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Ebola Without Borders

RUSH: We don't have anything to worry about.  Just ask Alfred E. Neuman, who sits in the White House, in the Oval Office.  What, me worry?  Nothing at all to worry about whatsoever.

Supposed Feminist Carol Costello Loves the Sound of Bristol Palin Attacked by Drunken Men

RUSH: Here's Carol Costello, a supposed feminist, a supposed opponent of violence against women. I mean, she would just be angry as hell if any other woman had been treated this way. Had they been attacked and it was on audiotape and she was playing it, she would be righteously indignant and probably blaming the Republican War on Women. But here she's eating it up. Here she just loves it. 

Liberals Feel Sorry for the "Lone Wolf" Terrorists They've Created

RUSH: I'm telling you it's the education system.  They're not lone wolves.  They are members of a radical sect, and they are doing what the radical sect openly says that it's going to do.  I believe they have been radicalized by our own anti-America news media.  I think they have been radicalized by our education system which features its own, if not anti-America -- I don't want to mis-convey something here, but if you sit in a classroom from kindergarten on up and you have a professor or teacher after teacher that tells you what a rotten place this is because of the way we treated women, the way we treated blacks, slavery, and what we did to the Native Americans and how the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer and the power base is stealing from the poor, what do you do?

The America of the JFK Era Died with Him

CALLER:  My question for you is, I'd like to know when you think America became so liberal.  I mean, I can remember as a child the Kennedy days.  It was: Don't ask what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.  And it just seems to have gone totally 180 on it, you know, and I'd like to know what you think about that.

How the Left Screwed Up the Children

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley brought me something today in his Stack, and he said, "You're gonna have to answer this for me, 'cause I can't figure it out." 

I said, "What is it?" "It's a story about teenagers and how mean they are." 

So I said, "Okay, if anybody can answer it, I, El Rushbo, can."  

Election Update: The Anti-Democrat Groundswell We’ll See in November Has Been Building for Years

RUSH: The groundswell here, I think it's been building since 2010.  And I think had those four million people shown up and voted in 2012 we'd have had a different president.  I think those four million were fed up.  Like everybody else was, they were just more inspired to teach the Republicans a lesson than they were the Democrats.  But let me give you a little evidence of this...

Caller: I Can’t Afford My Insurance Premium

RUSH:  I don't know what to do if you can't afford it.  The one thing you can do is vote, but that's not gonna reduce your premium, but one thing you can do is take whatever step you can to get rid of the Regime and the party that has imposed this on everybody.  This breaks my heart, this is so predictable.  We could see this coming a mile away.  

Why Are We Shocked When Anti-Western Socialist Propaganda Drives Unstable Minds to Jihad?

RUSH: If you are subjected enough and regularly to an onslaught of how rotten the United States is, how guilty the United States is, if you are subjected to a daily tirade of all the injustices and all the unfairness and all the discrimination and all the inequality and all of the inequity, at some point you're gonna snap if you're not well adjusted to begin with.  And who knows then what could become attractive to you as you seek to put action to your thoughts, become a hero or what have you.

Canada's Hero Is a Man's Man

RUSH: He's in his office, all hell's breaking loose, there's a shooter on the loose. Oh, yeah?  Well, who am I?  Sergeant-at-arms.  So reaches wherever his gun is, grabs it, walks out of his office, finds the guy, pow, pow, problem solved, back to his office.  Reluctant hero, just doing his job.  Man's man. 

The New Arbiters of Washington Conventional Wisdom See a Republican Wave Forming

RUSH: It used to be, ladies and gentlemen, that David "Rodham" Gergen exemplified the conventional wisdom of the thinking inside the Washington Beltway.  David "Rodham" Gergen, whatever he said, whatever he thought, you could count on that being what everybody else in the power clique thought and believed... Well, I think it may be that that torch is being passed, if not being passed, it's being shared.  John Heilemann and Mark Halperin are quickly becoming the new arbiters of conventional wisdom in Washington.

Debbie in Denial: Dems "Expanding the Map"

RUSH: She's offensive, she's coarse, she's everything you would think you would want in a party spokesman.  But for some reason they've tried to get rid of Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz and she won't go away. She even did that big makeover.  You know, she was Renee Zellweger before Renee Zellweger was.  

Race-Obsessed Sports Media: Seattle Teammates Think Russell Wilson Isn't "Black Enough"

RUSH: I want to point out again that all of this is being said and discussed and analyzed by a bunch of people on the left, folks.  It's not a bunch of conservatives running around saying he's not black enough.  It's not a bunch of conservative reporters.  I am repeating it, but this whole "black enough" stuff and all this dissension and the fact that Russell Wilson's entourage is all white guys, that's all the liberal sports media.  They are the ones that have race on the brain.

The Regime's Brazen Green Card Lie

RUSH: Once again, the White House insulting everybody's intelligence. "'I mean, this is crazy,' White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, adding he would caution reporters against 'making assumptions' based on the 'procurement of green paper,'" also known as the evidence...   We all know what Obama intends to do! He intends amnesty.  He intends to flood this country with illegal aliens. He is gonna grant amnesty to those here and he's gonna keep the border open and welcome all those who want in to come in as well.  And they're gonna get green cards, which means they're gonna get driver's licenses, which means they're gonna end up on the voter registration rolls before it's all over with motor voter. 

Protestants Under Attack in US History Class

RUSH: This one ticks me off.  I mean, I'm familiar with all of the history revisionism and the multiculturalism, but normally what these leftists do is just blame America at large, but now they're zeroing in on a religious group because they're trying to make it easy for students here to connect the Protestants with the Christians today.  And the Christians today are the Republicans.  They know exactly what they're doing.... This is exactly why there is the Rush Revere Adventure Series.  

AP Poll Spin: Americans Will Vote for Republicans -- But They Hate Themselves for It

RUSH: As we get closer to actual Election Day, the polls get a little more realistic because the pollsters start thinking about their credibility.  So a poll a month ago, a poll in August, a poll three months ago could be used entirely to shape public opinion and advance, say, the Democrat Party agenda rather than reflect public opinion.  And I have no doubt this happens.  None.  Zip, zero, nada.  Shifts in public opinion don't happen this way.

Democrats Aren't Popular! How Do They Win?

RUSH: If it weren't for voter fraud, I am more and more convinced -- I've got some stories in the Stack today to back this up. They're just not that popular.  Look, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has a new book.  It's his autobiography.  And do you know how many people care about Andrew Cuomo's life?  Nine-hundred-forty-five books sold the first week.  

Mark Cuban's Advice for the GOP

RUSH: "Mark Cuban has some advice for the Republican Party: Drop the social issues. 'If I was going to give guidance to the Republican Party, I'd say, 'Stay completely out of social issues.'"  He said it on CNBC today... I've been hearing this since 1992.  It doesn't matter what the Republicans do.  They're gonna be accused of all this stuff whether they say it, do it, or not.  The solution is to not shut up about this.

Libs in Panic Over Shrinking Gender Gap

RUSH: They see this AP poll that shows people support Republicans, women, 42 to 40 over Democrats.  They see the gender gap has gone away, and they thought they owned it.  They thought they had made this so-called Republican War on Women stick.  Now it's disappearing and they know it means disaster.

Barack Hussein O to Reverend Al: Voter ID Laws Don’t Prevent “Our Folks” from Voting

RUSH: Barack Hussein O, when he's talking to Sharpton, says... "Keep in mind that most of these laws are not preventing the overwhelming majority of folks who don't vote from voting...  The bottom line is, if less than half of our folks vote, these laws aren't preventing the other half from not voting." ...In other words, the voter ID laws are not why they aren't voting.  Do you realize what a huge rug he's just pulled out from under the Democrat Party? Can you imagine George W. Bush, if, in talking about the white vote, said "our folks"?  Can you imagine, if any Republican did it?  Can you imagine what the reaction would be? 

Desperate Dems Turn to Fraud, Race-Baiting

RUSH: NAALCP members are being told to go all over North Carolina and tell black people, "Hey, you don't need to register in advance.  You can register when you show up.  And go anywhere.  You don't have to go to an assigned place." So that when they get there and are refused the right to vote, they are then to raise hell, call the news media, which will be on call waiting for the call, and raise holy hell about how North Carolina is discriminating against black voters by not letting them vote, and not letting them register.

Obama Throws Democrats Under Bus

RUSH: How many times have we discussed on this program that Obama really doesn't care about anybody but himself? He doesn't care about the Democrat Party, except to the extent that it can help him. He's out there saying (imitating Obama), "Hey, hey, these people that are running away from me, hey, they all voted with me. They're my henchmen. They're the ones that made what I wanted to do possible."  He's just throwing 'em all under the bus... I mean, this is like the Road Runner and the coyote, and the Democrats are the coyote, and the Acme Anvil Company made one that just kaboomed 'em on the top of the head, thrown by Obama off the cliff.  

Did Allie the Cat Reject Me?

RUSH: Folks, I wasn't gonna tell you this because I know the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd will go berserk.  But I mentioned last night I was feeling sorry for myself, and I was, and it's the strangest thing.  I felt totally rejected by my cat. 

The Internet Didn't Bully You, Ms. Lewinsky -- Bill Clinton and the Democrat Party Did That

RUSH: She's blaming the Internet, blaming Drudge, or what have you, and that's not what did it to her.  Bill Clinton did it.  The Democrat Party did it.  And she was right in there doing it to herself... The fact that Bill Clinton to this day is the biggest rock star of the Democrat Party I think still has a lot of people mildly discombobulated in the sense that it wasn't that long ago there were prices to pay for such lapses of judgment and morality in positions of power and authority.  And today, the episode has enhanced Clinton's resume, it's enhanced his image with some people, and I think people are still scratching their heads over this and asking, "Why teach our kids right and wrong if wrong is how you win?"

The Daily Beast Dumps on the Regime

RUSH: The Daily Beast is jumping all over Joe Biden and all over the Obama administration, the way it's dealing with this war on ISIS.  I mean, they are firing both barrels. Biden, because he's obviously potentially a candidate for the presidency in the primaries against Hillary.  It's clear The Daily Beast is thrown in with Hillary, there's no question about that. 

Why the Bushes Helped Rehab Clinton

RUSH: I can only tell you what I think I know, and that is that both Bush 41 and Bush 43, whatever you think of them policy-wise or whatever, they have a deep reverence for the office, and they're not gonna ever denigrate anybody that's ever held it, they're not.  They're not gonna be critical of anybody, not publicly. 

Keep a Sharp Eye on Ferguson

RUSH: If this goes down with no indictment of the officer, you are going to see, because of the election in November and this poll showing the black turnout being down could kill the Democrats' chances, you're gonna see a major, major civil rights violations effort going on.

Tina Brown: Obama Makes Women Feel Unsafe

RUSH: As you know, there is, and has been for quite a while, a ban on this program of anything having to do with MSNBC. They used to be featured frequently here by way of audio sound bites. Some of the inane, insane, ridiculous things that were said on that network were quite entertaining... But today, something happened on that network that you have hear.

Liberals Acknowledge Obama's Incompetence

RUSH: There is no confidence that the people in charge are qualified to deal with legitimate crises. There is no confidence in the leadership. That's what has happened. Now, you and I have known this has been the case from day one. It's only started to dawn on some people now because of the nature of their bias and their partisanship. But I think this is spreading all across the country now, and it's across partisan lines.

Regime Prepares for Surge of 9 Million Illegal Immigrant ID Cards

RUSH: From Breitbart: "Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun." Now, this is not a surprise. You've all known this was coming... Mr. Snerdley's in there smiling and nodding his head because we've seen this before. I take you back to June 23rd of this year. Let me read to you excerpts from our Morning Update, a commentary that runs on EIB affiliates every morning.

Caller Blames Guy on the Radio for Failing to Motivate Republican Voters

RUSH: I do everything on this program from the bottom of my heart. But my success -- 25 years -- my success is not determined by who wins and loses elections. I don't control campaigns. I don't control candidates. I don't control who gets the nomination, and I don't control those people. They win and they lose, and they come and they go. Why would I tie my success to any of them? I do this program for you, the audience. It is to you and your service that I do this every day.

CNN's Stelter Perpetuates Another Smear

RUSH: Essentially, what they want their audience to think is what I'm saying is accusing Obama of thinking since Africans have Ebola, that we should get it. That's what they're attempting to do. It is a half-baked, not-even-good attempt to smear me, but, nevertheless, it's the latest one.

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