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RUSH: On the Iranian nuke negotiation, in case nobody's noticed, and nobody in the media has, Obama just backed off a red line. Obama just drew a bright red line in the sand daring the Iranians not to cross it, and they did. Obama had previously said that negotiations with Iran would not continue without a framework agreement by the end of business yesterday... This is much like the red line Obama drew for Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Nobody is intimidated. People are more afraid of Tim Cook than they are of Obama.

RUSH: There is on Twitter this thing called StopRush, and it's people attacking me and this program much the way Indiana is being attacked today, and whatever conservative institution was attacked yesterday. What this group does is they go after local advertisers on local EIB affiliates, and they try to intimidate local businesses... They just overwhelm them with complaint tweets, threatening tweets, a bunch of e-mails. It's 10 people. We researched it. We know who the people are. We know where they live. Virtually 85% of all the so-called outrage e-mails and tweets are generated by 10 people, made to look as though they are thousands and thousands and thousands. It's all fake. It's all phony.

RUSH: Despite the knowledge of bias, despite that everybody knows that George Stephanopoulos is a Democrat activist, I think there are a lot of guys who think, "You know what? I can change him! I can show him I'm not the kind of Republican he thinks they all are..." They can't do anything of the sort, because that's not possible. The media is not interested in what they have to say. The media is never interested, only to the extent that they can arrange a "gotcha."

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District of Columbia political leaders want to spend $20 million to create a new high school and mentorship program aimed at “some” of their students. It won’t be open to everybody. The new high school would enroll minority boys -- black and Latino. All others need not apply.


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