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RUSH: Have you heard that?  You are self-brainwashing.  And if you watch Fox News, you are self-brainwashing.  If you listen to this program, and if you watch Fox News, do you know what it also means?  It automatically means you do not watch any other media.  And we know this because of a man named Bruce Bartlett.

RUSH: I have to tell you, folks, do you realize how tough it probably was for Bob Woodward to admit both of these things?  That, A, Bush didn't lie. And then, in the second sound bite, essentially saying that the loss of Iraq is Obama's fault?  Now, that has to be a tough thing for Bob Woodward to say, because Obama's his guy.  No doubt voted for him, invested a lot of hope in him.  But it's clear.  Obama lost Iraq by refusing to keep a follow-on force and he went out and claimed victory for it, but he wanted no part of any remaining force. 

RUSH: Folks, I've learned something from the New York Post, an editorial of all things.  We've been discussing here off and on over the past several weeks the really focused effort by the left to raise the minimum wage, particularly in the state of Washington, where we had a story where a number of restaurants are actually closing because the minimum wage is being raised arbitrarily to $15 an hour, and they simply can't afford to stay in business.  It turns out this may be the actual intention.

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Democrats are launching a new “healthcare” crisis, in time for the 2016 elections. They’re framing it as the healthcare “underinsurance” problem. Seems many low- and middle-income people are facing high costs when trying to use their healthcare coverage. Yes, when they actually use their coverage, ever-higher deductibles are creating financial burdens.


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