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RUSH: It's always been in our arsenal to stop Iran from having a nuclear weapon, never having confirmed the Israelis do.  Well, Obama's taken care of that. We just revealed it!  This is unprecedented, and this is Obama. I'm certain it's because his nose is out of joint 'cause he thinks Netanyahu disrespected him by showing up over here and giving that speech to a joint session of Congress. 

RUSH: You remember, ladies and gentlemen, back when we lost Kit Carson, trusty aide-de-camp and chief of staff, one of the things that I pointed out in talking about him and informing you about him that created a lot of curiosity?  I, even today, am still getting an e-mail or two about it, but, at the time, I got quite a few e-mails about it.  I said that he had become an expert in saying "no," and people kind of chuckled. Well, they weren't quite sure what that meant.  Was I being funny?

RUSH: They think that he has just disqualified himself, because after all of these months promising to get rid of it, what has he done?  Why, he signed up for it...   And now they're glomming on, "Hey, a Cruz aide said it's better than nothing." And Ron Fournier says, "Isn't that the point?"  Is that how low the standard has now sunk?  So Obamacare can now be promoted by pointing out that it's better than nothing and that that's the point of Obamacare, that it was to be better than nothing?  I thought they had loftier goals for Obamacare than that. 

RUSH: I think some of his supporters want to see some synchronization here, if you will. Because, on the one hand, Ted Cruz is identified as somebody who despises it and has vowed to repeal it.  And then out of the blue, the next thing people know, he's signing up for it and doesn't appear to be upset about it.  So some people say, 'Wait a minute.  This is not in sync.  He ought to be mad that he has to sign up for it.  And when he signs up for it, he ought to turn this into a big issue to his advantage.  He ought to make a teachable moment out of this."  That's what I hear some people saying.  And some people think he is doing that, but they are inferring it because I don't hear him saying it. 

RUSH: I will never forget this.  The Senate and House staffers on the Democrat side, many of whom participated in writing a portion of Obamacare -- it was 2,200 pages.  When they finally found out what it was gonna cost them, because they're mandated, their employer mandates that they have Obamacare, they work for the federal government. They were not gonna be able to keep their doctors. They were not gonna be able to keep their plans. Their premiums didn't go down $2,500. Their health care costs were said to go up so much they couldn't afford it...   So Obama, just in sort of like another executive action, just mandated that the Office of Personnel Management underwrite 75% of the health care costs of congressional staffers, because Harry Reid and the rest were just screaming like stuck pigs. 

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