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RUSH: Can you believe the future Speaker of the House having an affair? Bob Livingston, Newt Gingrich, this guy, McCarthy. You know, it's about time this becomes a resume enhancement for us instead of something that wipes us out. Something like this happens on the left, it's a big time resume enhancement. It proves that they're hip. It proves that they're pro-women. (laughing) It proves that they're virile. It proves that they're attractive to women and so forth. But on our side it does nothing but destroy us.

RUSH:  In the old days, and it wasn't that long ago, folks, when a political party was the loser of a presidential election, or other elections, that party would honestly assess where it had gone wrong with the voters and would attempt to make it right with the voters... And what's changed is, as far as these guys are concerned, it's the donors who determine who wins, and, therefore, it's the donors to whom they have to be loyal, not voters.

RUSH: Governor Kasich's conservatism sort of -- he'll get mad at this -- but it started evolving or changing a little bit. And this is what happened. You know, it's O'Sullivan's first law. Any individual or group of people that are not actively conservative each and every minute of each and every day will eventually become liberal.

RUSH: Well, what they'll tell you is that all of that pink that you see translates to sales of the items -- licensed merchandise -- on NFL websites, team websites, and in retail outlets where NFL gear is sold. I mean, even now to the point where the pink bow is on the football. So they'll tell you that's promoting sales of these units and that's where they'll tell you the dollars go. 

RUSH: Well, now, wait, wait, wait, wait just a second. You have forgotten. Mitt Romney stood idly by while a man once in his employ's wife died, and Romney didn't care. And Romney didn't pay his taxes for ten years. And Romney put the family dog on the roof of the station wagon on family vacation for two weeks, where it got thirsty and sweaty. (Well, dogs don't sweat.) Heat and everything else! Romney's a mean guy. He doesn't pay his taxes, and he's heartless. A woman died.

RUSH: The fact is they can't afford cars because of the economy. They can't afford to buy homes. Everything's out of their reach in terms of ownership. They can't get approved for loans. They've all got such student loan debt, or many of them, that owning anything is out of the question. So it was largely a cover sentiment that was created by the left and the media to try to cast these Millennials as an entirely new group of people, anti-capitalists.

RUSH: I've had a chance to read a little bit. Depending on how deep it is, the layers, it could be a gigantic find.  This is what the UK Daily Mail is saying.  So, if all that's true, and we won't know for a while, there's no question it's a game-changer.  But it's just gonna focus enemies on Israel even more.  That's the last thing anybody wants in that region is for Israel to become even more empowered.  So the claim will be it isn't Israel's, it's Syria's or whatever, you watch. They're just not gonna sit by and let this happen.  

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Days before the Oregon college shooting, The Atlantic magazine ran a story about Chicago's gun violence. And over one recent weekend, nine people were killed, 45 wounded. The following weekend, 50 were shot. 


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