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RUSH: All I know is that if I were African-American and I, for 50 years, have been drinking the Kool-Aid -- and I've been loyal and I've been voting for the guys 'cause they care about me and they understand me and they understand that the other guys are racist pigs and want to hold me back and so forth -- and then nothing changes, I'd be mad, too.

RUSH: The police officer was not indicted, and the president let it be known last night that if some people don't think justice was done, he understands.  If some people are deeply upset, and they don't think justice happened last night, or the last two months, then he understands 'em being upset.  I think the president missed a golden opportunity.  I can't tell you how many golden opportunities this man has missed. 

RUSH: If there had been a big police presence on West Florissant, then the agitators would have said, "See?  Look, you bring all these white cops in here, and you're just provoking us.  This is our neighborhood."  Okay, so the cops stay away because they don't want to be provocative, they don't want to provoke, they don't want to get in the way, and then they say, "Where were you?  You weren't out here protecting.  Ferguson burned, and you weren't here.  You let it." 

RUSH: Al is at the peak here.  He's funny. He's happy. He's a great citizen. He's reliable, trustworthy, but the point is he's written a book. People have been after him to do this for years and he's always resisted. He's not the story, doesn't want to become the story.  He does not take advantage of all of this airtime he's had.

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