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Rice Fried for Niger Non-Story, Again

In the audio link below, you can hear me roll audio of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday night's News Hour. Dr. Rice, once again, took the hit for these 16 words in President Bush's State of the Union speech. I continue to be amazed at the fallout, but the fallout didn't come from Bush's 100% true statement that Bush tried to buy uranium "from Africa." We know Saddam tried to buy yellowcake from three nations other than Niger, and shopped for the stuff in Niger in the 80s....

Institution of Marriage Is About Raising Children

Folks, with George W. Bush, the press has gone well beyond the expected and quite common adversarial relationship. It is clear that this press corps is working very closely with their willing accomplices on the Democrat/liberal side of the aisle to try to bring the guy down. It's not so much the questions, although the questions fit the bill; it's the attitude with which they are asked and there's a lot of frustration on the part of the press. It's not written about, but a lot of frustration...