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RUSH: What is it that they so fear?  What is it do you think that explains it?  This is irrational.  You can have any number of candidates come along over the years that they disagree with and don't like, like a Pat Buchanan or a Ron Paul, I mean, name 'em, and they never, ever lose their heads like this.  But they're literally going nuts. 

RUSH: If the Regime in its travel alert and its "be very afraid" message warns of possible terror attacks within the US, then people would responsibly stand up and say, "Well, why are you importing all these refugees among whom could be some terrorists that you're warning us about?"  But since they don't mention that, then we're not supposed to object to the ongoing refugee importation that's going on.  

RUSH: Thomas Jefferson was writing all kinds of letters from France to the Constitutional Convention, and they were sending him letters, and so he was participating in the writing of the Constitution while he was in France with these things called letters that were put on boats that went over the ocean and then to horses in saddlebags where they were delivered to the recipients.

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At a recent White House climate-change summit, 200 universities bought into the global warming hoax. They signed a pledge to take steps to reduce the effects of global warming. The steps will supposedly help usher in a “low-carbon economy.” 

RUSH: The Democrats and the left are just hoping like anything that Trump's gonna embarrass himself and say something to cause people who are supporting him to abandon him.  And they're applying their own sensitivities to this, meaning they would be profoundly embarrassed, and they would be terribly angry if any of them ever said what Trump said about Muslims.  So they think everybody would react the way they do. 

As Predicted, Colbert Is Failing Because His Show Is Just "Propaganda" ... Hillary Says We Should Believe Women Like Juanita Broaddrick Who Say Bill Clinton Raped Them ... No Sign of the Usual Holiday Season Slowdown This Year ...


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