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RUSH: What is a 71-year-old man, secretary of state, doing riding a bicycle -- or, alternatively, windsurfing off Nantucket?  Why is somebody riding a bicycle while in the midst of sensitive negotiations and attempting to secure nuclear weapons for Iran?  Exercise?  BS. He's doing that for the photo-op, trying to look hip with the young generation that thinks life is all about exercise and fitness and so forth. Photo-op... Remember the picture when he put on a costume to make himself look like a sperm crawling through tubes at NASA?  Remember that?  

RUSH: Something happened in the late eighties he said, he just can't figure it out, but whatever, now everybody does news and therefore nobody does news and it's not good. It's just his way of saying, we've lost or we did lose our monopoly, and now we don't own it, and we have to compete, but we don't like competing, and so I'm retiring. 

RUSH: He's doing things that are not making a profit.  I'm not being critical here.  This, to me, is fundamentally important about the value of the money, the use of the money, the source of the money.  He couldn't get a bank to give him this kind of money, not with the performance his companies are showing.

RUSH: Now, who first suggested this?  I ought to call Blankfein and say, "You know, you're stealing from me, Lloyd!"  I'm the guy who said, if you look at their policies, and, if you look at the way the Washington establishment's reacting, the ideal ticket for 2016 would be Jeb and Hillary. And it'd be up to them, those two, to figure out who's on top of the ticket.  That's my idea! I put that one out there as a marker. 

RUSH: For the Drive-Bys, this was a godsend.  This takes Hillary off the front page, this takes the Clinton Crime Family Foundation off the front page. Hell, this even broomed FIFA!  The FIFA guys have gotta be the happiest people in the world.  The FIFA story was shaping up to be at least a week or two, and now it's gone because every media outlet is on Denny Hastert now.  Every darn one of them is.  

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