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All the Stuff I'm Steaming About

RUSH:  I am steaming over the son of the potbellied dictator being able to determine what movies I can see.  This is outrageous.  And the AP has a story saying that our options are limited! Our options are limited.  I'll tell you, America's days as a superpower are effectively over, if this is our attitude... I'm literally steaming over this, but I'm also steaming about something else. Did you see where Al Sharpton met with that airhead -- sorry -- the head of Sony, Amy Pascal?

It's All About the E-Mails for Sony

RUSH: I think one of the major fears is the private information being revealed in person-to-person e-mails, such as what this producer Scott Rudin thinks of Angelina Jolie and how Amy Pascal answers, and what Amy Pascal thinks of whoever else. 

Winners Chosen in Rush Revere Video Contest

RUSH: We want to congratulate Gabriella from Pennsylvania, Eden from North Carolina, and Ian from South Carolina. Those were the first place winners in the three categories that we had. You can see the videos that they submitted...  It's Facebook.com/RushRevere, and the others are at the RushRevere.com website under "featured videos." They're a must-see, and they'll give you a little hope for the future because they're so heartwarming.

Rush Baby Advised on Career in Politics

RUSH: The people that fail at anything will tell everybody else, "Nah, you don't want to do that. It'll ruin you. It'll destroy you. It'll chew you up and spit you out."  Don't talk to the people that are negative about it.  Talk to people who love it and who have succeeded in it and pick their brain. 

America in Decline

RUSH: There's always gonna be an America, folks.  It may not always be the America that was founded, and it looks like, depending on what happens these next two years, it looks like that what really is being sliced apart here is America as a superpower.  

My Response to Obama's Press Conference

RUSH: You know, listening to this guy -- I'm sorry -- listening to the president talking about censorship and his new pet phrase, "That's not who we are," about everything.  "That's not who we are.  That's not who we are."  I don't know, folks.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.  

A Caller's Question About Hillary

CALLER: I don't know how she can be broke.  I'm wondering what happened to all that money that Bill made, and I was wondering if some of it was paid to hush unknown bimbos or did she lose it in the futures market.

This Is What America Has Become

RUSH: Okay, what do you want to start with?  You want to start with Cuba?  Or you want to start with the Sony/North Korea hack?  You want to start with showbiz first? All right. Because you know they're linked.  They are intertwined.  I'll be happy to explain it... 

Liberalism: The Most Gutless Choice You Can Make

RUSH: Liberalism is the dominant belief system in our culture today because of the media.  Pop culture is populated by people who think that way, and it's considered to be what's hip, and that's what everybody wants to be.  Everybody wants to be hip and cool, and most people aren't hip.  Most people aren't cool.  But everybody wants to be.  Liberalism offers you the chance. Liberalism offers you the chance to be in the club of the hip and the cool.  And you don't have to do anything.

How Is the Cuban Missile Crisis Taught?

RUSH: I'm seven or eight years old.  I remember this like it was yesterday.  I remember watching Castro on TV, and I can remember the news had Douglas Edwards at CBS News, and Walter Cronkite. I remember them hoping and praying Castro would choose us, even back then. Hoping and praying.  They were all convinced that he wasn't, but Castro left it open. It was a possibility he was gonna choose to align with us, and then when he aligned with the Soviet Union, oh, it was a letdown. 

The Naive Hope of Liberalism

RUSH: Naive hope, I think, is a central, fundamental -- even a foundational -- element of liberalism among the great unwashed.  Not the liberal leaders.  They are clearly aware of the scam they're running, in addition to being true believers.  

The Drive-By Hubbub Over Jeb and Me

RUSH:  My reaction to this -- and you heard it on this program, and there was nothing extreme about it, nothing erratic about it, nothing fanatical about it.  It was delivered in reasoned conversational tone and tenor.  And yet the CBS Evening News, "Limbaugh fumed over Jeb Bush."  Mark Halperin and John Heilemann:  "Limbaugh up in arms over Jeb Bush." 

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

RUSH: I have warned all of you people, I have warned you that these last two years of the Obama administration are gonna actually be what he would have done if he'd had total control and did not have to worry about the Constitution the first two years. 

The Perfect Ticket: Clinton-Bush

RUSH: The ideal, the perfect ticket for the 2016 election: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush.  Now, they can figure out who's on top of the ticket on their own.  But when you compare their positions, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, on the key important issues, they are two peas in the same pod.

Merry Christmas from the Obamas, Victims of This Racist Country

RUSH: We're supposed to feel sorry for Obama and his wife because they are victims of the lamest of lame perceived slights they call racism.  Yes!  While all of this is happening, the president wants us to feel sorry because ten years ago somebody mistook him for a valet.  What's wrong with being a valet?  I thought every job had dignity, in Obama's world. 

A Tectonic Shift in Journalism

originalRUSH: The state of journalism today is horrible.  Things that are untrue, just jam-pack lies are making it into the news routinely and regularly.  Sometimes corrections are made; sometimes they're not.  The rape story at UVA with Rolling Stone.  They're just everywhere... I think journalism is undergoing a tectonic shift right before our eyes.  

Have We Raised Too Much Consciousness?

RUSH: Is it good for the country at large for people to be running around all day, every day thinking that they might have a deadly disease or that they might get one later today or tomorrow?  All of this consciousness raising about things, how many hypochondriacs is it creating?  How many people are doing nothing but thinking about disaster befalling them with all of this? 

Establishment Looks to Jeb to Stop Tea Party

RUSH: You want to know why Jeb Bush is thinking of running?  I'll give you a possibility, including the fact he may want to be president, he may want to do this.  But he's also being looked at as a savior by the big money donor class and the consultant class, the establishment of the party, to head off the Tea Party. 

Millennials Shocked to Learn Hillary's Age

RUSH: The Millennials have discovered how old she is, and they're stunned.  Remember I mentioned this not long ago?  The Millennials are shocked when they find out Hillary Clinton is 67... And then they learn that she doesn't drive.  She hasn't driven since 1996, and that's a negative. 

Conservatives Don't Hate Immigrants!

RUSH: People do not understand principled opposition to amnesty.  There's nothing personal about it.  It has nothing to do with these particular 15 or 20 million people.  It has nothing to do with that.  It has everything to do with borders.  It has everything to do with preserving the country as we know it with a distinct and proud of it, damn it, American culture, which is why every immigrant in the past has wanted to come here. 

Obama Compares Troops to Santa Claus

RUSH: They didn't laugh.  It's not because they're opposed to Santa Claus.  Not at all.  But they don't do what Santa Claus does.  They don't have a bunch of little elves running around making things at the North Pole.

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