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El Rushbo's New Car Gets 8 MPG... Is Obama Got Osama Day a National Holiday?... Woman Dies on Sunlight Diet... NPR: Is Slow Growth Good for the Economy?... More Obama Fundraisers

Obama to Veto GOP Student Loan Fix?

RUSH: According to CNN, Pelosi says Obama would veto the Republican student loan plan.  Sorta tells you how important it is to him... This is so brazen and blatant.  He wants the issue. He's gonna veto this so that student loan rates will go up so that he can blame Republicans for it.

KSM Interrogator Shocks Lesley Stahl

RUSH: Last night on The CBS Evening News, they played a couple clips from 60 Minutes Sunday night, an interview Lesley Stahl did with former CIA interrogator Jose Rodriguez... Lesley Stahl has no clue what's happening.  I'm convinced.  He said, "Oh, yes, well, dietary manipulation was part of these dire techniques."  Dire techniques!  Ensure, sleep deprivation, dire techniques.  He's just having fun with her.


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