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Whose Leader Is He?

RUSH: It was hard to tell last night just whose leader Barack Obama is.  I mean, I'm watching this, it's surreal, and it's almost like a dream.  Was Barack Obama speaking as president of the United States or was he speaking as the victorious leader of a foreign invasion?  

Obama Is Watching His Opposition

RUSH: I think Obama is taking note of how little anger, protest, opposition there really is.  I mean, it might be in the polls, but Obama is taking the measure right now of how much more of this he can do in the next two years with as little opposition as he thinks he's gonna get.  I guarantee you he's only just begun here.

Uber vs. the Drive-Bys

RUSH: They are beside themselves with rage.  "How dare they! How dare any company investigate us? We're just journalists.  It doesn't matter what we've done or haven't done.  That doesn't affect our reporting of this story!  This is intimidation.  This is harassment!" Journalists across the spectrum -- news journalists, sports journalists, tech journalists, bloggers -- are all writing about just how awful Uber is, how outrageous it is that anybody at Uber would even think of this. 

Call from an Undocumented Dittohead

RUSH: We want everybody like you who wants to come here to come here and do so in a legal way. Everybody is more than happy to deal with the unfortunate circumstances of your reality, but we have got to shut down the border first and stop the influx!  If we don't do that, we're gonna be flooded and we're not gonna be able to handle assimilation.

The Limbaugh Immigration Bill

RUSH: I say, "Look I'm ready to throw in the towel.  You know what?  I can see the numbers, and I can see, Senator Schumer, that you've got 'em.  So you know what I'll do?  I will submit, I'll agree the Republicans put together a bill that gives you everything you want.  The only thing that I think is fair and that I want is that these newly legalized illegal aliens cannot vote for 20 years."  And if there is even a syllable of opposition to that, then we would expose the Democrats for what they really are.

Liberals Think Obama Didn't Go Far Enough

originalRUSH: There are a lot of groups not happy with what Obama did last night, and it just amazes me.  It really does.  These groups are unhappy because Obama didn't do what they expected, which obviously means Obama has been lying to some of these people in these private meetings with them. 

Tune In to See the Constitution Destroyed!

RUSH: Everybody knows that what is going to happen tonight is unconstitutional.  It is like we're gonna put the Constitution up on a wall and Obama is gonna start shooting a BB gun at it and we're all gonna tune in at eight o'clock and watch it.  And then we're gonna talk about what we saw later on tonight and tomorrow.  Meanwhile, tomorrow the Constitution is still gonna have some BB holes in it.  

Don't Live in a Time Warp! The Democrat Agenda Marches On Regardless of Election Results

RUSH: It used to be that elections stopped out-of-control parties and out-of-control politicians.  They got the message.  The Democrat Party doesn't care.  Obama on down, they don't care what the electorate thinks, what the electorate does, as evidenced by what is going to happen tonight.  They don't care.  And, until such time as somebody decides a way to stop them, this is gonna keep on happening.

GOP Leaders Still Live in Fear of Obama

RUSH: It sounds exactly like something a Republican consultant would say, "Now, look, don't get mad here.  The Hispanics are gonna see it; they're not gonna like it. It's gonna destroy every effort we're making of building a bridge to the Hispanic community.  Don't get mad at Obama.  Remember, you were elected to come here and work with Obama."  

Don't Be Fooled -- Obama Thinks He's an Emperor

RUSH: He was telling people a year ago, "Hey, chill! I'm not an emperor.  I can't do it."  What he didn't say was, "I don't care about any of that.  The only thing stopping me is there's an election coming up, and, when the election's over, that's when I'll do it.  But I'm not gonna do it before that because that will hurt my party and maybe me."  He should have just told them to be patient and wait until after the election, because he doesn't believe he's not an emperor. He is an emperor, and he's gonna prove it.

Regime to Fly Immigrant Children Here for Free

RUSH: You remember last week we had some laughs and some yuks because Biden was down in Central America, El Salvador or somewhere? Everybody thought that he committed a huge gaffe... Everybody said, "What the hell is that?  What an idiot! My God, he's letting the cat out of the bag. Here's Joe Biden, once again blowing it."  No, he didn't. He was just a week ahead of the official announcement.

Liberals Live to Anger Conservatives

RUSH: The Democrat Party, the left, that's really what gives them their jollies.  As much as advancing their own agenda, they just love ticking you off and us off.  They just love it.  They get the biggest thrill.  That's one of the reasons why Bill Clinton is so popular, because he was seen as somebody who routinely made fools out of Republicans.  And they loved that, and Dana Bash all excited here, too, because, "Why, look at what Obama is doing. He is raising that flag in front of the bull, just gonna make these conservatives so mad." 

Democrats Can't Wait to Relive Sixties in Ferguson

RUSH: Folks, it's uncanny, all these civil rights dinosaurs, they're heading back to Ferguson. It's gonna be Selma all over. It's gonna be Montgomery, Alabama, all over. It's gonna be Lester Maddox all over again. They're gonna have so much fun. They're gonna relive the whole era, and they can't wait for it.

Caller: Black Leaders Sold Us Out

CALLER: We're becoming more and more second-class minorities... The likes of Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Tom Joyner, et al., you name 'em all, we are right now facing all kinds of dire needs economically.  We don't have jobs.

My Response to Chris Cillizza

RUSH: Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post sometimes sends me copies of the stuff that's gonna be in the paper. Sometimes I repeat what he says.  Sometimes I quote from his pieces.  Sometimes I ignore them.  But he's a good guy. He sends me his stuff, and he's always been, compared to most of the Drive-Bys, he's been -- I'll use the word "fair."  So he sent me a piece today.  He says, "I thought this might interest you." 

Drive-Bys Remain Uninterested in Gruber

RUSH: Here you have, on one hand, you have incontrovertible proof and evidence that we are living with an administration that has engaged in fraud and lying and deceit and a con game while fundamentally ignoring the founding documents of the country for the purpose of transforming the country. And that is of no interest to the Drive-By Media. 

Net Neutrality Is the Next Con

RUSH: There's nothing "neutral" about net neutrality, what the Regime wants to do. But here's the thing.  I'm telling you, you don't even need to know what it's about.  All you need to know is who is behind it, and that alone should disqualify your support.  It's the same people that had given us Obamacare and the same way they did it: They lied through their teeth, misrepresented it, ran a con game. They're still running the con.  Here's the thing.  You remember the movie The Sting?  I remember that movie...

It's Time to Man Up, GOP

RUSH: It's time for the Republicans to man up and stop worrying about this apparent cliche that, no matter what happens, the Republicans are going to get blamed for the government shutdown -- and because they don't want to get blamed, they can't do it. They can't repeal Obamacare, they can't do anything, 'cause it's an unwritten rule in Washington...  The Republicans take a giant weapon out of their arsenal of ammunition.  It's time to man up and start dealing with this thing.  That's what they were sent there to do. 

What the DEA's NFL Raid Is All About

RUSH: It's amusing to watch various personages in the Drive-By Media discuss the DEA raids of three NFL visiting teams yesterday as these media experts attempt to explain to their audiences what's up here. Why would the DEA do this?  What were they doing? 

What Purpose Do You Serve, Bob Schieffer?

RUSH: He's one of the old guard.  He's one of the guys who's been around since Edward R. Murrow was in diapers.  I mean, he's one of these guys who's been there. He's seen everything. He's been there, done that. Nothing can surprise Bob Schieffer. He's seen the best; he's seen the worst. He's seen the underside, the inside, the outside of the belly. He's seen all the orifices. Yet he remains as naive as somebody watching their first newscast!

Caller: My Daughter Loves "Uncle Rush"

CALLER:  I recently bought my daughter, Audrey, your latest book for her seventh birthday. And, as I was talking about some of the things -- because we're reading the book together -- as I'm talking about our country, I started to realize what we really need is a leader to stand up and put country before party and actually say, "If you vote us out, then vote us out, but we're gonna stand up for the fundamentals and the principles that make this country, and have made this country, the best country on earth."

Why Can't Republicans Repeal Obamacare and Attempt to Override Obama's Veto?

RUSH: I don't think it would be impossible to come up with 67 votes in the Senate to override an Obama veto.  It's a long shot, admittedly, but this stuff is certainly worth trying, for this is what they were elected to do. And if they're not gonna do it, Republican versus Democrat, why not Congress versus the executive?  You've got an executive trampling all over congressional power. 

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