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RUSH: Whenever some event happens, the media acts like there is this giant cadre of people all in agreement on the politically correct view of whatever issue, and they are demanding that people divest, give up, be forced to sell all of their assets as punishment for violating the PC code. Who are these people?... Jeffrey Lord writes for the American Spectator and NewsBusters, and he has a piece about all of the cases, the instances of domestic violence committed by journalists, 'cause he's gotten a little tired of the moral preening. 

RUSH: I don't want there to be any confusion that when this is all over and the media writes the story that Obama will have proven a world history timeline of military experts wrong, because he's so much smarter and so much more talented and so much more capable. Obama knew what everybody else doubted, you could win a war with air power alone.  You watch.  And new annals in warfare will be taught at all of the war colleges.

RUSH:  Clinton to this day, I guarantee you, if Bill Clinton were listening to the last hour, when I said that there has never been in world history a full-fledged war, one with air power, I'm sure Clinton was out there yelling at the radio, "Hey, hey, hey wait a minute.  I did it.  I did it.  Don't forget about me."

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