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Mark Steyn filled in for Rush on Wednesday. Check out Mark's Stack for links, audio clips, Buche de Noel recipes -- and more. Rush is back on Thursday. 

"The important thing about Trump is you don't become successful in business unless you can prioritize, and prioritizing means you have to choose. So you can have a Department of Homeland Security that bans sponge cake from Canada, or you can have a DHS that stops people like the big stabby-stabby Ohio State University stabber from stabbing Americans, but you cannot have both." -Mark Steyn

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Well, the high and mighty New York Times says a new "threat to academic freedom" has emerged, and it's not Donald Trump. It's a new website launched last week called "Professor Watchlist." The "watchlist" names 200 college professors who -- according to students -- spread leftist propaganda in their classrooms, and are biased against conservative students. 

RUSH: I got an email from a buddy who had an observation, and I had been thinking about it, too, but it was not in the front of my mind, the top-of-my-mind consciousness. But it's a random thought that I'd had over and again a couple, three times, and basically what this email was: "Rush, can you explain something to me?  Why is it that Donald Trump is not rewarding his biggest supporters with positions of substance and power in his administration?  Why is Donald Trump, say, ignoring Rudy and ignoring the Newtster and ignoring others and, in fact, spending all this time with people who did not support him?" I was thinking about it last night to prepare myself to discuss it with you today.  And it's amazing how things happen.  Because in the process of doing show prep today, I encountered a post by our old buddy Steven Hayward at Power Line.  

RUSH: He knows exactly what he's doing and is doing it for a reason.  He's doing this on purpose.  There is an objective to this.  The left just can't help themselves, though.  They have to cast this guy... They have to portray him as somebody that's a walking mental midget, that literally has no idea what he's done here by winning the presidency, that has no idea how to talk, has no idea how to behave. They continue to make the mistake of plugging him into their model. They're plugging him into what they think an accomplished politician is, and he's not that, he's never been that, and he's not going to be that. 

RUSH: He is literally immersed in enjoyment and joy.  He is eating it up.  And I think this endless parade of people parading in and out of the Trump Tower, I think a lot of it is just a show.  The people involved don't know it.  I mean, everybody being brought in there, they want to be seen, they're stopping for the cameras, and some of them are walking to the microphones.  They want to be seen.  They want the news out that they have been summoned to Trump Tower.  It's the red carpet in reverse.  He's rolling out the red carpet.  But they're all making the trek to see him. 

RUSH: Don't misunderstand.  The guy's exactly right, but I don't know how he's still there. This happened last Thursday and this is Tuesday, and he's still there?  No, he's dead-on right.  Don't misunderstand.  I'm just... This is the kind of thinking that the multicultural curriculum thinks they have banished for the last 25 years from American sports and culture.

RUSH: Deep down, the greatest fear they've got -- and it's an outgrowth of the fear they had during the campaign, too.  I mean, Trump blew up the way you campaign.  Trump defied everything that says you lose if you do it.  He did everything that would guarantee most people in this view to lose.  He didn't lose; he won.  He has rewritten every one of these rules, and they're living, I think, in paranoid fear.

Rogue GOP Elector Won't Vote for Trump, Because of Darth Vader... Does Ken's New Outfit Mean Anything to You?... Be Prepared for Mark Steyn Tomorrow...


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