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RUSH: You're gonna see, on the part of people who are winning, such as at the Supreme Court or throughout these culture war battles that we are having, you're going to see, if you pay attention, that the people winning get increasingly angrier with each victory. And you see them get meaner and bolder and it's an amazing thing to behold. 

RUSH: A friend of mine sent me a link to a blog that is hosted and written by David Stockman.  David Stockman was the former budget director for Ronaldus Magnus until for some reason he was taken to the woodshed and fired.  Oh, I know what it was.  He disavowed supply-side, which was his own creation.  Anyway, Stockman has run a bunch of numbers and has been able to put all of this in context and has concluded that the actual unemployment rate in the United States of America is not 5.5%, and it's not 12.5% or 13%. 

RUSH: As Trump has pointed out, NBC is standing by the lying Brian Williams.  They stand by tax cheat Al Sharpton. He still has a show on their sister network.  But they fired Donald Trump because he talked about building a border fence and NBC thinks he was very, very insulting to Mexican people. 


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