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RUSH: Can you believe the Democrats even still have a chance?  It's unfathomable to me, and here they are in the media, excited about this generic ballot, and they're waiting for Obama to go out and say whatever he's gonna say about the economy leading into the election... The fact that he's gonna be able to go out and say whatever he wants with hardly any push-back to it just, to me, it seems like a really busted and blown opportunity -- which itself raises a lot of other questions.

RUSH:  Get this.  At the hearing in Washington today with the Secret Service director, the Secret Service director praised the agents that allowed the intruder to get all the way into the Green Room for restraint -- restraint in dealing with the intruder. Meaning: They didn't beat the guy up, and for that they deserve praise.

RUSH: Regular listeners will know that one of our favorite people here is the second-in-command State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. This woman is stereotypically perfect of the modern, empty-headed, totally vacant, but to-the-hilt-educated liberal, has come out of the Ivy League, looks the part, acts the part. She is just perfect.  And she literally doesn't know anything, but she thinks she knows everything.

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A story running on the Daily Finance website, identifies “10 signs” that “you are headed toward financial ruin.” Isn't that exciting? The premise of the article is that too many Americans are spending too much, while saving too little. Which isn’t new. And it isn’t news, either. But let’s take a look at the details, shall we?

RUSH: Folks, it's funny the number of people making fun of Obama on 60 Minutes last night.  Ron Fournier, who used to be the AP bureau chief and is quoted so much, by the way, when he issues criticisms of Obama.  The reason why that makes news is because Fournier used to be one of the guys -- I don't mean to insult him by saying this, but he used to be in the tank. 

RUSH:  Last week John Kerry said that they were on the run.  John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, by the way.  He said they were on the run! ISIS was on the run. We had 'em on the run.  And here is Holly Williams at CBS just today: "US-led air strikes against ISIS at Syria have so far had very little impact on the ground." 

CALLER: (giggles) Well, I can sum up the problem in one word, and it explains literally everything from the Occupy Wall Street movement to why somebody's approval ratings can be as low as our president's are and people will still continue to vote toward the liberal side of things.  It's a worldview that has been deeply and systematically ingrained into my generation since the day of Saturday morning cartoons, and it's called "victimology."

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