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RUSH: How many of you remember my issuing a warning that the next two years of the Obama administration are going to be unlike anything anybody imagines, that you haven't seen anything yet?  And I tied it to Obama alone.  He will do what he's going to do regardless, but when the Republicans announced that impeachment was off the table and that any constitutional mechanism at their disposal to stop him would not be used, "Katy, bar the door." I have said it over and over again. I've repeated it I don't know how many times...  And it has started.  President Barack Obama is using executive actions now to impose gun control on the nation.  And here is how... 

RUSH: I'm not even gonna tell you because I didn't want to convey something I heard last night that just really ticked me off about the Republican presidential field. But it ticked me off because it made me think, "We're hopeless; we don't have a prayer."  It was in a conversation about local, major, big-time Republican money here in south Florida and about how 95% of it's going to Jeb Bush. But that was not the deal.  It was the discussion of other candidates and what some of these people thought of some of the other candidates.  It just sent me to the moon.

Dem Congressman: We Need Food Stamps Because US Has "Policy" of Sending Black Fathers to Jail...  Paging Marie Harf: Jihad John Is a Rich Guy... Dr. Carson Lets Loose at CPAC... Byron Allen Takes on Obama, Sharpton... Regime Payoff for Obamacare Customers... We'll Get to Hillary Tomorrow...

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The way Obamacare was written, only those who live in the 13 states that set up their own healthcare exchanges are eligible for government subsidies. It’s in black and white. Yet the Regime, ignoring their own law, extended those subsidies to people in the remaining 37 states as well. The Supreme Court will decide if the Administration can continue to break the law. 


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