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Barack Obama: The Man Who Doesn't Do Theater and Photo Ops

RUSH: You probably have seen the Obama photo-op with a number of doctors and nurses who have returned from the Ebola countries, and many of those doctors are still in the 21-day monitoring period, the so-called quarantine.  In fact, Obama even went out of his way to shake hands with every one of them in front of the cameras.  It was just a few days ago he hugged the Ebola survivor, nurse Nina Pham, before the cameras in the White House. 

Obama's Amnesty Will Test the GOP

RUSH: We've got a teachable moment here, an opportunity to make this more than just a temporary one-off anti-Democrat Party vote.  It could have some meaning to it, and it still could, even after the election, depending on how the Republicans want to deal with it.  

Democrats in Freefall

RUSH: Are you ready for this?  The New York Times quotes somebody describing the Secretary of State John Kerry as spinning and floating out of control like Sandra Bullock did in that astronaut character she played in the movie Gravity...   The story is about how Obama may have to replace some of the people in the Regime because they're so incompetent. 

Caller: My 10-Year-Old Loves "See, I Told You So"

CALLER: I just wanted to thank you for the two books -- or the three books.  I haven't gotten the third book yet.  My daughter has read the first two, and she came to me and asked me, "Who is this guy that wrote the book?" 

So I said, "Okay, let's go on the Internet," and so now she's reading See, I Told You So.

Thank You to the Greatest Audience in Media

RUSH: I purposely did not mention this in the first hour, 'cause I constantly am trying to demonstrate that I do not look at you all as customers.  I've tried to make this point clear for 25 years.  There are a lot of other media people out there, networks and so forth, that look at you as customers, and I do not, and I never have... As far as I'm concerned, you are the best audience in all of media.  You are the most supportive, you are the most loyal, you are obviously the brightest, and it is a sheer honor and delight to do this and have an audience made up of people like you.  Quality, intelligent people like you. 

New Democrat Tactic: "Voter Shaming"

RUSH: Its intention is to motivate voters to go to the polls by making them think they're being monitored and that the officials will know if they do or don't vote -- and, of course, it would be much better for them if they do.  Good, old-fashioned peer pressure.  But here's the thing about this. If you ask me, this kind of thing could backfire big time. 

Ex-Lib: I Kept Listening Even Though I Hated You

CALLER: I didn't realize that I was living in a nightmare.  However, during that period of my life I was listening to you, but I didn't like you, period, but I kept listening to you.  However, recently I woke up out of this nightmare and was reborn into conservatism.  Actually, now I'm a Tea Party patriot.  So I want to give you accolades, Rush, for shining that light through a dark tunnel that I was in.

Ebola Nurse: The Rules Don't Apply to Me

RUSH: Here is a woman, she has been documented to be a huge Obama supporter, she's a radical leftist, and yet what's she doing here?  She's saying she doesn't trust the government. She doesn't trust "politicians." She doesn't trust the officials. She thinks they're trying to deny her her freedom.

Joycelyn Elders Explains Ebola

RUSH: If you're new to the program or of a certain young age, Joycelyn Elders may mean nothing to you.  You may not know who she is.  And that's what we're gonna do.  We're gonna show you who she was. 

Great-Grandmother Pays Us a Profound Compliment

CALLER: I asked my husband of almost 48 years, "Do you think our kids would be as conservative as they are," and they vary, but they're basically conservative, some very conservative, "if we hadn't started listening to Rush in the beginning?"  And we decided, "No, they probably wouldn't be," because of all the good information that you've given us over the years." Now we have nine children and with greats and grands, we have just about 50.

Black Chicago Activists Turn on Obama

RUSH: It's a long rant.  It runs four minutes.  It's four or five black men just taking down the Democrat Party.  They're urging people to vote. They don't tell 'em who or how to vote, but they are dumping all over the Democrat Party.

Mom Praises Rush Revere Illustrations

CALLER: I have a one-year-old and a three-year-old, and during story time at night we've started reading the first book, and she absolutely loves it.  And with the pictures we'll talk about the Pilgrims on the boat and having the layout of the boat. We'll talk about where they were, and at three, she loves it.  So it really is an all-ages kind of book.

Sharyl Attkisson's Book on the Obama-Media Axis

RUSH: She's the former reporter from CBS that tried to cover Fast and Furious, tried to cover Benghazi and was shut down by her network and by the White House. She was shut down by everybody, and she has revealed something that we all know. The assignment editors inside all of these networks actually make decisions on what stories to cover based on whether they will or will not help Obama and the Democrat Party. She documents it now. 

Hillary: "Don't Let Anybody Tell You That It's Corporations and Businesses That Create Jobs!"

RUSH: Don't believe that Hillary really thinks businesses don't create jobs.  She knows it's not true.  Look at all the jobs Whitewater created.  Look at all the jobs probably the FBI files that she and her husband purloined and had for all those years.  Look at all the jobs Monica Lewinsky got.  Don't tell me that businesses don't create jobs.  She knows they do.  Her husband knows that they do.  But she has to say that.  She has to. ... It's not coincidental that she says this in Massachusetts.  That's where Elizabeth Warren is from, and Elizabeth Warren is being touted -- I kid you not -- by a bunch of people on the left as the successor to Obama, and they love her for one reason: "You didn't build that."  You cannot cream capitalism in one sentence better than Elizabeth Warren and Hillary have tried to do here. 

Obama Crushes State Ebola Quarantines

RUSH:  Already Cuomo and Christie have been forced to cave before Obama's onslaught. So it's really clear that Obama can act, and he can act fast when it's something that really matters to him, such as making sure that people who might have Ebola aren't cooped up for 21 days.  This is unbelievable to me.  But it's happening right before our very eyes. 

October 28th: Rush Revere and the American Revolution!

RUSH: We're so excited about this. It's timed to be released near Veterans Day. We have so much profound awe and respect for the US military. The book is dedicated to them, and intertwined in the American history portions of the story is a modern-day story about families and how they deal with deployment and how the children of military families deal with it.

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