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RUSH:  I was warning everybody that Trump's not playing by the rules, and it really is an important point.  I know I've made this over and over again, but it's required, particularly to make impressions on low-information voters...  The conventional wisdom is that not only are the media who are reporting this to you outraged, but so are the American people en masse, that there is universal outrage -- disbelief, shock and dismay -- that anybody could say anything so horrible.  It's always implied that a majority of the American people also find it outrageous, and I have always doubted that.  I've resented in fact that assumption, that the whole of the country also is either outraged or in support of whatever the media seems to be blowing a gasket over. 

RUSH:  The United States Constitution does not limit Uber.  The United States Constitution limits Bill de Blasio.  The US Constitution is written specifically to limit the power of government over people, and this guy is making it patently obvious why liberals are at odds with the US Constitution.  This is what's the teachable moment for young Millennials and low-information voters who happen to love Uber. 

RUSH: The country is just too great, and it's the only place. It's the last best hope of humanity, and I don't want to be part of a group that gives up on that. Too many people have, I mean really, sacrificed for it.  Too many people are dead. Too many people have lost their lives.  Too many people have given up everything they had to preserve it. 

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