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RUSH: Do you realize the left is wetting the bed today?  (laughing)  They've been wetting the bed all night.  He-he-he.  Oh, man!  What a rally last night!  And not just his rally.  Trump's appointment "Mad Dog" Mattis is turning them mad... I don't think either party has any idea what's headed their way.  Their business is to remain mired in process.  They call it deliberation, thoughtful, reasonable deliberation.  Trump doesn't know any of that.  Trump is not a process guy.  To him, process is delay.  Process is obfuscation.  Process is incompetence.

RUSH: They're too busy thinking Trump is things that he isn't.  There's humility here.  Contrary to what you might believe, Trump's not making himself bigger than the flag, he's not making himself bigger than the country, he's not making himself bigger or more important than the people in this country.  He is recognizing that he's smaller than all of those things.  I doubt that Barack Obama can do that. So there's everything in that little one minute and 11 second sound bite.  There's everything you'd want to know about why Donald Trump won the election, right there, one minute and 11 seconds.  And I'm telling you that the Hillary campaign, the American left, Democrat Party are in utter denial and anger to the point they can't even properly understand or hear that.

CALLER: I've been listening to you for nearly 10 years now.  I'm 19 years old, and I recognize that every news outlet is biased and carries a mob mentality.  And I know that your show is a news outlet that I know I can get the truth from, and I wanted to ask you if you'd ever consider creating a news service in competition with Fox. 

CALLER:  I work in education, and, as you know, this is the belly of the beast where the societal decay is -- in my mind at least, moves so fast and it seems to me, including myself, that we hide out as conservatives because our political beliefs and my religion makes us guilty of hate speech, and I'm not gonna hide out.  My question for you is, how do conservatives like me come out from the shadows and actually start fighting for education again?  

RUSH: What they're trying to say is, "This guy just loves shootin' people! You see that? He said it's fun to go around shooting people!" He's talking about shooting men who slap women around in Afghanistan if they don't have the veil on. He is a good guy. He's one of the greatest appointments that could have been happened for SecDefense.

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The Hill is reporting that Democrat Party donors are in a funk. They "feel like their money got burned" on Hillary's losing campaign. But it's not just their lost millions. Other things that happened during the campaign are bugging them, too.


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