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Mitt Says No Mas

RUSH: When you contrast Mitt Romney with Barack Obama or Mitt Romney with Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, the man, stands far above, high above and way apart from anybody the Democrats would put up.  But the problem is he's already run and lost.  And his candidacy saw something like four million Republican voters in 2012 stay home.

We Must Nominate a Conservative

RUSH: There's only one qualification that interests me, folks.  It's the only chance we have to restore this country.  It's the only chance we have to begin the process of reversing this transformation that Obama has begun.  We have got to nominate a conservative Republican.

Capitalism Doesn't Cause the Wealth Gap

RUSH: The Federal Reserve has been printing money, it's called quantitative easing, and where have they been putting it?  They've been putting it in the stock market.  It really isn't much more complicated than that, folks, in terms of the wealth gap. 

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Marshawn Lynch Is Still Not Talking... UVA Sorority Sisters Ordered to Stay Home Saturday Night for Their Own Safety...

The Power and Reach of the EIB Network Shines Spotlight on Scott Walker

RUSH: Scott Walker has restored Wisconsin, which started out a blue state.  He tackled the entrenched leftist bureaucrat interests in that state that were bankrupting it, that were destroying the schools, and that's primarily the unions, public employee and otherwise. He stood up to 'em, took every mean-spirited attack that they had to offer and beat them back with the people of Wisconsin.  He didn't win the media in any of this.  And the media was part of the cabal that was doing their best to destroy him.  He withstood it all.  And I've thought for the longest time, through all of these three elections, I've thought that Scott Walker's telling everybody how to do it here.

Media Savages Mitt as Hillary Hides Out

RUSH:  Man, they're savaging Mitt Romney again.  The left is out there, The Forehead on CNN, saying, "If you've gotta rebrand yourself as authentic, you have a problem."  That's The Forehead talking about Romney.  Excuse me, what the hell's going on with Hillary?  They have her sequestered, and they're coming up with policy positions and policy papers and who knows what else kind of work's going on.  Here's a woman been around politics for a thousand years, and they still can't put her out there on her own and be confident she's gonna get it right.  What is that?

Snowstorm Snowjob Is a Teachable Moment

RUSH: There are three kinds of people.  There are wolves, and they prey on you.  There are sheep, they allow themselves to be preyed on.  They think the wolf's the greatest guy in the world as long as the wolf leaves 'em alone.  Then there's the sheepdog, and the sheepdog keeps the wolf away from the sheep.

Thank You for Your Outpouring of Love

RUSH: I speak for everybody here at the EIB Network when I say that we feel an overwhelming absence.  We feel an overwhelming hole in the normal ebb and flow of energy and presence at our network because of the passing yesterday morning of chief of staff, Christopher "Kit" Carson... I can't possibly personally respond to everyone who is sending me e-mail condolences, but they're beautiful... A lot of people, in their blogs and on their own radio or TV shows, have made mention of it.  

CNN Infobabe Kisses De Blasio!

RUSH:  She kissed the mayor, a journalist.  She came on TV, the mayor, the guy who blew it big time.  He cared, though, oh, he was looking out for us, such a big heart, really loved us, great intentions, really only wanted the best for us.

The Latest Twist in Deflategate

RUSH: If they find something has happened here -- I'm gonna make a prediction to you right now -- they will come down hard on the Patriots, and it'll be in the off-season with the enforcement of whatever penalties to begin with the new season next fall.

A Huge Void in Our Hearts

RUSH: We all here at the EIB Network are experiencing a huge void in all of our hearts here today because of a death, one of our staff members, the very first staff member to join me 27 years ago in New York.  Christopher Carson, "Kit," my trusted chief of staff, aide-de-camp, passed away today at 8 a.m. at his home in New Jersey after what really was a four-year battle, really valiant, never-seen-anything-like-it battle with essentially brain cancer.

Obama's Tax Hikes on "The Rich" Would Slam the Middle Class

RUSH: They devised a program, a 529 program, much like any 401(k) or medical saving account. You put the money for your kid's education away, and we will not charge you any tax on it... If you take it out for any other reason, you pay tax on it, take it out early, pay tax on it.  But if you wait and only withdraw money from the 529 account to educate your kid, no tax.  Now you're gonna pay tax when you withdraw the money. Because Obama's promising other people free community college, and who knows whatever the heck else.

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