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RUSH: Iraq and what's happening there has got to make this Memorial Day a real challenge for a lot of American families. Those who had family members who served in Iraq, who were injured and wounded in Iraq or died in Iraq.  I mean, they might legitimately be asking themselves this weekend, this Memorial Day, "Why?  What was the point?  Was it worth it?"  And you wouldn't blame 'em if they did.  It's a toughie.  It still needs to be acknowledged. 

RUSH: A totally manufactured new illness to create panic and crisis about technology, about progress, about advancing Wi-Fi sickness, Wi-Fi waves. And the only reason anybody would fall for that is if they have a large degree of ignorance about all of the different frequency waves that we are being bombarded with every day.  Well, just as I called it, that guy was on Fox & Friends today.  I knew it.  He's gonna be a lot of places besides Fox & Friends in coming months, coming days. 

RUSH: They really believe this stuff about having to show the Democrats and the media that they will work together with the president, that they do know how to govern, that they eagerly will work to make Washington work. Because they believe that's gonna get them Democrat voters. Or, alternatively, they believe that's gonna make the media stop being mean to them, 'cause the media will see that they're wrong. 

RUSH: Campaigning she thinks is beneath her.  Meeting with average, ordinary people is beneath her.  Having to campaign against Republicans and debate them is beneath her.  Not necessary.  And she resents having to do it.  But I don't for a minute think that she has lost the hunger for the power of sitting in the Oval Office.  I think what you're seeing and interpreting as a lack of passion, is simply that she's boring.  She's just a dryball. 

CALLER: I'm a second generation listener, and I'm extremely blessed when you talk about your cochlear implant because my son is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient, and having you articulate what it's like to hear and listen through implants, it's been very helpful for me in understanding how he hears.  So thank you for being willing to talk about that.

RUSH: It wasn't that long ago, certainly within the past couple of weeks, that I posed a question right here on this program that forced many liberal commentators and analysts elsewhere in the media to concede that I had a point, much as it pained them to acknowledge it.  You will remember when I remind you what it was. It had to do with Pam Geller and her "Draw a Cartoon of the Prophet" contest that took place in Texas.  Remember the outrage that that caused and the debates over free speech that it spawned?  And in the midst of this I asked a very salient question


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