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Operation Chaos: The Symptoms?

RUSH: Yesterday Fox News Channel Studio B, fill-in host Trace Gallagher speaking with Democrat strategerist Mary Anne Marsh, Townhall.com's Amanda Carpenter about the upcoming Pennsylvania primary. Trace Gallagher says, "The next major battleground, the race for the Democrat nomination, Keystone State, 158 delegates. Mary Anne, you have to imagine a lot of GOPers are going to want to play here."MARSH: That's exactly right, and you've seen that more and more since McCain's got the nomination,...

Proud Carville Won't Back Down from Judas Quote

RUSH: Now, James Carville. You know, this is kind of refreshing. I kind of like somebody saying what they meant to say and then standing by it, and not whining and not apologizing and not cowering in the corners, and Carville is standing by his Judas remark involving New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. This is last night on CNN's The Situation Room. Wolf Blitzer was talking to Carville about this, and Blitzer said, "Here's what the New York Times quoted you Saturday as saying. 'Mr. Richardson...

Bill Clinton Shows Strain on MTV

RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the program today that we had an exclusive here, Bill Clinton on MTV. I think this airs tomorrow. It happened on March 16th. He took questions from the mtvU Board, and a college reporter Lily Lamboy is asking Clinton, "Why did Melissa Etheridge say that you threw gay people under the bus?" Now, we've come a long way on MTV. Last time Clinton was on MTV boxers or briefs was the question, and he answered it. Now, no more softballs. MTV student questioner grills...

Stalin Would Be Proud, Mr. Abrams

RUSH: Here is an excerpt. This is for all of you Democrats -- all of you liberals, those of you at The Nation -- those of you who are worried that we are somehow committing vast crimes, indictable crimes; that we are tampering with the precious electoral process. Don't make us laugh. Here is an excerpt from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from some weeks ago. "One of our biggest supporters..." This is Mark Nevins, by the way, Mrs. Clinton's communications director for Pennsylvania, in the Pittsburgh...

Left Attempts to Disenfranchise, Intimidate Operation Chaos Voters

RUSH: I mentioned in the last hour this Nation magazine story that's urging prosecution of your host and indictment, for voter fraud in Ohio and Texas. I had a chance here to read the story because it actually came to me -- Koko sent it to me -- while the program was underway, and I read a little bit of it during a break. The clear intent in this Nation story is to intimidate you, to intimidate Operation Chaos voters from using your right to vote. If you were to read this story, they're trying...

Don't Abandon Mrs. Clinton; Help Her Try to Steal the Nomination

RUSH: We've done the Hillary story from front to back. We've done it sideways. We have covered it from virtually every angle: looking up, looking down, going through it. However, in terms of Operation Chaos...CARL: I wish you would stop the Operation Chaos. It's ridiculous.RUSH: Uh. (laughing) Again, Carl Barkley from Philadelphia on the phone with us yesterday. Now, this is no reason... Those of you in Pennsylvania who are Republicans among the 161,000 that have been tabulated registered as...

Bosnia Lie: CBS Destroys Hillary

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton today on the radio in Pittsburgh -- (laughing) listen to this. This is about CBS' big hit piece on her last night. Operation Chaos. CBS, Katie Couric, the evening news. Katie Couric is one of Hillary's biggest buds. Now the reporterette on this case was Sharyl Attkisson, and I like Sharyl Attkisson. She used to be at CNN way, way, way, way back. I remember Sharyl Attkisson once invited me to the White House Correspondents Dinner back during the period of time where I wasn't...

Liberal Mania on NPR: Limbaugh Makes Obama "The Black Guy"

RUSH: This is yesterday on NPR's program called Tell Me More, and it's hosted by Michel Martin. She was interviewing Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post Magazine, about me and talk radio. And Michel Martin said, "Gene, you think of yourself as kind of a liberal Democrat-leaning person, but the people the other side got your juices flowing. Over time, did anything make more or less sense, or did it all just turn to mush?"WEINGARTEN: The worst thing that happened was that midway through --...

Democrats Are Cracking Up Under the Pressure of Operation Chaos

RUSH: Get this story. This we just love. It's by Peter Jackson, and it's from the Associated Press, dateline, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. "Democratic Party enrollment surged past the 4 million mark Monday, setting a state record on the last day Pennsylvanians had to register to vote in next month's presidential primary. The figures, which showed modest declines in the ranks of Republicans and independents, reflected intense interest in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination and recruitment...

Rush's Morning Update: Blood for Oil March 26, 2008

Rush's Morning Update: Blood for OilMarch 26, 2008Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer In Egypt, a bread shortage led to riots;at least two people dead. In other lands-- from South America to Africa, next door to us in Mexico, in the Caribbean-- rising food costs are hitting the poorest of the poor.Parents are making hard choices --between educating their children or feeding them. Sadly, in some cases, they can't feed them. And...

Tuesday Quotes: Commander of Operation Chaos

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"We can't use Obama's middle name. Now, we can't say 'Obama' without them thinking it's racist. So what are we left with? Barry? Call him Barry?""Operation Chaos continues to exceed all objectives. Oh, man! I keep getting up every day, thinking: 'It's going to end, it's going to burn out.' But no, ladies and gentlemen -- it keeps intensifying.""You know, Hillary, if you're going to lie about this Bosnia trip, just say that you...


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