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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Obama: Israel Requests "Bunker Buster" || An American Auto Bailout -- For France? || Obama Lobbies Against Oil Pipeline; Senate Dems Kill || Fed-Subsidized "Green" Light Bulb Hits Market -- Cost: $50 || US Unemployment Up in February

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Another Electric Car Fail ... MSNBC: 1-in-4 Kids Live in Households Struggling with Health Care ... A Different Kind of March Madness ...

Rush 101: Media Bias

RUSH: I'm a guy on the radio. What can I do? I can't raise anybody's taxes. I can't send anybody off to war. I can't force anybody to go out and buy a $50 light bulb. I can't make anybody give up their car and buy an electric car. I can't make anybody do anything, and yet I have to be destroyed.


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