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RUSH:  You see what this is?  He's not an authentic Hispanic.  He's a conservative.  He's a fake, he's a phony.  What is your favorite Cuban dish?  It's pointless here.  It's insulting. This is demeaning, it's racist, and it's disgusting...They didn't care what Ted Cruz really thinks about issues.  They don't give a rat's rear end about Ted Cruz and his policy. The whole reason Ted Cruz was invited there was to expose him or present him as an unqualified fraud and faker.  So the idea that the libs are gonna get their minds right on gun control or conservatism, ain't gonna happen, folks.  

RUSH: There are numerous stories about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation raking in millions in taxpayer dollars, and further review indicates that it's not just 15% of money donated to the foundation that has been given to charity; it's only 10%.  Ninety percent of what was donated went to salaries, expenses, condoms, hotels, you name it.

RUSH: This is how it's happening.  The DOJ is going in and conducting these investigations. They're finding racism here and racism there and demanding "changes," and the changes that are being demanded are basically handcuffing local police departments with new federal guidelines if they want the money. So it's already underway.  

Michael Moore: Get Rid of Police... Baltimore's Dismal Graduation Rate...  $22 Trillion in Redistribution from 1964 to Present...


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