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Baghdad Jim McDermott Says GOP Wants the Economy to Tank


RUSH: Here's Baghdad Jim McDermott, this is yesterday afternoon on Fox News Channel. There was a discussion about the economy and the 2012 election, and the anchorette was Shannon Bream. She said, "There is a lot going on in Capitol Hill and trying to find some way forward in funding the rest of the current fiscal year. You made comments that the GOP is okay with creating chaos, that they actually don't necessarily want the economy to shape up because they can use it to defeat the president in 2012. Do you really think that's what's going on with your colleagues?"

MCDERMOTT: Absolutely. The goal is to bring down the president. Now, they want to do it by creating a situation in which the economy does not recover. We've got evidence this week that things are getting better, but the Republicans continue to talk about cutting spending and deregulating.

RUSH: She then says, "Those are serious allegations to make. You honestly believe the Republican members of Congress would rather turn the economy upside down than fix it?"

MCDERMOTT: The cuts that they made the other day in the House bill were the most irresponsible piece of legislation I have seen in 40 years of my experience in government. They made wild cuts that would cut programs that the American people expect to be effective. American people want clean air. They want clean water. These guys say let's wipe out the EPA. Now, that simply is not good government. It is just whacking for the sake of whacking.

RUSH: So we're back to the Republicans want dirty air and dirty water. We're back to that. Democrats are whacking and whacking and whacking and whacking and whacking and they never stop to ask themselves, "Do you think we're gonna hurt ourselves if we go at these guys that way?" So we do, I mean we handcuff ourselves, there's no question.



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