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Trump's Brilliant Debate Idea

RUSH: Please don't misunderstand me on this. This is a testament to his instincts. I don't know if he realizes how brilliant this proposed debate with Crazy Bernie is. And I think everybody is missing the reason why it's brilliant.

Don't Doubt Me: Trump's Not Using the Word "Worker" the Way Socialists Do

RUSH: I had a number of emails today asking me how in the world I am going to defend Trump for saying... When he was asked what he wanted the Republican Party to be, his answer was, "I want it to be a worker's party," and there are people in this audience who remember me decrying that term and ridiculing that term as having socialist, communist roots... Folks, I'm just gonna tell you: He doesn't mean it that way. 

Did Obama Apologize in Hiroshima?

RUSH: Do you think it's coincidental that Obama's doing all this on our Memorial Day weekend? By the way, do you know what our Memorial Day weekend is? I mean, seriously? Do you know what the purpose of Memorial Day is? And I'm not talking about barbecues and hot dogs. Do you know what the real purpose is? How does it distinguish itself, say, from Veterans Day? We are honoring the war dead on Memorial Day. We're honoring the war dead. We're honoring those who have sacrificed everything they have.

Trump's Trouble with Converting Cruzers

RUSH: I'll tell you what's the big problem there: Trump does not believe in limited government. It's not in his universe, and that's why the Tea Party exists. The Tea Party exists to reduce the size of government, government spending, and Trump's out there saying, "I'm not gonna cut Social Security. I don't think we ought to! I don't think we ought to even talk about cutting Social Security." 

I Advise Trump -- on the Radio

RUSH: When the McCain thing happened in the campaign last fall, I did get a call from Mr. Trump, just to say hi. It was about a week after he had said that he doesn't like military people that get captured. He'd prefer to support military people that don't get captured, and he was talking about McCain. And he asked me if I thought he should apologize. I said, "Not now, it's a week, no, no, no, don't." That's it. That's the only time...  I'm not an advisor. I'm not a confidant. There are all kinds of other people who are, but I'm not.

Hillary's Latest War on Women Ad

RUSH: This is classic. This is Hillary Clinton and David Brock and Media Matters and their assumption that every American agrees with the way they think about things, and nothing could be further from the truth. And, in this case, they believe that every American agrees with militant NOW gang-type feminism, and the people who don't are a Luddite minority.

Obama Controls the Drip, Drip, Drip

RUSH: Obama does not, in this case as in every other case, want his fingerprints on whatever the objective is.  I think... I don't know the details or why, but I think there's bad blood there, for some reason.  It may involve race and that 2008 campaign and Bill Clinton and things he said about Obama, who carries grudges. 

My Advice for Trump: Don't Change

RUSH: I am fully aware of this because of personal experience with it -- the effort to change Trump is going to be intense from within his own campaign. It'll be well intentioned, but it'll be wrong... The biggest mistake Trump could make would be to take any of that advice.  The biggest mistake Trump could make would be to listen to anybody who tells him it's time to change.

Isn't It Time World Leaders Got Rattled?

RUSH: My point is there's Obama out there saying all these world leaders are very, very worried, they're very, very rattled over Trump's policies, don't seem to be well thought through. Well, where the hell are we with Obama anyway?  Who's out there celebrating?  What in the world has happened to improve America's lot, America's position in the world?  Are we now less involved?  Are we now more vulnerable?  You can go through the list if you wanted to.  But, on the contrary, I actually think that it's about time foreign leaders are a little rattled and maybe a little unsure what we might do, because I guarantee you under Obama and the United Nations we are seen as a blank check.

Why Real Women Like Trump

RUSH: Let me define "real woman."  I'm talking about the non-feminist, the non-victim-feeling woman. Just a woman happy with herself, happy being a woman, wants to be in a relationship. You know, what we've always thought of as women. Not activist, not angry, not... I mean, look.  You know what I mean.  I mean, not left-wing activist, feminazi-type women.  You know the type of women I'm talking about, don't you? Deep down, no real woman respects any man who can be so easily PC-whipped -- or woman, either -- and whatever else that you might say about Trump, that is something that he isn't.

JIP: Trump's Delegate-Clinching Presser

RUSH: Stop and think of this.  Back last June and July, Hillary Clinton was thought to be on the way to a coronation.  Her nomination was a perfunctory, accepted thing.  It was automatic. It was gonna happen. Just a matter of the calendar.  And Trump was gonna implode and be sent packing in a mass moment of embarrassment.  He was going to implode.  Well, now Donald Trump has secured the GOP nomination, surpassing the 1,237 delegate threshold, and Mrs. Clinton cannot close the deal against Bernie Sanders. 

Why Your Host Is Trending on Fakebook

RUSH: Your host, ladies and gentlemen, I just found out, is trending the top of the Fakebook, whatever they call it, trending, I'm at the top of it. And you know why? Here's what it says. Top of the trending: "Rush Limbaugh: Host says he won't endorse Donald Trump because, 'What difference does it make now?'"

Trump Hits Back at Hillary, Pocahontas

RUSH: They do not have the experience or the conditioning of the third reply. They get away with the initial charge and the subsequent Republican silence and embarrassment, and Republican prayers that nobody will hear it and it'll all go away. Trump hears it, replies, throws the ball back in the Democrat court -- in this case, Hillary or Elizabeth Warren -- and they don't have a lot of experience dealing with the third reply. 

Obama Is Toying with Hillary on Emails

RUSH: You want my take on this? I cling to my theory that Obama does not want to be seen as the person who takes Hillary out, but he is toying with her big time, and this drip, drip, drip is continuing because Obama is permitting it. If Obama wanted this email thing buttoned down, shut down, and dispatched, it would have been however long ago he wanted that to happen.

Bill Clinton Caused the Housing Crisis

RUSH:  I knew it was gonna happen.  I'm always prepared.  I checked the email during the break, a bunch of doubting Thomases.  "You know, you say that Clinton was responsible for the subprime mortgage, but you never offer any proof.  You just say it and you expect everybody to believe it.  And your mind-numbed audience believes everything, but I don't.  You're not fooling me." After 28 years you would figure that, even the left would know, I don't make it up.  But let me share with you from the New York Times, September 30th, 1999. 

What Liberals Think Happens Here Isn't What Happens Here

RUSH: Ever since I read this I have been -- 27 years is a long time to be doing this -- and I've been trying to think from whom have I taken phone calls from people planting information for me. This just doesn't happen. I don't talk to anybody. I really am a hermit.  I do not have networking relationships with any of the people.

Union Guy Sees the Light

CALLER: I'm a recent convert. I've lived my entire life with my father teaching me liberal ideas, and he's always been a Democrat, and within the last, I don't know four or five years, I've come to the realization that it's all a lie. And I'm a member of a major union. I've worked for two major unions in my entire life, and I'm still a member of one, and I just... Everything about it is a complete lie.

An Angry Cruzer Remains Anti-Trump

CALLER: I want to hear his 100-day plan on what he's gonna do on geopolitics. What is he gonna do on Syria? Why isn't he discussing the 80-plus people who got killed in Syria within the last day or two?  Why isn't he discussing our downsizing of the Navy?  Why isn't he discussing, in the first hundred days he's gonna repeal Obamacare?

Cruzer: Trump Saved Us from Jeb

RUSH:  Interesting theory.  Let's stop for a moment and think about this... Imagine that GOP primary starting last July with no Trump in it and $115 million of Jeb money being spent against Cruz. The establishment hated Cruz. They despised him.

Salon Freaks Out

RUSH: There's this from Salon.  Folks, I have two stories in Salon.com that I have to share with you before the program ends.  One of them here, "It Must Stop Now: The Media Cannot Allow Trump to Make This Election About Bill Clinton."  Salon's had it. Salon's sending out a plea, a warning, a demand to the Drive-By Media to shut this Trump stuff up about the Clintons. But the other Salon story: "Donald Trump Is Going to Win: This Is Why Hillary Clinton Can't Defeat What Trump Represents."

Sanders Soothes Nerves on The View

RUSH: You know, it's beginning to dawn on a number of Bernie supporters that the end is near, and they're having a tough time dealing with it. One of the people having a tough time dealing with it was Maude Behar over at The View.  

Bill Clinton Says Trump Brags Too Much About His Wealth? Really?

RUSH: Bill Clinton -- the original braggart on how rich he and Hillary are -- out there talking about how funny it is to listen to Trump brag about how rich he is.  We put together on the fly here just a little montage from our archive, 'cause we noticed from the moment Clinton left the White House, he couldn't stop bragging about how rich he was. 

Cokie Roberts: White Women Won't Like the Way Trump Is Bullying Poor Hillary

RUSH: Cokie Roberts says white women are gonna be the determining factor in the election.  Might that statement not tick off African-American women?  And Hispanic women?  But that's incidental. The money quote here is, "Women will be very upset if they think that another woman is being blamed for her husband's infidelities."  Now, is that what Trump is saying?  Trump isn't saying that.  Trump is saying she enabled him.  

It Wasn't Supposed to Go This Way for Mrs. Clinton

RUSH: This wasn't supposed to happen.  See, Hillary was supposed to be coronated by now, and over on the Republican side is where the knock down, drag out was supposed to be happening. They were supposed to be beating themselves up, and whoever won the nomination was supposed to have been destroyed in the primary process -- and it's the exact opposite.

What Really Went Down in Baltimore

RUSH: Let's go back and listen to Marilyn Mosby.  She's the state attorney here, and this is the day -- it's May 1st of 2015, a little over a year ago. She's announcing all of these charges, and it took her 15 minutes to recite these charges if you recall.  You may not recall.  I do.  I was here.  Fifteen minutes to recite all the charges.  She overcharged this.  I actually think -- there's a part of me that thinks -- that Marilyn Mosby had to know she wasn't gonna get convictions on very many of these charges.  I think the point of making the charges was to satisfy the mob at the time.  Because, you know, many people think a charge is the equivalent of a guilty verdict.

Hillary's $21-Million Speech Scandal

RUSH: I don't think you're gonna see this story in the New York Times or the Washington Post. I don't think any of the nightly newscasts are gonna make a big deal of it.  It's gonna be the kind of thing that, if she loses, in their postmortems they're gonna go back to and say, "You know what?  We missed this when this happened, but the exit polling will show it, that people thought she was inexorably tied to corporate America."  I'm telling you, folks: $21 million over two years for 20 or 25 minutes?  There's nothing that screeches "out of touch" more than that. That is just huge. 

What Difference Does It Make Who I Endorse Now?

RUSH: I think endorsing Trump at this stage is like a, "Oh, really?  Where you been?  So what?" It's not what I do.  But I appreciate the thought.  I'm very much appreciative, very appreciative of the fact that you want me to appear to be relevant, engaged, and purposeful in this -- or, not purposeful, but relevant, engaged, and influential in this.  I appreciate that.  I know that's what you want.  I understand that.  I do.  But I must be true to my instincts, which I always have been.  

Do Martyrs Get Virgins or Raisins?

RUSH: I'd like to be there when they tell them this.  "Uh, sorry! Not virgins.  You were misinformed.  Here are 73 raisins."  You envision that?  Now, when I saw this... You know, I don't just stop here. I just am not wantonly accepting of this stuff.  I actually dug into this.  I found out that it is an ongoing controversy within Islam, the definition of the word that has been translated "virgins" as it's used by militant Islamists as they recruit.  It is unsettled.

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