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RUSH: Have you heard any Republican stand up and say anything in opposition to what's going on now?  Have you?  I haven't.  It's, to me, striking.  And yet the Republicans, people talk about a wave election, how is that going to happen?  Are they sitting there really believing that the only or the best thing to do is to shut up and don't become targets and let the Democrats commit harakiri and, come November, people will vote Republican automatically 'cause they're so fed up with the Democrats?  Is that what the thinking is? 

RUSH: Stop! The! Tape!  That's the first time I have ever heard anybody in the Democrat Party tell the truth about Hillary Clinton's purpose and presence in Selma.  The first time.  I have never heard a ranking civil rights person properly and with anger categorize Mrs. Clinton's appearance in Selma in 2007 as the phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roller event that it was. 

RUSH: He doesn't care about any of the things that aren't working.  They're just all part of the process to get where he wants this country to end up being.  In fact, some people are gonna have to experience a little pain, damn it.  They deserve to.  This country's had it too easy for way too long. 

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