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Thank You All for My Fifth Marconi Award!

RUSH: Since television was invented, radio has always been considered, by the entertainment media, anyway, to be among the lowest rungs of the show biz ladder.  And it's the only media that I have ever really loved.  I have a deep devotion to the importance of radio, to the history and legacy of it... Radio offers the opportunity for the most direct and intimate relationship or bond with the audience of all media, and the reason precisely is because there aren't any pictures. 

What I Learned on the CBS NFL Pregame Show

RUSH: Football has jumped the shark and has now become politics...  You know what else I learned last night, folks?  I learned that when I make fun of the way Barack Obama cannot throw a baseball -- and he can't throw a baseball. He throws like a girl.  He walked out there, the first pitch at the Washington Nationals wearing the mom jeans. I mean, it was comical.  You know what I learned?  I learned that saying that diminishes women and leads to domestic violence.  That's what James Brown in the CBS pregame show told America, that we've gotta stop making fun of men who throw like girls or calling them sissies, because that is going to diminish women and lead to more violence and death.

Regime Refrain: War, What is It Good For?

RUSH: The Regime is trying to tell us that what Obama outlined on Wednesday night is not a war...  Because he's not gonna use authorization.  He's going around Congress.  There are a couple of pieces in the Stack today. There is one from a guy named Bruce Ackerman, who's a Yale professor. This is devastating for Obama because this guy says Obama is doing what Bush only dreamed of doing.  

Why Libs are Getting Ready for Hillary

RUSH: Socialism, liberalism, communism, it has never worked, it has never created a utopia. That doesn't tell them anything. All it does is make them eagerly anticipate the next effort.  And so Hillary embodies the next chance to finally get it right and to show it can work.  

The Origins of the "Dingy Harry" Nickname

RUSH: Clint Eastwood owned the term Dirty Harry, so I was trying to come up with something as close to that as I could without stealing dirt.  I mean, if I called him Dirty Harry, that's Clint Eastwood.  So Dingy Harry is as close as I was able to get to it.

Media Mantra: "The Reluctant Warrior"

RUSH: The reluctant warrior bit, folks, is the subtle way to inform the low-information crowd that this is a leftover mess from George W. Bush. Obama finally got us out of there. He doesn't want to go back in there, but, damn it, because Bush screwed it up -- that's unstated -- he's gotta go back in and he's reluctant.

Obama's Speech: Theatrics vs. Reality

RUSH: Let me tell you the first observation I had.  It was borne out, I mean, within 30 seconds of the speech ending.  I paused this, and I looked at Kathryn and I said, "There are a lot of people that are gonna think this was a great speech."  And theatrically it was... Watch this as low-information people would. The low-information people are not gonna pick up on the nuance. They're not gonna pick up the contradiction 'til they're told about it.  

See, George W. Bush Told You So

RUSH: Now, I want to take you back.  This is the audio sound bite I had on Monday.  Megyn Kelly aired this on Fox last night after the speech.  It's from 2007.  I had it in my roster on Monday and I kicked myself here for not getting to it. 

The Iraq War Wasn't a Disaster -- It Was Necessary

RUSH: Going into Iraq was not to avenge an assassination attempt on George H. W. Bush, and it wasn't about Halliburton.  It was about somebody taking a threat seriously and taking preventive action and not waiting to be hit again.  Saddam was bragging all over the place about all the weapons of mass destruction he had, and they were toying around with creating a nuke. 

Irony: Democrats Now Imprisoned by the Defeat They Secured in Iraq

RUSH: For five years they had told everybody how illegitimate the whole thing was.  They couldn't stay.  That is why I find what happens now so sweetly ironic.  If anybody owns the defeat in Iraq, it's Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.  They wanted it.  They're the ones that secured it.  They're the ones that fought for it, politically.  And they got it.  And now look.  Because they got what they wanted, because they don't know crap from Shinola, ISIS was allowed to grow.

Drive-By Analysis: Halperin, Brokaw, Burglar on Obama Speech

RUSH: Sandy Berger was national security advisor for Clinton.  That's right.  Sandy "Burglar."  We called him Burglar because he went to the national archives and stole stuff in preparation for his testimony... He stole something in the national archives.  He stuffed it in his socks, you remember that?  And they said, "Oh, no, no, no, that's just Sandy. He puts stuff in his socks in his office all the time."

An Institution That Enables Thousands of Young African-Americans to Become Millionaires is Under Assault from a Bunch of White Liberals

RUSH: The National Football League creates a lot of wealth for a league that is 79, 80% African-American, and a bunch of white liberals now have this institution, this game in their crosshairs.  The feminazis, the sportswriter media, who also depend on the NFL for their livelihood.  You have the Drive-By Media.  You have TMZ and Harvey Levin, the new Walter Cronkite, for the low-information crowd.  It's coming from everywhere.

The Establishment's Plan for the Lame-Duck Congress

RUSH: I hate having to report this stuff.  I'm not comfortable.  What's going on -- I mean, if I had to boil it down to a nutshell -- is the stage is being set for a huge bunch of crony capitalist relationships that will be forged during the lame-duck session of Congress, primarily after the November elections. 

ISIS Speech is All Politics for Obama

RUSH: How do you go from it's not important enough to have a strategy, it's not important to even consider them bigger than the JV team, to all of a sudden a national address to the nation on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11?  

What Cheney Told the PTSD GOP

RUSH: The first thing you have to do is forget everything you think you believe about Cheney that you have been told by the Drive-By Media.  Dick Cheney is not Darth Vader.  Dick Cheney is not evil.  Dick Cheney is not even mean.  Dick Cheney is serious. Dick Cheney is fearless. And he will say what many people won't... Dick Cheney is, first and foremost, an American patriot and he cares -- besides his family-- about one thing, and that is the security of this country and its people, the security and safety of the people of the United States. 

Grave Concern for the Left on Eve of Former Messiah's ISIS Speech

RUSH:  It's bad out there for Obama.  Even the Drive-By Media is beginning to turn in slight ways. The Drive-By Media's beginning to get panicked because now all of a sudden the word "wave" is being talked about again in terms of the November elections.  Pollster Stuart Rothenberg is out with that today...   You know, if I'm a lib, and I'm going for coffee today at Zabar's up on the Upper West Side, I have got to be totally dumbfounded and confused, because my Bible, the New York Times, is turning against The Messiah. 

Harvey Levin and the Drive-Bys Go After Goodell

RUSH: You know who Harvey Levin is, Mr. Snerdley?  He's the founder and the CEO of TMZ.  He's the new Walter Cronkite.  Trust me.  He has replaced Jon Stewart as the official supplier of news with credibility for the low-information crowd. They released the video of Ray Rice decking his fiancee in that elevator, and last night Harvey Levin said we're gonna post tomorrow morning, meaning today, evidence that we believe shows the NFL knew of this video inside the elevator and tried to cover it up.

It's Tough to Beat Santa Claus

RUSH: The Democrats have adapted well to being Santa Claus.  And then there's a vacuum.  Look at what the Republicans are doing.  The Republicans are patting themselves on the back right now for how well they're doing in the polls.  'Cause they're not saying anything.  Republicans are being very quiet.  They're adopting this philosophy that when your opponent's committing suicide, you get out of the way, let it happen. 

Why is Everyone So Worried About What the Kids Think?

RUSH: I can't tell you the number of guys who told me their kids think X and therefore we'd better think it, 'cause the kids are the future. When I was 25, the adults of the world thought I hadn't' lived long enough to know enough. I didn't have enough experience at life to be able to tell them what was up and the way things oughta be. It's stunning -- and this may be a profundity here, folks, because this is more than a trend.

Obama Can't Feel Your Pain

RUSH: Obama says he doesn't get the "theater" of being president. Do you know what that means, by the way? It means Obama has no way to feel anybody's pain... Well, all he's admitting there is he doesn't really care, folks. It's more than empathy. It's more than lacking empathy. It's just he doesn’t care, which I don't think is any new revelation. But, at the same time, Obama says I'm supposed to get better at the "theater" of things, like Clinton. Remember the Ron Brown memorial?

Satellite Images Prove Algore's Melting Ice Cap Prediction Wrong

RUSH: This is the UK Daily Mail, which went back and documented what Algore predicted about ice at the North Pole and there wouldn't be any today.  The US media isn't reporting this at all, just as an FYI.  I mean, it's stunning, folks. The evidence is pouring in left and right how totally wrong this is.  Algore is just the latest example of how wrong they are.  But, remember, I'm not supposed to say that.  Because the kids believe that it is happening.  

Mysterious Virus Hits Kids in Midwest; Obama Won't Tell Us Where Illegal Alien Kids Were Sent

RUSH:  We had these kids cross the border from El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, wherever they came from, Central America.  They were processed real quickly.  Gotten in, gotten out and they've been distributed all over the country.  And Obama won't tell anybody where he put them.... Now, are the two stories related or are they not?  Does this sweeping mysterious virus that's multiplying across the Midwest, does it have anything to do with that or not?  We don't know. 

The Limbaugh Take on Celeb Photo Hacks

RUSH:  Any number of things like this can happen, but you can protect yourself against it if you know how.  But the bottom line here: The users are not at fault.  Jennifer Lawrence and these people, whoever got hacked, their nudies, they're not at fault here.  The hackers always are.  

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