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Programming Note: Today's guest host is Buck Sexton.
There will be no Dittocam for Rush 24/7 members.

Erick filled in on Earth Day from WSB in Atlanta. Check out Erick's Stack for links, audio clips and more.

"The Democrats are perfectly happy dividing the nation along racial lines if they can mitigate the damage the voters will otherwise do to them in November. Pay attention, it's coming." - Erick Erickson        

On Monday, Mark sat in the Attila the Hun Chair behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Check out Mark's Stack for links, audio clips and more. Rush returns Wednesday!

"Let's start with some good news. The staff has told me that Rush is doing fine, he's feeling well, and is scheduled to be back on the program Wednesday." - Mark Belling

RUSH: He's worked for presidents.  He's been the secretary of defense, and he's sending a letter to the IRS, "Dear Sir or Madame," is how he addresses the letter, and he makes a pitch for changing the tax code because it's simply not possible to know whether he is complying with the law, and he wants to be a law-abiding person...  It's a great way to make a point.  

I'm No Longer Alone on Colbert... HuffPo Profiles Obamacare Victims to Push Socialized Medicine...Deceptive Reuters Poll, Headline... Now They Say ChiCom Pollution is Causing North American Storms... 23 Global Warming Stories Everyone Should Read Before Earth Day....Shout Out to the Goat Man on Wilshire... 


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