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In 1990, Massachusetts crook Robert Kosilek was convicted of strangling his spouse, Cheryl, with piano wire. Since then, the convicted murderer has been waging legal war with the state, demanding taxpayers foot the bill for his “sex-reassignment” surgery.

RUSH: This is the chip on Obama's shoulder that I have warned everybody he came into the presidency with.  He was angry, irritated, upset at the unfairness, the unjustness, the immorality that was the founding of this country. Now whatever is going on in Baltimore? What happened in Ferguson, New York City? Doesn't matter where it is, it's the result of slavery. It is the result, lingering effects of slavery, Jim Crow.  

RUSH: Now, the people supporting Hillary Clinton, she could say anything and do anything other than join the Republicans on something, and it won't matter.  She's not gonna be accused of hypocrisy. She's not gonna be accused of flip-flopping.  We can amuse ourselves all day long noting these inconsistencies with Mrs. Clinton.

RUSH: The problem for her and whoever she assigns to try this case is that these cops are gonna have really good defense lawyers.  And I don't care how corrupt the Baltimore criminal judicial system is. You might have had a corrupt judge. You might get an OJ kind of jury, but you're gonna have a bunch of defense attorneys who are not gonna put up with any of this and they're gonna do their best to get all of this thrown out, because it's all bogus, it's all specious.

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