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Media Continues to Obsess and Chuckle Over Your Host Simply Reading a Story on Lesbian Farmers

RUSH: There's nothing that I said that isn't true.  In fact, they, in the New York Daily News, provide more information about this than I did.  And the information they provide actually crosses T's, dots I's and exclamation points the things that I did say about it.  "The all-day summit will teach lesbian and transgender hillbillies how to get subsidies from the government like rural housing loans and 'community facility grants...'"

Trump Converts the GOP to Amnesty?

RUSH: Who knew that it would be Donald Trump to come along and convert the GOP base to supporting amnesty?  I don't see a lot of people preparing to abandon Trump over this.  Maybe Coulter.  Who knows what she's gonna do.  I mean, her book hits, and it's just had the rug pulled out from under it. 

Hillary Loses Half of Her Lead Against Trump

RUSH: Hillary is not looking good, either. ... I saw her at a personal appearance. I don't know if it was a rally, but it must have been scorching hot, because every woman in the picture that I saw was wearing sleeveless tops, tank tops, what have you, shorts, and Hillary shows up in a house coat, looked like a heavy house coat, long sleeve house coat, giant Captain Kangaroo-type pockets and slacks.  

Analyzing Trumpist Support vs. Nurse Ratched

RUSH: The active Trump supporter is the Trumpster who can tell you exactly why.  And if you tell the active Trump supporter that you don't, he will try to convince you to change your mind.  That's an active Trump voter or supporter.  Every candidate has passive support.  It's just people that are gonna vote for him no matter what.  There's an R by his name so he's gonna get the vote.  Hillary has a lot of passive support.  In fact, I think most of Hillary's support is passive, if you want to know the truth.  

Liberal Listener: Thanks, El Rushbo

CALLER: While I rarely agree with your conclusions, I always follow your logic 100% of the time, and you've got me to self-reevaluate before and even change my position in the past. So when I'm listening to you, I'm not trying to think of how I can find fault in what you're saying or to one-up you. I'm literally listening because you give me information that I'm not gonna hear on the networks, especially about the players and the relationships between the players.

Millennial: We Love Your Tech Talk!

originalCALLER:  I want you to know that there is a large chunk of your audience who love when you talk about technology and tech blogs and everything like that. And I'm here to suggest that I think you should spend either an entire show or maybe start creating a podcast where that's all you talk about, 'cause it is great to hear an insightful, conservative voice which obviously we don't get from the tech blogs that we read right now.

Democrats Are Nervous About Their Dud Candidate

RUSH: "The vote may be more favorable to Mr. Trump than the worst-case-scenario prognosticators suggest for a very simple reason: Landslides do not really happen in presidential elections anymore."  Oh, so that's why?  They got a whole story here with a headline: "Think Hillary Clinton Will Win in a Landslide? Don’t Bet on It." And the only reason why is that landslides don't happen anymore?  You talk about a giant suck-you-in.  This is what is called "clickbait" in the tech community.

Trump-Hillary Enthusiasm Gap Confounds the Experts

RUSH: You look at one candidate who can't draw flies and is not even trying to anymore, doesn't even do rallies, hardly does anything in public, and when she does, nobody notices. And she's leading. And over here the guy that looks like a rock star is losing in the polls. And people are out there scratching their heads over this not quite understanding it.

Dissecting Trump's African-American Outreach

RUSH: I started reading how it's not that bad for African-Americans.  I said, what?  I wish that were true.  Don't misunderstand.  But now I'm confused.  It's not that bad for African-Americans?  So Jesse Jackson's exaggerating?  So Al Sharpton's exaggerating?  Black Lives Matter, they're exaggerating?  It's not as bad as Trump indicated?  It's not as bad as what we're told every day? 

Trump Helps in Louisiana as Obama and Hillary Party Instead

RUSH: Where is the outrage? Where are the American people angry? Can't find it, don't see it, don't understand it. Obama stays on Martha's Vineyard. And of course Hillary, she can't even be bothered. She's gotta hang in at Bill's 70th birthday party 'cause if she didn't, who knows what kind of women would show up.

It's a Shame Ryan Lochte Isn't Hillary Clinton

RUSH: The reason Ryan Lochte's world is falling apart is because the media won't let go of it.  Everyone knows everything he did.  It's on video.  I don't know whether they've got something in for the guy or not, but this just shows, if the same kind of attention were paid to Hillary Clinton -- look at Obamacare.  It's a dismal failure.  It is an embarrassment. It's a costly disaster.  It's a damaging dismal failure, if there was any attention paid to it whatsoever.  But there isn't. 

Nationalism vs. Globalism (Which Is Just Liberalism), and How the Worldwide Elite Take Care of Themselves

RUSH: The rich are getting richer here, the elites are taking care of themselves, is what this adds up to. And this is what Europeans, whether they know and can explain it, this is what they felt, they can sense it, they know things are not right. Their economies are not growing. Nothing makes any sense. Nothing is making economic sense to the common-sensical eye. And the same thing is happening here.

Trump Apologizes for Mistakes, Challenges Obama-Hillary to Apologize for Lies and Corruption

TRUMP:  Sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing.  I have done that.  And, believe it or not, I regret it.  And I do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain.  Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues.  But one thing I can promise you is this:  I will always tell you the truth.

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