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RUSH: The Clinton campaign has sent marching orders to its Drive-By Media buddies to plaster, which they have done, since yesterday, story after story after story about Trump a liar.  I mean, that's the basic premise.  Donald Trump is a liar and Lester Holt needs to fact check him in the middle of the debate.  Lester Holt needs to challenge Donald Trump on every lie he utters, and that's practically every time he opens his mouth... I have never seen something so transparent.  And from a supposed front-runner, Hillary Clinton, this reeks of some of the greatest fear that I have ever seen.  She can't beat this guy without stacking the deck?  She can't beat this guy without rigging it with the referee?  She can't beat this guy without the entire worldwide media piling on her opponent?  I mean, that's the message this is sending. 

RUSH: Smartest woman in the world, more qualified to be president than anybody who's ever been president, but all of a sudden she needs a moderator to point out Trump's lies because she doesn't have time to do that because if that's all she did she wouldn't have time to spell out her vision for America.  The smartest woman in the world.  I think they are lowering expectations for her.  And I think they are -- how do I say this politically?  How do I say this?  I really think their main objective is keeping her vertical for 90 minutes.

RUSH: Are you kidding me?  The Hillary campaign's writing off Ohio?  Let me tell you about Ohio.  There's one stat you need to know about Ohio if you believe stats, and that is Republicans do not win the White House if they don't win Ohio.  Another way of putting it that's less confusing without all the double negatives: In order for the Republican historically, statistically, to win the White House, he or she has to win Ohio.  And now Hillary's pulling up stakes and getting out of there.

RUSH:  Uh-oh.  There's gonna be real panic out there now because Nate Silver has just announced that Donald Trump would win if the election were held today.  Trump now has a 54.9% chance of winning the election.  Nate Silver.  You'd better close the windows on high buildings where Democrats are in offices.  It's not gonna be pretty.

RUSH: Their prejudices, their bigotry about Trump confounds their strategy and their thinking.  They have created a caricature out of Trump, and it's not who he really is.  And they are going to try to bait him into behaving the way they think he is with characteristics they think he portrays, which is wrong.  And it's gonna bite 'em, or it could.  

RUSH: This document dump from Friday, Hillary's emails and what we've learned.  I mean, this is just stunning when we learn that Obama knew all along that she had her own private server and was communicating with her under a pseudonym, a fake name, while Obama has maintained that he didn't know she had a private server until he read about it in the news.  And because now we know Obama knew and was communicating with her under a fake name, we now know that the FBI investigation was a smoke screen and cover-up from the get-go, from the beginning. 

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The FBI complied with a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee. In another late-Friday document dump, the agency released more Hillary email documents. We learned that President Obama used a pseudonym in some emails to Clinton -- that were flowing on her private server. 


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