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DICK CHENEY:  One of the things we learned, for example, in this research that we did on the book, Rush, was I think it was '09 during the apology tour here he made a request -- which was denied -- of the Japanese that he be permitted to go to Hiroshima and publicly apologize for our use of the atom bomb in World War II.  I found that just absolutely appalling.  The Japanese rejected it.  They didn't want him there to do that. But he was doing everything he could, once again, to sort of apologize for the basic activities of the United States to protect our own freedom and that of millions of others.

RUSH: Trump is unfazed by it.  In fact, I think he probably gets a rush when people like Andrea Mitchell go nuts over people like this, because he knows that he happens to be voicing, in the language used, the reactions by a vast majority of the American people. Andrea Mitchell can't hurt Trump; that's the point. 

RUSH: This is more than drip, drip, drip now.  This is drip, drip, stream, steady stream of stuff... It's not universal in the Democrat Party, but it's a growing consensus. It may not even be a consensus yet, but it's a growing thought or fear that 2008 is starting to repeat itself.  

RUSH: Tom Brady, whatever you think of him, is the marquee player of the NFL.  It may be arguable to some people, but he is the best player in the NFL right now.  And up until this he had a totally clean, wholesome, for the most part, I mean, had some tarnishes, public image.  And why the league is trying to destroy that has got everybody mystified.  A lot of people, not everybody.  I think I, El Rushbo, have a partial explanation for it. 

RUSH: Believe me, big donors don't like to see 5% in the polls. They don't like to see their money going to the guy at 5% no matter who's telling them what the strategy is and no matter who's telling them, "Bide your time. This is all part of the strategy. We're gonna sit here unnoticed at 5% and we're gonna zoom to the lead once everybody starts dropping. We need your money to pull this off." But it's tough to keep ponying up for 5%, when the action is clearly with newcomers, so-called outsiders. 

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