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Rush's Morning Update: Just Words January 12, 2011

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Well, some reflections on the Arizona shootings. First: "About 35 to 40 years ago, an element in our society believed mental institutions were places of abuse for mentally ill patients. Those people created policies to remove people from institutions, and where are they now? On the streets."

Point 2: "Fewer illegal immigrants would help reduce crime and other social problems-- because most of the social problems that plague Pima County originate on the South and Southwest sides, where many illegal immigrants reside. Whether you are talking about school performance, or dropouts, or gang affiliation, or one-parent homes, or poverty, you name the social problem, that's where they are all concentrated."

Point 3: "It's wrong for the taxpayers in this country to spend the millions and millions and millions of dollars that we do catering to illegals. I don't think you'll find other countries doing that for other citizens."

Point 4: "Residents should arm themselves." "Not only are things not good, they are going to get worse. For those who are so inclined, it's time to start protecting yourselves."

So politicians let too many mentally ill people out on the Arizona streets,but the real problem is illegals. The streets are so unsafe, citizens should arm themselves.

Now, those four quotes are not mine. Dug up by Cybercast News Service, they are from Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik -- the same guy who now blames the Arizona shootings on "vitriolic" language and hate for illegals by the right.

But not to worry, folks. He's a Democrat, so these arejust words.


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