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Snoop Not Happy with Brady Decision... Il Papa to Deliver American Mass in Spanish... Hillary Might Get the Democrat Nomination Even If She's Indicted... Geraldo Says Racist Republicans Have No Intention of Voting for Ben Carson...

TIME Magazine Story on Unemployment Rate Is an Insult to Our Intelligence

RUSH: This whole subject has been a source of great irritation for me.  We now have, folks, 94 million Americans not working.  The labor force participation rate is at an all-time low.  Now, the labor force participation rate is a percentage of able-bodied people actually working, and it's 62.6%, which is really low, it's an historic low. What it translates to real numbers is 94 million Americans not working, and yet they report the unemployment number 5.1%.  It's an insult. It's an insult to everybody's intelligence, and here we have TIME Magazine, they go through all of these numbers very excitedly. 

Pop Quiz Won't Hurt Trump

RUSH: It's real simple here, folks, and I guess I should address this to the Republican establishment and like-minded.  If you think this is going to harm Trump with his supporters, it won't. It didn't hurt George W. Bush when he was unable to do the same.  It didn't hurt Ronaldus Magnus.

What Gloria Borger and the GOP Establishment Think About Trump, Hispanics and the Base

RUSH: I'll say this 'til I'm blue in the face.  We've run the numbers. Everybody has.  If Romney had won 70% of the Hispanic vote in 2012, he would have still lost the election.  The Republicans are gonna continue to lose if they believe the only way to win the White House is Hispanic votes.  If Romney couldn't have won getting 70%, then it's a giant mistake they're making, and I think they're gonna continue to make it.

"Lady of the Left" Gloats on Gay Marriage

RUSH: Vanessa has called this program before, most recently back in June.  We've run both calls through our analytical software.  She is a legit leftist.  If you think that she was a satirical parody, satire. Wrong.  She's a legitimate leftist.  This has been confirmed.  

Levin's Book Can Save Millennials

RUSH: Plunder and Deceit is written for young people.  It's an attempt to explain to them how the things they are supporting -- they're being exploited, big government making 'em feel guilty and all that -- the things that they are supporting are actually eroding their liberty, and it makes it crystal clear.  

Brady Beats NFL, Stuns Media

RUSH: Yes, my friends, I just wanted to remind you that I predicted that this would be the case.  And after watching all of this I wish that Brady's lawyers had done the negotiation with the Iranians.  We would have a much different outcome there.  So everybody is wondering what's happening.  See, this is a classic example I think of how people end up being misinformed through no fault of their own by simply watching what's in the media every day. 

Hillary's Server Fall Guy to Take 5th

RUSH: Hillary Clinton and the e-mails.  Holy smokes, every day you just... You know, now I'm not bored by it anymore.  Because now we've got the guy who set up her server is gonna take the fifth before congressional committee.

Trump Keeps Perplexing the Experts

RUSH:  At CNN they continue to pull their hair out. The Republican establishment continue to pull their hair out. All across the political spectrum people remain perplexed and confused and disbelieving, in utter denial. "It can't be happening," they say. "It's violating everything we've ever believed. It's violating every tenet that we've ever known. It's violating every principle that we have ever employed.  None of this is making any sense.  You mean to tell me his favorability is rising?" 

Why People Hate Tom Brady

RUSH: Nobody should be that good-looking, that tall. Nobody should be that good athletically and win all those championships and get the girl...  I think that this all started, or a lot of it did, do you even remember the Tuck Rule? 

Trump Signs Pledge, Joined in Progress

RUSH: Look at this.  The media is all atwitter.  They're gathered... There are throngs of 'em at Trump Tower.  I don't know.  You just have to love this.  I mean, there is an overflow crowd of media and people waiting for Trump emerge from his meeting with Reince Priebus of the Republican National Committee. 

Show Prep for the Rest of the Media! Drip, Drip, Drip Distracts Drive-Bys from Bombshells in Hillary E-Mails

RUSH:  You remember the open to yesterday's program where I was going through the latest Hillary e-mail dump, and I said, "You know what, folks, I think I figured out the strategy. The drip, drip, drip, drip, drip drip, drip is just to wear us out. It's beginning to work on me. It's starting to bore me. There's no resolution to this. There doesn't appear to be any end in sight. There's just gonna be more drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. And then later in the program we shared with you a media montage where the word "mundane" was used by several Drive-By reporters to describe the Hillary e-mail scandal. And this morning on Fox News America's Newsroom Bill Hemmer talking with Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard...

No Surprise: Obama Gets Iran Votes

RUSH: If you really thought that there was a chance that the Senate was going to vote "no" on this -- and I'm not trying to be a know-it-all cynic -- I remind you of what Mitch McConnell recently said about defunding Planned Parenthood, all right? 

What Does Your Host Think of Trump's Plan to Tax the Hedge Funders?

RUSH: Clarence here thinks that he's gonna get me in a trap 'cause he thinks I'm a Trumpster and that he can get me on hypocrisy, 'cause he knows that I've always been opposed to tax increases on anybody. But since he thinks I'm supporting Trump, he thinks that I'm gonna bite the bullet here and come out and support Trump's tax increases on hedge funders.

The Trump Movement Isn't About Conservatism -- It's About Americanism

RUSH: My attention was just brought via e-mail to yet another conservative writer at a popular well-known conservative website writing about how these conservatives supporting Trump are being bamboozled and they're throwing away their principles, supporting Trump, because Trump isn't a conservative.  Yesterday or the day before it was a really vicious piece, which I've got here in the Wall Street Journal by a guy named Bret Stephens who said if you're not appalled by Donald Trump, you are appalling.  That's how it opened. So there's all these conservative media types pulling their hair out.  They're thinking that you people supporting Donald Trump have abandoned your conservatism.  What they don't understand is that support for Trump is about much more than conservatism.  I don't even think it's about conservatism per se. 

Reluctant Rush Baby Rewarded with Free Rush 24/7 Subscription

CALLER:  I just wanted to thank you for sparking my interest in politics.  I'm 22 years old, and my dad loves your show, but I couldn't exactly say the same.  I've been kind of forced to listen to you growing up, and every time I'd ask my dad to change to a music station, and he'd be like, "Well, this is music to my ears," so we'd have to stay and listen to your show.  And this summer I've been spending more and more time with my dad and finally I gave in to actually actively listening to your show, and it's not bad..  I'm actually now motivated to paying attention to the election, become an educated voter, and for the first time in my life.... You're way cooler than I thought, so I'm glad I gave your show a chance.

Trucker Recalls Rita X

CALLER:  This gentleman that wrote the article that you've been reading from, first of all, this guy is not a conservative.  He may even be a Democrat.  I wrote down a couple of notes.  I think he has the moral authority of Harry Reid. He has the intellect of Nancy Pelosi and Rita from Milwaukee.

Young Voter Unsure of Trusting Trump

CALLER: I just want to say, I love you to death and I thank God for you every day. I've been a Rush Baby since 2003, and I just wanted to know: What do you think of Donald Trump?  I'm 19. It's my first election, and in 2012 I worked for Romney.  I was disappointed that he did not win. So, what do you just think of Trump?

Donors Turn Their Lonely Eyes to Mitt

RUSH:  Big money is threatening to leave Jeb Bush.  Stop and think of this.  How many Republicans are there as announced candidates?  Sixteen, right?  And the minute the establishment's candidate looks like he's in trouble, do they turn to any of the 16?  No! They're turning to Mitt Romney.  Now, what does that tell you?

Caller Promotes Hillary-Punk Ticket

originalRUSH: If she picks McAuliffe to be her vice presidential running mate?  Then we have officially become a crime government.  I mean, I'm gonna have to process this.  Of all the names that I've not considered, it's this one.

Media Montage: Mundane Hillary E-mails

RUSH: I had Cookie check it out and there you go! So now the media's in on it. That's the game, folks. "Nothing to see. It's boring, mundane. Nothing earth-shattering in here. What's all this been about?  Time to move on!"  Folks, I tell you, sometimes I frighten myself how good I am. 

Advice for a New EIB Listener

RUSH: The best way to persuade somebody is to make them think that they've changed your mind.  The art of persuasion is to set up circumstances to which the conclusion you want is obvious.  They come to the conclusion, and they think they're brilliant for arriving at it, not that you are for steering them to it.

Trump Calls Weiner a Perv, Media Outraged

RUSH: Trump is unfazed by it.  In fact, I think he probably gets a rush when people like Andrea Mitchell go nuts over people like this, because he knows that he happens to be voicing, in the language used, the reactions by a vast majority of the American people. Andrea Mitchell can't hurt Trump; that's the point. 

Vice President Cheney and Liz Cheney on Their New Book, "Exceptional -- Why the World Needs a Powerful America"

DICK CHENEY:  One of the things we learned, for example, in this research that we did on the book, Rush, was I think it was '09 during the apology tour here he made a request -- which was denied -- of the Japanese that he be permitted to go to Hiroshima and publicly apologize for our use of the atom bomb in World War II.  I found that just absolutely appalling.  The Japanese rejected it.  They didn't want him there to do that. But he was doing everything he could, once again, to sort of apologize for the basic activities of the United States to protect our own freedom and that of millions of others.

Conservative Millennial Stuck in California

RUSH: The way to look at it is that since you're not responsible for their ignorance, take advantage of it.  You're light years ahead of 'em.  Just because you're in California doesn't mean your future is doomed.  You're an American.  You still have the ability to define your future. 

Jeb Fundraisers Abandon Ship

RUSH: Believe me, big donors don't like to see 5% in the polls. They don't like to see their money going to the guy at 5% no matter who's telling them what the strategy is and no matter who's telling them, "Bide your time. This is all part of the strategy. We're gonna sit here unnoticed at 5% and we're gonna zoom to the lead once everybody starts dropping. We need your money to pull this off." But it's tough to keep ponying up for 5%, when the action is clearly with newcomers, so-called outsiders. 

FBI "A-Team" on Hillary's E-mail

RUSH: This is more than drip, drip, drip now.  This is drip, drip, stream, steady stream of stuff... It's not universal in the Democrat Party, but it's a growing consensus. It may not even be a consensus yet, but it's a growing thought or fear that 2008 is starting to repeat itself.  

The Deflategate Case Is All About Power

RUSH: Tom Brady, whatever you think of him, is the marquee player of the NFL.  It may be arguable to some people, but he is the best player in the NFL right now.  And up until this he had a totally clean, wholesome, for the most part, I mean, had some tarnishes, public image.  And why the league is trying to destroy that has got everybody mystified.  A lot of people, not everybody.  I think I, El Rushbo, have a partial explanation for it. 

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