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RUSH: It's a tradition to tell the truth about Thanksgiving on this program, and I did it first in a book called See, I Told You So. "Chapter 6: Dead White Guys, or What the History Books Never Told You, the True Story of Thanksgiving." We expanded on it and made a whole book out of it, not just a chapter, for the children in the first Rush Revere book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. They had The True Story of Thanksgiving in there plus a bunch of other things about the Pilgrims, and then came Rush Revere and the First Patriots, and Rush Revere and the American Revolution.

RUSH: He admitted, he told this crowd in Chicago that Americans have no right to oppose immigration.  Americans have no right to favor Americans.  He said the only group of people who could legitimately be mad or upset about anything to do with immigration, Native Americans.  They, the original owners, occupiers of this country, they and only they, are permitted, allowed, have the right to feel ticked off over immigration. 

RUSH: Obama could have gone on TV at eight o'clock Monday night.  He could have asked for television time Monday night, before this event began, and he could have defended the American system of justice.  He could have explained the grand jury system to people who obviously don't understand it.  He could have talked about proper, civilized behavior.  He could have talked about civilization as it relates to the rule of law. 

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