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RUSH: I had a number of emails today asking me how in the world I am going to defend Trump for saying... When he was asked what he wanted the Republican Party to be, his answer was, "I want it to be a worker's party," and there are people in this audience who remember me decrying that term and ridiculing that term as having socialist, communist roots... Folks, I'm just gonna tell you: He doesn't mean it that way. 

RUSH: Do you think it's coincidental that Obama's doing all this on our Memorial Day weekend? By the way, do you know what our Memorial Day weekend is? I mean, seriously? Do you know what the purpose of Memorial Day is? And I'm not talking about barbecues and hot dogs. Do you know what the real purpose is? How does it distinguish itself, say, from Veterans Day? We are honoring the war dead on Memorial Day. We're honoring the war dead. We're honoring those who have sacrificed everything they have.

RUSH: I'll tell you what's the big problem there: Trump does not believe in limited government. It's not in his universe, and that's why the Tea Party exists. The Tea Party exists to reduce the size of government, government spending, and Trump's out there saying, "I'm not gonna cut Social Security. I don't think we ought to! I don't think we ought to even talk about cutting Social Security." 

RUSH: When the McCain thing happened in the campaign last fall, I did get a call from Mr. Trump, just to say hi. It was about a week after he had said that he doesn't like military people that get captured. He'd prefer to support military people that don't get captured, and he was talking about McCain. And he asked me if I thought he should apologize. I said, "Not now, it's a week, no, no, no, don't." That's it. That's the only time...  I'm not an advisor. I'm not a confidant. There are all kinds of other people who are, but I'm not.

RUSH: This is classic. This is Hillary Clinton and David Brock and Media Matters and their assumption that every American agrees with the way they think about things, and nothing could be further from the truth. And, in this case, they believe that every American agrees with militant NOW gang-type feminism, and the people who don't are a Luddite minority.

RUSH: Obama does not, in this case as in every other case, want his fingerprints on whatever the objective is.  I think... I don't know the details or why, but I think there's bad blood there, for some reason.  It may involve race and that 2008 campaign and Bill Clinton and things he said about Obama, who carries grudges. 

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