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RUSH: You know it's bad when the Drive-Bys lead with it, even though the Drive-Bys plug a story in the middle of the Hillary story about how difficult it is for certain Republicans out there, too, such as Jeb Bush. The fact is CNN and a bunch of Drive-Bys, they can't avoid the news.  Hillary's unfavorables are now up to 50%. 

RUSH: Moonves could learn from this.  I give the valet a hundred bucks when I show up and say, "Please leave the car right here. Just leave it right here in the portico, the entranceway, whatever." And I give him a hundred dollars when I leave for doing so, and I don't ask for any change.  

RUSH: Everything's politics in America today -- and don't think that it isn't.  Everything is politics.  The Democrat Party and the media see to that, folks.  I mean, it's politics that is generating all the support in the media for this. It's politics that's generating all of the celebratory characteristics of this story.  So then, in that case, you have to ask, who benefits here?  And how? 

RUSH: Next he's going to say, "I made Baltimore the safest city in America," and he'll follow that by saying, "Hillary Clinton and I made Libya, Iraq, and Syria the safest countries on earth." Next, "Hillary and I also neutered Russia and China with our reset program!" He will say, "We have got the cheapest health care system in the world now, thanks to me."

RUSH: I think that is, in large part, one of the objectives as well as to redefine not just the new normals, but the new weirdos. I think that's actually what's going on. When you hear people talk about the Republican Party and its "branding problem," that's really what they're talking about, unknowingly. 

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