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RUSH: Here you have a bunch of left-wing Drive-By Media people acknowledging that you don't get patriotism at a Democrat convention, usually.  You don't even get pro-America at a Democrat convention, usually... The bottom line is they know that you don't get patriotism, you don't get God, you don't get the American founding, you don't get American tradition at a Democrat convention.  Okay, fine.  But when you do get those things at a Republican convention, what happens?  The media rips them to shreds, do they not? 

RUSH: Folks, would somebody explain a few things to me?  I really need some help in understanding things today.  In the first place, I thought, because I was told, that Barack Obama's speech last night was fabulous.  It was just great.  It was uplifting. It was positive. It was Reaganesque. So why wasn't every Democrat in that convention hall last night angry and fit to be tied.  That's not what they believe.  Why weren't there mass protests? That's not who he is.  He doesn't talk that way, except at election time.  

RUSH: You go to the media and they're just obsessed with Trump.  They just are beside themselves with this.  "Trump has endangered American national security.  Trump is close to having committed treason."  Seriously, I'm not just trying to be outrageous for the sake of it, which I never do, by the way.  When all of a sudden did they start caring about this?  These are the people with unsecured servers. These are the people whose servers have been hacked by the Russians... I'm gonna try to explain this, what Trump did and what he meant, again.  I did yesterday.  I was the first to properly characterize this as sarcasm.  You know, what Trump was doing was vintage EIB, illustrating absurdity by being absurd. 

D'SOUZA: I came to America to live a different kind of life and to experience the American dream.  No other country has a dream.  There's no Indian dream. There's no French dream. There's no Chinese dream.  This is a country where you can start out at the bottom and, if you climb up the ladders of opportunity, you're gonna get ahead.

DNC Day Three Ratings Down... Bernie Leaves Party He Was Never Really Part Of...  Coming Tomorrow: Caller's Take on Straight Outta Compton...


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