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Rush's Morning Update: Maids October 5, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: Maids
October 5, 2010

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California gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown debated over the weekend;"Moonbeam" made hay over the Whitman's maid, who turned out to be an illegal alien.

Now, even if you're not a political junkie, you can smell the rat here. The maid "scandal" is a classic Democrat October surprise. Celebrity attorney and Democrat party hack Gloria Allred raised the last-minute allegations,but has not allowed the illegal maid to be interviewedin Spanish or in English -- which, to me,speaks volumes,and this is not Allred's first election-eve dirty trick.

The real issue is that California is swirling down the drain. No secret how it happened:For decades, the Democrat-controlled legislature binged on endless spending and tax increases that wrecked the state's finances. Liberal social policies,including "sanctuary cities",made the state a magnet for illegals. When citizens voted "change," liberals on the courts thwarted their will. Public schools are a disaster. Costly environmentalist wacko laws, high taxes, and anti-business regulations chased jobs away. Public-union pensions are unfunded by almost $1 trillion.

During all of this,Jerry Brown has been a part of the Democrat elected ruling class that destroyed California's prosperity. He's a liberal fixture who's had his hand in California's decline,while Meg Whitman was growing a business that created jobs and generated revenue worldwide.

I don't know if Whitman will be the one to fix what ails California,but unlike Brown andAllred and all the other libs who think a maid is the issue,she isn't part of the problem -- Jerry Brown is.


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