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Some of the topics we're loaded with today:
Debt Deal Fails || Market Drops || Obama Plans Another Speech

EIB Callers Vent Their Frustrations

RUSH: There's no more time for apathy. There no more time for letting somebody else do it.  The administration's terrorized by the Tea Party, the Democrat Party is terrorized by the Tea Party, the media is terrorized by the Tea Party -- and, by the way, you're not just an activist; you are a terrorist now!

Democrats Are Thinking About Hillary in 2012

RUSH: If you think that the Democrat Party is not thinking Hillary Clinton as a primary opponent to Obama, you are not thinking.  Folks, if Hillary Clinton were president right now and the same circumstances existed, they would be thinking about Obama primary-ing her.  Not "marrying," primary-ing.  I am here to tell you that deep in the bowels (and that's what they are) of the Democrat Party, they're thinking this.

Obama's Destruction is Purposeful

RUSH: We just had our credit rating downgraded, we're on the verge of default, we are in financial hell.  If he really cared, is my point, there is a solution to this. There is a policy change of course that will work.  If he really cared, he would instruct -- he would demand that -- his party in the Senate vote to pass the bipartisan in the House, bipartisan Cut, Cap, and Balance.  The Standard & Poor specifically admitted that would have prevented a downgrade!

Obamageddon, Barackalypse Now! Bam is "Debt Man Walking" in 2012

RUSH: What are the Democrats doing?  Blaming the referees! Blaming Standard & Poor's! That always changes the outcome, doesn't it?  Blame the refs.  You people in Seattle? The Seahawks, Super Bowl, 2005, Steelers? Blame the refs.  Last time I looked the Steelers still won the game.  So go ahead and blame Standard & Poor's all you want, Democrats. Now they're blaming the military! Barney Frank's blaming the military.


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