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RUSH: I long ago made the point to a caller... The first time was in either the late eighties or the early nineties. It was a caller calling to ask me in the early days of the program what I thought of the often repeated thought that Nazism and Hitler were conservatives, and this is why Jewish people don't vote Republican.  I said, "Nothing could be further from the truth! In the first place, I said, you cannot diagram the ideological existence in a straight line.  You have to do it as a circle."  I remember the caller reacting like a giant lightbulb had been turned on. 

RUSH: The American economy has always grown.  That's how wealth has been created, with people trying to get their piece of it.  It's never been a zero-sum game.  Somebody gets a piece, somebody loses a piece.  It's always been the pie grows, and it grows as Americans work hard and produce more, create more.  Well, that's not happening.  The government's taking ever bigger chunks of that pie.  Fewer people are working in that pie.  It isn't growing, and therefore whoever gets pieces of it, it's becoming a zero-sum game, all brought to you by the American left and the Democrat Party.  If they're in charge of who has money, can you blame people for turning to them?

RUSH: Some people are gonna see this as Trump admitting he's not a conservative. Some people are gonna say: "See?  Trump is now so in the driver's seat he feels free to come forward and admit that he's not a conservative and it's actually conservatives that screwed everything up." Others are not going to see it that way.  Others are gonna see that Trump is right on the money here.  

RUSH: What I was gonna say about Bernie Sanders and his young idealistic voters, is wait 'til they find out that Hillary is getting all the delegates.  Bernie Sanders wins New Hampshire by 22 points.  I mean, it's a wipeout.  And Hillary ended up with nine more delegates than Bernie Sanders.  Now, you want to talk rigged game?  Bernie out there saying, "Everything's rigged.  The economy's rigged! Wall Street's rigged!"  Hey, Bernie? So is your party's nominating process. 

RUSH: I mentioned earlier Obama's blaming me for the lack of a good tone in politics, blaming me for the lack of improvement in the good tone of politics.  Well, he's worked hard, he's the president, he's the most powerful man in the world.  I am holding him back.  And I held back Bill Clinton, folks.  The same thing.  If it wouldn't have been for me, why, we'd be in so much better shape in this country.  I'm just a guy on the radio. 

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