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CALLER: Having been born in America and having lived in America for many years, I understand very much the American psyche.  But I wanted to share with people, they should understand, this war that's going on between Israel and Hamas, if one excludes the moral component and just looks at it from a purely personal safety point of view. If, heaven forbid, something were to happen to Israel and we would no longer be here to fight this enemy, the first thing America needs to understand, we are next.  We are the great Satan and we will have terrorism at our doorstep.

RUSH: Folks, this has gone beyond absurd now.  Here we have the modern-day Nazis. The Palestinians, Hamas, you name it, are the modern-day Nazis where the Jews are concerned.  They are the current incarnation of Adolf Hitler.  It is their total hatred for Jews and their anti-Semitism that defines their existence.  That's the root of the problem!

RUSH: Everybody who has purchased Obamacare through HealthCare.gov, the federal exchange, essentially, and has gotten a subsidy is now disallowed.  That's it, in a nutshell.  And that's the law.  This is a huge day, at least temporarily, for the rule of law... But whether it holds up is anybody's guess.

RUSH: "These 'State Exchanges' Are a Health Care DMV," is the slug line of the segment, and I am just gonna read to you excerpts of what I said that day, July 3rd, 2012... Way back in July of 2012 we nailed this, that if the subsidies were killed, both the individual and employer mandates were also dead.  I was able to come to that conclusion because it was what the law said, and it was the law that was upheld today.

RUSH: This idiot, John Kerry, is over talking Vietnam to Benjamin Netanyahu.  "You know, when I was in Vietnam...."  And Netanyahu, "This isn't Vietnam," you idiot... The roots of this strife in the Middle East go back to the seventh century, and it is rooted in the hatred of Jewish people.  The modern-day Hamas, formally Fatah and Arafat and so forth, these guys had a lot in common with the Nazis in terms of Jewish extermination.

RUSH:  Well, I just read this clarification piece from ESPN.com on Tony Dungy...  So my staff, always excited by the exclusive opportunity they have to ask me what I think (face it, you would love that chance, too), asks, "So, Rush, is this enough?  Is this enough?  Will this put out the fire?"  I said, "No, it is not gonna come close to putting out the fire." 

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