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RUSH: Cut through all of the clutter, cut to the chase, get right to the quick, all you need to know is the NFL has no idea what happened.  The NFL has no idea who did what.  The NFL has no idea who did what when, and that is why Brady and Belichick are both denying any culpability whatsoever.  That can be the only explanation. I would even add this:  As I watch all this play out, I think the NFL probably has as much desire to get to the bottom of this as the Obama administration had to tell us what happened in Benghazi.  I don't think the NFL wants to get to the bottom of this, not now anyway.  Folks, the last thing in the world anyone wants to do is have this investigation solved before the Super Bowl.

RUSH: I tell you, one of the things I watched yesterday, after the Brady press conference I kept it on ESPN.  They had a bunch of former players.  Mark Brunell, former quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and I think even for the Jets and the Redskins for a while.  And Jerome Bettis, "The Bus," 36 from the Steelers.  I'm telling you, these people laid into Tom Brady in ways I had never thought I would see. 

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Last week was the fifth anniversary of the Citizens United decision. The Supreme Court ruling allows corporations and unions to participate in the political process. They can spend as much money on political campaigns as they want in order to express their views, and help candidates of their choice.


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