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Erick Erickson, Editor-in-Chief of RedState.com and host of his own show on WSB in Atlanta, filled in for the Maha Rushie on the day after Christmas.

Former CIA Officer and national security expert, Buck Sexton, filled in for America's Anchorman on Christmas Eve. Check out Buck's stack of stuff for links and audio clips. 

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Slate asserts that “police don’t have a motive” for the shootings that took the lives of two New York City policemen. That despite the killer’s own words, bragging he would give “two pigs” their wings and that he was motivated by revenge.

CALLER: When every holiday rolls around, we think of you and you are almost invariably a part of our holiday, whether it's Fourth of July when we read the essay that your dad wrote about the Americans who risked everything, reading the true meaning of Thanksgiving, the story of Thanksgiving and George Washington's proclamation.  And, at Christmastime especially, I know this is the time of year when you get very thankful, and you actually introduced us to Mannheim Steamroller, and now Stille Nacht is a valuable part of what we do as a family and part of our tradition.

RUSH: My favorite Joe Cocker song, as I mentioned yesterday, is High Time We Went.  And I've looked at all the news stories today, not all of them, but I've seen quite a few stories on Joe Cocker's death and passing, and each of these stories has had Joe Cocker's five best hits, or Joe Cocker's 10 best, and not one of 'em lists High Time We Went. 

RUSH: We offer assistance to any teacher who would like to use any of the materials in the Rush Revere series, and we've had a tremendous amount of feedback from public school teachers all over the country. So we've sent them books. We've donated books to some schools, and more than you would believe.  It surprised me. 

RUSH: I would love to be able to tell you how. I'd love to be able to give you tangible things that you could point to, I could point to, you could grab onto as evidence that I think this stuff is gonna eventually implode on itself.  Unfortunately, I can't.  I can just share with you the idea and the firm belief that I do think these people are ultimately going to lose.  

GDP Grew 5% and Americans Got Poorer?... AP's Top Sports Stories Aren't About Sports...


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