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My Decision to Tweet Makes National News


RUSH: The fact that I have now gone on Twitter made news. It made news at Reuters.  It made news at CNN.  It made news at The Politico.  It made news everywhere. Have you seen how many stories there are in the news media about my announcement yesterday that I'm gonna be more active on Twitter? 

And we are going to be posting a couple more things more things today on Twitter. But Politico, CNN, Reuters, a bunch of other outlets picked up that news. Some even mentioned that my "handle" is at @Limbaugh.  See, that's citizens band radio lingo.  You're probably never did CB, did you?  I did.  I did CB radio when I was a kid.  I forget what my handle was, but everybody had a handle back then. (interruption) Your dad was The Dill Pickle on CB radio? (chuckling) Yeah, I convinced my dad to get a CB radio in our car. I'm driving around talking to people on it.  We had a "base station."

That's what you called the unit you had in the house. You'd put a big antenna up on top of the house, about five times bigger than a TV antenna.  Twitter is almost like digital CB radio now.  But all of this social networking, this nonstop texting and tweeting, is like the modern-day CB radio craze.  At any rate, now that I'm on Twitter, that's been validated. Just as I made Facebook when we announced going to Facebook, these things are now officially big, since I am on both, and we will be tweeting. As I said yesterday, though, folks, I'm not gonna tweet such stuff as, "Hey, just got up! Day looks wonderful! I'll let you know how the drive to work is. Stand by."  None of that kind of stuff.  We're just gonna be tweeting things that you'll be interested in and that you will want to retweet.


RUSH: we just in the last hour sent out another tweet, a great story.  It's at Commentary, the Commentary blog.  It's a great website.  It was started by Norman Podhoretz.  It's a highbrow place, and there's a great piece on the Contentions Blog portion of Commentary by Alana Goodman entitled, "The Anti-Rush Campaign was in the Works."  We've tweeted that out.  We want you to follow me on Twitter.  All you have to do is go to Twitter and open an account.  It's easy, it doesn't cost you anything, and you're not gonna be hit upon by a bunch of solicitations.  And then you just follow me



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