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What's the Secret Service Being Told to Ignore?

RUSH: What's going on in there that the Secret Service might be told, "Pay no attention to what you're seeing here"?  The Secret Service is caught between a rock and a hard place.  The president is their boss, but then he's not. The director is their boss.  But something's not right here.  Something is very, very wrong here.  This is not a laughing matter.

Pentagon Official: Obama Is Lying About ISIS Intel

RUSH: Here's a guy working there who says Obama's lying, making it all up. Everything Obama's saying is a lie.  The military, the intel people have told Obama exactly what the circumstances are, and the circumstances that have unfolded are exactly what he was told would happen as far back as four years ago. 

The Ebola News Just Gets Scarier

RUSH: I don't know, folks.  This is getting really frightening.  How do you not know, if you're in the medical world, that Liberia is ground zero?  Somebody comes in and says, "I got the flu and I came from Liberia." That should have Code Red.

Former Military Caller on Iraq Pullout

CALLER: Part of my job in my work at CENTCOM was dealing with the troop forces and troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq.  As much as it pains me to sound like I'm gonna support Obama, because I am not an Obama supporter, the fact of the matter is all the troop levels that you are talking about and hearing in the news from all the generals -- that we needed to leave 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,000 troops on the ground in Iraq to stabilize it -- are all true... The difficulty was that al-Maliki refused. 

What's Going on at the Secret Service?

RUSH:  Get this.  At the hearing in Washington today with the Secret Service director, the Secret Service director praised the agents that allowed the intruder to get all the way into the Green Room for restraint -- restraint in dealing with the intruder. Meaning: They didn't beat the guy up, and for that they deserve praise.

Marie Harf: ISIS Underestimated Itself

RUSH: Regular listeners will know that one of our favorite people here is the second-in-command State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. This woman is stereotypically perfect of the modern, empty-headed, totally vacant, but to-the-hilt-educated liberal, has come out of the Ivy League, looks the part, acts the part. She is just perfect.  And she literally doesn't know anything, but she thinks she knows everything.

Obama's ISIS Intel Cluster

RUSH: Now he's throwing the intel people overboard. "Because even they admit they knew a lot of this for a year, even two years, and they didn't tell me." 

That's essentially what he's saying.  How brazen is that?  "Oh, yeah, they knew it, and even Jim Clapper will agree," before Jim Clapper even knows he's agreeing.

Republicans Should Be Way Ahead

RUSH: Can you believe the Democrats even still have a chance?  It's unfathomable to me, and here they are in the media, excited about this generic ballot, and they're waiting for Obama to go out and say whatever he's gonna say about the economy leading into the election... The fact that he's gonna be able to go out and say whatever he wants with hardly any push-back to it just, to me, it seems like a really busted and blown opportunity -- which itself raises a lot of other questions.

Teacher: We're Overwhelmed by Illegal Kids

CALLER:  Well, these students, it's my understanding, are in self-contained classrooms. So they're not being mixed with the general population of students, even other students that speak Spanish. It's my understanding they're not being assimilated or mainstreamed, to use education lingo. 

Drive-Bys Ridicule the Obama-Kroft Show

RUSH: Folks, it's funny the number of people making fun of Obama on 60 Minutes last night.  Ron Fournier, who used to be the AP bureau chief and is quoted so much, by the way, when he issues criticisms of Obama.  The reason why that makes news is because Fournier used to be one of the guys -- I don't mean to insult him by saying this, but he used to be in the tank. 

I Told You the Khorasan Group Doesn’t Exist

RUSH: I read a piece by Andy McCarthy, writes at National Review Online, the headline: "The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist..." I said, "Sounds familiar.  Sounds really familiar."  And I remembered, oh, yeah, it was I, your host, El Rushbo, who pointed out last Wednesday that they didn't exist. 

Borderline Millennial on Victimology and Redemption

CALLER: (giggles) Well, I can sum up the problem in one word, and it explains literally everything from the Occupy Wall Street movement to why somebody's approval ratings can be as low as our president's are and people will still continue to vote toward the liberal side of things.  It's a worldview that has been deeply and systematically ingrained into my generation since the day of Saturday morning cartoons, and it's called "victimology."

Peaceniks: Obama Cut Slack Because He's Black

RUSH: It's not as though we didn't know, either.  I just wanted to get it on record from their mouths.  They're the ones who are telling us that the whole peace movement is political, like everything else they do.  It isn't really about peace, and they're really not worried about collateral damage.  All they want to do is disrupt and damage Republican presidents.  

CBS Sports Silliness: "The Washington Team"

RUSH:  Last night on CBS, it was Jim Nantz and Phil, who used to play for the New York Giants, doing the game between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins.  And Phil had vowed back prior to the season he would not say "Redskins" because of its racial connotations, the fact that it offends people and so forth.  So we vowed yesterday on this program not to ever say Phil's last name.  

The Five on Your Host and Obama's War

RUSH: Yesterday afternoon about, I don't know, 5:30, I am feverishly -- already at 5:30 yesterday afternoon -- getting ready for today's program. And the way I do that is just constantly read and learn and decide what I'm interested in and what I'm not interested in to set aside the things I'm not interested in. And I get a message from Kathryn, who says, "They're talking about you again on The Five."  She sends me one of these about three times a week. 

A Caller's Purchase Tax Proposal

CALLER: I want to talk about stop taxing income and instead tax purchases.  That would simplify the process, reduce compliance costs, raise more revenue -- and, most importantly, provide tax relief to the lower and the middle class.

What's Brilliant About Apple iOS 8

RUSH: All of the real, substantial, what people call "power-user features" are beneath the surface.  The average, ordinary, everyday user is never gonna encounter them and therefore never gonna get mad and therefore never get frustrated about the change. 

The Numbers Say Your Child is Safer in an NFL Locker Room Than Any Public School in America

RUSH: Stop and think.  How many stories do you see here and there, now and again, over a period of time about a teacher abusing a child?  Speaking of which, how many of you can recall being shocked and surprised at how many of the teachers abusing young students are women?  I'm sure, as you start thinking about it, your memory kicks in. You're starting to say, "Yeah, yeah! I remember that." 

Oil is the Fuel of the Engine of Freedom

RUSH: There isn't a replacement for it. There isn't a substitute for it.  They can dream all they want about using french fry grease in jet airplane engines. They can dream all they want about solar panels and windmills and all this.  But there is nothing -- we aren't even close to having anything -- that substitutes or replaces oil. 

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