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Eric Cantor Buries MSNBC Loons

RUSH: Eric Cantor, PMSNBC's election coverage. Question: "We're now joined by the member of the new Republican majority, Eric Cantor, the man who has been the minority whip. What are you gonna do?"CANTOR: Well, first of all, it's good to be on. It's good to be on MSNBC on a night like this.MATTHEWS: Ha! I get your point.CANTOR: Exactly. Chris, that was for you. We are really looking forward to getting down to work. I mean, come on, the American people have spoken loud and clear tonight,...

Stacy, EIB Insurance Expert, was Discouraged by Boehner Speech

RUSH: Here's Stacy somewhere in California. It's nice to have you on the EIB Network.CALLER: Hey, Rush. It's Stacy in Georgia.RUSH: Thank you. Georgia, I'm sorry. We got this stupid computer. I can't tell you the difference between a C and a G.CALLER: Oh, it's okay. But listen --RUSH: It's our insurance adjuster. I'm sorry. Welcome.CALLER: The only way Mr. Boehner is going to get in my good graces is to come out and announce that Pelosi's next office is gonna be the closet where she stores...

Obama is a Failure and a Liability and He Wants GOP to Share Blame

RUSH: President Obama is now in the middle of his opening statement at his press conference somehow, coincidentally, scheduled for one o'clock Eastern time today. I got to listen to a little bit of it prior to this program's second hour beginning. He said he called McConnell and Boehner last, said we're gonna have to work together which is exactly what Boehner and McConnell want to hear, by the way, this is what they expect to hear. They're both of the belief that Obama will have to move to the...

Rubio Scares Democrats the Most

RUSH: Did you happen to hear Marco Rubio's acceptance speech? We have some sound bites of it. He struck an interesting tone as did Boehner. (paraphrasing) "It's really not time to celebrate here, one in ten Americans are out of work, future in question because of all of this massive debt. There's really not a whole lot to celebrate here. There's a lot of hard work that needs to take place." Rubio was amazing, and, of all the Republican wins last night, it's Rubio that has the Democrats probably...

O'Donnell and Angle Explained

RUSH: Both Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman ran as moderates, proud, proud moderates. Indeed, they were the model candidates, according to the party fathers, the Republican side, and we see how well that worked out. It is what it is, folks. It is what it is. In both cases, both women were heartily endorsed by Senator McCain, and both were prominent in his campaign of 2008. How's that hope and change working out for you? Now, exactly who are the stupid people? Last night on Fox Karl Rove said that...

Compromise? We Won a Wipeout!

RUSH: What is all this talk about compromise? This talk about compromise started last night, and it's being given almost a full-throated throttle today. It's coming from both sides. Compromise? Ladies and gentlemen, losers compromise. Winners do not compromise. The Democrats won nothing. (playing Wipeout song) RUSH: It was a wipeout, and don't let anybody tell you anything otherwise. (playing Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead) RUSH: One of the shortest speakerships in history. (continued...

Rush's Morning Update: Today November 4, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: TodayNovember 4, 2010Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer There was a midnight call from the Treaty Room in the White House to the next speaker of the House, John Boehner. Obama, whose party had been routed, said he's "looking forward to working with Boehner and Republicans to find common ground."Now, two short years ago, pundits eagerly pronounced the Republican Party dead, perhaps for a generation. Panic...

Wednesday Quotes: Wipeout!

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"Obama is not the only person who can scratch his nose with his middle finger. We scratched our noses with our middle fingers all day yesterday and all of last night." "I laughed when I listened to these Democrats talk about compromise. No. Compromise is off the table. They didn't want to compromise with us, so we have no business compromising with them.""As you know, I'm the eternal optimist. And as long as the Democrats control...


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