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Tina Brown: Obama Makes Women Feel Unsafe

RUSH: As you know, there is, and has been for quite a while, a ban on this program of anything having to do with MSNBC. They used to be featured frequently here by way of audio sound bites. Some of the inane, insane, ridiculous things that were said on that network were quite entertaining... But today, something happened on that network that you have hear.

Liberals Acknowledge Obama's Incompetence

RUSH: There is no confidence that the people in charge are qualified to deal with legitimate crises. There is no confidence in the leadership. That's what has happened. Now, you and I have known this has been the case from day one. It's only started to dawn on some people now because of the nature of their bias and their partisanship. But I think this is spreading all across the country now, and it's across partisan lines.

Regime Prepares for Surge of 9 Million Illegal Immigrant ID Cards

RUSH: From Breitbart: "Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun." Now, this is not a surprise. You've all known this was coming... Mr. Snerdley's in there smiling and nodding his head because we've seen this before. I take you back to June 23rd of this year. Let me read to you excerpts from our Morning Update, a commentary that runs on EIB affiliates every morning.

Caller Blames Guy on the Radio for Failing to Motivate Republican Voters

RUSH: I do everything on this program from the bottom of my heart. But my success -- 25 years -- my success is not determined by who wins and loses elections. I don't control campaigns. I don't control candidates. I don't control who gets the nomination, and I don't control those people. They win and they lose, and they come and they go. Why would I tie my success to any of them? I do this program for you, the audience. It is to you and your service that I do this every day.

CNN's Stelter Perpetuates Another Smear

RUSH: Essentially, what they want their audience to think is what I'm saying is accusing Obama of thinking since Africans have Ebola, that we should get it. That's what they're attempting to do. It is a half-baked, not-even-good attempt to smear me, but, nevertheless, it's the latest one.

Democrat Political Hack Named Ebola Czar

RUSH: So, how many of you still doubt me, that everything this administration does is a political calculation?  How many of you still doubt me on that?  So we now have an Ebola czar.  There was a clamor for an Ebola czar, and we've got an Ebola czar, and he doesn't know the first thing about medicine or health.  All he knows is fisticuff politics... Ron Klain was in charge of determining who got what in the Porkulus bill.  Ron Klain does political payoffs.  Ron Klain determined which unions got the money and how many shovel-ready jobs and school repairs and road repairs didn't get the money.  He's pure, 100% politics. 

Rove's Incredible WMD Miscalculation

RUSH: I look back on so much, so damn unnecessary.  All because a political calculation was made to not revisit something that had already been determined, that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  I swear, I do not understand this.  How can you be a member of the Bush administration and know every day the lies that are being told, the allegations that are being made, the absolute crumbling of the integrity of the institution of the presidency that was undergoing, and not even stand up and defend it. 

Current GOP Paralysis Stems from Bush Administration's Refusal to Push Back Against Lies

RUSH: There is an attitude at the upper levels of the Washington Republican establishment that assumes the country is already lost to the liberals; that the left has won. They've won the culture, and they're winning politics. There's an attitude that the left has won and that we can only occasionally expect to run the government...  And all of it stems -- I'm convinced all of this stems -- from a political decision in 2005 at the White House, from 2003, actually, to 2008, five years, to let this stuff go.

Did You Know We Already Had an Ebola Czar?

RUSH: I found this at the Federalist. This is a piece by Mollie Hemingway... The woman who heads the office is named Dr. Nicole Lurie, and there's a video attached to this story, and in the video, Dr. Lurie "explains that the responsibilities of her office are 'to help our country prepare for, respond to and recover from public health threats.' She says her major priority is to help the country prepare for emergencies and to 'have the countermeasures -- the medicines or vaccines that people might need to use in a public health emergency.'"

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals

RUSH: I've done something the past couple of weeks I haven't done in years, I have been watching baseball games on TV, and a realization hit me last night.  It's the way it used to be.  I didn't hear any talk of concussions. I didn't hear the play-by-play announcers or the color commentators lamenting sexual abuse. I didn't hear about whether some player had come out and was gay. I didn't hear about any cultural this or that.  It was just baseball.

Our Aim Is Not to Cause Panic, Shep

RUSH: Yesterday afternoon on Fox News, Shepard Smith decided to get all preachy and condemn the loud voices on the radio, and the loud voices on TV, and the loud voices in print for unnecessarily spreading  panic. There's no panic, that there's no spread of Ebola going on... Shep Smith was crying so much during his reporting from New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina, his mascara was running. But we need to dial it all back here, radio, TV, and print loud voices --  seeking ratings, of course.  Who is it that's always touting their ratings, by the way? Isn't it Fox? 

On the Cusp of a Great American Awakening?

RUSH: I got a note from a friend last night who was really happy, really ecstatic, because he believes, or he did until he talked to me, he believes that we are on the threshold here of a major American reawakening. He's a well-known writer and he thinks that all of these things happening here are going to open the American people's eyes to just how devastatingly damaging, destructive and corrupt liberalism is. I've been thinking about this for 25 years.

A Descendant of Patrick Henry!

RUSH: Our last caller, Tom, from Columbia, Missouri, the great, great grandson of Patrick Henry.  I don't have the words to tell you what his call meant to me and to all of us that work on the Rush Revere Adventure Series.  We're a tight little team with our heads down and doing a whole lot of work to get these books right, make sure the mission survives in each one of them and so forth. 

When Common Sense Confronts Liberalism

RUSH: If we would have done what 15 other nations have done -- maybe 10, I'm not sure -- we'd simply ban flights from Ebola-stricken countries.  Until you figure it out, just ban the flights from those countries. Fifteen, 10, whatever, other nations have done that.  Philippines, Canada.  Any number of nations have done it!  We haven't.

As America Faces Ebola, ISIS and Russia, Obama Prepares to Fight Problems We Don't Have, Like Global Warming

RUSH: You ever notice, by the way, that Obama has a lot of solutions for problems we don't have.  War on Women, women for equal pay, not really a problem anymore.  It's been dealt with.  Global warming.  But the point is that he has no solutions for the problems we do have.  It's stunning to me.  He's got all these grand plans, grandiose strategies for problems we don't have.  And problems staring us in the face, he's got zip, zero, nada. 

A Doctor on the Virology of Ebola

CALLER: You know, this is a recipe for disaster. There may be civil unrest in the next year or so based on the way our administration is handling its crises. We're not handling them well. Either by design or by nefarious inactions, it's showing it can't adequately handle its own national security issues from outside or from within. It's scary.

It's Common Sense to Seal the Borders to Ebola, But That'd Hurt Obama's Amnesty Agenda

RUSH: Maybe what's more important is making sure that they get their amnesty legislation or their amnesty policy done by the end of the year.  They can't do anything that might jeopardize it, and shutting down flights from Africa would clearly jeopardize it because it would clearly send a message that there are dangers to letting all kinds of people whom you don't know into the country. 

Why's Obama Fundraising for Democrats, But Not Campaigning for Them?

RUSH: I have to tell you that it is interesting that they don't want Obama on stage pointing out all the great things he's done and reminding voters, "Hey, Obamacare? This is the guy that did it! Stimulus bill, shovel-ready jobs? There's the guy that did it! Vast job creation, ending the recession? There's the guy that did it! They don't want him there pointing that out. My question is above and beyond that: Why is he doing all of these fundraisers?

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