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RUSH: I actually got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Kansas who said, "Look, screw all the rest of this stuff.  The most important thing is your review of your Apple Watch." No, it's not.  That's not the most important thing.  I'll be glad to give you my thoughts on the Apple watch, but they don't differ much from what I thought it was gonna be. 

RUSH: If anybody's policies are destroying success in the Middle East, it's this administration's!  Bush's policies are gone. They've been overridden.  They have been nullified and negated.  This is not a full-throated defense of them.  Don't misunderstand.  But this is just classic.  Bush has been among the politest of former presidents.  It didn't take Bill Clinton but a couple of days to start weighing in on George W. Bush.

RUSH: The transgender community is the gay community of 10 years ago. The transgenders have taken the place of gays who were discriminated against and made fun of and laughed at and so forth. So the transgenders are now occupying the position in the political spectrum where the militant homosexuals occupied ten years ago.... You ought see the Twitterverse after Jenner announced that he's a Republican. Love went to instant diabolical hate and rejection.

RUSH: The Democrats are gonna be tarring and feathering and trashing and destroying personally and professionally every Republican they can.  And we're supposed to respond by saying, "You elect us and your top marginal rate is gonna go from 39.6 down to 35%.  You know what that's gonna mean for the marginal income on the base calculations of the P&O profit and loss statement over there at Apple?"  Right.  That's a winner.  

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Most mass transit in New York City is run by the MTA, the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Last year, the Council on American-Islamic Relations ran an ad campaign on the city’s busses and subways called: “MyJihad.” The message was that jihad is not terrorism, but an individual “struggle for justice.”


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