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The Most Brilliant Man on Earth Doesn't Have a Strategy Yet -- But He Doesn't Believe We Can Defeat ISIS or Putin

RUSH: I do get some pleasure, just a little pleasure -- it's very limited -- when I listen to all of the people who told us in the first three months of 2009 what a brilliant man this was... Okay, we don't have a strategy yet to deal with ISIS.  And not only do we not have a strategy to deal with ISIS, the president of the United States told 'em that.  He told them that in a press conference yesterday. Then he told Putin and the Russians that we're not gonna do anything about whatever's going on in Ukraine. And then he said that we're never gonna be able to vanquish ISIS... Can you imagine if that had been the attitude about Hitler and the Nazis?  Can you imagine if that had been the attitude about imperial Japan back in World War II?  Can you imagine if that been the attitude about the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall? 

Amnesty for Hispanics But Not Haitians?

CALLER: I'd like the know why Mr. Obama, he's about to grant amnesty to all the immigrants that came over here illegally. I'm a black male from Miami, and when the Cubans come here, if they make it to land, they get to stay. And if the Haitian people come over, regardless if they make it to land or not, they get sent back.

We're Just Days Away from the Start of the NFL Season and We're Talking About Domestic Violence Penalties

RUSH: Here we are basically six days from the opening game of the NFL season, and we're talking about suspensions for spouse abuse and how the commissioner's two-game suspension wasn't enough, the media demanded more, and now it's six games first offense.  And the big question in sports media today is, "Will the Ravens do the right thing and suspend Ray Rice for six games now instead of two?"

Utter Chaos From Command Central

RUSH: The press secretary today said:  Nah, nothing to sweat here, no sweat. There's no ISIL here. There's no possibility of an ISIL attack. They're not even plotting one on the homeland. Chuck Hagel:  This is the biggest threat we've seen, and we should be getting ready to be attacked. Utter chaos. 

Obama's Agenda Rolls On

RUSH: The Obama agenda's on the march.  The White House, the EPA, the IRS, they're all full speed ahead. The DOJ, they're doing everything they can to implement Obama's agenda.  "Yes, we can" is still what is mobilizing the true believers in the Regime.  Don't be fooled.  

Democrat Amnesty Strategy: Shutdown!

RUSH:  That's the Democrat strategy.  Shut down the government. Get the Republicans to shut down the government.  That's what they tried with impeachment.  They were trying to goad the Republicans into actually getting the ball moving on impeaching Obama.  That didn't work.  So now that's the strategy. 

We Need to Do More Than Win an Election

RUSH: We can't turn this around in one election or even two... I think that focus on winning the midterms in 2014 and who the nominee is gonna be in 2016 is way shortsighted. The Democrats are trying to win the game... The Republicans are trying to get a first down. 

Recession Poll Shows Blaming Bush Worked

RUSH: As usual, my friends, I am required to read the stitches between the fastball here.  Why did I choose this sound bite?  What is it about this sound bite that's so urgent that I wanted you to hear it?  Well, right here it is.  "Most people, Sandra, believe the recession has permanently damaged this economy."  Who do most people blame for the recession?  That would be George W. Bush. 

Don't Be Discouraged, Folks

RUSH: Imagine if you were listening in the first hour, "Rush, you're painting a very hopeless case."  No, not at all.  My point here is there's a counter to all of this.  There is a way out of all this, but it's not just winning an election.  I'm not trying to diminish the importance of winning the election, but I do want to keep it in perspective... There is an army of American people waiting to be used, waiting to be mobilized, waiting to be put into some kind of political motion.  We have not lost the majority of this country.  If we had, there wouldn't be any talk of the Democrats losing as big as they're gonna lose in November,

Can Anybody Find the GOP Campaign?

RUSH: Have you heard any Republican stand up and say anything in opposition to what's going on now?  Have you?  I haven't.  It's, to me, striking.  And yet the Republicans, people talk about a wave election, how is that going to happen?  Are they sitting there really believing that the only or the best thing to do is to shut up and don't become targets and let the Democrats commit harakiri and, come November, people will vote Republican automatically 'cause they're so fed up with the Democrats?  Is that what the thinking is? 

We Must Artfully and Passionately Explain the Benefits of Lower Taxes to Low-Information Voters

RUSH: Warren Buffett is investing in Burger King and they're merging with a fast food joint in Canada and they're gonna have their federal tax rate cut in half.  It's amazing, Warren Buffett promoted Obama. Warren Buffett made the case for tax increases on the rich to help Obama.  Now Warren Buffett, when it's him involved, does everything he can to pay as little in tax as possible... How many low-information voters do you think have bought the notion that Burger King is unpatriotic and not willing to pay their fair share? 

Should ESPN Suspend Itself?

RUSH: There has to be an underlying assumption, right, that the gay guy is on the prowl?  A liberal media outlet doing this?  How can this be!  Why, this is the kind of thing you would see happen on Fox News, right?  This is the kind of thing you would expect to happen on The O'Reilly Factor, right?  Not ESPN. 

Explaining the Expectations Gap

RUSH: Republicans expect they're gonna win big because they assume everybody's gonna be out voting against what's going on.  So that's why this expectations gap is even relevant today, because it's all part of the context here that we're exploring, why there aren't any polls.  And why, therefore, there is no discussion of a wave election that might manifest itself for the Republicans.  And then, we're back to the same old thing:  Why aren't the Republicans contrasting themselves with the status quo?  

Rush Baby: Why Can't I Choose My Own Bulb?

RUSH: The EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, recommends an 11-step process for cleanup of broken compact fluorescents because of the mercury. An 11-step process! All because, Margot, you don't know what's best for you.  Never forget that.

Stop the Tape! Marc Lamont Hill Exposes the Fraudulent Relationship Between the Clintons and Black America

RUSH: Stop! The! Tape!  That's the first time I have ever heard anybody in the Democrat Party tell the truth about Hillary Clinton's purpose and presence in Selma.  The first time.  I have never heard a ranking civil rights person properly and with anger categorize Mrs. Clinton's appearance in Selma in 2007 as the phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roller event that it was. 

CNN Runs Wild with Alleged Shooting Audio

RUSH: How are they ever gonna confirm this?  But it doesn't matter, because as far as CNN's concerned, it's real.  And they've had expert after expert after expert, audiologist, forensic audiologist after forensic audiologist on CNN all morning long analyzing this.

Pain is Part of Obama's Plan

RUSH: He doesn't care about any of the things that aren't working.  They're just all part of the process to get where he wants this country to end up being.  In fact, some people are gonna have to experience a little pain, damn it.  They deserve to.  This country's had it too easy for way too long. 

Ferguson: Civil Rights-Themed Soap Opera

RUSH: The civil rights era is where supposedly the nation for the first time in its history came together and did something decent, and that's the way it's taught... I've also characterized the news of the day as the daily soap opera.  I have a See, I Told You So sound bite here from Gwen Ifill from Meet the Press yesterday you have to hear. 

The NFL Story of the Weekend

RUSH: The sports Drive-Bys have just been praying, hoping, they want, they need  this guy to make the team... Because of Sam's wonderful sack on Saturday night, he could be snapped up by anybody if the Rams try to put him on the practice squad, which means the Rams can't put him on the practice squad. They're gonna have to keep him, and that's why it's the big story.

Clintons Absent from Brown Funeral

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, I, El Rushbo, your guiding light host, your highly trained broadcast specialist and Real Anchorman.  I've been watching the gentle giant funeral, excerpts of it.  It's not wall-to-wall coverage, but if you look at CNN and Fox, I've seen enough of it to know that the funeral crashers haven't shown up.  The Clintons are nowhere near.  I haven't seen 'em. Now, normally, something like this, they go in there and they maneuver themselves into the front row and into the eulogy slot of the speaker slot. 

Understanding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

RUSH: I'm saying, wait a minute.  This is ass backwards.  What you ought to do -- and I'm thinking of doing this -- just make a video of writing a check to ALS and holding it up... Well, again, I'm a literalist, I am the mayor of Realville, and the challenge is you either donate to the cause or have an ice bucket dumped on you.  Well, I'll donate.  Anyway, it's obviously metamorphosed into something other than that.  

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