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Democrat Psychosis on Display

RUSH:  I now watch with a different perspective.  I watch with a lot of sadness.  I watch this lunacy that we saw last night, and if you didn't watch it, don't worry, you'll get enough of a flavor for it after I finish the program today. You'll know.  It was sheer lunacy.  A lot of it was delusional and deranged.  A lot of it was unhinged.  The reason that I watch it with sadness is the realization now that close to 50% of the people in this country who vote eat it up. 

Michelle Thinks America Is Great Now That Her Husband Has Transformed It

RUSH: She's gotta give her husband credit. In her mind and his, with the way they are transforming America, I think they think it is on the way to greatness.  Maybe what they think is that the changes they are instituting, the changes being implemented are great to bring about the transformation this country deserves, because it's been much too powerful and much too rich for way too long.

My Idea for a Short Trump Speech

RUSH: My idea for a short Trump speech, maybe an intro to the speech that he's gonna give to his improv at all of these appearances, is just list who the Democrats are.  Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, pro-death panels, baby butchers!

The 2000 Recount Changed Democrats Forever

RUSH: The Democrats have never been the same since that recount.  They've always been liberal, but the radicals have taken over that party.  The protestor generation of the sixties has come of age, taken over that party, 100 percent.  There aren't any mainstream, moderate Democrats left. 

Who Does Trump Hate?

RUSH:  We've known Donald Trump for 30 years or more.  Donald Trump has been in the public eye for 30 years.  He's been hosting his TV shows. He has been on every news show there is! Donald Trump is everywhere.  Donald Trump's one of the biggest celebrities in this country -- and only when he started running for office did he all of a sudden become a racist. 

DNC Emails Prove What We Knew

RUSH: You know how I'm gonna get into this email stuff? I'm gonna go back, we got some See, I Told You So's, things that I have told you in recent months, in the past year and a half. Things I predicted. I knew these things were gonna happen. I knew the game was rigged against Crazy Bernie. I knew all this 'cause I know these people. I know the left. I know the Democrats. I know liberals. I know how they operate, and so you'll hear in the See, I Told You So's from weeks, months, and a little over a year-and-a-half ago how I foretold all of this that is in this WikiLeak email document. 

Trump Poll Bounce Rattles Experts

RUSH: Trump got a convention bounce and it's a big one, a six-point convention bounce...  Believe me. Don't doubt me on this. Despite the smiling and attempts at everything's okay and all is normal that you're seeing from Democrats this week, they're worried. They are panicked. Because Trump was supposed to be nowhere near Hillary. Trump was not supposed to be close, much less leading.

Democrats: Party of Doom and Gloom

RUSH: The left has frightened young people to death.  One of the most successful campaigns to scare young people and to keep 'em in line has been this whole global warming thing.  It is uncanny how many young people -- and they've been watching Captain Planet since they were 5 years old, kindergarten, grade school, junior high, middle school, high school. They have been taught that humanity is destroying the planet, their parents and their grandparents.  And they believed it.  And they believe there's not gonna be a habitable planet by the time they are 60, 65 years old, maybe even before.  They really believe this.  And, if you take time to understand how they have just been smothered with this stuff, you would understand why the Democrats have made it possible.  And this is how using fear, using darkness, using a never-ending crisis rooted in chaos, they keep these people loyal to Big Government command-and-control Democrat-run institutions, all to save the planet.  

Bernie Protestors Swarm Philly

RUSH: You know, I've made this point constantly.  Here's a Democrat carrying a sign, a bunch of Bernie supporters: "America Was NEVER Great.  We Need to OVERTHROW This System."  That says it all: "America was never great." That's exactly who these leftists are. It's exactly who many in the Democrat Party are: "America was never great.  There is no American exceptionalism.  We don't like this country from the days of the founding in any way."  That's who they are, folks. 

28 Years of Confounding the Left

RUSH: In one week, we'll be celebrating our 28th anniversary here -- and I'll tell you why we make a big deal of it, folks.  It's something that I'm very proud of, because it's unheard of.  The number of people, the number of radio shows in this business that have been around, well, anywhere close to this length? It's very rare.  

Democrat Merchants of Doom and Gloom Tell Us Trump's Speech Was Too "Dark"

RUSH:  Here is what the Hillary campaign actually said: "Tonight, Donald Trump painted a dark picture of an America in decline. And his answer -- more fear, more division, more anger, more hate -- was yet another reminder that he is temperamentally unfit..."  There was no hate last night.  This is another Democrat trick.  They categorized passion and deep caring as hate. There wasn't any hate for anybody last night.  If anything, there was love expressed for people last night. 

Trump Supporter: He Inspires Me

CALLER: Donald Trump represents America and Americans, and that's why he's doing so well.  There is no doubt in my mind that that man is running for this office because he remembers America, its fabric, its foundings, and everything that we are supposed to represent. 

President Obama Doesn't Get It

RUSH: "Cops getting shot all the time? Eh! No big deal. Why you think it's anything odd?  Why do you think it's anything unusual?"  That's really how Obama wants us to look at this?  I'm so sick of these "new normals" -- economy in decline, 94 million Americans not working, unemployment rate 12, 15% in reality.  And this we're just supposed to accept?

CNN Astounded by Trump Speech Poll

RUSH: This is devastating news.  They got 75% either positive or somewhat positive, but you know what they're saying at CNN?  It may be 75 now, but wait 'til Monday when we get through with this.  By the time we talk people down on this Trump will be lucky to be over 50% after that stupid speech after we destroy him on it.

The Poisoning of the Millennial Mind

RUSH: If you have a Millennial child, you probably are familiar with their almost paranoid concern with the concept of sustainability.  And their need, their paranoia of sustainability derives from what they've been told about global warming.  And remember, now they've been told this from the most impressionable years of their lives, age three, four, five, pre-K, kindergarten, they haven't escaped it. 

Trump Used Cruz to Pull Off Unity

RUSH: There are two overwhelming, inarguable results from this.  Number one, we're gonna have a ratings bonanza tonight. And number two, we may be seeing the actual first threads of unity build behind Donald Trump because of this.  And it could well be that Trump has pulled off a masterful move letting all this happen. 

Is It Curtains for Cruz's Career?

RUSH: Folks, he's too young and there's too much life ahead, and every aspect of the future is unknown.  And it's just too... It's really way too limiting to say that somebody's career is over. You just don't know. Richard Nixon? How many times did they say that about Richard Nixon?  At least four times.  And then Nixon met Roger Ailes.

Cruz Couldn't Pull Off a Reagan in '76

RUSH: Now, a lot of people are talking about Reagan and Ford 1976.  I was in Kansas City in 1976.  That convention... You think this was bad last night? At that convention, they had fistfights that broke out on the floor!  It was at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City.  And there were fistfights. 

It's All Personal for Ted

RUSH: We found out why everything that happened last night happened.  We just lifted the lid off of all of it, and every explanation prior to that was not really quite there.  That explains everything right there, a grudge, a remaining anger, lingering anger over Trump's insulting and character assault on his wife and his father. 

Vote Trump-Pence to Stop Hillary

RUSH: If you don't vote Trump, you are voting for Hillary. You're helping Hillary Clinton... Go find Mike Pence's speech, and that'll comfort you to know that he's there if Trump wins, as vice president, believe me, it will help you.

Warning! The NEVER HILLARY T-Shirt!

RUSH: MSNBC has warned its viewers before showing the latest crop of anti-Hillary Clinton campaign buttons -- you know, like our bumper sticker, Never Hillary.  Speaking of which, those things, those Never Hillary bumper stickers that we are offering to every new subscriber at my website, Rush 24/7 and the newsletter? The website's RushLimbaugh.com and the newsletter is The Limbaugh Letter. We can't keep them in stock.  So what we did, is we have now added Never Hillary T-shirts in the EIB Store.

Newt's Speech Was a Work of Art

RUSH: I don't mean this to be insulting, it's just an observation -- how few genuinely good communicators are in politics anymore.  You look at Newt, Newt is an expert communicator, and Newt is experienced enough to know how to use a teleprompter to talk to a TV audience in a building where there are 10,000 people. It's a massive challenge. You have two audiences. You have the TV camera and you have 10,000 people, and everybody expects to get personal attention from you.

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