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RUSH: When you contrast Mitt Romney with Barack Obama or Mitt Romney with Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, the man, stands far above, high above and way apart from anybody the Democrats would put up.  But the problem is he's already run and lost.  And his candidacy saw something like four million Republican voters in 2012 stay home.

RUSH: There's only one qualification that interests me, folks.  It's the only chance we have to restore this country.  It's the only chance we have to begin the process of reversing this transformation that Obama has begun.  We have got to nominate a conservative Republican.

RUSH: Now, you've heard me talk about my cousin once removed, my cousin Steve's son, Stephen Limbaugh III. He's a musician in Hollywood and we've put links to some of his piano performances on our website and steered you to them.  He performed during the Golden Globes a couple Sunday nights ago. He's written, composed and performed a classical CD or album called Pants, and it's debuted at 16 on the Billboard classical chart.  

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