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According to the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, America is in a “New Cycle of Partisan Hatred.” Until the mid-1980s, he says, most people gave political opponents the benefit of the doubt, they thought they operated with “good intentions.” But no longer.

RUSH: So I get this note from Cookie just mere moments ago that said: "Everywhere I screened --" meaning video "-- everywhere I screened this weekend your name came up, Rush this, Rush that. It didn't matter if it was a Democrat senator on a Sunday show, or a Canadian debate about Russia, or a nice C-SPAN Book TV festival, you were everywhere." So I looked at the audio sound bites.  Let me count.  One, two, three, four, five, six.  Six of 'em.  One of them's even Vladimir Pozner.  (laughing)  Still living rent free in Vladimir's head.

RUSH: Here he comes again, Barack Hussein O, the president of the United States on Saturday saying that climate change poses the world's biggest threat.  It's just silly.  It's not even worth a factual discussion.  We've done that for 25 years.  It's just silly... So it's not Iran getting the bomb. It's not ISIS taking over the Middle East. It's not ISIS growing homegrown members in the United States. It's not the Middle East in general burning up and on fire.  It's not any of that.  No, no, no, no, no. 

RUSH: Have you seen this headline at the New York Times?  You probably haven't.  Let me share it with you, and see if you've heard this somewhere before.  "Republican Hopefuls in New Hampshire Attack Clinton More Than One Another."  Where have you heard that, folks?  I think you heard that on this program some days ago.

RUSH:  It looks like Bob Schieffer wants to go out with a big, big scalp.  It looks like Bob Schieffer wants to leave CBS News having taken out one of the Republican presidential candidates... This question could be rephrased: "Are you a bigot? Are you a homophobe?  Do you hate people?"  That's what this question is.  That's what that question is.  It's a question Schieffer would never ask Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, both of whom opposed gay marriage before it harmed them. 

RUSH: The largest individual donor to the Clinton Family Foundation was allowed to violate the sanctions against Iran while Hillary was at the State Department. ... This bank paid Clinton a million dollars to influence Hillary to try to influence Obama to try to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.  The book is filled with details and answers like that. 

The Meaning of 4/19 and 4/20... CNN Hires 40 Reporters... NIH Studies Sexual Satisfaction Levels of Gay African-American Men... A Clarification on My Pope Joke... Coming Tomorrow: The Corker Bill...


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