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Michelle Obama is the Most Powerful Woman in the World?


RUSH: Michelle (My Belle) Obama is the number one most powerful woman in the world. Now we know why Mrs. Clinton floated the rumor that she might replace Bite Me on the ticket as veep. Can you imagine you're Mrs. Clinton and here comes Moochelle Obama, the number one most powerful woman in the world? And what has she done? She had a no-show job at a hospital in Chicago, she's growing vegetables in the garden, she's running around taking cool vacations, and she hasn't even joined the campaign trail yet. That's gotta steam Hillary. I mean Angela Merkel is number four. The female head of Kraft Foods, everybody knows who she is, is number three. The Oprah is number two. Really strange, I mean, yeah, Lady Gaga is on this list. Lady Gaga is number seven. Meanwhile, there's a woman out there who can cause a tsunami with a simple little Facebook post, Sarah Palin, who barely shows up in the most powerful woman in the world survey.

Let's hope it's true. At least if last week's article the National Enquirer is true. Did you see this in the National Enquirer? Last week the National Enquirer had a story out there that Michelle would divorce Imam Obama if he ran for a second term, that she's had it, that she doesn't like the prison of the White House. She doesn't like being cloistered there. She just doesn't like it. I mean, the Enquirer has broken a lot of news. They broke the John Edwards story, and nobody wanted to pay any attention to it. I mean their headline: "Michelle Obama: I've Had Enough!" It was in the celebrity news section.



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