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Rush's Morning Update: Greater Good February 25, 2009

Rush's Morning Update: Greater Good
February 25, 2009

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Well, President Obama and the Democrat congressional leaders have decided they want more control over the transmission lines that make up our current power grid. For the purposes of this update, I'm not going to tackle the merits of this plan, I just want tofocus on the politics.

In order to accomplish their objective, Senate Democrat Majority Leader Dingy Harry proposes that federal regulators be given the authority to override states' deciding where electric gridsought tobe built. As it now stands, that responsibility rests with state public utility commissions. But Dingy Harry says the federal government "cannot allow 231 state regulators to hold up progress." Instead, states should have the opportunity to "participate" in the process. The federal government should, if it deems necessary, seize the land that it wants to build energy grids. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar,of course,backs the move.

Now, do you liberals understand what your precious Democrats are doing? They're telling youyour environmental concerns don't matter. Your state governments don't matter. Your age-old tactic of using lawsuits won't matter. And since the Supreme Court already ruled that states can take people's property on a whim,the feds will, too.

This could have come out of the old Soviet Politburo. First, government takes your legislative recourse away, then your right to dissent, and finally your property --for the sake of the "greater good."

Folks, we're not headed toward the slippery slope.We are on it, and we arefalling fast -- but don't get off yet.


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