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originalRUSH: Everything that happens in this country is politicized. Everything that happens is tied to a political agenda, predominantly the leftist political agenda, and you could see it in this incident. You could see what they originally thought. Nobody came out and said it, but you could tell by the way they were talking to each other and the fears they were expressing...

RUSH: Are you seriously telling me that a party that offers up its savior, Joe Biden, is a party of hip and cool and what's happening now and of the future?  Joe Biden, who's already demonstrated he knows how to lose Democrat presidential primaries?  He got kicked out of the first one because it was found he was plagiarizing a British politician by the name of Neil Kinnock. I mean, plagiarizing even this guy's life story, even to the point of saying his dad worked in a coal mine when he didn't. 

RUSH: The link was to the New Yorker. ... "Hillary Clinton, in her memoir 'Living History,' recounts her struggle to defend her privacy while residing in the White House. Some of her stories have a Gothic tone. After Bill Clinton’s first inauguration, Harry and Linda Thomason, friends from Hollywood, found a jocular note under a pillow in the Lincoln Bedroom. It was from Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio host. How did the note get there? 'I don’t believe in ghosts, but we did sometimes feel that the White House was haunted by more temporal entities,' Clinton writes."

RUSH: The people who make it very abundantly clear they do not understand why Trump is drawing a crowd are the very same people who do not think the country's in crisis, folks.  The very same people who think it's just politics as usual, Democrats win one year, Republicans win the next, Democrats make a mess, we go in, try to fix it, but life goes on, it's the way politics is, we share power, we share chairmanships, we share stewardship of the money, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

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