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RUSH: If you turn on MSNBC, all you're gonna see, given the day -- maybe not every day, but the odds are, at least a portion of the day -- you're gonna see a total devotion to the concept of gay marriage.  Isn't that insulting to the Muslims who would be watching?  Would it not then be understandable if the Muslims watching take some kind of action against MSNBC for offending them? 

RUSH: It continues to go bad for Bill and Hillary.  And you know why it's going bad for Bill and Hillary?  It's because, like I told you at the very outset of this, they are stuck in the nineties.  They are trying to use the same things that smoked the media in the nineties, today, both Hillary and Bill, and it isn't working. 

RUSH: You watch. It won't be long here before there's gonna be a theme out there on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere on social media that illegals pay more in taxes than New York corporations.  Undocumented workers pay more in taxes!  If they're "undocumented," how do we know?  But I mean, you don't even have to go to that point to discover how literally absurd that is.  But remember the audience.  Low-information people are gonna just sop that right up.

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