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Thursday Quotes: Mind Over Chatter


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"House Republican leaders have given in to the freshmen. They will find $100 billion in cuts for this year's budget. The Pledge will be met."

"You know, it's almost like the State-Controlled Media and the Obama administration want Mubarak to fail. Isn't that the worst thing that you can hope for a leader? To hope he fails?"

"I have yet to be convinced that this thing in Egypt has anything to do with pro-democracy, at least as we think of democracy. I mean, when I see the Muslim Brotherhood involved in this... I know how rent-a-mobs work."

"Why are we paying Leon Panetta? He doesn't know anything more than what CNN knows. That's kind of embarrassing."

"'Rush, why are you being so flippant about this?' Folks, flippant? I'm taking real-world events and applying the American solution to them. If you have problems with people not having enough money, you printsome and call it a stimulus plan."

"If a true audit of the entire federal budget were ever done, there'd be a revolution in this country."

"We are surrounded by people who want to tamp us down, and sadly, some of those people are now in positions of power in our own government -- which is why there is a Tea Party made up of people who understand that the greatness of America is under assault."

"If you want a prosperous population with robust opportunity, you have to have free markets. You cannot have a command-and-control economy. You cannot transfer from producers to non-producers and create wealth."

"'We are watching history unfold,' said Obama. Doesn't history unfold every day? We've been watching history unfold for two years here, folks, and we're not happy about it!"

"Grief doesn't hurt me.Grief has done nothing but help me."



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