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RUSH: It was hard to tell last night just whose leader Barack Obama is.  I mean, I'm watching this, it's surreal, and it's almost like a dream.  Was Barack Obama speaking as president of the United States or was he speaking as the victorious leader of a foreign invasion?  

RUSH: I think Obama is taking note of how little anger, protest, opposition there really is.  I mean, it might be in the polls, but Obama is taking the measure right now of how much more of this he can do in the next two years with as little opposition as he thinks he's gonna get.  I guarantee you he's only just begun here.

RUSH: We want everybody like you who wants to come here to come here and do so in a legal way. Everybody is more than happy to deal with the unfortunate circumstances of your reality, but we have got to shut down the border first and stop the influx!  If we don't do that, we're gonna be flooded and we're not gonna be able to handle assimilation.

RUSH: I say, "Look I'm ready to throw in the towel.  You know what?  I can see the numbers, and I can see, Senator Schumer, that you've got 'em.  So you know what I'll do?  I will submit, I'll agree the Republicans put together a bill that gives you everything you want.  The only thing that I think is fair and that I want is that these newly legalized illegal aliens cannot vote for 20 years."  And if there is even a syllable of opposition to that, then we would expose the Democrats for what they really are.

RUSH: They are beside themselves with rage.  "How dare they! How dare any company investigate us? We're just journalists.  It doesn't matter what we've done or haven't done.  That doesn't affect our reporting of this story!  This is intimidation.  This is harassment!" Journalists across the spectrum -- news journalists, sports journalists, tech journalists, bloggers -- are all writing about just how awful Uber is, how outrageous it is that anybody at Uber would even think of this. 

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If you believe Obama, security at the southern border isn’t a problem. Other than a little blip in traffic when a few kids came in by themselves, almost nobody is crossing the border illegally. It hasn’t been this safe since the 1970’s.


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