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Obama Avoids Word "Victory" in Iraq


RUSH: Larry in Kalama, Washington.  Hi.  Or is it Kalama?  Am I pronouncing it right?

CALLER: (bad cell connection) Kalama.

RUSH:  Kalama.  How are you, sir?

CALLER:  Good, Rush.  Hey, you know, on eve of the moving of our troops out of Iraq, I think there's an important point that these candidates should really walk on --

RUSH:  What's that?

CALLER:  -- and that's the that everything that we have just gained in Iraq as our troops come home, we will most likely have lost with the Muslim Brotherhood rising up in Egypt and the loss of technology and respect in Iran with the way this administration deals with our foreign policy.  Because of this president's ideology and his bias towards Islam, he's constantly out there on the campaign trail instead of leading us as a nation.  I think time will tell that the Muslim Brotherhood rising up for what used to be an ally is going to be just as big of a loss as we gained in Iraq.

RUSH:  Oh, I think so, too.  I don't know about Iraq but throughout the region. I think Iran is gonna be the problem in Iraq, I think Iran's gonna be the problem throughout the region.  But you know, you have a little bit of a point, Larry. Because when Obama this week on two separate occasions went out there and took credit for victory, but he never used the word.  I don't think he talked about winning.  He didn't use the word "win," did he? He didn't use the word winning or victory. It wasn't that. It was (impression), "Look what I've done! I succeeded our mission aaaand I'm bringing 'em home, uhhh, bringing home in time for my trip to Hawaii.  That's what I've done: I bring 'em home."

He did not use the word victory.  That is exactly right.  Excellent point, Larr.



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