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The Stack of Stuff for Today’s Guide: Jason Lewis

Jun 16, 2021

  • RushLimbaugh.com: Putin Gooses Congress on Impeachment – 12.20.19
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Rush 24/7 Morning Update: What They Offer – 10.20.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: How Can Anyone Say Illegal Immigration Isn’t a National Emergency – 01.08.18
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Why Oil Prices Didn’t Skyrocket After the Attack on the Saudis – 09.18.19
  • RushLimbaugh.com: What Changed Jimmy Kimmel? – 03.02.18
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Facebook’s Problem: You’re the Product – 03.30.18
  • RushLimbaugh.com: President Trump Kept His Team Together and Led Us to the Reopening of America – 04.17.20
  • RushLimbaugh.com: Highlights of My August Limbaugh Letter Interview with James O’Keefe on His Google Bombshell – 06.26.19
  • FOXNews: Biden-Putin meeting: American press manhandled by Russian security agents
  • Breitbart: Joe Biden Describes United States and Russia as ‘Two Great Powers’ During Meeting Vladimir Putin in Geneva
  • Daily Wire: CNN’s Jim Sciutto Gushes Over Biden’s Putin Handshake : It’s About ‘How You Project Strength’
  • PJ Media: Putin Blames U.S. Government for ‘Assassination’ of Ashli Babbitt During Capitol Riot
  • The Grio: AG Merrick Garland: ‘Top domestic violent extremist threat’ is white supremacy
  • People: Man Accused of Shooting 5 People in Alabama, Georgia Allegedly Said He Was Targeting White Men
  • PJ Media: Atlanta May Be Headed for a Final Divorce as Communities Nationwide Seek to Redraw the Lines
  • Roll Call: Democrats have no easy options for raising the debt limit
  • Politico: Liberal unrest threatens to doom bipartisan infrastructure talks
  • The Hill: Schumer to trigger reconciliation process on Wednesday
  • Daily Caller: Trump Announces Trip To ‘Lawless’ Southern Border
  • Wall Street Journal: Oil Price Hits Pandemic High as Investors Bet on Green Energy
  • New York Post: Roger Waters turns down ‘huge money’ for Facebook ad: ‘No f-kin’ way’
  • CNN: Major US mall owner files for bankruptcy
  • WBTV: ‘Hero’ dog takes 2 rattlesnake bites to save beloved owner
  • PJ Media: Jon Stewart Tells the Truth About the Wuhan Virus and There’s Nothing a Horrified Stephen Colbert Can Do to Stop Him
  • Daily Wire: Columnist Rips Jon Stewart For Saying He Believes COVID-19 Originated In Chinese Lab
  • Minnesota’s Jason Lewis, former congressman, guided us on today’s journey of broadcast excellence. Remember, Rush 24/7 Members can enjoy all three hours of this or any show via audio streaming or as a podcast.

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