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RUSH: It's not just Mary Landrieu. It's not just Charlie Rangel.  Spike Lee is out... "Post-Racial America is B---S---."  Wendy Davis, in Texas, running an ad says that Greg Abbott does not want blacks to vote.  The Forehead, Paul Begala, on CNN today said, "Democrats are in trouble in states where they hunt Democrats down with dogs."  Thirty-, 40-year-old playbook pages are being utilized by the Democrat Party.  They've got nothing else. 

originalRUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's starting to get interesting.  Now it's all starting to effervesce.  Now it's all starting to percolate.  Now is when we can actually trust what we're being told.  Well, I don't want to go that far.  But we can be a little bit more confident in believing what we're told now than, say, a month ago, two months ago.

RUSH: She's not gonna change their minds. She's not gonna convince them she's not some three-horned devil. She's not gonna convince them that they ought to endorse her.  It is a total waste of her time.  Meeting with the Des Moines Register editorial board is no different than walking in and having a conversation with the Democrat National Committee.  What do you think's gonna happen?  It's a total waste of time.  So I applaud that move.  

CALLER:  You successfully elicited a visceral, emotional response with Cam and his evolution as you get through that. You put a lump in my throat, and as a writer I know that's an extremely hard thing to do without being treacly.  How do you get through the audio books?  I assume this is an emotional thing for you to do and have your voice not crack when you read the audio book.

RUSH: Tim Russert and I were fairly close... He invited me to do election coverage on NBC in 2002, with he and Tom Brokaw. ... It was like a tomb in there.  And of course my analysis was I wasn't surprised at all and I explained exactly why it had happened.  I cited the Wellstone memorial, and I cited all these things. You could just see all these people. They were flummoxed. They had no idea.

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