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What the Obamacare Supreme Court Case Could Mean

RUSH: If the court rules that those subsidies are illegal, then what happens?  See, the Regime is very, very... I think the Regime's looking forward to this.  The Regime is hoping that those subsidies are taken away, because you know what will happen next?  Do you know what happens then?  If there's not a plan in place, what will happen next is the Republicans will be attacked for having caused this!

Hitler's Nazis and the ISIS Islamofascists

RUSH: ISIS and Nazi Germany and their techniques are parallel.  The frustrating thing here for me -- and it's not just me. I think anybody in media goes through this frustration.  We have talked about it, and people don't know.  We've talked about it, and people don't hear.  

Obama Goes for the Guns

RUSH: How many of you remember my issuing a warning that the next two years of the Obama administration are going to be unlike anything anybody imagines, that you haven't seen anything yet?  And I tied it to Obama alone.  He will do what he's going to do regardless, but when the Republicans announced that impeachment was off the table and that any constitutional mechanism at their disposal to stop him would not be used, "Katy, bar the door." I have said it over and over again. I've repeated it I don't know how many times...  And it has started.  President Barack Obama is using executive actions now to impose gun control on the nation.  And here is how... 

Democrats Write the News Narrative

RUSH: Does anybody think the news media's daily narrative just happens?  Whatever the narrative is every day, whatever the soap opera, however you want to describe it, does anybody really think it just happens?  Because it doesn't. 

Could McConnell and Boehner Really Outfox the Democrats?

RUSH: Okay, the continuing agony, angst, and anxiety over the Department of Homeland Security funding bill in the House and the Senate.  The National Journal has a story today that the Democrats are worried about an ambush, that Mitch McConnell has really hoodwinked 'em and really, really tricked 'em out there.  And here is the thing in a nutshell... 

Unregistered Democrats-in-Waiting

RUSH: It's not Americans-in-waiting.  It's unregistered Democrats-in-waiting.  If we're gonna call these people what they really are, they are unregistered Democrats-in-waiting, or undocumented Democrats-in-waiting."

If What Republicans Are Saying at Dinner Parties Is True, We're Never Going to Win

RUSH: I'm not even gonna tell you because I didn't want to convey something I heard last night that just really ticked me off about the Republican presidential field. But it ticked me off because it made me think, "We're hopeless; we don't have a prayer."  It was in a conversation about local, major, big-time Republican money here in south Florida and about how 95% of it's going to Jeb Bush. But that was not the deal.  It was the discussion of other candidates and what some of these people thought of some of the other candidates.  It just sent me to the moon.

Republicans Cave on Everything

RUSH: You would have thought that there wasn't an election last November, and then you would have thought that the election that was last November was not won in a landslide by Republicans.  If you just landed here from Mars and were looking at politics in Washington, you would have assumed that maybe there isn't a Republican Party, when in fact the Republican Party won a landslide last November.  But you can't discern that from anything happening in Washington. 

Do Obama and Jeb Share a Worldview?

RUSH: I don't think they really do understand why this country is as great as it is and how it got there.  You can't possibly understand that if you look at this country as nothing more than a series of grievances that need to be addressed.  You can't see greatness at the same time you see that.

Why Democrats Want a Clean Bill

RUSH: If both houses of Congress authorize the full funding of Department of Homeland Security, this case is over.  There's no court down the road that is going to continue to hold for the judge who ordered the stay.  But if the Congress refuses to give the clean bill, and if a clean bill doesn't therefore come out of Congress, then the will of Congress cannot be said to be full funding of Homeland Security.  That's why it's crucial that Boehner hang on. 

NYPD's Bratton: Police to Blame for Worst Moments in Black History

RUSH: The police commissioner in New York is William Bratton, and they love Bill Bratton in New York because he used to go to Elaine's when Elaine's was open.  See, if you went to Elaine's they loved you on Page Six... "New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton acknowledged on Tuesday that police were to blame for 'many of the worst parts of black history' in the United States." You heard me right...  Do you realize what a bill of goods we were sold about the Gentle Giant and "hands up, don't shoot"? Do you realize what a bill of goods we were sold about Trayvon Martin, a bill of goods we were sold about Eric Garner?  

What's Motivating Republicans?

RUSH: They're just afraid of any media criticism they're gonna get for what they do.  Consultants have told them they're gonna anger the independents... They are so worried about not screwing up 2016, the presidential race, that they are trying to avoid any action they think would be provocative, would upset the Democrats, would upset the media. They're trying to lay low just like they did during the campaign last year.

Obama Exploits the Ignorance of Young People to Seize Control of the Internet

RUSH: People live in a never-ending phase or state of blind-faith hope that the government can come along and address, redress and eliminate every injustice out there, be it economic, be it cultural, and they have yet to succeed at it... Net neutrality, that's another one of these bogus titles for an operation that's the exact opposite.  It's not gonna be neutral.... I'm stunned with the ease in which Obama has had in getting so many young people to sign on eagerly to the idea of regulating the Internet... Net neutrality is as honest a name as is the Affordable Care Act, or as was the Fairness Doctrine.  It's just the latest left-wing power grab.

Young Listeners Fall for Net Neutrality Lies -- But They Have No Idea What's in Obama's Plan

RUSH: I'm gonna gladly and happily engage you in conversation about this, but I want to tell you at the outset that not one of you can argue with me. Now, wait.  The reason you can't argue with me is that you don't know what it is.  Obama has not released the details of this plan.  You may think you know what net neutrality is, but you haven't the slightest idea.  He's keeping it secret.  You don't know what it is.  You may think it's about getting even with these "mafia ISPs" that are making it problematic for you to watch Netflix.  You may think that's what this is about, and if you do, God, I wish you'd realize that it's not about that.  

Democrat Admits What Amnesty Is All About

RUSH: This Democrat, Kurt Schrader, has just admitted what amnesty's all about, making sure the Democrats are in power for 30 years. I've been telling people for I don't know how many years, you know it as well as I do that's what this is all about.  But no Democrat's ever admitted it.  

Scott Walker Turns the Condemnation Game Around on Democrats

RUSH: This Rudy thing is two-pronged.  They want Republicans to distance themselves from Rudy.  They want Republicans to marginalize Rudy, and then they want Republicans to disagree with Rudy, which would then validate Obama.  And it's not our job to validate Obama.  So Scott Walker and a couple of others are showing the right way to do this now, and I, for one, couldn't be happier.  

Patricia Arquette Is Right (About Women in Hollywood and on Hillary Clinton's Staff)

RUSH: We know that women are underpaid in Hollywood, at least as compared to men. Why don't these sensitive, aware, devoted-to-equality male actors take the lead on this?  Patricia Arquette showed the way. Meryl Streep popped up and shouted her agreement.  Male stars need to actively say to the studios and producers, "I'm not gonna do this unless my female co-star earns as much as I do.  And if I have to give back 20% of what you've offered me so that my female co-star could make as much as I do in this movie, then that's what I will do." Until they do that, shut up.  

Are You Drinking Enough Coffee?

RUSH: How long have you been thinking coffee was a bad thing, that you needed to avoid it and maybe you're drinking too much of it?  It's either the caffeine or something, but I'm sure many of you, millions of you were running around with it in your head that coffee's a bad thing and you can't give it up, you like it too much.  And now, all of a sudden, hey, not only is it okay, you may not be drinking enough of it.  Bunch of idiots. 

Rudy's Iran Speech: Right on the Money

RUSH: Speaking of Rudy, I have sound bites here from Rudy, a speech he made in Phoenix on February 13th.  This is not the "21" speech last week.  This is February 13th, a Friday, and Rudy called Obama a moron and said Netanyahu is a leader who fights for his people, unlike our president.  The media started noticing this one after the "21" speech surfaced last week.

What's Going on with Rev. Al?

RUSH: I've just been handed a news flash.  "The National Association of African-American Owned Media alleges that Sharpton and other advocates have been bought off." This is the Hollywood Reporter... Does this say that Sharpton's been canned?

Regime Rushing to Implement Obama Amnesty

RUSH: The more they get done, the thinking is, it's all that much more difficult to unravel it.  That's why they want to get it done. That's why they want Obama's executive action happening now, because it's much easier to stop something from happening than to unravel it once it has been implemented.

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