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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Gas Tops $3.90 a Gallon -- AAA Survey || Americans Angry with Obama Over Gas Prices || Skeptical Justices Question Obama Healthcare Law || Carville: A Supreme Court Loss Will Help Democrats || Elderly Couple in Fear Over Spike Lee Tweet || 20% of America's Working-Age Men Are Unemployed

Morning Update: A Promise

Obama’s EPA proposed new regulations to ban the building of new coal-powered plants, unless owners install punitively expensive equipment to further lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ridiculous Obamacare Debate

RUSH: This is real life that's being tampered with here, and it's all apparently gonna come down to one man -- in a constitutional republic of 311 million people!  And the smartest people in the room are trying to prove that they're the smartest people in the room by predicting which way this one man is gonna go.

Defend Small Business!

RUSH: A new website has been created supporting small business -- all those small businesses who are being damaged by the intimidation and the censorship campaign that's being waged against them as advertisers.  The website is DefendSmallBusiness.com, and it has been organized to let your voice be heard productively in the fight against this kind of intimidation and censorship that's taking place in what was a free country.


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