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RUSH: I love cats, too, and I think Cecil is a great name for a lion.  In fact, if I ever get another cat I'm gonna name it Cecil in honor of this one.  My own cat was disappointed when she found out Cecil was killed.  All animals are worried about this.  Understand that.  But how in the world can you get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad over Cecil and, at the same time, participate in burying what's happening at Planned Parenthood?

RUSH: I'll cut to the chase.  For Romney to have won, given everything else that happened in 2012, he would have needed 70% of the Latino vote.  Not gonna happen, right?  However, given everything else that happened, if Romney had just secured an additional 4% of the white vote, he would have won in 2012.  Now, which of those two is more attainable, more doable? 

RUSH: Robert Kraft admitted today that he was attempting to build a bridge of cooperation, magnanimity with the league by accepting and not fighting that fine and the penalty of the two draft picks, and he was enraged, for him.  He was enraged.  He apologized to the New England Patriots fan base for making such a huge mistake of having faith and trust in the league. 

RUSH:  They're telling themselves that all of you people supporting Trump are gonna be just devastated and sad and gonna end up feeling betrayed and used when Trump gets out, leaving you high and dry, and they're worried you're gonna be so mad you're just not gonna vote in the next election. It's gonna be handed to Hillary.  That's the fear they have of what Trump ultimately represents.  

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