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RUSH: Here's Obama running for the nomination in '08, Hillary's running for it, too, and he sends his wife out to basically start talking about the marital infidelities and Hillary being the most cheated-on woman in America, unable to "run her own house," and how can we dare let somebody like that in the White House? Now these two are supposedly the best of friends and Obama and Michelle run around saying that nobody's more qualified ever to be president than Hillary Clinton.

RUSH:  When you turn on CNN, MSNBC, when you read any newspaper, when you go to over half the websites out there, you are not reading the media; you are not reading the news.  You are reading the Clinton campaign and a coordinated effort to distract you, to depress you, to dispirit you, and to suppress your interest in voting.  The objective is to make you think you have no chance, that everybody else is aligned against you.

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Here's the unpleasant reality we need to face: Murder victims like these in Texas mean nothing to politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Democrat Party. And they certainly mean nothing to so-called "pro-immigration" activist groups.

RUSH: The thing that's ironic about this, they're claiming that Donald Trump bullied this ex-Miss Universe.  Has anybody asked about Hillary Clinton bullying all of the bimbos that have erupted during the course of her and her husband's political career? This is so screwed up. If there is anybody in this campaign who doesn't pay women what she pays men in her office, it's Hillary Clinton. If there's a woman in this campaign that bullies other women and has been acclaimed for it, it is Hillary Clinton.

RUSH:  Look, folks, let me just put something to bed here real quick.  Donald Trump is not going to bag the next debate for one reason:  The media has proclaimed him the loser.  He is not going to pull out of this debate with the Drive-Bys saying he's a loser.  He's too competitive.  If he had won the first debate, maybe. Maybe.  

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