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RUSH: I'll cut to the chase.  For Romney to have won, given everything else that happened in 2012, he would have needed 70% of the Latino vote.  Not gonna happen, right?  However, given everything else that happened, if Romney had just secured an additional 4% of the white vote, he would have won in 2012.  Now, which of those two is more attainable, more doable? 

RUSH: I love cats, too, and I think Cecil is a great name for a lion.  In fact, if I ever get another cat I'm gonna name it Cecil in honor of this one.  My own cat was disappointed when she found out Cecil was killed.  All animals are worried about this.  Understand that.  But how in the world can you get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad over Cecil and, at the same time, participate in burying what's happening at Planned Parenthood?

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A couple of women are at the center of a federal lawsuit challenging the egg industry. The human egg industry, that is. The women claim that fertility clinics' price guidelines have suppressed how much they can make -- how much they can charge for their eggs. And they say that violates federal antitrust laws.

RUSH: Another week, and another Planned Parenthood video.  And as everybody thought, it just gets sicker.  We were told it was going to get sicker.  We were told that there was much more in the pipeline.  And there is.  It's really sick, folks.  Do you know what this is?  I'll tell you what this is.  This is the kind of thing that years from now Americans not yet born are gonna hear about, and they are not gonna understand it, and they are gonna wonder what in the heck was going on in their country back in the early parts of this century. You know, there have been 55 million abortions since the Supreme Court decision in 1973. That's a conservative number, 55 million. 

RUSH: They tried to get Trump, the Daily Beast, claiming that he raped Ivana, and they were foiled when Ivana came out and endorsed Trump. She talked about how much she loved Trump and they worked together raising their kids and so forth and it didn't happen...  This is Drive-By journalism.  You show up, you lob a grenade, and you head on down the road. You take some accolades from your buddies at CBS or CNN, and then move on down the road waiting to throw the next grenade someplace.  

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