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RUSH: How about this? I'm through with the jobs numbers. The jobs numbers are bogus.  We lost twice as many jobs last month as were created.  The unemployment rate is 42%.  It is not 5.3%.  The economy isn't growing.  There's nothing better today than it was in the last two years of the Clinton administration.  Nothing!  Everything is worse, including public attitude.  You just can't find it because people are afraid to express it. 

RUSH: I'm opening these questions up.  Do any of you think that the Republican presidential candidates and/or the Republican Party itself are being harmed by Donald Trump and his campaign, his behavior, his public persona today? Here's the next question:  Are any of you surprised by the utter lack of any public protest, anger, uprising, against the assault on our traditional culture that was affirmed last week by decisions of the US Supreme Court?

RUSH: I get peppered with questions about who I think should be or I think will be the nominee.  I don't know quite the best way to explain this.  I don't want anybody to infer from my answer that I don't think it's important, obviously.  But I think the questions, the issues, the challenges we face go so far beyond the question right now of who the nominee is going to be. 

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