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RUSH: My point is that all of this near unanimous, belief in something that genuinely is -- you talk about unhinged, to believe Trump said what you think he said when he didn't say it.  Didn't even say it.  To go out then and believe he said it or try to convince other people he said it, convince yourself what he really meant, it's unhinged.  If these people had been around in the 1700s we'd have never had a revolution. They would have never tolerated the Founding Fathers' objections to King George. They would have wanted to put in jail people like James Madison and Patrick Henry because they dared speak out against the establishment.  We'd have never had the revolution if the people in the Democrat Party today had been ruling the roost in the media back then.

RUSH: I was among the most prominent voices expressing incredulity and shock over this unanimous hysteria.  So naturally on some of these networks my comments were played for reaction by expert analysts. And Fox was one of these places.  Dr. Krauthammer reacted, and then the Fox & Friends crew. 

RUSH: I don't want to be responsible here for false optimism, but, at the same time, I do want to tell you the way I see this, the way I react to it, I don't see behavior and attitude commensurate with people who think it's over and that they're going to win big to the point that Trump's gonna be humiliated.  But yet that's what they're saying is gonna happen.

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