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RUSH: Just the word "Halliburton," the liberals hear that, it's like showing Dracula the cross.  They hear "Halliburton," and, folks, they literally go insane.  The first thing they think of is Cheney. They think of the Iraq war. Then they think of Darth Vader. Then they think of George W. Bush and they literally start pounding their heads into the nearest available hard surface.

RUSH: I played golf yesterday and somebody suggested to me that, if I ever do write another book, the title should be On the Golf Course, because of what I hear so often and the things that happen, the conversations that ensue with people on the golf course.  One of the guys I played with yesterday is an admitted French socialist.

RUSH: This scuttlebutt that Obama is finally gonna just rip the cord, so to speak, and disown Israel and go to the United Nations and let a Security Council resolution or some other kind of resolution actually establish the Middle East peace process results, there's only one thing that can be motivating or inspiring that, and that's hate.

RUSH: When the Supreme Court upheld Hobby Lobby, they upheld the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. There's literally nothing new that's happened here in Indiana that hasn't already been upheld at the Supreme Court and passed US Congress and been signed into law, in this case by Bill Clinton... We've got "hands up, don't shoot," except in this case it's supposedly discrimination against gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders, and that's not what it is. 

RUSH: Every day we're minding our own business here. We're bothering nobody, just going about our business. We wake up every day, start getting ready for the day, and we find out that people or things or institutions that we love, respect, and hold dear are under assault. So I come here and defend them, and that's exactly what's happening here today with this business going on in Indiana. 

Germanwings Pilot Trawled Suicide and Gay Porn Sites... Ted Cruz Fights Back... US Signed Agreement with Mexico to Teach Immigrants to Unionize... Immigrants Filling Void as Residents Flee New Jersey...

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The National Bureau of Economic Research recently conducted a study to find out how federal employees managed, when the government was partially shutdown for two weeks in October 2013. The Atlantic magazine’s coverage is a real tearjerker.


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