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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Obama: I'm Not Trying to "Redistribute Wealth" || President Obama’s $1 Million Pizza Party in Detroit || Obama on GOP Economics: "We Tried It. It's Not Like We Did Not Try" || Foster Friess Backs Romney || Coal Exports Surge to Highest Level Since 1991  || Astronauts Condemn NASA’s Global Warming Endorsement

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ABC: Blame Your Bank for High Gas Prices... Moochelle: I'm More Popular Than Barack... NASA Not Happy...

Morning Update: The Slush Train

Barack Obama has sunk $68 billion into California’s high-speed “train to nowhere.” Folks, that’s a huge chunk of change for the Obama Regime to have in their pockets during an election year.

Obama Besmirches Reagan's Name to Distract Us from His Own Dismal Record

RUSH: I'm trying to have a nice day living my life and all of a sudden I find out that Obama and the Democrats are once again impugning the name and reputation of Ronald Reagan.  I'm gonna deal with it, but I'm gonna tell you that, folks, the whole focus of the next number of months up to the election is Barack Obama and his record.  It's not Ronald Reagan. It's not Warren Buffett.  It's not the Buffett Rule.  It's not any of these side shows.  The focus is gonna be Barack Obama and his dismal record of utter failure. We're not gonna forget it here.

Don't Buy the Gender Gap

RUSH: Starting on January 7th, every woman in this country started hating Republicans! That night -- the night of that debate -- why, every woman in America started to understand that Mitt Romney or Santorum or Rush Limbaugh or whoever wanted to take away their birth control pills. And they all believed it! And now it's worked so well that all those women now support Barack Obama! Do they really think we're that stupid? I know they do.


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