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RUSH: The Daily Beast is jumping all over Joe Biden and all over the Obama administration, the way it's dealing with this war on ISIS.  I mean, they are firing both barrels. Biden, because he's obviously potentially a candidate for the presidency in the primaries against Hillary.  It's clear The Daily Beast is thrown in with Hillary, there's no question about that. 

RUSH: She's blaming the Internet, blaming Drudge, or what have you, and that's not what did it to her.  Bill Clinton did it.  The Democrat Party did it.  And she was right in there doing it to herself... The fact that Bill Clinton to this day is the biggest rock star of the Democrat Party I think still has a lot of people mildly discombobulated in the sense that it wasn't that long ago there were prices to pay for such lapses of judgment and morality in positions of power and authority.  And today, the episode has enhanced Clinton's resume, it's enhanced his image with some people, and I think people are still scratching their heads over this and asking, "Why teach our kids right and wrong if wrong is how you win?"

RUSH: How many times have we discussed on this program that Obama really doesn't care about anybody but himself? He doesn't care about the Democrat Party, except to the extent that it can help him. He's out there saying (imitating Obama), "Hey, hey, these people that are running away from me, hey, they all voted with me. They're my henchmen. They're the ones that made what I wanted to do possible."  He's just throwing 'em all under the bus... I mean, this is like the Road Runner and the coyote, and the Democrats are the coyote, and the Acme Anvil Company made one that just kaboomed 'em on the top of the head, thrown by Obama off the cliff.  

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Democrats aren’t the least bit worried about the Ebola virus. What they’re really worried about is the politics of it. You want some proof? A piece in the Washington Post tries to explain, “Why Democrats Are Sounding Like Republicans on Ebola and the GOP Is Moving into Overdrive.”

RUSH: As you know, there is, and has been for quite a while, a ban on this program of anything having to do with MSNBC. They used to be featured frequently here by way of audio sound bites. Some of the inane, insane, ridiculous things that were said on that network were quite entertaining... But today, something happened on that network that you have hear.

RUSH: There is no confidence that the people in charge are qualified to deal with legitimate crises. There is no confidence in the leadership. That's what has happened. Now, you and I have known this has been the case from day one. It's only started to dawn on some people now because of the nature of their bias and their partisanship. But I think this is spreading all across the country now, and it's across partisan lines.

RUSH: From Breitbart: "Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun." Now, this is not a surprise. You've all known this was coming... Mr. Snerdley's in there smiling and nodding his head because we've seen this before. I take you back to June 23rd of this year. Let me read to you excerpts from our Morning Update, a commentary that runs on EIB affiliates every morning.

RUSH: I do everything on this program from the bottom of my heart. But my success -- 25 years -- my success is not determined by who wins and loses elections. I don't control campaigns. I don't control candidates. I don't control who gets the nomination, and I don't control those people. They win and they lose, and they come and they go. Why would I tie my success to any of them? I do this program for you, the audience. It is to you and your service that I do this every day.

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