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The Idiocy of Thomas L. Friedman

RUSH: Thomas Friedman, the New York Times, who travels the world for the New York Times, writes about foreign policy. Thomas Friedman thinks that the country that is the be all, end all right now is China. We need to be more like the ChiComs. Well, Tom Friedman was on CNBC's Squawk Box today. They had a discussion about the unemployment numbers. The cohost Becky Quick said to Thomas Friedman, "Iran's trying to turn back the clock right now. They're creating their own Iran net [Internet] where...

El Rushbo on the Apple iCloud

RUSH: We're gonna go to Baltimore. We'll start with Sean. Nice to have you. You are up first, and welcome to the program, sir.CALLER: Hey, how's it going, Rush?RUSH: Hi.CALLER: Am I allowed to give you liberal dittos?RUSH: By all means.CALLER: Okay, well, I'm a liberal caller but I was telling Snerdley I don't have any problem with you. I love your show. I listen all the time, and I'm not gonna rib you or anything. I don't always agree with your politics, but I think the show is great....

A Federal Lottery Isn't the Answer

RUSH: Mae in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.CALLER: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. The reason I've called is because I feel that if put in proper hands -- and, like I say, in proper hands -- that the United States can get out of debt by one way, and it's so stupid that maybe to a lot of people, but if they think about it, it would work. I believe that the United States ought to have a US lottery. All states that have lotteries have a lot of income coming...

No Matter How the Media Spins It, Obama Owns This Economic Crisis

RUSH: The media doing what they can to spin this for Obama, we have here a montage. We got PMSNBC's Kristen Welker, Deutsch advertising's Donny Deutsch -- we have Scarborough on MSNBC, somebody from Bloomberg TV, Betty Liu -- and a couple of other people here talking about the unemployment numbers.WELKER: Make no mistake about it, these numbers put the president in a vulnerable position for 2012.DEUTSCH: (haltingly) This ... president ... is ... incredible ... vulnerable.SCARBOROUGH: The president...

Friday Quotes: Don't Doubt Me

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"If I'm John Edwards and I'm facing an indictment that might lead to prison, the last thing I would want the inmates to know is that my nickname is the Breck Girl.""You know what really bugs the media about Palin? The same thing that bugs them about me. They didn't make her; they can't destroy her. She is where she is despite the media. This is what they don't understand." "We have systemic, historic deficits. There is no recovery....

Our President is Winning His War Against America's Private Sector

RUSH: We have the unemployment news that we are now at 9.1% unemployment. We have next to no growth. We have massive unemployment. We're in the midst of a housing disaster, oppressive regulations. All of this and the regime is demanding massive tax increases. We face a threat of reduction in the nation's credit rating. We have systemic, historic deficits and still today you can read certain stories or go to certain networks and hear them talk about the recovery! There is no recovery. If...

Palin Won't Follow a Losing Script

RUSH: Yeah. You know, this is probably a good way to put this. The media, for two years has been trying to Palinize Palin -- they've been trying to destroy her -- and what's happening here is she's turning the tables on them and she's Palinizing them, and the Republican Ruling Class is furious. The Republican Ruling Class is furious that Palin, going to all these states on her bus tour, is not coordinating with local Republican organizations, and there's saying, "This ain't cool! This is not cool,...

Employer Can't Find Applicants

RUSH: Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Hey, Beth, you're next on the EIB Network. CALLER: Hi.RUSH: Hey, how are you?CALLER: Hi, Rush. Dittos from the diary state.RUSH: Thank you.CALLER: I am a medium-sized employer of an industrial painting company, and I can't find employees in this economy.RUSH: What do you need them to do?CALLER: Hard physical labor that apparently people don't want to do. But the weird thing is they don't know what the job entails until they come in, yet nobody is coming in.RUSH:...

The Unstimulated Novelist

RUSH: Who's next? Tom in Dexter, Michigan. Greetings, welcome to the EIB Network. Nice to have you here.CALLER: Hey, 24/7 dittos.RUSH: Thank you, sir.CALLER: Yeah, I'm an architect up here by day, and I write novels at night, and I recently lost my government stimulated job. So I am going on unemployment just to make sure the president's unemployment numbers stay nice and robust.RUSH: You write novels in the daytime?CALLER: I write novels at night. Daytimes I design buildings,...

Guest Host Mark Belling

• WS: Converting Mamet• David Mamet: The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture"Try being a conservative when everyone around you is a liberal. That's what it's like for many American blacks, Jews, and people in the Hollywood culture. Everyone around them is liberal so if they aren't liberal they've literally become a heretic. To bust out of that and show a little bit of individualism, when you take that step you find that you take another step and another step." - Belling...


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