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Don Rumsfeld's Letter to the IRS

RUSH: He's worked for presidents.  He's been the secretary of defense, and he's sending a letter to the IRS, "Dear Sir or Madame," is how he addresses the letter, and he makes a pitch for changing the tax code because it's simply not possible to know whether he is complying with the law, and he wants to be a law-abiding person...  It's a great way to make a point.  

Obama's America: 86 Million Makers Support 148 Million Takers

RUSH: At some point it's gonna have to be dealt with, and that is when America stops looking like America. That's when it looks like the Great Depression.  That's when it looks like deterioration all over the place, and we're headed in that direction, as that number indicates... It's official -- and it's significant -- the takers outnumber the workers. 

Putin Marches Towards World War III?

RUSH: Remember, the West promised to defend Ukraine.  It would be well worth your while to remember that Ukraine disarmed and demilitarized on that promise. There was a treaty that originated in the Clinton years, and it was reaffirmed in 2009, signed again by Obama. 

Caller Suggests Hillary Shoe Incident was Staged, and Media Claims Rush is Pushing a Conspiracy Theory

RUSH: The Politico is saying I did it. You got USA Today saying I did it, and I didn't do it.  It wasn't me!  And it's fascinating.  It is literally fascinating that they want to take this episode and try to lay this off on me.  I'll tell you what I'm talking about in a minute.  This is the hook.  It makes me think that we might have hit on something here.

Leftists Outraged That Bubba Watson Hit Waffle House After Masters Win

RUSH: Bubba Watson won the Masters on Sunday.  After all the hullabaloo at the course, at the club, after winning, there's the green jacket, champions dinner, at about 12:30, one o'clock in the morning on Monday he took his family to his favorite place, the Waffle House.  The left is livid.  They are enraged that he would take young kids to the Waffle House and feed them poison.

Obama's Failures Have Made Millennials Give Up Hope

RUSH: One of the things I am hearing or fear has happened is that, as Obama continues to break promises and Obama continues to wreak havoc on the economy and basically destroy the foundations of the American dream -- which is what he's doing -- that young people, who, by virtue of their age, have no living experience with conservative victory, won't know it. You and I do.

Conformity and Control Is Behind Junk Analyses & Diagnoses of Our Kids

RUSH: Your kid is lethargic and daydreams?  No problem.  We got a pill for that.  Your kid won't sit still, runs around, won't pay attention to class, doesn't get good grades, no problem.  We got a pill for that.  Child abuse.  Child abuse dressed up as medical care.  And look at this.  What are they angling for here again?  Conformity.  They want everybody to be the same.  They want every kid to sit still and everybody's got to be the same. Everybody has to eat the same food or they get criticized.

Coverage of the School Knife Attack -- and Kansas Shooting by a Democrat, Anti-Semite, Klansman Neo-Nazi

RUSH: This nutcase, what was his name, Glenn Miller.  He's a demented American Nazi, KKK leader, and he is a huge Democrat.  Yeah, and it turns out that they have found some things this guy has written, and there is a name, he actually mentions the name of the man who inspired him to stab Jewish people.  I'm gonna read to you what this guy wrote...

Carneys Shown Living an Idyllic Life That Liberals Mock

RUSH:  No, no, no.  You know, this Washingtonian piece on the Carneys, it does bother me. Because the Democrat Party has done everything it can to destroy that kind of family life, to mock it, to claim it isn't possible, to claim that to desire it is to desire to live in a past that can no longer be.

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