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RUSH: Now, you have to understand. The Drive-Bys will look at this and they will chalk this up as total failure.  The people that write the daily media narrative, that write the daily media soap opera measure their success by learning how much of the general population's thinking on a subject they're able to move or manipulate. 

RUSH: The ChiCom Regime is actually very proud of Jack Ma.  It's stunning, in fact, how different something like this is. Something like this could not be imagined years ago, just to show you how fast the world can change and acceptance of things can change... This is an American kind of story.  Rags to riches? Sitting around in his apartment inventing a website and having it grow to be the biggest online business concern in the world?  Listen to the way this guy talks, from communist China! 

RUSH: They're not making anything up.  They really believe the Redskins name is reprehensible.  They think everybody should also think that it is reprehensible.  They operate with an attitude that everybody already agrees with them, so that anybody who disagrees is a minority and a kook and an oddball and a weirdo and not worthy of respect -- which is a big key.  No, I think they're thoroughly genuine in their politics.

CALLER: What nobody saw was the quarterback intentionally fumbled when the ball was hiked so the ball is sitting on the ground.   Both teams are running to the right. One of the bruising linemen picks it up for Nebraska, runs left all the way in for a touchdown.  That was the birth of one of the greatest plays, the old fumblerooski. 

RUSH:  I'm gonna show up here every day and tell the truth about what I see and think, and I'm gonna have my audience in mind, and that's where my focus is gonna be.  I'm not here to change the behavior or the votes of the Republican Party.  That has never been the purpose here, and it was never even designed.  It was never even one of the structured designs of this program.  It's always been audience focused and related.  So I believe that if there's a turnaround that's gonna happen here, I just don't think the Republican Party's gonna lead it.  I think they'll follow whatever happens to reverse things in this country. 

RUSH: The caller here (shouting) JOE FROM CEDAR RAPIDS is exactly right.  People who are normally portrayed as victims of an unjust, unfair country have all of a sudden become the targets, and this puts everybody in an uncomfortable position -- in the media, at the DOJ, in academia, and of course at the National Action Network, and of course at the Monochrome Coalition.

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