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RUSH: It seems like the entire Drive-By Media and most of the Democrat Party is throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus, and over e-mail? There's more going on here inside the deep, dark crevices of the Democrat Party than we know, folks.

RUSH: Netflix was simply campaigning to its customer base trying to get its customer base on its side by claiming it was for the kind of net neutrality that the customers thought was on the table, and it never has been and never was.  And now it's obvious, Netflix never really believed the FCC would go this far.

RUSH: Total vindication for Darren Wilson, the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.  The Department of Justice has released a massive report on this, and it is just devastating to the witnesses who lied about 'Hands up, don't shoot.' We knew at the time it didn't happen, and now none other than Eric Holder has made it official.  Darren Wilson was entirely, totally justified in taking the action he took against the Gentle Giant.

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, tax cuts are a classic Republican issue.  Cutting taxes to spur economic growth, cutting -- now, the Democrat tax cut is not marginal rates.  The Democrats, I don't think, are gonna go that far, but they're still stealing the terminology. 

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