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Leftists Riot Outside Trump Rally

RUSH: That was a riot last night. There was no protesting going on whatsoever. It was bought and paid for, and it was all a scam... How many people at a rally supporting Trump would have to be injured for this president, or say Hillary Clinton, to condemn it?

Pence (Finally) Endorses Cruz

RUSH: Newspaper endorsements don't matter much, if at all, and even some political personality endorsements don't carry the weight that they used to.  But Pence could, given his reputation and his success in Indiana. On the other side you have Trump, who was endorsed by Bobby Knight.  And Bobby Knight said that he doesn't know if Trump is a Republican or Democrat and he doesn't even know what a conservative is. 

Why They All Hate Ted Cruz So Much

RUSH: If you know one thing, know this:  The Republican Party in Washington, establishment, whatever you want to call them, they fear government shutdowns.  They fear that more than they fear anything, because of the 1995 budget deal and repeated attempts to shut down the government.  They are scared of the media. They're scared of the Democrats. They think that's why they're losing is because they've talked about shutting down the government.  Cruz did it.  

What's Mrs. Clinton Revealing?

originalRUSH: Hillary Clinton says that she has a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak?  She's the most cheated-on woman in America.  And then she says she's not gonna deal with their temper tantrums and their bullying?  Well, who is she talking about that's gone off the reservation on her?  Holy smokes here.

Cruz, Trump and the Media

RUSH: The media has ceased their primary objective of destroying Republicans when it comes to Trump.  And instead they're propping him up.  And the reason they are doing it is the media landscape is changing so fast. It's becoming so compartmentalized, it's becoming so niche that attracting massive, big audiences anymore is not possible because there's just too much competition... They have found gold in Trump.  Trump attracts and holds an audience like they can't... And it's reflected in the ratings and it's reflected in advertising revenue, but -- and this is Campbell Brown's point -- more importantly, the news media themselves love it because where they work now has audience again. 

Jeb: There's No GOP Establishment

RUSH: Here is a guy who everybody thinks is the establishment and was the preferred and chosen vehicle for the establishment to regain the White House, who's now questioning the very existence of this establishment?  "There is no secret squirrel society." Don't believe what you've heard about Skull and Bones. Don't believe what you've heard about the New World Order.  The media people far more powerful than even the Chamber of Commerce?  Now, you know why they may think that?

The One Big Takeaway from Trump's Overanalyzed "America First" Speech

RUSH: If you want to know whether or not Trump's speech yesterday was a hit with the voters that he has energized, all you have to know is Trump said the following:  "We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism."  That's it.  Everything before and after is irrelevant. That line, as far as Trump supporters are concerned, was all they needed to hear.

Dueling Strategery on Display in Indiana

RUSH: Trump goes out and gets Bobby Knight. Bobby Knight, one of the biggest people in Indiana. One of the most beloved, respected, and, by the way, a fighter.  If Bobby Knight didn't agree with the refs, he'd throw a chair at 'em all across the court if he had to.  So here's Bobby Knight talking about the guy that can get it done, and that's Donald Trump.  Same day that Ted Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential pick.  So you have two strategies here, and they're on display side by side. 

Newt's Note: Focus on Venezuela

RUSH: I got a note from Newt Gingrich today, who said, "You know what you ought to do?  You need to do daily reports on Venezuela in order to teach people about the failures of socialism." And, my first reaction: Venezuela?  If Detroit's not doing the trick, how in the world does anybody expect teaching about Venezuela's gonna do the trick? 

Trump: The Blue-Collar Messiah

CALLER: I believe first off that Trump is a destiny candidate and he's the man and he's got the credibility to actually extend an olive branch to this group. And I know this for a fact because the last 30 years he's provided good paying union jobs for thousands of families in New York City, and I gotta tell you, Rush, I know, because I was one of them. 

The Trump Tsunami

RUSH:  I clearly said on this program 24 hours ago that what was gonna happen yesterday and last night was not gonna shake anything up because it was already expected to happen. And that's not true.  This was a tsunami that happened yesterday.  It was incredible what happened here yesterday... Do you realize, folks, that Trump won every county in every state that was holding elections yesterday?  Every county in every state.  Nobody predicted, even the most favorable predictions, even the most supportive predictions, nobody came close, really, to what happened yesterday.

Straightening Out What I Said About Unrest at a Contested Convention

RUSH: I made a reference to what would happen at the convention if Trump gets close and whatever games are played to deny him the nomination, even if it's this delegate mechanism that Cruz is using.  I made an observation that's true. And that is, if the nomination is denied Trump, Trump supporters are gonna go nuts.  Now, it has been suggested that I was advocating or acknowledging that there's going to be a riot.  That's not what I meant... They discussed this on The Five, my contention here that there would be hell to pay from the from the Trump supporters.

Ted Cruz Isn't Triumphing with Conservatism Because Presidential Elections Are Situational, Not Ideological

RUSH: The reason that Cruz, as a conservative, is not triumphing in this has nothing to do with the fact that conservatism is a minority. It has nothing to do with the fact that people are not conservative.  That's what makes it intriguing.  Conservatism's not losing membership.  Conservatism is not weakening.  Conservatism's not disbanding.  That's not a factor here.  That's what makes the answer to the question, the question itself, so fascinating. 

Analyzing Trump's Foreign Policy Speech

RUSH:  Well, of course it's a different Trump.  What do you mean, "Is it a different Trump doing the speech?"  Of course it's different.  He's reading a teleprompter.  That doesn't mean it's bad.  Trump is trying to show different sides to different people, or else his advisors have decided it's time to demonstrate some credentials and some weight here on foreign policy.

GOP Establishment Looks Third Party

originalRUSH: The Republican establishment is convinced and many conservative intellectuals are convinced that Hillary will win in a landslide.  They're out there, they're looking at Trump's negatives, they're looking at Trump's unfavorables, they're looking at Trump's numbers with women, and they're saying, "My God, even if these polls are wrong by 10 points, it's still a disaster.  It's  a disaster!"  

You Don't Need Me to Tell You Who to Vote For

RUSH: I don't like to tie myself to candidates.  I don't like endorsing, 'cause I don't control what they say from day to day. I don't control what they believe. I don't control what they do, and I just don't want to assume responsibility.  I mean, I don't want to tell you that somebody is the cat's meow and then later find out that they're not.  It's tough enough for me to stay on the straight and narrow without having to worry about somebody else doing it.  

Keep Today in Perspective

RUSH: I'm not trying to tamp down spirit today.  I'm just trying to keep everything in perspective for you. Whatever happens today has already been calculated in delegate projections. It's already been factored, and it's all based on polling data, and it's probably true. Trump's gonna sweep these five primary states... The nomination is actually going to be determined by the 10 primaries left after today.  There are only 10 remaining after we finish these five today -- and of those 10, Indiana is the focus, and Indiana is next week. And there's drama there, because nobody knows whether Trump or Cruz is going to win Indiana.  

How Trump Stole Cruz's Renegade Mojo

RUSH: Cruz was the anti-establishment candidate.  Cruz was the guy going to the floor of the Senate and calling out the Senate leadership... Had Trump not gotten into this, Cruz would have been the outsider candidate, and the Republican Party -- everybody from Jeb to Marco, you name it -- would have been aligned against Cruz, and he would have owned that outsider position.

In America 2016, You Can Throw Your Idea of "Presidential" Out the Window

RUSH: Being unpresidential -- not appearing to have much in common whatsoever with establishment politics -- is what has launched Trump. So tell me: Why does that have to change?  Why? Just because we're talking about expanding a voter base and maybe beating Hillary Clinton and getting some of Hillary Clinton's voters? Where is it written that Trump has to stop being what he is, which has gotten him where he is, and become something else if he wants to win?  It seems to me it's just the opposite.

What I Know About Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

RUSH: It's not good for people on our side of the aisle to start harboring opinions of our two front-runners here that may not be entirely accurate.  I understand the nature of competition.  And the Cruz people want to desperately win, and the Trump people desperately want to win.  And within the framework of this competition, obviously, critical things are going to be said.  I know both these guys, and I know both of them very well. 

Cruz-Kasich Alliance Is About Changing the Narrative to Stop the Trump Train

RUSH: This is about narratives.  Primarily Cruz, but Kasich as well, are convinced that they had to do something to change the narrative. The narrative is that Trump's already won this.  That narrative is beginning to settle in.  In many people's estimation, the narrative has set in.  Trump's win in New York, even though it was expected, was voluminous.  It was bigger than everybody thought.  This has created in the media this narrative that now Trump is inevitable.  And that means that it is over...  And it's not over.  There's way too much yet to happen.

Ted Cruz Isn't Violating the Rules

RUSH: Folks, stay with me on this.  There's no attempt here being made to irritate anybody.  There are explanations for all of this, and nobody's being cheated.  Now, I realize that some of you are never going to believe that, but nobody is being cheated.  In other words, the process is not being violated.  The rules are not being violated here in any of this delegate selection stuff.  And I will do my best again to try to make this understandable.

Trump's Back to Being Trump Again

RUSH: Trump, I think, was off on a tangent, is the best way to put it, for a month or so, maybe three weeks, but now Trump's got the old energy, the old firebrand, the old raconteur personality back. Amidst all this talk that they're gonna make him presidential, he's going back to the way he was.  He's fighting that so-called image makeover, and he's the Trump that everybody was falling in love with at the outset of this.  I mean, he was just on fire in Rhode Island a moment ago.  

Kasich Is Living Out a Fantasy

RUSH: When he fired the confetti gun after winning the Ohio primary, I said, "Okay, we got some Walter Mitty action going on here..." And then we heard today that Kasich says he is vetting vice presidential nominees, that he is already vetting potential vice presidential nominees to run with him.  Folks, this is somebody living out a fantasy.  I think we can expect, before this campaign ends, an inaugural address.

Did You See Kasich Eating?

RUSH: Reporters were asking him questions about this deal he's made with Cruz, this arrangement he's made with Cruz -- and he was actually eating!  You don't do that! He was taking giant forkfuls of food, giant mouthfuls of food.  You just don't do that. 

Trump Walks It Back on Bathrooms

RUSH: Last week on this program -- and I referenced this earlier in today's program -- the North Carolina bathroom law was discussed, and Trump said something that I thought there might be a little blowback on.

A Cruzer on Trump Playing "the System"

CALLER:  I just wanted to express my frustration with the Trump supporters who are constantly complaining about Ted Cruz "playing the rigged system" and "doing what the liberals would do," and that's what they don't like. When Trump has all but admitted that he used to play the system which is rigged toward businesspeople who can make large donations to candidates who can get them what they need later, like his contributing to Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer...

A Trumpist on His Problem with Cruz

CALLER: I don't think the American people are having any trouble understanding what these rules are.  And I don't think that the response is based on the supposition that the rule is being unfairly applied.  Ted Cruz is showing by way of knowing this system and all of its secret handshakes, he's showing exactly why we're frustrated with the Senate and the Congress.

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