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RUSH: I'm sitting here, and I am genuinely intrigued at what appears to be a firing squad being put together aimed at Hillary Diane Rodham, otherwise known as Hillary Rodham Clinton.  That's her e-mail address at clintonemail.com, HDR, Hillary Diane Rodham.  No mention, no relationship, no mention whatsoever of her husband, Bill.... What we're looking at here, ladies and gentlemen, is an actual War on a Woman.

RUSH: The Clintons are not the rock stars to the 25-54 group that they were to Baby Boomers.  So all these scandals are starting to erupt and these young Millennials, they know this e-mail stuff.  They know what this means.  They know Hillary using a private server versus a government server, they know the differences, they know why anybody would do it, and they're doing it to hide.  They're doing it to keep secrets... The Clintons do everything in secret.  It doesn't sit well with this current crop of young people growing up.

RUSH: They had oral arguments, Supreme Court on King v. Burwell, the subsidy case, Obamacare, and it comes down to -- I'm not kidding you.  The argument, at least as the Drive-Bys, as the Drive-Bys assess the hidden deep meaning in oral arguments yesterday does "state" mean just "state."  It's all about the state exchanges being the only place you can get a subsidy.  You can't legally get one at a federal exchange. The federal government is not allowed to set up an exchange.  They did anyway when the states didn't. So now the argument before the court: Does "state" just mean "state," does "state" mean the entire government apparatus or does it mean one of the 57? 

REPORTER MARK STRASSMANN:  Last time, the ATF said they wanted to restrict the army piercing rifle round to better protect police.  The reason:  Some new handguns can fire the same ammo.  The move prompted Rush Limbaugh to tell his radio listeners last week that the proposed ban was a backdoor gun grab.

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The Obama Regime recently imposed a travel ban on the Venezuelan regime accusing them of human rights violations. The real question is, who --aside from a few Hollywood celebrities and leftwing college professors -- would want to visit Venezuela these days?


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