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Wednesday Quotes: Never Give Up


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"Senator Specter says they're not getting any answers from Kagan. Maybe you should try waterboarding, Senator. We know it makes people talk."

"'I owe my soul to the company store' refers to debt bondage, and that's what we have in spades."

"The New York Times is nothing more than overpriced bird cage liner now."

"The only salvation we have is to revive the private sector. That's the only place there has ever been genuine economic growth!"

"Doing the work that at least 15 mainstream media newsrooms -- the work they used to do, anyway -- I am Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light."

"We're out of stimulus money for you. We are not out of stimulus money for Democrats and their reelection campaigns because the stimulus bill was nothing but a giant slush fund."

"The best thing Obama could do to help the economy is to not spend the rest of the stimulus. Let that money stay in the private sector where it would grow real jobs. But they won't even think of that."

"Things are gonna get better. This is the United States of America and the people who live here are still Americans."

"People are not going to sit idly by and consign their children and grandchildren to lives of debt bondage, debt slavery, where they're basically working to pay off debt that is not even theirs."

"Obama is Herbert Hoover, except Hoover wasn't trying to do it. Obama is. They used to call those unemployment camps Hoovervilles. Well, now we're going to see Obamavilles springing up all across the nation."



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