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A week before the midterm elections, Karen Tumulty wrote a Washington Post column titled: “Can Democrats Hold the Senate By Running Away From Obama – And Their Own Records?” Ms. Tumulty reports that Senate Democrats distancing themselves from Obama has become a source of friction with the White House.

RUSH: You Democrats, you need to get out there and vote Democrat early and often.  That's what this piece is.  It's a get-out-the-vote piece disguised as news in the New York Times, with this absurd proposition that Democrats are cheated against, that Democrats are undersampled in polls, undercounted, and basically mistreated, disrespected, and taken for granted.

RUSH: You probably have seen the Obama photo-op with a number of doctors and nurses who have returned from the Ebola countries, and many of those doctors are still in the 21-day monitoring period, the so-called quarantine.  In fact, Obama even went out of his way to shake hands with every one of them in front of the cameras.  It was just a few days ago he hugged the Ebola survivor, nurse Nina Pham, before the cameras in the White House. 

RUSH: Are you ready for this?  The New York Times quotes somebody describing the Secretary of State John Kerry as spinning and floating out of control like Sandra Bullock did in that astronaut character she played in the movie Gravity...   The story is about how Obama may have to replace some of the people in the Regime because they're so incompetent. 


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