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RUSH: The national conversation is consumed by race.  How many Americans do you think went to vote in November of 2008 and voted for Barack Obama for one reason: He's African-American and they hoped that that change would signal the end of racism.  They hoped that the very act of this horrible, unjust and immoral country finally electing an African-American would finally put the notion that we still are deeply racist behind us and demonstrate that we're not.  How many people do you think voted for Obama for that one reason?  I would say enough to get him elected.  And of course all that's happened is things have gotten worse.

RUSH: I don't know how old this kid is.  Gotta be young.  I know his name.  I'm not gonna mention his name 'cause I don't want to make him famous, 'cause he's an idiot.  But he thinks he's brilliant.  And the piece that he wrote is being cited as brilliant.  And you know why all this is happening with the cops?  You won't believe the rationale.

CALLER: The boys were saying that their dad and I, we were so negative for being critical of our Eagles.  You know, they were just like, how can you be so critical?  Or how can you be so so negative?  And it made me realize that this new trophy generation is such a bunch of wusses.

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