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RUSH: That is a fascinating theory, that ultimately you think Obama is gonna be responsible for the Clintons finally being held accountable, because he doesn't want to trust his great achievements to a bunch of opportunists like the Clintons... There's another possibility here that we haven't considered on what's happening to the Clintons here with the revelation of all this news that's not good.  I mean, bribery and false tax returns and all this.  The question was just asked of me by the broadcast engineer, "Is it possible that Bill Clinton is actually the one behind all of this, secretly trying to undermine Hillary?

RUSH: Democrats are well known to be wusses when it comes to power and military force. They don't particularly like it, so Obama started bragging that he was in charge of the kill list.  Now all of a sudden an innocent American hostage is killed and Obama is said to have nothing to do it, and furthermore you know who is to blame?  All of a sudden, who is it that all of a sudden has a role in this?  That would be Congress.  Yes siree. 

RUSH: There are a lot of states with conservative governor success stories.  Wisconsin is one, and that would be a great case study for you.  But the states are largely, right now, they're the backstop.  They're the firewall.  There are a lot of conservative governors.  Christie is not one at the moment. 

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