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Algore: We Have Ten Years Left Before Earth Cooks

RUSH: Try this one from yesterday's stack. I don't know if you people know this or not, but Al Gore has been out at the Sundance Film Festival out there in Park City, Utah. This is one of Robert Redford's big do's, and apparently Al Gore is working on a movie that -- what is the name of this movie? Oh, that's right, "An Inconvenient Truth," and the movie will document his efforts to raise alarm on the effects of global warming, and so he brought Tipper and the kids out there.
He's attending...

The Oprah Should Apologize for Katrina Lies

RUSH: Kelly in Moline, Illinois, who has patiently held on, wanted to make a comment here about James Frey, the author of this book. What is the name of this book? A Million Little Pieces. Still selling like hotcakes, hell, people don't care, good story is a good story, true or not, ask Jayson Blair. So still selling well out there, and Oprah finally turned on the guy after trying to save her reputation by defending the premise on Larry King Alive. She flip-flopped, has thrown the guy under...

Secretary of the Army, Dr. Francis J. Harvey

RUSH: I'd like to welcome to the program Dr. Francis Harvey, Secretary of the Army. You were sworn in on November 19th, 2004. What were you doing prior to that, Dr. Harvey?
SECRETARY HARVEY: Rush, I was in the private sector. I was chairman of a couple of companies, on boards with several others. I had a long career with Westinghouse and ended up as the chief operating officer.
RUSH: And what was it that stood out for you among your work that the administration sought you out to be...


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