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Buck Sexton sat in for your beloved host on Open Line Friday. Check out Buck's Stack for links, audio clips and more. 

"Knowledge and information is power, and if the government has endless information and access to it about all of us, that's a problem." - Buck Sexton

 Check out Mark's Stack for links, audio clips and more.

"Rush is out in California today. As you know, he's having surgery on his ear. He has pretty much the best doctors on the planet, but it's always a risky business when you have any surgery. So we wish him all the best with that, and it means that we have a Season of Guest Hosts. If you can't stand the lousy guest host that's on now, don't worry. There'll be another lousy guest host on tomorrow. It's like the No. 29 bus. You wait for ages, and then four come along all at once." -Mark Steyn

RUSH: He's worked for presidents.  He's been the secretary of defense, and he's sending a letter to the IRS, "Dear Sir or Madame," is how he addresses the letter, and he makes a pitch for changing the tax code because it's simply not possible to know whether he is complying with the law, and he wants to be a law-abiding person...  It's a great way to make a point.  

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