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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Obama to "Crack Down" on Oil Companies || Beckel Drops the F-Bomb on Fox || Obama GSA Scandal Deepens || Obama Secret Service Scandal Deepens

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London Olympics Issues Invitation to the Late Keith Moon... Secret Service Scandal Involved More Than 20 Women...Politico: Republicans to Slash Food Stamps... HuffPo Wins Pulitzer... Scott Walker Aide Attacked for Working at Hooters in College... Barney Frank Covers His Rear on Obamacare... Photo of GSA Official Looks Like a Cialis Commercial...

Morning Update: OK?

Tombstone, Arizona is a historic desert town. As in every desert town, an ample water supply isn’t a luxury; it’s a vital necessity. Unfortunately for Tombstone, a primary source of their water infrastructure is on parkland managed by Obama’s federal government.


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