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Tuesday Quotes: Last Man Standing


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"Our troops are waiting and our commander-in-chief is voting 'present.' It might be good politics, but it sure isn't good leadership."

"The United States has become Michigan in its trend lines now, and the United States is prepared to duplicate what Jennifer Granholm has done: raise taxes again, foist new programs that cannot be paid for, and rack up more debt."

"Can you think of any other administration in this country where somebody would start praising Mao Tse-tung as a role model, as a philosopher to follow? I'm not suggesting they're mass murderers in this administration; I'm just saying that they envy the total control Mao had."

"These incompetent boobs are destroying our country, and people on our side think that it's just the next news story: 'Oh, man, look! My website's going to go gangbusters! Oh, wow, what a great news story!' Our country is being dismantled right before our very eyes!"

"Unlike they did with Nixon's enemies list, which they despised and hated, the media will be happy to join the Obama administration in going after those who are their list. Where are you now, 60 Minutes? Where are you now, Nightline?"

"Obama doesn't really think we're threatened by anything over in the Middle East. He believes any threat to the United States will be reduced if we just say, 'Look, folks, we're going to go home and we're sorry for having screwed you in the past.'"

"Wage and price controls are by definition temporary. What Obama is doing is completely different. He's buying companies and then telling people in those companies what they can and can't earn. It's the definition of fascism."

"Why don't you -- David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, Anita Dunn, and all the rest of you socialists -- just get together and rewrite the Constitution? You're doing it anyway!"

"Now we have Anita Dunn, who sings the praises of the great philosopher Mao Tse-tung, in the White House. Ten years ago I wouldn't have believed it, but, then again, I didn't think the government would have a pay czar taking salaries back from people he doesn't approve of."

"Obama's the public face of moderation, yet the people doing his dirty work are the same radicals that he is. It's there for everyone to discover."



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