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CALLER:  Rush, I've been listening to you for years. A lot of people don't know that you are deaf without that implant, because you have new people who tune in.  And I have been wondering. I think it's amazing that you can do this show the way you do, but I have always wanted to know about your own emotions.  During that time when you were losing your hearing and when you finally realized it's gone...You've never really expressed your deep, deep emotions. And I said, "You had to have been going through anguish, hell at that time, and you had to try to relieve yourself with medication, and everybody knew that was kind of a disaster because it affected the way you were delivering your talks and the way you communicated. It was horrible."  But I always just wanted to know: What did you go through deep in your soul emotionally? You've never really expressed that to us.

RUSH: This, to me, is one of the biggest things that I learned today and it's in the New York Times.  The headline here: "Many Psychology Findings Not as Strong as Claimed, Study Says."  What this story is about is the fraud of peer review science... By the way, my accuracy rating might now be at 99.9 if the Sullivan Group had had this story to factor in, because you've heard all of this from me in terms of theory. 

RUSH: A great divide has been created now, and the people leading and running the country really don't have much in common with the people voting for them. And some in the Beltway are starting to figure it out.  Some when they figure it out say, "Well, screw them! It's not my job to make them understand what I'm doing.  They're not capable of it anyway," and people are aware of this, and the anger is genuine, and it's real.  And it does span parties, and it does span ideologies, and it is all demographics. How big it is remains to be seen.

RUSH:  Stop it!  Stop it!  You have to know, my ears are still capable of being hurt. I mean, it hurts.  Her voice grates on me. "You heeeeear... I ain't no ways tired!" This woman sounds just... It's like fingernails on a chalkboard!  But I will bite the bullet, gut it up here, gut it out for the cause.  Play it again.

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