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The US Economy Is Shrinking

RUSH: You see the stories on the US economy, the first quarter. I predicted this.  I predicted there'd be a revision. What was the original report of the first quarter?  Two percent, .2% growth or something. I said it's not gonna be that when they revise it. They're gonna revise it three or four months from now when everybody's forgotten it.  Here it goes.  The US economy fell.  It went backwards.  It slowed down, 0.7% growth rate.  That's not growth, folks.  That's a contraction. 

One Step Closer to Government-Run Health Care -- And You Pay for All of It

RUSH: No matter how many times they say the word "free," no matter how many times they concoct misleading names like "single payer," "universal health care," whatever, you are going to pay for it one way or the other... When New York comes along and says the way we're gonna fund our new single payer health plan is with a new payroll tax where the employer will pay 80% and the employee will only pay 20, you're gonna pay a hundred percent of it, folks.

They're Worried Silly Over Mrs. Clinton

RUSH: When a dork like Bernie Sanders can move in there and take points away from Hillary, they're worried.  Martin O'Malley is lurking out there with his abs and his pecs all flexed and ready to go. And Elizabeth Warren is out there on the warpath, too.  Don't doubt me that they're worried, and it's gonna flavor the way they do things with her.

How Can This Happen in San Francisco?

RUSH: Let's go to the liberal Mecca of San Francisco, where we find black women represent about 6% of the city's population, and yet they account for nearly half of all female arrests.  Well, taking what we've learned, say in Baltimore, for example, I guess we are to conclude from this that the people that run San Francisco are a bunch of racists, and they're biased and they're prejudiced against black women.

Baltimore: A Tragedy of Liberalism


RUSH:  All hell is breaking loose in Baltimore again.  And Marilyn Mosby, the state's attorney, the mayor, it's an absolute mess.  Crime is just out of control, running rampant.  The cops are sitting idly by, not doing anything, which is what the administration wants them to do.  In fact, just these Drudge Report headlines...

21-Year-Old Sees Opportunity Where the Republican Party Fears Success

RUSH:  Do I love youth.  I have to tell you, your attitude on this is so refreshing. You said you're 21? That means that you are not yet tainted. You have not yet become jaundiced. You still are bright-eyed and open-eyed and optimistic about the Republican Party and its chances, and I want to applaud you, because your attitude about this is exactly right.  You see the possibility that a Supreme Court could rule practically the guts of Obamacare unconstitutional, and you see nothing but an opportunity.

FIFA and the Clintons in Cahoots on Typical Socialist-Style Corruption

RUSH: Why is FIFA giving money to the Clintons?  Is Hillary known for playing soccer or loving soccer?  Is Bill known for loving soccer?  It's clear, the FIFA guys, this is how they do business.  They expect tax breaks. They expect gifts. They expect that if they are going to award, say, the World Cup to a country, to a city or whatever, that city is gonna end up paying them for the privilege and then some, both above the table, above the line and below the line.

Lib Author Calls Me a Racist Propagandist on NPR (and Silences Kirsten Powers)

RUSH: I don't admit this much, folks, but sometimes some of the criticisms of this program really rub me raw, and especially the criticisms of you being a bunch of idiots and mind-numbed robots.  This program, compared to what you get anywhere else, this is Harvard.  This program is higher education.  This program is a cut above practically everything in the media, from the way the information's presented, the depth of the information, and most importantly, the way you are treated... This is one of the brightest, most intelligent outposts in the American media, and it has been for 25 years and counting.

You Better Listen to What Marco Rubio Is Saying About the Assault on Christianity

RUSH: I tell you, you better not sweep this away, folks. You better not think this is a little bit over the top.  He is right on the money.  In fact, I would even go further.  I think mainstream Christianity is the target and has been for I can't tell you how long.  Before I was born.  Christianity has been the biggest enemy of the American left -- well, any left.  Organized religion in general, but Christianity is the number one enemy of these people. 

Obamacare Was a Giant Lie and Should Be Scrapped -- Like the Republicans Promised

RUSH: Speaking of Obamacare, there's a great, great piece today at the Less Government website I think.  Let me make sure of this.  The way things print out sometimes -- typical.  The web link didn't print.  Seton Motley, who posts at RedState.com and a number of places, has a website -- yeah, LessGovernment.org, is what it is.  And he's got a piece, this is based on -- have you heard this? -- that one of the ways, one of the strategies that some of the states have on this whole Supreme Court case, the Burwell case and subsidies and so forth, it's right here in TheHill.com

Clyburn Warns: Be Very, Very Careful

RUSH:  What does he mean, "Be very, very careful how you treat this president"?  What does he mean by that?  What is he actually saying, and to whom?  "Be very, very careful how you treat this president because turnabout's fair play."  So do you think he's signaling if you keep this up, then when you guys elect the next president we're gonna go after him double time?  (interruption)  Well, what's new about that?  Why threaten that?  That's modus operandi.  That's SOP, standard operating procedure. 

Welcome to All You Self-Brainwashers!

RUSH: Have you heard that?  You are self-brainwashing.  And if you watch Fox News, you are self-brainwashing.  If you listen to this program, and if you watch Fox News, do you know what it also means?  It automatically means you do not watch any other media.  And we know this because of a man named Bruce Bartlett.

Obama Declares Wars Are Ended to No Applause

RUSH: When he said today's the first Memorial Day in 14 years the United States is not engaged in a major ground war, why wasn't there any applause?  Take a stab, Mr. Snerdley.  (interruption)  Exactly.  We're losing them, is why.  They don't like losing.

Bob Woodward: Bush Didn't Lie

RUSH: I have to tell you, folks, do you realize how tough it probably was for Bob Woodward to admit both of these things?  That, A, Bush didn't lie. And then, in the second sound bite, essentially saying that the loss of Iraq is Obama's fault?  Now, that has to be a tough thing for Bob Woodward to say, because Obama's his guy.  No doubt voted for him, invested a lot of hope in him.  But it's clear.  Obama lost Iraq by refusing to keep a follow-on force and he went out and claimed victory for it, but he wanted no part of any remaining force. 

How to Focus America on Hillary's Libya Failure

RUSH: So how do we overcome the media and get the truth to people?  I mean, this woman wants to be the next president.  People deserve to know the truth about this.  Not that she's some savior.  Not that she's some brilliant secretary of state, but she was a disaster. 

Democrat Theory of Policing On Display in Baltimore

RUSH: You take the cops off the street under the premise that they're the problem, you make them retreat. Whenever protests spring up, the cops have to back off and let 'em have at it for a while.  You provoke 'em and they do even more damage.  And the unspoken message is that it's the police who are to blame, it's the police department's fault.

Did Liberals Set Out to Kill the Restaurant Industry?

RUSH: Folks, I've learned something from the New York Post, an editorial of all things.  We've been discussing here off and on over the past several weeks the really focused effort by the left to raise the minimum wage, particularly in the state of Washington, where we had a story where a number of restaurants are actually closing because the minimum wage is being raised arbitrarily to $15 an hour, and they simply can't afford to stay in business.  It turns out this may be the actual intention.

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