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RUSH: Okay, what do you want to start with?  You want to start with Cuba?  Or you want to start with the Sony/North Korea hack?  You want to start with showbiz first? All right. Because you know they're linked.  They are intertwined.  I'll be happy to explain it... 

RUSH: Liberalism is the dominant belief system in our culture today because of the media.  Pop culture is populated by people who think that way, and it's considered to be what's hip, and that's what everybody wants to be.  Everybody wants to be hip and cool, and most people aren't hip.  Most people aren't cool.  But everybody wants to be.  Liberalism offers you the chance. Liberalism offers you the chance to be in the club of the hip and the cool.  And you don't have to do anything.

RUSH: I'm seven or eight years old.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  I remember watching Castro on TV, and I can remember the news had Douglas Edwards at CBS News, and Walter Cronkite. I remember them hoping and praying Castro would choose us, even back then. Hoping and praying.  They were all convinced that he wasn't, but Castro left it open. It was a possibility he was gonna choose to align with us, and then when he aligned with the Soviet Union, oh, it was a letdown. 

RUSH: It illustrates for us who they are and what they're really intending to do and what their base manner of thinking is.  I mean, to tell this story in a different way recently to People magazine, "Is the country still racist?" How does that advance anything?  How does that help a thing, particularly when that was not her original interpretation of the event?  

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On November 4, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was reelected in a landslide, crushing her Democrat opponent by 14 points. The state Senate, controlled by Democrats since the 1920s, rode the Republican midterm wave, flipping to Republican control. Sadly, Democrats still run the Assembly.


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