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The Washington Post ran a long article on the latest Obamacare problems. It reported that nearly half the 17 insurance markets set up by states to comply with Obamacare are “struggling financially.” Worse, those financial struggles caught state officials off-guard. Five years after Obamacare became law, states are now dealing with “unexpected and serious” challenges. Unexpectedly!

RUSH:  Last week or the week before I happened to come across a report at TheFederalist.com, which had done an exhaustive and detailed analysis of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. It was The Federalist who discovered and then reported that 15% of all the money raised by the Family Foundation actually goes to charities. Fifteen percent! Another report later found that it's 10% in some cases... Well, then the Democrat National Committee -- using people disguised as fact-checkers -- gets into gear. 

RUSH: Former President Bill Clinton is surfacing to defend the Clinton Crime Family Foundation because, as predicted, news stories about the Clinton Foundation are scaring off the people that want to bribe the Clintons, the access-buyers.  The reason that is happening is because the scam has been exposed.  The scam is that it isn't about charity.  It's about personal enrichment by selling future access and granting favors from a sitting secretary of state for exorbitant sums of money, under the guise of selflessness.

RUSH: For millennia marriage has been an institution about specific things.  It has not been an arrangement of convenience in the here and now to satisfy surface, specious desires.  Marriage has been a commitment. You can say it works or doesn't. You can say that it's not always perfect. I don't care how you want to rip it, but marriage is what it is.  Marriage is a union of a man and a woman which has, whether you want to admit it, agree to it or not, one purpose:  to propagate the race, to create bloodlines and family lines, family being the keyword, for the express purpose of giving people the best opportunity to be raised in a good way so as to be prepared to meet life as an adult. 

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