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RUSH: You gotta hear this. This is gonna explain a lot to you...  The speaker of the House is saying that the biggest problem they've got is this newly birthed 20-25 years ago conservative media.  Because of that he can't play golf with Obama -- which is, I guess, where they could do some deals.  

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The National Abortion Federation requested a temporary restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress, the group behind the Planned Parenthood video sting. Within hours, San Francisco Judge William Orrick III granted the order, forbidding the Center from releasing any more videos on what goes on inside the abortion industry.

RUSH: The Democrat presidential campaign is an absolute mess right now, with Joe Biden toying with the idea of getting in, Bernie Sanders being more popular than anybody ever dreamed.  Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz was on Meet the Press and she could not define the difference between a Democrat and a socialist.  

RUSH: I can't tell you how many times we played this sound bite during the 2008 presidential campaign.  The guy's gonna put the coal business out of business.  He just telegraphed it! He just promised it.  For this baseless, phony objective of "saving the planet" from climate change.  It is stunning.  And now he's done it.  Here it is seven years later, and he's on the way. He announced it today.  


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