I’m talking the smart people. I’m not talking the dunces. There are plenty of those out there.

When are intelligent people going to realize it? I’ve always said — well, not always — if people just start looking at Democrats and Republicans ideologically, and wherever you see a liberal run the other way, don’t vote for one, and nine out of ten Democrats, 99 out of a hundred, 999 out of a thousand Democrats are liberals. Why would you vote for one, especially after all of this? Does anybody think…? I’m asking.

Does anybody think we would be in this much debt?

TODD: It was the War on Poverty. Funny thing? Poverty has not changed a bit. The poverty rate hasn’t changed a bit. But that was the unachievable target then. Now it’s a War on Whiteness — which is, in fact, a nonexistent phenomena, because no one talks about blackness. It’s just the excuse has changed for spending the money. It’s just it.

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