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The DeLauro DIAPER Act


RUSH: Now, this is hilarious.  This is from Human Events.  "An economic recovery bill authored by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.) seeks to empower struggling families by directing the federal government to distribute free diapers through daycare centers.  The Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act (DIAPER Act)," The acronym is "diaper."  I'm not making this up.  "would 'relieve some of the stress on families facing hardship in this economy' by providing this direct service, DeLauro said in a letter to congressional colleagues urging them to co-sponsor her bill.  Without diapers, children are not allowed to attend daycare, said DeLauro, who described those in need as a 'lost generation of Americans.'"

I'm not pooping you.  There's the story.  I kid you not.  The Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act.  "Without diapers," it says here, "children are not allowed to attend daycare, said DeLauro, who described those in need as a 'lost generation of Americans.'"  Now, let me tell you something.  My generation was not lost, and my generation did not go to daycare, and we wore cloth diapers that were washed and reused.  But I mean this is taking indoctrination to steps I never dreamed of.  Indoctrinate babies early and often in daycare, and you get 'em in daycare by promising free diapers.  It says here in this story "one in five mothers have had to skip an obligation and stay home with their child because of lack of diapers."  Now, where did they get this number?  This is like there were three million homeless for all those years until there weren't.  This is like cell phones are gonna cause brain cancer until we find out that it doesn't.  Like coffee was gonna cause heart attacks by age 40, except until we learned that it doesn't. 

"One in five mothers have had to skip an obligation to stay home with their child."  Can't have that, by the way.  Can't have children staying home with their mothers.  Why, that would be horrible.  Can't have mothers at home with their kids.  Why, we need the kids in the daycare center so we can corrupt 'em and pollute 'em and propagandize 'em, indoctrinate 'em.  "'One in five mothers have had to skip an obligation and stay home with their child because of lack of diapers,' DeLauro said.  'And losing out on daycare makes it even harder for parents to put in a full day’s work.'"  Of course, in this instance we're talking about people who might still have a job, which is a dwindling number.  "We all believe that nothing we do in government is as important as ensuring the next generation has the tools they need to," poop in, uh, "thrive.  But for our children and our nation --" She is saying this.  This is Rosa DeLauro. 

"'We all believe that nothing we do in government is as important as ensuring the next generation has the tools they need to thrive.  But for our children and our nation to succeed, we have to support their development, their families, and the public policies that ensure opportunity.  Ensuring that low-income families have access to diapers through the DIAPER Act is one of those policies that will make a difference, and I urge you to become an original co-sponsor,' DeLauro wrote in the Oct. 5 letter.  Critics of the bill say it exemplifies the type of cradle-to-grave, nanny-state legislation supported by Democrats. ... While DeLauro’s legislation would aid families who have toddlers enrolled in daycare, it does not include free diapers for stay-at-home or unemployed moms who don’t use daycare."

So you can only get free diapers if you pack your kid off to government-run health care.  I am not, I don't think, making this up.


RUSH:  I am not making up the diaper bill, folks.  I'm not making up anything I said about it.  Free diapers for every mother who has a kid in daycare.  If you're a stay-at-home mother or unemployed you and don't use daycare you don't get free diapers.  I mean this gives a new meaning to the term pampering the poor.  Just absurd.  And now here's this.  This is from yesterday in the New York Post.  "A 30-year-old California man who wears diapers and lives as an 'adult baby' can keep his $800-a- month Social Security disability checks, the agency ruled.  Stanley Thornton’s infantile lifestyle won him national attention after a National Geographic TV show revealed how he was spoon-fed and clad in baby clothes by his roommate -- prompting Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) to demand a probe of his Supplemental Security Income checks.  'We recently reviewed the evidence in your Social Security disability claim and find that your disability is continuing,' the agency wrote him."
So here we have a guy living as an adult baby, living in diapers, and the Social Security Administration says he continues to qualify for disability payments.  He wears diapers, lives as an adult baby, I don't know if he has a job.  But look, the Rosa DeLauro bill would not affect him; it would affect his parents.  He's already getting the diapers.  It's just a little tie-in story. 

RUSH: Williamsburg, Iowa.  Hi, Deb, I'm glad you called.  You're on Open Line Friday.  Welcome.

CALLER:  Thank you.  I was told to get right to my point so my point is this person who is pursuing the diaper bill, they cannot possibly be a true Democrat because if she was, she would be wanting them not to use disposable diapers but she would be pushing the reusable diapers so she could put more people to work when they wash the diapers.

RUSH:  That's an interesting thought, but I can tell you that this is a genuine, full-fledged, undiluted Democrat, Rosa DeLauro --

CALLER:  Well, she's deluded if she thinks that people should be forced to pay for some other kid's diapers. If they can't afford the diapers for the kid they shouldn't have one.

RUSH:  Really?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  Okay, I agree.  But then if we're gonna say that about diapers, why do we not say it about other things, like food?

CALLER:  That's a really good question because I do daycare for a living myself, and I think I've got one of the most important jobs in the country because I am raising someone's child to be a better person, and just so you know, every kid at my daycare listens to Rush Limbaugh almost every day.

RUSH:  Right on.  Right on.  I'm happy to hear that.  And there's probably more of that going on than anybody would believe.  But, really, folks, free diapers?  A piece of legislation called the DIAPER Act, taxpayers will give diapers to mothers, but only mothers who send their kids to daycare.  This whole thing is absurd.  We have a member of Congress who's actually considered this and has written it out and it's real legislation. She's looking for a cosponsor in the midst of the economic destruction we face, in the midst of all the debt and all the spending, in the midst of people rising up against it.  Now diapers are an entitlement.  Diapers, for crying out loud, and it's being reported by news agencies as seriously as it can be.  There's nobody questioning it.  There's nobody raising red flags.  Nobody thinks it's out of the ordinary or odd except us.