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RUSH: When the Supreme Court upheld Hobby Lobby, they upheld the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. There's literally nothing new that's happened here in Indiana that hasn't already been upheld at the Supreme Court and passed US Congress and been signed into law, in this case by Bill Clinton... We've got "hands up, don't shoot," except in this case it's supposedly discrimination against gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders, and that's not what it is. 

originalRUSH: This scuttlebutt that Obama is finally gonna just rip the cord, so to speak, and disown Israel and go to the United Nations and let a Security Council resolution or some other kind of resolution actually establish the Middle East peace process results, there's only one thing that can be motivating or inspiring that, and that's hate.

RUSH: I played golf yesterday and somebody suggested to me that, if I ever do write another book, the title should be On the Golf Course, because of what I hear so often and the things that happen, the conversations that ensue with people on the golf course.  One of the guys I played with yesterday is an admitted French socialist.

RUSH: Just the word "Halliburton," the liberals hear that, it's like showing Dracula the cross.  They hear "Halliburton," and, folks, they literally go insane.  The first thing they think of is Cheney. They think of the Iraq war. Then they think of Darth Vader. Then they think of George W. Bush and they literally start pounding their heads into the nearest available hard surface.

originalRUSH:  I am doing that which I was born to do.  My name is Rush Limbaugh.  I am America's Real Anchorman.  I am the guy that drives the left insane.  I'm the guy responsible for making them insane.  I'm the guy responsible for infusing the left with an out-of-control, out-of-containment even possibility of being contained hatred -- and, for that, my friends, I have a gold star, and I take it from them. You might say, "What's Rush talking about?" I'll tell you what I'm talking about...

RUSH: Harry Reid announced that he will not seek reelection...  We've had a very famous run-in with Dingy Harry on this program... Dingy Harry applied pressure to the chief executive officer of my then syndication partner, Clear Channel Communications, a man by the name of Mark Mays.  You remember this?  It was over this totally made up controversy involving the phony soldier... It's one of the major victories that we have had here over the Democrat Party and a leader in that party. It was a humiliating, overwhelming defeat of Harry Reid, and what we did on this program was an illustration of how you can fight back to these people -- and win -- if you just have the desire to do so. 

RUSH: Barack Hussein O came into office claiming and promising to transform the United States of America, and he had said on many occasions he wanted to do it in a Reaganesque way. Not as Reagan did, but he wanted to be as effective as Reagan.  One of the reasons the left hates Reagan is because of his effectiveness...  You know, Reagan said, "Trust, but verify" when dealing with the Soviet Union.  Obama's position with Iran is, "Trust, but don't verify."  

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