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Obama Gives Up the Ghost on Amnesty, and Says He Will Only Abide Native-Americans Complaining About Illegal Immigrants Flooding America

RUSH: He admitted, he told this crowd in Chicago that Americans have no right to oppose immigration.  Americans have no right to favor Americans.  He said the only group of people who could legitimately be mad or upset about anything to do with immigration, Native Americans.  They, the original owners, occupiers of this country, they and only they, are permitted, allowed, have the right to feel ticked off over immigration. 

What Golden Opportunity Did Obama Miss on Ferguson?

RUSH: Obama could have gone on TV at eight o'clock Monday night.  He could have asked for television time Monday night, before this event began, and he could have defended the American system of justice.  He could have explained the grand jury system to people who obviously don't understand it.  He could have talked about proper, civilized behavior.  He could have talked about civilization as it relates to the rule of law. 

The True Story of Thanksgiving -- From Rush's Second Book, Which Led to the Rush Revere Adventure Series

RUSH: It's a tradition to tell the truth about Thanksgiving on this program, and I did it first in a book called See, I Told You So. "Chapter 6: Dead White Guys, or What the History Books Never Told You, the True Story of Thanksgiving." We expanded on it and made a whole book out of it, not just a chapter, for the children in the first Rush Revere book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. They had The True Story of Thanksgiving in there plus a bunch of other things about the Pilgrims, and then came Rush Revere and the First Patriots, and Rush Revere and the American Revolution.

I Can Understand the Anger of African-Americans in Ferguson After 50 Years of Broken Promises From Democrats

RUSH: All I know is that if I were African-American and I, for 50 years, have been drinking the Kool-Aid -- and I've been loyal and I've been voting for the guys 'cause they care about me and they understand me and they understand that the other guys are racist pigs and want to hold me back and so forth -- and then nothing changes, I'd be mad, too.

Everybody Thinks Obama Called for Calm

RUSH: The police officer was not indicted, and the president let it be known last night that if some people don't think justice was done, he understands.  If some people are deeply upset, and they don't think justice happened last night, or the last two months, then he understands 'em being upset.  I think the president missed a golden opportunity.  I can't tell you how many golden opportunities this man has missed. 

The Police and Grand Jury Can't Win! The Media, Politicians, and Agitators Care Only About Feelings Not Facts

RUSH: If there had been a big police presence on West Florissant, then the agitators would have said, "See?  Look, you bring all these white cops in here, and you're just provoking us.  This is our neighborhood."  Okay, so the cops stay away because they don't want to be provocative, they don't want to provoke, they don't want to get in the way, and then they say, "Where were you?  You weren't out here protecting.  Ferguson burned, and you weren't here.  You let it." 

A Great Book By NFL Broadcast Legend Al Michaels! You Can't Make This Up: Miracles, Memories, and the Perfect Marriage of Sports and Television

RUSH: Al is at the peak here.  He's funny. He's happy. He's a great citizen. He's reliable, trustworthy, but the point is he's written a book. People have been after him to do this for years and he's always resisted. He's not the story, doesn't want to become the story.  He does not take advantage of all of this airtime he's had.

Hagel Out at Pentagon as Obama Prepares Legacy Push

RUSH: I'm just warning you, whoever the next Republican president is, is going to face a media that is even more intensely pro-Obama than they are now, because what's gonna happen after Obama leaves, what's happening now, is the building of a legacy.  Obama is gonna start building his legacy, and the legacy is gonna be only the last two years of the Regime, not whatever came before, 'cause that's a disaster. And, then after that legacy is built, it's gonna be phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roll, but it's gonna be a legacy.

Whose Leader Is He?

RUSH: It was hard to tell last night just whose leader Barack Obama is.  I mean, I'm watching this, it's surreal, and it's almost like a dream.  Was Barack Obama speaking as president of the United States or was he speaking as the victorious leader of a foreign invasion?  

Obama Is Watching His Opposition

RUSH: I think Obama is taking note of how little anger, protest, opposition there really is.  I mean, it might be in the polls, but Obama is taking the measure right now of how much more of this he can do in the next two years with as little opposition as he thinks he's gonna get.  I guarantee you he's only just begun here.

Uber vs. the Drive-Bys

RUSH: They are beside themselves with rage.  "How dare they! How dare any company investigate us? We're just journalists.  It doesn't matter what we've done or haven't done.  That doesn't affect our reporting of this story!  This is intimidation.  This is harassment!" Journalists across the spectrum -- news journalists, sports journalists, tech journalists, bloggers -- are all writing about just how awful Uber is, how outrageous it is that anybody at Uber would even think of this. 

Call from an Undocumented Dittohead

RUSH: We want everybody like you who wants to come here to come here and do so in a legal way. Everybody is more than happy to deal with the unfortunate circumstances of your reality, but we have got to shut down the border first and stop the influx!  If we don't do that, we're gonna be flooded and we're not gonna be able to handle assimilation.

The Limbaugh Immigration Bill

RUSH: I say, "Look I'm ready to throw in the towel.  You know what?  I can see the numbers, and I can see, Senator Schumer, that you've got 'em.  So you know what I'll do?  I will submit, I'll agree the Republicans put together a bill that gives you everything you want.  The only thing that I think is fair and that I want is that these newly legalized illegal aliens cannot vote for 20 years."  And if there is even a syllable of opposition to that, then we would expose the Democrats for what they really are.

Liberals Think Obama Didn't Go Far Enough

originalRUSH: There are a lot of groups not happy with what Obama did last night, and it just amazes me.  It really does.  These groups are unhappy because Obama didn't do what they expected, which obviously means Obama has been lying to some of these people in these private meetings with them. 

The GOP's Opportunity to Reach Black Voters

RUSH:  Rodney, I agree with you one hundred percent.  The one thing the Republican Party's not doing is articulating the kind of philosophy or belief system that you just described.  Conservatism, call it what you will, the Republican Party's not talking to anybody that way, much less minorities.

Tune In to See the Constitution Destroyed!

RUSH: Everybody knows that what is going to happen tonight is unconstitutional.  It is like we're gonna put the Constitution up on a wall and Obama is gonna start shooting a BB gun at it and we're all gonna tune in at eight o'clock and watch it.  And then we're gonna talk about what we saw later on tonight and tomorrow.  Meanwhile, tomorrow the Constitution is still gonna have some BB holes in it.  

Don't Live in a Time Warp! The Democrat Agenda Marches On Regardless of Election Results

RUSH: It used to be that elections stopped out-of-control parties and out-of-control politicians.  They got the message.  The Democrat Party doesn't care.  Obama on down, they don't care what the electorate thinks, what the electorate does, as evidenced by what is going to happen tonight.  They don't care.  And, until such time as somebody decides a way to stop them, this is gonna keep on happening.

GOP Leaders Still Live in Fear of Obama

RUSH: It sounds exactly like something a Republican consultant would say, "Now, look, don't get mad here.  The Hispanics are gonna see it; they're not gonna like it. It's gonna destroy every effort we're making of building a bridge to the Hispanic community.  Don't get mad at Obama.  Remember, you were elected to come here and work with Obama."  

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