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RUSH: Hillary Clinton tried to stop the first African-American from being elected president. Now she's trying to stop the first Jewish-American from being elected president.  What a bigot! Doesn't Mrs. Clinton realize she should get out of the way and let these minorities finally have their shot at things? She tried to stop the first black president; he won.  Now she's trying to stop the first Jewish president, and he just mopped the floor with her.  Do you want to know how screwed up the Democrat primary is?

RUSH: Here are these two people who have made the last seven years possible.  They are the architects, along with Barack Hussein Obama, they have voted for every dime of it, they have supported everything. To listen to these people criticize the health care system with 29 million people still uninsured and to complain about the costs, the rising premiums and the deductibles, and to hear them talk about unemployment, and to hear them talk about low wage, who do they think is responsible for this? 

RUSH: Well, it's now official.  Panic has set in.  Panic has set in maybe in both establishments, but certainly in the Republican establishment, panic is now official.  And it's all because, up until last night, everything was theoretical.  But now Trump won, and he outperformed the polling.  But before you get too crazy, I want to remind you of something.  People are talking about a revolution going on out there, and I can understand why people might be saying so when you look at Bernie Sanders over Hillary, and Trump coming out of nowhere and dominating the Republican side. I don't know about a revolution...

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RUSH: All three of these guys try to make themselves look like the biggest squish moderates you have ever seen.  They're certainly trying to make themselves not look like they are Republicans.  And that's what annoys me.  They're in a Republican primary, and rather than stand up and try to sell and try to promote the whole concept of the necessary steps we need to take to reverse the trends in this country, to save this country, to stop the direction we're going, instead what do they do?  They pander... And this is why, you know, say what you want about Ted Cruz, but Mr. Ted Cruz would never engage in this kind of watering down his beliefs.

RUSH: There's no gleam, there is no electricity, there's no charisma, there's hardly any life. The guy's hoarse. He can barely talk.  The only time he came alive was when Chelsea started talking about it, and that wasn't very much.  He just doesn't look to be very with it, folks. It's very... This is bad, folks.  We want great health for Bill Clinton.  We want Bill Clinton in just fabulously great health for the rest of the year and beyond.  We do not want Bill Clinton to get sick. We pray for the great health of Bill Clinton.

RUSH: I don't know anybody else who would try to turn this around the way Trump did.  And it's just... I don't know what else you call it, performer's instinct or what.  He clearly has it, whether you think that's a disqualifier or a serious presidential candidate or not.

RUSH: I got an e-mail this morning, "Could you tell me why you are endorsing Rubio?"  I said, "I'm not endorsing Rubio.  I haven't endorsed anybody.  I haven't endorsed Trump, I haven't endorsed Cruz, I haven't endorsed anybody."  "Well, okay, why are you...?" Is it really that complicated, folks? What I happen to be supporting is: When people say something that I think needs to be said, I'm going to amplify it.  To me, all of this is about ideas, and it certainly matters who wins.  And it certainly matters the ideas that they have.  Now, if Rubio is out saying what nobody else in the party other than Ted Cruz, will say, then I'm not gonna condemn him for saying it. I don't care how many times he says it.  I don't care if he looked robotic when he said it. 

RUSH: I want to prepare you, because if Jeb Bush finishes in second place tonight and if this Emerson poll is right, then you are not going to recognize the news tomorrow.  You are not going to recognize the Republican primary.  You are going to think you have been asleep and tomorrow you have just awakened, and nothing that's happened up to tomorrow will mean anything. 

RUSH: I don't know how many Trump supporters this is. It's probably not a lot, but there's some people who think that the country is in such dire straits that it may take drastic action, that we don't have time to go through the normal channels to stop some of this stuff, to reverse it. If Obama does an executive order letting 'em in, we're gonna do an executive order kicking 'em out. The hell with going through Congress. Can't trust those creeps anyway. And they think Trump's the guy to do it. You know who mostly articulates those fears to me? A bunch of leftist media types who sit there and applaud it when Obama does.

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