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A Huge Day for the Rule of Law

RUSH: Everybody who has purchased Obamacare through HealthCare.gov, the federal exchange, essentially, and has gotten a subsidy is now disallowed.  That's it, in a nutshell.  And that's the law.  This is a huge day, at least temporarily, for the rule of law... But whether it holds up is anybody's guess.

Flashback 2012: We Predicted Subsidies Would Trip Up Obamacare

RUSH: "These 'State Exchanges' Are a Health Care DMV," is the slug line of the segment, and I am just gonna read to you excerpts of what I said that day, July 3rd, 2012... Way back in July of 2012 we nailed this, that if the subsidies were killed, both the individual and employer mandates were also dead.  I was able to come to that conclusion because it was what the law said, and it was the law that was upheld today.

The Middle East Disease is Anti-Semitism

RUSH: This idiot, John Kerry, is over talking Vietnam to Benjamin Netanyahu.  "You know, when I was in Vietnam...."  And Netanyahu, "This isn't Vietnam," you idiot... The roots of this strife in the Middle East go back to the seventh century, and it is rooted in the hatred of Jewish people.  The modern-day Hamas, formally Fatah and Arafat and so forth, these guys had a lot in common with the Nazis in terms of Jewish extermination.

Long Knives Out for Coach Dungy

RUSH:  Well, I just read this clarification piece from ESPN.com on Tony Dungy...  So my staff, always excited by the exclusive opportunity they have to ask me what I think (face it, you would love that chance, too), asks, "So, Rush, is this enough?  Is this enough?  Will this put out the fire?"  I said, "No, it is not gonna come close to putting out the fire." 

Did You See Ann-Margret on Ray Donovan?

RUSH: I'm thinking, "It looks just like Ann-Margret. It can't be Ann-Margret."  And it was! Ann-Margret, 72 years old, just stunning...  Folks, if Hillary Clinton could pull that off we would have real trouble, let me just put it that way.

Leftists Like Obama and Kerry Don't Think the United States Has the Moral Authority to Confront the World's Bad Guys

RUSH: We're not better than anybody else.  We're not leaders.  We've got our own problems; we have treated people in ill-gotten ways ourselves. We've discriminated. We've been mean. We've engaged in our own form of domestic crimes, so who are we to tell these people that? We can't.  I think that's the mind-set that many of our top leftist leaders have. 

My Favorite iOS Feature is Back!

RUSH:  Attention those of you who listen to this program who happen to report what happens on this program when I say something about Apple, iPhone, iPad, iOS: If you report it to a really great blog called MacDailyNews.com, you need to tell 'em that I was wrong.

Are the Nexties Rejecting Liberalism?

RUSH: These young "Nexties," the next generation, these young people that we've all predicted would finally grow up and say, "Enough, we don't see the world this way, Mom and Dad." They're rejecting old-fashioned liberalism, slowly but surely, but they're continuing to vote liberal Democrat because of what they say is the Republican obsession with religion, sexual repression, and environmental denial. 

Jay Carney, Spokeskid for Apple?

RUSH: I wouldn't worry about this Jay Carney thing.  PR at Apple has always been an invisible thing. I think they do want to change it a bit. The gal they had at PR was the mirror image of Steve Jobs, and they're trying to make it a little bit friendlier and all that. But Carney? I understand people who cringe at that.

Malaysian Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine?

RUSH: I don't want to appear to be callous here, folks, but you talk about an opportunity to abandon the Obama news at the border?  And, no, I'm not suggesting anything other than how the media operates...  Whenever someone dies or is near death, Fox News brings out Geraldo.  That has happened.  The Grim Reaper appeared moments ago on Fox to discuss this.

Christie: GOP Can Run Big Government Best

RUSH: The argument is no longer a big, intrusive, too large government; the argument is who's gonna run the Big Government better.  Governor Christie is trying to make the case that the Republicans are better at running a big monolith than the Democrats are. 

A Role Model for the Youth of America -- and Their Pastors

CALLER: He said, "In 1988, I was going to Penn State, and it was a guy on the radio named Rush Limbaugh." He said, "In that day, nobody in any medium -- any medium, television, anything -- told it like it was, told it how it was the truth, and stood by what he said through good and through bad."  So I just wanted to pass that on to you. You were a role model for my pastor 26 years ago.  

Your Host's Take on Johnny Football

RUSH: Here's what you should hope for.  You should hope that Manziel is the real deal.  You should hope that he's able to stay sober and play.  This is a quarterback's league.  You should hope he becomes the next Joe Namath.  You should hope this guy is the biggest partier off the field and just nails it on the field, that he can do both.

Regime Wants Talking Shopping Carts to Tell Food Stamp Recipients What to Eat

RUSH: The government wants to establish talking shopping carts so that food stamp recipients will be directed to healthier foods in the grocery store.  And if they end up buying the government-approved amount of healthy foods, they could win free movie tickets.  I kid you not.  They want to install talking shopping carts in grocery stores for food stamp users.  (interruption)  Well, Michelle's voice would probably be a good idea.  

How Gay is America? Not So Much

RUSH: Let's say that you spend a lot of time watching prime-time television.  You can't miss a television show where one or more of the stars, major characters, are gay.  Story lines revolve around the gay lifestyle, homosexuality, any number, both socially and politically.  You can't miss it.  It is everywhere in the pop culture. Now, how does this happen?  If less than 3% of the population is gay, how does 2.3% of the population end up dominating both the pop culture and political worlds?  How does this happen?  

The People Want Me to Explain My Favorite iOS Feature

RUSH:  You know, I keep getting e-mails, and I know they're genuine. I know that you sending them are not tweaking me. I keep getting e-mails, and I should have never brought this up.  People keep begging me to explain what my favorite feature is in iOS 8 that Apple has taken out that's got me so depressed. 

Erin Burnett's Panel on Holder, Rush and Race, Day Two

RUSH: Can we again just remind everybody how all of this got started.  This all got started by Eric Holder, once again, complaining that people who run around talking about taking back their country are doing so because of race.  We were sitting here minding our own business and the attorney general comes along and calls us racists, and not for the first time.  Too many people sit idly by and don't react to it hoping it'll just pass and go by. And I'm not gonna let the tag attach itself to me because it's unworthy, it's cheap, and it's unjustified. It's a cheap tactic that the left uses to silence people, but it wasn't me that brought it up. 

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