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TODD: Now, we have Barack and Michelle Obama. You know that they were big-time movie producers, right? During the time in the White House, they produced several series and documentaries — some of them, award-winning — which is why, of course, they got hired and retained to do programming for Netflix, was their robust, long history of filmmaking.

Oh. Oh. No, that’s not right.

It was because of their names and time at the White House. Well, I mean, in their defense, there are no black filmmakers, aside from the Obamas. So they’re the first. Oh, wait. There are black filmmakers, writers, producers who could have had these jobs at Netflix. But then again, not all black people are equally right for a job like that. Those black producers and filmmakers, all they had was talent and hustle and honesty.

Well, what is that compared to namin’ names? Shakin’ hands? Clout, baby! (laughing) So they have a program now coming out that would teach kids about … government! It’s an animated Netflix series. Entertainment Weekly reports this. So we all know this is going to be a woke, 21st Century version of Schoolhouse Rock. We all know that Obama is doing it to help indoctrinate the kids into the 21st Century new China model of corporate communism. He’s enlisted a number of pop music performers to help him with the message.

Here’s a portion of the trailer. (trailer music)

TODD: There’s a proud history, I think, in the world of bringing kids into the revolution. It’s always been a shining example. Any time you’re starting to indoctrinate the kids that way, it’s always turned out really, really well. Like when you use critical race theory — which we will talk about next hour, including Rush’s commentary about this, which is outstanding as always but in this case, even more so.

You take the kids, put them in the revolution, and then teach them to hate a specific race of history. It’s a stellar history on earth! It’s never ended poorly. Well, I mean, those few times where it led to homicidal or genocidal behavior. But let’s not quibble. (chuckles) So that’s a trailer from the Obama’s indoctrination — pardon me, “entertainment” — special, teaching people about government. And here’s what the Maha said about it, when Netflix announced it was partnering with Obama in 2018.

RUSH: “Former President Barack Obama is in advanced negotiations with Netflix to produce a series of high-profile shows that will provide him a global platform after his departure from the White House, according to people familiar with the discussions.”

What what what what what? Global program? Global…? Global platform? Obama needs a global platform? How did Obama go from the global platform to not having it, and why can’t Obama just go to the U.N.? Oh. I remember! They told us that the U.N. isn’t big enough for Obama. Do you remember? Yes, the Democrats, the media were telling us that actually the presidency was not challenging enough for Obama, that he needed something more, that running America? Yeah, great thing, but it didn’t basically challenge him.

Obama could do that in 10 minutes a day, it was so easy. The United Nations might be a little bit bigger challenge, but even that is beneath the real talents of Barack Obama. They told us all of this. But Obama’s not on the global stage and he’s gonna go to Netflix or Apple. “Under terms of a proposed deal, which is not yet final, Netflix would pay Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, for exclusive content that would be available only on [Netflix].

“The number of episodes and the formats for the shows have not been decided,” ’cause they haven’t the slightest idea yet. Although it says here, “Mr. Obama does not intend to use his Netflix shows to directly respond to President Trump or conservative critics, according to people familiar with discussions about the programming. They said the Obamas had talked about producing shows that highlight inspirational stories.”

Oh, if only Maya Angelou were still here!

“But the Netflix deal, while not a direct answer to Fox News or Breitbart.com, would give Mr. Obama an unfiltered method of communication with the public similar to the audiences he already reaches through social media… In one possible show idea, Mr. Obama could moderate conversations on topics that dominated his presidency — health care…” Oh, yeah. He’s got a lot to go hang his hat on with that. “…voting rights…”

Hey, yeah! Let’s go pop some popcorn and let’s tune in to Obama’s voting rights series starting Friday night. “…immigration, foreign policy,” and, of course, the old standby, “climate change… issues that have continued to divide a polarized American electorate … Another program could feature Mrs. Obama on topics” or her expertise “like nutrition, that she [did] in the White House.”

Like the school lunch program that drove kids to leave school to go grab something to eat ’cause they hated it so much! “It is unclear how much money the Obamas will be paid, given their lack of experience in the media business,” but it could be really, really big. But then, folks, if you read past all of that and you get down to the end of the story, let me read a little paragraph. I got time here.

Obama “has seethed,” meaning he’s really ticked off, folks. Obama “has seethed privately and publicly, about what he says is the manipulation of news by conservative outlets and the fractured delivery of information in the internet age.” That’s the nub of it right there. Obama is tired and fed up of the truth being told about his legacy and his presidency — by me. Conservative outlets?

What do you mean, conservative outlets? We know what he’s talking about here. We’re living rent free in the guy’s head! He’s still, even after being out of office for a year and a half, can’t get over it. Just like Bill Clinton before him. Just Hillary Clinton before her and after her. It’s amazing. Obama’s legacy’s not surviving. It’s crumbling. It’s falling apart. He’s got to do something to put it back together, because conservative outlets are telling the truth about it.

TODD: Yes! And the truth about Fauci’s lies, right?

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