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RUSH: You see the stories on the US economy, the first quarter. I predicted this.  I predicted there'd be a revision. What was the original report of the first quarter?  Two percent, .2% growth or something. I said it's not gonna be that when they revise it. They're gonna revise it three or four months from now when everybody's forgotten it.  Here it goes.  The US economy fell.  It went backwards.  It slowed down, 0.7% growth rate.  That's not growth, folks.  That's a contraction. 

RUSH: The Petra Nemcova charity benefit at Cipriani. The point of this is that, after spending all this money on Sheryl Crow and all this money on parfaits and stuff, she gave a lifetime achievement award to Bill Clinton for all the great work he's done in Haiti, in tsunamis and all that. And he charged her a half a million dollars at her tenth anniversary fundraiser for tsunami relief. He charged her half a million; she paid it happily.  

RUSH: Elton John's partner David Furnish is listed as "mother" on the birth certificates and that is what has sent Germaine Greer into a tizzy...  I just think it's rich that here comes a woman who was instrumental in blowing up the institution of motherhood now upset that gay men are listing themselves as mothers on birth certificates.  I mean, it's not Elton John's fault.  He didn't open these doors.

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smallWith all the media attention over the Burwell case, the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, you might not have heard about another pending lawsuit. The central issue in this case is Obama’s abuse of executive power, as it pertains to Obamacare.


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