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Rush's Morning Update: Union Dues! March 4, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Union Dues!
March 4, 2010

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My friends, Forbes just issued a report on the financial health of red and blue states. Those in the worst shape were Illinois, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, and they allhave some thing in common: governments dominated by liberalDemocrats,and unions having greater influence on local economies.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press is reportingthat Big Labor is growing a littlefrustrated with the man-child, President Obama -- this, despite the payback unions got for the $400 million they poured into his election, and despite the ownership stakes Obama gave them in his government-run auto companies... and his sending billions in Porkulus slush funds their way.

What are they complaining about?The health care takeoverlooking iffy!Card check has been checkmated (for now). Former AFL-CIO labor lawyer Craig Becker was blocked from joining the National Labor Relations Board with the help of two Democrats. Unions expected Obama to use his power to appoint Becker while Congress was in recess, but it didn't happen, and now labor leaders are angrily complaining they got "rolled" by Obama.

Union membership has dropped 10 percent in the private sector since Obama took office to just 7 percent of the workforce. However, union membership at all levels of government has exploded, and efforts are underway to unionize federal screeners at our airports. (I'll bet doctors are next.)

But as the Forbes report demonstrates, the best thing that can happen is for government to follow the private sector and reduce the role of unions, not grow them -- despite how frustrated their leaders are. Big Labor is a drag on economic growth and health. It's justthat simple.


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