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What You Need to Know About Deflategate

RUSH: Cut through all of the clutter, cut to the chase, get right to the quick, all you need to know is the NFL has no idea what happened.  The NFL has no idea who did what.  The NFL has no idea who did what when, and that is why Brady and Belichick are both denying any culpability whatsoever.  That can be the only explanation. I would even add this:  As I watch all this play out, I think the NFL probably has as much desire to get to the bottom of this as the Obama administration had to tell us what happened in Benghazi.  I don't think the NFL wants to get to the bottom of this, not now anyway.  Folks, the last thing in the world anyone wants to do is have this investigation solved before the Super Bowl.

Network Newscasts Lead with Deflategate

RUSH: The Sports Drive-Bys, they're so excited.  They have their own Watergate now over the inflation of footballs in the National Football League.  Here is how the three major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, this is how they led their newscasts last night... 

Ex-Players Rip Brady to Shreds

RUSH: I tell you, one of the things I watched yesterday, after the Brady press conference I kept it on ESPN.  They had a bunch of former players.  Mark Brunell, former quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and I think even for the Jets and the Redskins for a while.  And Jerome Bettis, "The Bus," 36 from the Steelers.  I'm telling you, these people laid into Tom Brady in ways I had never thought I would see. 

What If We Treated the Constitution with the Same Reverence as the Rules of the NFL?

RUSH: Wouldn't it be great if there were even half the concern for the nation's rule book being obeyed and being enforced. And when it's violated people being outraged and action being taken against the perpetrator, and of course I'm talking about the Constitution, and I'm talking about the body of law that exists in this country.  It's funny, the scrutiny that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and the Patriots are getting, and the worry and the hand-wringing over the integrity of the game, the National Football League. 

Abysmal Ratings for Obama SOTU

RUSH: The State of the Union address, my instincts right on the money, lowest ratings in 15 years.  It was an absolute, total ratings bomb.  And I didn't want to watch it, my instincts right on the money.

CNN Anchor Ashamed of Patriots

RUSH: I kid you not, this guy, an anchor for CNN, actually went to the CNN website, wrote an op-ed talking about how ashamed he is to be a Patriots fan.  Do you think this guy would ever, ever write an op-ed about how ashamed he is to have voted for Obama or Clinton?  But, no, he couldn't wait to get in there and write his op-ed talking about how ashamed he is to be a Patriots fan.

Brian Williams: Viva La Revolucion!

RUSH: This is just incredible.  Brian Williams worrying that US dollars and US tourists are going to destroy Cuba because they're gonna get rid of the '57 Chevies.  The revolution's logo is a '57 Chevy or a '58 Ford, and American tourists are gonna destroy that.

GOP Explainer: Climate Change and Amnesty

RUSH:  I wonder how many average, ordinary, everyday consumers of news think the Republicans have changed their mind on global warming and now bought into it? They didn't agree with the premise that it's man-made, that it's man causing it. So there wasn't any vast abandonment of anything on the part of Republicans.  As far as immigration...

Why I Didn't Watch the Obama State of the Union Show

RUSH: I never thought the day would come where I did what I did last night. I did not watch. I did not turn it on. I didn't have the State of the Union on with the sound down. I didn't have a channel on where you could see the State of the Union. I today am a proud member of the low-information crowd... I literally had no interest, because I knew what was gonna be said, and more than that, I knew how it was going to be said.  I knew that I was gonna be insulted. I knew the things I believe in are gonna be insulted, with a gloating air about it, and I just didn't want to put up with it. 

The NFL's Big Ball Problem

RUSH: The National Football League has a problem.  People are laughing about this Deflategate thing up in New England.  But it's a problem.  It's a problem because of the integrity of the game.  And that is something that the league cannot be flippant or frivolous about.  

Obama's Tax Hikes on "the Rich" Would Eliminate Middle Class 529 College Saving Plans

CALLER:  Well, let me tell you, the Bush tax cuts back in 2006 made college 529 plans totally tax-exempt. So long as you put the money in it, it grew tax-exempt, you take that money out, you pay for your kids' college, it was tax-exempt.  Now Barack Obama wants to get rid of that Bush tax cut for the middle class, and when you take that 529 money out, that's how he's gonna pay for community colleges.  It's buried in the plan. Forbes has an article about it.

New York Magazine Mainstreams Incest

RUSH: Back in August of 2005, on the subject of gay marriage, I asked the following question:  "Where would the line be drawn, where would the liberals draw the line on right to privacy?" If you're gonna redefine marriage here, folks, then all bets are off, right?  Marriage is like anything else now in morality, individual choice, whatever you want it to be. If you can marry somebody of the same sex, can you marry two people of the same sex? Can you marry one of the opposite sex and one of the same sex and do a troika and draw straws every night or afternoon, depending on your preferences?  What limits are you willing to go for on the right to privacy?  Bigamy, polygamy, incest, where are you gonna draw the line on this once you start changing the definition of marriage?

For Oprah, It's Not Selma -- It's "Sell More"

RUSH: It probably would make more sense for Oprah to pronounce it "Sell More," as in we gotta sell more tickets. Because "Selma" is still the worst box office performer of all the Best Picture nominees, despite it having been Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. 

Republicans Have No Fight in Them

RUSH: I meant to make a point yesterday, folks, and I forgot to do it.  We have an audio sound bite of Romney.  This is exactly what's wrong with the Republican Party. We had a sound bite of Romney yesterday about the possibility he might run for president again, and Romney was addressing poverty and "income inequality," and he started out by praising Lyndon Johnson and his intentions and his big-heartedness.  

Paris Mayor to Sue Fox News Over "No-Go Zones"

RUSH: Do you know what the "no-go zones" are?  The no-go zones are one of two things and may be a combination of both.  It's where the cops don't go, where they refuse to go, and also where the cops can't go. Fox News reported about the no-go zones, and so the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, thinks that they have been impugned and that they have been prejudiced.

The Safeguards of the Founders Are Failing

RUSH: If you read the Federalist Papers, it's why Madison spent so damn much time talking about the importance of character in the chief executive, character in elected leaders, morality and character, all the things that are laughed at today by people that are uninformed and all this stuff in the pop culture. But that's why so many people are concerned.  The safeguards have worked for over 200 years to protect and defend the Constitution and keep it from being basically used as toilet paper, and now it's under assault and there doesn't seem to be anybody standing up and defending it.  

My SOTU Response: I Hope He Fails

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, my good friends, I've already done a State of the Union response. I did it. It was a pre-response, and it was the shortest State of the Union response ever.  It was four words:  "I hope he fails."  And that has been my State of the Union response every year.  "I hope he fails."  It is what it is.  I can't get any more clear-cut than that.

A Mom of Three Rush Babies Says Thanks

CALLER:  I have three Rush Babies, and I have one in college.  So you can imagine what she comes home telling us about her classes. And she gets kind of discouraged.  Yesterday she came home and said she has to take a sociology class.  She came home, and she was like, "Mom, it's a social justice class.  The teacher already told us that, that's what the whole class is gonna be about."  I said, "You should have heard these two girls on Rush Limbaugh today.  If they can stand up, you can."

Why The Oprah Went to Selma

RUSH: Oprah's in Selma because Oprah has not yet overcome.  Oprah's still trying to get in that club, folks, and I know, if you run around and posit my theory, not a single person's gonna tell you I'm right.   They're all gonna tell you I'm nuts and Looney Tunes and crazy and so forth, but that's your best evidence that I've nailed it.  It's not a big deal, but if you're wondering why Oprah's in Selma?  She wants in that club.  Oprah doesn't want to have to be the one hosting a TV show to have these people come see her.  She wants to be invited because she's Oprah.

Championship Sunday: Packers Blow It; Patriots Accused of Deflating Their Balls

RUSH: Have you heard about this?  New England Patriots are accused of deflating their balls during this game. During rain and wind it's apparently easier to grip and throw a football when it's not properly inflated.  The NFL is investigating.  I don't know where the charge comes from, but it's a media guy from Indianapolis, Bob Kravitz, who first made it public.  Tom Brady: This is crazy. This is asinine. This is silly. We didn't deflate our balls. Our balls are just fine.  People are wondering how this can happen.  This has got to be a day of utter misery if you're a Packers fan.  Oh, man.  

Back-to-Back Rush Revere Calls

RUSH: Our first caller from Wisconsin, Lucy? Did you notice, ladies and gentlemen, she said when I asked her to get her parents' permission before we send her stuff, "They're not here. Oh, no, no, no." She's listening to the program without her mommy and daddy there! She's listening on her own.

Limbaugh Institute Thesis: There Is No Media

RUSH: If I were a doctoral candidate, this would be my thesis: "There is no media anymore." I was watching the gaggle of reporters seated in the White House pressroom awaiting a press briefing last week.  It might have been Josh Earnest coming out, or Obama; I don't remember. But it was a side view of all the reporters sitting there in their chairs in the White House pressroom waiting for the people to come in. It just struck me...

American Sniper: Everything Hollywood Hates

RUSH: It's everything Hollywood hates: Rednecks, Texas, guns.  Add to it war, Iraq?  "Wrong, immoral, because of Bush.  What's the guy doing?  Killing innocent Iraqis, a murderer!  No wonder America is hated in the world.  This movie demonstrates why."  That's what they're doing to American Sniper, and they're just getting started. 

The New State of the Union

RUSH:  The State of the Union is not the State of the Union anymore.  The State of the Union is Santa Claus announcing who's been good and who's been bad and what who's been good is gonna get.  That's all State of the Union is.  Santa Claus actually speaking.

How Republicans Should Combat Obama's Bogus Robin Hood Act

RUSH: The key, to me, is going to be how the Republicans react to this in the language they use.  And I think they've been using the wrong language. I have, too.  This is a recent conclusion of mine.  We've been using the wrong language for a long time.  And the truth of it is found -- remember that exit poll question that I just -- I cringed when I saw it, 2012, first wave at five o'clock, "Cares about people like me," Obama 81%, Romney 19%.  That was the election.

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