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RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, which sounds larger, 27 years or 6775 days? Three hours a day.  That's 20,325 hours -- 20,325 hours -- and remarkably, in all of those 20,325 hours, I, your seasoned host, have not said one thing that resulted in me being forced out.  Not one thing.  Who else could do that in this day and age?

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The president of the University of New Hampshire says he is "troubled and offended" by a "bias-free language guide" on his school's website. According to AP, the document is the creation of students and staff. It's been around since 2013, without complaint.

TRUMP:  I think one of the reasons Trump is doing this -- and there may be many.  But he is a winner. I think he's so sick and tired of this country losing everything that it's doing, and I think he believes that these defeats are being engineered and programmed.  I think he's fed up with it.

CALLER: I was at the protest yesterday, and Dr. Walter Palmer is my dentist, who is a very decent individual, who I believe to not have violated any law knowingly.  What I witnessed out there was what you've often talked about is mind-numbed robots.  These people are out there screaming for his death, for his extradition, for his hanging, for his murder.

RUSH: Numbers can be made to lie. If you write the numbers, if you control the calculation, you can make the numbers whatever you want them to be, which is what is happening here.  But I agree with you.  You're kind of echoing a point that I made yesterday, and that is 100 years from now Americans are going to be looking back at this era with utter shock. 

RUSH: Truth be told, I think in the inner sanctum of the Democrat Party, whatever and wherever that inner sanctum is -- we know it isn't in a womb because no Democrat's safe in the womb. But wherever this inner sanctum is and whoever is in it, the idea that Hillary Clinton is inevitable, I think, is a myth for public consumption that a lot of powerful Democrats have never really believed. 

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